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  1. When I was living in Ottawa I rode a RTS once right before it was retired and as a passenger it was very uncomfortable to ride, it was the suburban and when I sat at the front it was uncomfortable to enjoy the ride
  2. You should also factor in the buses performance in the dead of winter, Those 3rd gens are disastrous in snow storms because they have bare minimum winter performance specs and in the normal weather the bus hits every small bump and shakes the entire bus because they have no suspension of the bus, all because the STM didn't order and pay for specifications that the RTL and other bus companies has
  3. Do you know how often the STM does these tests at Square Victoria and Angrignon? I was going to wait at both stations to get a video
  4. You would have to be specific on which bus companies you are reviewing, because some companies have horrible buses and some have great, a good example is the STM 3rd Gens
  5. I do remember they tried this once when I took a 85 in 2009-2010 and they had a announcements saying which route it is and where it was terminating, I also do know that some buses had (or still have) the ability to play audio outside the bus because some morning routes used to play Christmas music the week before the break, granted I haven't seen a bus do that in over 6-8 years when I make morning trips to school
  6. This might be a dumb question but I noticed that Nuit Blanche is next week and on Saturday March 4th the Metro is going to be open all night, I was curious is there going to be special schedule for the RTL buses or is it normal times?
  7. Has it been officially retired?
  8. WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka passed away at the age of 73 according to his daughter
  9. I guess the STO's quest for essential service wasn't successful?
  10. Could find a bigger set of...
  11. Another question that I never got answered is why is the province of Quebec abolishing the AMT? There have to be a behind the scene power struggle for the province to take this drastic move this far
  12. So this is the final year of the AMT? I wonder do they have a logo for the commuter train portion of the new agencies
  13. Is there any news on if the AMT is still being abolished, I haven't heard anything new all 2016
  14. I was curious about the Adirondack train, When the train arrives in Montreal where do they park the train for the night? The train I was on was travelling next to the train as it was being backed up and I was curious where the train goes after the service is done for the night
  15. Have anyone spotted the Element 41 lately? I haven't seen any videos of it in a while and my friend said he haven't seen it in weeks