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  1. Is it normal that TTC ships the Toronto Streetcars to Bombardier? The reason I asked this is because this weekend I saw 2 streetcars being shipped by freight in south shore Montreal, the first was 4418 and the latest was 4410 and I was shocked that I saw 2 different streetcars in 3 days
  2. I caught a CN Rail freight train that carried wind turbines last week and I caught another one yesterday with a TTC streetcar going south at Saint Lambert train station
  3. Ah thanks for the reply and the clarification, I thought I could see which direction the bus going....
  4. I found this interesting coin that I thought was a Canadian dollar but it wasn’t
  5. One thing that I found difficult is when I looked for a specific bus on a route, I saw the bus but I had no idea where it was or which direction it was going... when I go to the station to transfer to the route, a completely different type of bus arrived... Maybe make it easier for the user to find the direction the bus is going or the estimated time that bus would arrive at a metro station
  6. I can’t speak for anyone, but as a person who has mild autism (PDD), I find riding the buses and metro relaxing and calms me down when I’m stressed or having anxiety... When I was in high school in Ottawa, I would travel from Western Ottawa and Eastern Ottawa (in my last year of high school) by taking OC Transpo and I would go out of my way to take specific buses that I learned runs specific routes, which a lot of people who don’t have autism would do
  7. Has there been any updates on the new 40-9xx buses that the STM ordered? I haven’t heard or seen it online in months
  8. Is this the reason why I saw a RTL bus parked in a drop off zone that said “Navette Terminus Panama” when I was waiting for the 45 at the station
  9. I been using this website to find which buses are running on which routes and its really useful, the only thing i would suggest is have the direction the bus is going, for example 15 direction: East, it would make it much more easier
  10. I first got obsessed with transit when I first started walking, I would sit at the window of the MR-73 and watch the train move in the tunnel, and I would sit at the front of the buses and watch the bus driver drive (I still do that on STM/RTL LFS 2nd gens), and when I lived in Ottawa I was obsessed with the classics and would go out of my way to take it because I loved the whine of the engine.. I got obsessed with filming my rides by watching retroolschool on YouTube
  11. Apparently a RTL bus on the 45 route was stopped and smoking earlier this afternoon between Terminus Panama and Champlain bridge, Is there any info on if it was a engine problem or a fire
  12. I was gonna say either 40-005 or 40-001, I only saw a passing glance of it as my bus was moving
  13. I spotted a 40-000 series bus on the 55 Saint Laurent route heading north at Saint Laurent/Rene Lesvesque, I don’t remember if it was 40-001 or a different bus
  14. The oldest coin i found lately is a 1985 quarter and I thought it was a nickel because it didnt have the edge of modern quarters
  15. When you use the term decommissioned, is it a technical term for retired or not runnable until it can be fixed
  16. Was there any buses catching on fire near Terminus Panama next to the highway? I heard there was but I can’t find any news about it
  17. https://www.tmz.com/2019/06/26/beth-chapman-dead-dies-51-dog-bounty-hunter-wife/?fbclid=IwAR0v8ALmZ9lfUpgl1xyCNBSq8fp19VPMWBISMMo1gDQVtenvFjaXigrUYsA Beth Chapman of Dog The Bounty Hunter fame has passed away this morning in a Honolulu hospital at the age of 51 from throat cancer after being in a medically induced coma for days
  18. Teach him how to sing god bless America because he ...
  19. ... Give compliments to those who use it like ....
  20. Would it be a good idea if the STM had 2 separate 747 routes? One that is a local route in its current form with racks and a separate 747 that is Express from Berri to the Airport and run Coach buses on these? I had a recent moment where a bus driver had to get up and fixed the luggage rack placements and I thought it would be easier if they had a coach bus and they can put bags under the bus
  21. Just a random question, I was on the Via site looking for a price for a future trip on the Ocean train and I saw they have a lower and upper berth seating and I was wondering, what are they exactly?
  22. So sad that the most famous cat since Garfield is gone especially as a animal lover
  23. BREAKING NEWS: Former 2005 WWE Diva Search winner and former Survivor: China contestant Ashley Massaro has passed away today May 16 2019 at the age of 39, cause of death is unknown at the moment but its considered "non criminal"
  24. Former WCW wrestler Silver King passed away during a match in the UK of a heart attack, he was 51 years old
  25. I didnt know it was a hybrid until i saw it online, from first sight, it looks like a LFSe based on what the STM's LFSe looks like
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