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    Buses. Loved them my whole life. I love all buses manufactured in North America, the New Flyer being my favourite. Also love buses from the U.K. and Germany.

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  1. 0612 (or 3..) broke down on 115 at Pearson airport due to windscreen wipers not working.
  2. Hi I'd like to be an editor so I can edit some really outdated facts relating to European buses and operators which must have been forgotten about. I'd be delighted to become an editor
  3. Nice photos X212HHE. Is First Yorkshire getting the new B5TL's yet or do they have already? There's some in Dublin but they're rotten buses. Very rattly and squeaky.
  4. That's a lot of aircraft you guys have been on! I know lots of people who have never been abroad. Airbus A319 - Air Malta from Malta to Tripoli, Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Dublin, Tunisair (TS - IMQ, replacement of Afriqiyah Airways for some reason) from Tripoli to Gatwick Boeing 737 - Ryanair From Dublin to Girona, Dublin to Manchester and Dublin to Malta. Turkish Airlines Dublin to Istanbul, Tripoli to Istanbul and Istanbul to Tripoli on TC-JFH I think. My favourite aircraft is the Boeing 737-800. Planning on going to Canada soon on Westjet
  5. Hi MVTArider In G.B. fleet numbers are usually hard to see from a distance compared to North American transit. The plates do help at times when you can't see the number and the plates are more visible. Here in Dublin, we identify all buses by using the vanity plate (called regs or registration plates there!) as the fleet number is not on the front especially on older vehicles. I'd say Enviro 200s or Solos last anywhere from 8-12 years. They're still new so not sure yet but that's how long single decks last. Hope this helps.
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