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  1. Transitfan39

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    Last week I personally rode 39-001 on the 747 and it has 3 seats on the main floor and the back was normal, I took pictures
  2. Transitfan39

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Former WWE Tag Team Champion Dynamite Kid passed away today on his 60th birthday. Well known as a member of the 1980s tag team The British Bulldogs https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-46457116?fbclid=IwAR0bVs4IoB2Rtrs3HRmIjG381OgsltEYKeR_mSDJRbBagu87mUZO1BKVxL8
  3. I remember watching that years ago, and i remember the story about the fired driver
  4. Transitfan39

    Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    I was wondering when the REM opens, what will happen to Terminus Centre-Ville since there will be a train connection?
  5. Transitfan39

    Today's Sightings

    I saw a Allo Exo bus today near the Montreal courthouse, it was turning onto the on-ramp towards the Ville-Marie tunnel between 3:00 and 3:30pm
  6. Transitfan39

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Apologies if this been asked but has there been any updates on when the LRT line will be open? Are they still targeting for November?
  7. It was at Dorval Station on the VH line
  8. This is old but I forgot to post that a 2nd train car was painted with the exo colour
  9. It should be Exo because technically the train lines and bus lines names have Exo in there, like Exo Mont Sainte Hillaire and Exo Saint Julie, even on all the apps like Chrono and Transit apps have Exo
  10. Transitfan39

    Adieu MR-63

    Yeah I caught it deadheading from Honore Beaugrand to the Orange Line tonight around 7
  11. Transitfan39

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Yeah it also plays in the train, it’s a male voice right?
  12. Transitfan39

    Adieu MR-63

    I was actually on the first trip that the MR-63 made this morning, it looked cool
  13. Transitfan39

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    I think this will be the first time that the MR-63 is on the blue line either in revenue service if it ever been on it period, I never seen any pictures of it
  14. Transitfan39

    CN pages

    I was checking the CN fleet roster on the Wiki page and i noticed that some trains that i caught arent listed on the Wiki page, for example when i look for locomotives 2971 and 2946, I cant find the info on the Wiki page
  15. Transitfan39

    Adieu MR-63

    I wonder if the STM would do something rare and allow the cabin door to be open like they did when the Laval extension opened in 2007