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  1. General Question: A friend has 3 1$ Canadian bills that looks legit and I was wondering how much are they worth and if banks would accept it
  2. Is it normal that TTC ships the Toronto Streetcars to Bombardier? The reason I asked this is because this weekend I saw 2 streetcars being shipped by freight in south shore Montreal, the first was 4418 and the latest was 4410 and I was shocked that I saw 2 different streetcars in 3 days
  3. I caught a CN Rail freight train that carried wind turbines last week and I caught another one yesterday with a TTC streetcar going south at Saint Lambert train station
  4. Ah thanks for the reply and the clarification, I thought I could see which direction the bus going....
  5. I found this interesting coin that I thought was a Canadian dollar but it wasn’t
  6. One thing that I found difficult is when I looked for a specific bus on a route, I saw the bus but I had no idea where it was or which direction it was going... when I go to the station to transfer to the route, a completely different type of bus arrived... Maybe make it easier for the user to find the direction the bus is going or the estimated time that bus would arrive at a metro station
  7. I can’t speak for anyone, but as a person who has mild autism (PDD), I find riding the buses and metro relaxing and calms me down when I’m stressed or having anxiety... When I was in high school in Ottawa, I would travel from Western Ottawa and Eastern Ottawa (in my last year of high school) by taking OC Transpo and I would go out of my way to take specific buses that I learned runs specific routes, which a lot of people who don’t have autism would do
  8. Has there been any updates on the new 40-9xx buses that the STM ordered? I haven’t heard or seen it online in months
  9. Is this the reason why I saw a RTL bus parked in a drop off zone that said “Navette Terminus Panama” when I was waiting for the 45 at the station
  10. I been using this website to find which buses are running on which routes and its really useful, the only thing i would suggest is have the direction the bus is going, for example 15 direction: East, it would make it much more easier
  11. I first got obsessed with transit when I first started walking, I would sit at the window of the MR-73 and watch the train move in the tunnel, and I would sit at the front of the buses and watch the bus driver drive (I still do that on STM/RTL LFS 2nd gens), and when I lived in Ottawa I was obsessed with the classics and would go out of my way to take it because I loved the whine of the engine.. I got obsessed with filming my rides by watching retroolschool on YouTube
  12. Apparently a RTL bus on the 45 route was stopped and smoking earlier this afternoon between Terminus Panama and Champlain bridge, Is there any info on if it was a engine problem or a fire
  13. I was gonna say either 40-005 or 40-001, I only saw a passing glance of it as my bus was moving
  14. I spotted a 40-000 series bus on the 55 Saint Laurent route heading north at Saint Laurent/Rene Lesvesque, I don’t remember if it was 40-001 or a different bus
  15. The oldest coin i found lately is a 1985 quarter and I thought it was a nickel because it didnt have the edge of modern quarters
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