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  1. This one (even though I put it together myself :P )
  2. Bus 2020 ended up in California and was still running in 2017. @Benjamin
  3. Noted. I moved some more info over to those pages. I had an auction link for Banning 230 on there. The extra 2823 page is now deleted. 241-246 has been moved.
  4. I have finally read everyone's replies (sorry for the constant delays). I've made my first new format pages. How do these look? Also let me know what you think about the serials listed for a different VIN year page. This is how I would do it/recommend (if you guys want). I find it to be cleaner/neater. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/American_Ikarus_'S_VINs' https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/American_Ikarus_'T_VINs' Also I have a request. I noticed some page histories can be merged into another. I merged the American Ikarus 416 'S VINs' page history into the new American Ikar
  5. I talked to @MiExpress privately about my concerns that I noted above. I think just about every issue & worry I had has basically been resolved so far. I am ready to help contribute with the new format. However, I have a couple of new suggestions/concerns, mainly in terms of neatness of the new pages. 1. I sorta stayed out of this conversion unfortunately a few months ago, but I actually really suggest using align=left| (left-justified) formatting for this new VIN layout. It is much more smooth and easier to read. For some reason with the old layout with full VINs, I think the 17 digi
  6. My post was written this way because the negative aspect should not be ignored all together when issues could occur upon changes being made. I needed to make my issues with the changes completely clear with everyone in favor of these changes. Otherwise, they probably would have been overlooked. Also our fellow moderator Articulated did not seem very friendly with his previous post at the time either, so I was not quite "happy" when writing this post. At the time it had seemed like a large part of my research and some for other editors was not taken seriously at all (especially the mention of "
  7. I agree the wiki is supposed to be based on fact. However there are plenty of cases where one cannot confirm some information as being 100% correct. We cannot confirm some peoples' personal sightings as fact, as we weren't there to see it. I have also seen VINs and even build plates with typos, incorrect engine codes, build dates, etc. So I don't see the issue with using databases, which likely have more reliable sources than our own wiki does in some cases for confirming VINs. I'm pretty sure most folks would trust a DMV or NMVTIS certified website over our wiki, so why not use DMV & NMVT
  8. https://archive.vn/ussh3 1975 MCI MC-8 on Craigslist. Conversion. Archived link above. https://ventura.craigslist.org/rvs/d/new-cuyama-mci-bus-conversion-1975/7235592880.html
  9. Just a quick reminder, I am still opposed to the majority of the changes that are occurring with the VIN pages. However none of my suggestions or concerns were taken into consideration during this time. So seeing that another editor is already having an issue with the new layout/design (even though he does support the change of design) might be an important thing to consider. The new layout might not be as good as it was intended to be. Visually it is messy looking and not smooth to the eye compared to the old layout in my opinion. I have a few production lists offline that use a similar layou
  10. I took this screen shot on June 26, 2020. A YouTube channel under the name "Cowboy Car Crushing" was doing a live stream video of a scrap facility that had a ton of Ex-DART 2003 NABI 416's. 5737 is seen in the thumbnail and I unfortunately did not write down the rest of the visible numbers while watching the video. The only one I remember was 5777. The video got deleted directly after the stream ended, so the footage is basically lost. I don't know which scrap facility it was either. I found the YouTube channel's email and tried to reach out, but never heard back.
  11. 1995 Dina/Marcopolo motorcoach in Riverdale, CA. Christ Ambassadors church bus, 9501. VIN: 3ABBBFHA8SS000412 Lic. Plate: 8EPN633 (must be a fairly recent register/purchase). https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/806573896770830/
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