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  1. This page ( should be renamed Sioux Area Metro. Thanks in advance.
  2. This page ( needs to split and renamed Ben Franklin Transit 201-206 and Ben Franklin Transit 207-233 since 201-206 are 30 footers and 207-233 are 35 footers. "201-233" would then be deleted. Thanks in advance. Also this one. Thanks
  3. 600 was spotted in service today. ================================ Santa Barbara MTD might be getting some SamTrans 300's to replace their Nova LFS's. Not 100% confirmed yet though. Page 4: June/20170627 Board Packet.pdf
  4. This page ('B_VINs') needs to be deleted, as everything has been moved to this ( page. Thanks in advance.
  5. As of now, I'm not sure.
  6. Yep I do.
  7. *Bump* Upload from 7/13/2015: Union City Transit 2001-2002 Orion V CNG (05.503) 653 & 651. Detroit Diesel Series 50G/Allison B400R. As of 2017, only 650 & 653 are active as back up fleet.
  8. Nice post. As you mentioned, the CAT fleet by the 2010's was rather boring with pretty much all Cummins ISL Gillig LF's except for the 2001's with Series 40's. I was surprised to see those new BRT CNG's when I was down there in late 2015, since before that in early 2015 the agency was still officially CAT the previous time I was there. Ironically, they did have a pretty interesting looking fleet before the 2010's, as they had 1996 Neoplan AN35A's, 1992 Phantoms etc. Even though I've annually visited Little Rock since 2006, I honestly don't remember seeing the Neoplans. Those were gone by 2011 and I've found the auctions for most of them ( "Transit bus"), but there's some that I couldn't find any disposition info on even with the VINs. I do know one of those units went to Pine Bluff Transit. This is pretty much all that there was back in early 2015 before CAT became Rock Region Metro.
  9. This page ( should be renamed Wave Transit 301-316. Thanks in advance.
  10. Saw this on IG, one of the old ac transit nabi's.


  11. Sorry for being the "tattle-tell" yet again, but these images all came from Ken Porter Auction and should be removed. The user should be informed not to use photos from auction websites on the wiki. is from this: is from this: is from this: is from this: (Montebello) is from this: (Montebello) is from this: (City of Lompoc Transit) is from this: is from this: (LADOT) is from this: is from this: is from this: is from this: (Santa Clarita Transit) is from this: is from this: (Los Angeles World Airports) is from this: (Los Angeles World Airports) is from this: (Los Angeles World Airports) is from this: (Los Angeles World Airports) is from this: is from this: [Low quality]
  12. Gillig showed off samTrans 605 at the APTA Roadeo in Reno. It hasn't been delivered yet, however 600-603 have been delivered. @themikepeng It's actually just an ISL9/Voith D864.6. I'm not sure when L9's will be put into buses.
  13. I've been using this site to the fullest and acquired quite a few VINs over the past 2 years. However I've noticed since 2016, they've been trying not to display the VINs when using the search feature. I don't know if you've ran into this problem yet, but my first solution around it was to use an old browser. That worked perfectly until this month. Now the only way around it is to use this link ( instead of just going straight to Works on modern browsers too.
  14. There were 16 left by 2007.
  15. This page ( needs to be renamed Chico Area Transit System 101 to 301. This page ( needs to be renamed Butte Regional Transit 101 to 301. Thanks in advance.