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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka passed away at the age of 73 according to his daughter
  2. I guess the STO's quest for essential service wasn't successful?
  3. Could find a bigger set of...
  4. Another question that I never got answered is why is the province of Quebec abolishing the AMT? There have to be a behind the scene power struggle for the province to take this drastic move this far
  5. So this is the final year of the AMT? I wonder do they have a logo for the commuter train portion of the new agencies
  6. Is there any news on if the AMT is still being abolished, I haven't heard anything new all 2016
  7. I was curious about the Adirondack train, When the train arrives in Montreal where do they park the train for the night? The train I was on was travelling next to the train as it was being backed up and I was curious where the train goes after the service is done for the night
  8. Have anyone spotted the Element 41 lately? I haven't seen any videos of it in a while and my friend said he haven't seen it in weeks
  9. If anyone is interested, a friend of mine and I started a Google plus page dedicated for the Montreal Metro, its a page for anyone to join to talk about the metro and for youtubers to show their videos or even watch other youtubers videos
  10. No there was nothing helpful under more information, it was saying why the site had a security certificate issue, I'm now able to access it with no problems
  11. The voice-over guy on TMZ who...
  12. race to the fire alarm which included 2...
  13. announced that everything in the store will be free if...
  14. that was dreamt by the next...
  15. I started accessing the page this afternoon, but I get that message when I type the url with www. but this time I got a "Continue to page (Not recommended)" option. Before the problems started I went on the site between Wednesday and Thursday on my personal laptop on a home wifi and I got on no problems, and I couldn't access it on Friday til today, I even restarted my router and still had this problem