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  1. Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    Has the RTL stopped running the NovaBus artics on the 45 route? I didn’t spot them on the 45 but only on the 90 route
  2. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Does anyone know what the target date that the city of Ottawa is looking at inaugurating the line?
  3. MÉTRO

    You answered your own question, the Azurs are on the Orange line and they are easy to find it.. Also there was 2 Azurs on the Green line (Set 21 and 25) but i havent heard if they are running on weekends on the line
  4. Ban the user above you

    Banned for not having a profile picture
  5. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    I also saw that on Friday morning during rush hour on Rene Lévesque street
  6. Celebrity Death Thread

    That one made me shocked... he is a legend and its sad that another 1980s legend passes
  7. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    I spotted 21-244 on the 166 at Guy Concordia about 10 minutes ago
  8. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Just to let everyone know i expect some Mr-63s to be retired lately since the Azurs are now running on the green line
  9. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    I would guess that some train has retired since May, they received a few new Azurs since then
  10. What song is currently stuck in your head?

    I saw this on youtube this morning and it been in my head all day... From a 2015 episode of Last week Tonight with John Oliver
  11. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Does Eastway offer trips for a price or is it a museum company
  12. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    I noticed on the destination sign that it says tourism, does a tourism company own the bus now? I wonder if does runs
  13. What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Rise Up by Drowning Pool (WWE Smackdown 2004-07 theme song)
  14. Who have you met? (Famous wise)

    I once met Saku Koivu when I was younger and most recent famous person I met was Tom Mulcair when he was running for prime minister of Canada
  15. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Hopefully they get it done before Canada day 2018, it would be awesome to be one of the first on the LRT train