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  1. The only way around this limit is to use a different IP
  2. I will rename it to 2401-2464 since they were all spec'd the same from the factory before repowers occurred (according to the VIN engine codes). There are other things I will need to do between the 2 old pages, so this is not completed as of now and is a work in progress. I will complete it later tonight. There does not appear to be a 2465-2469, but I think you meant 2460-2464. Done. Done. Done. I used the SoCal photo as a reference for FC13 on the main SunLine page. Hopefully we can find a VIN for it at some point. I think there should be 2 separate pages since they were labelled as 2 different models over the years of production. Plus the "XHF" wasn't around in the 1990's unlike the Transmark. So I don't see a reason to combine these 2.
  3. I thought this roster was pretty informative. I think the wiki could use an update maybe. It's a bit much for me to add at the moment, so feel free to contribute. https://www.streetcar.org/streetcarroster/
  4. I thought this roster was pretty informative. I think the wiki could use an update maybe. https://www.streetcar.org/streetcarroster/
  5. I had a partial dream last night where sometimes some friends & I ended up at a big bus & bus parts sale lot, extremely similar to Transit Sales International/Complete Coach Works. There were tons of buses like Orion VI's, Miami-Dade NABI's, Gillig Low Floors and even a couple of Gillig Phantoms. There was one late 1980's Gillig Phantom painted dark green, with a DD 6V92TA & Allison HTB-748 that arrived at the yard and I tried to get photos & and video of it. For some reason my camera was not saving photos correctly due to a lack of space on my phone. There was another part of a bus related dream where there were some Ex-Hertz 1995-1996 Gillig Phantoms parked in a yard. They were occasionally started up and sometimes I would find them running at the yard with no one inside of them.
  6. I think this is a Neoplan Jetliner. Las Vegas Craigslist listing: http://archive.vn/FmIJ1
  7. Done By the way, in the future, I'd suggest you add all of the new number information you find to the old page, and then we could rename the old page to the new name shortly after. This is to avoid losing the old edit history from the old pages. Example: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Mountain_Metropolitan_Transit_2010_Ford_Startrans -> https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Mountain_Metropolitan_Transit_K145-K174
  8. Ride with the Ducks vehicles coming up on Murphy's Auction soon. I remember the ones in SF. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/wanna-buy-a-duck-former-troubled-ride-the-ducks-seattle-tour-fleet-hits-the-auction-block/
  9. I had one the other night where I was touring a SF Muni yard where preserved buses are kept. However for some reason they had 3 or 4 retired New Flyer E60's sitting there for parts for bus 7031. 1 of the parts buses was wrecked and another one sported the Landor livery. During the same dream, we started & ran buses around the yard like 9030 (1990 Orion I), 9120 (1991 NFI D60.... which was restored and wearing the Landor paint) & 8926 (1989 NFI D40). Also in another section of the dream, I was looking at Google Maps to pin point the location of the parts bus E60's Muni stil had. Later on, I observed some scene of two guys getting photos & videos from far away of the Muni ETI's operating in 2004.
  10. I deleted it. Hope you read this: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/User_talk:Chaohwa Done
  11. Route 181 is officially discontinued with the opening of the new BART extension.
  12. Understanding how MAN VINs sequentially increase is generally confusing. 13M293036EC490691 for example: 13M = MAN (U.S.) 293 = 293 series 03 = 3rd roll over for the 293 series' serials (I will explain later) 6 = check digit (Can be calculated automatically here: https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder/checkdigit) E = 1984 model (VIN year code) C = Plant code (North Carolina) 490691 = serial (Note, the "49" also represents the unit number for a specific order, I will explain later). General increasing of serials example: 13M293039EC960725 -> 13M293036EC970726. In standard cases, the check digit (9th digit) will decrease by -3, as seen above, while the 13th & 17th digits increase by +1. Serial number roll over case 1: 13M293036EC490691 -> 13M293035EC500692. The 13th digit of the VIN rolls over to 0. The 12th digit increases by +1 (like 49 to 50). The check digit (9th digit) decreases by -1. Serial number roll over case 2: 13M293037EC470689 -> 13M293039EC480690. The 17th digit of the VIN rolls over to 0. The 13th digit increases by +1 (standard for MAN VINs). The check digit (9th digit) will increase by +2. Serial number roll over case 3: 13M293033EC690699 -> 13M293033EC700700. The 13th, 16th & 17th digits roll over to 0. The 12th & 15th digits increase by +1. The check digit (9th digit) does not increase or decrease. Note: If the 16th digit does not roll over to 0 (example 13M293036EC690689 -> 13M29303XEC700690)(Fake VINs), the check digit (9th digit) increases by +4. Serial number roll over case 4: 13M293044EC710799 -> 13M293042EC720800. The 16th & 17th digits roll over to 0. The 13th digit increases by +1. The check digit (9th digit) decreases by -2. Serial number roll over case 5: 13M293047FC990963 -> 13M293051FC000964. The 17th digit increased by +1 like normal. The 12th & 13th digits of the VIN rolled over to 00. The 8th digit (serial roll over counter for the 293 series) increased from 29304 to 29305. The check digit (9th digit) increased by +5. (7 + 5 =12. If 9 = 9, X = 10, 0 =11, 1 =12), making the check digit "1." Serial number increase by transit agency order example: EC510693 (Bee-Line 660) -> EC640694 (RGRTA 301) compared to EC810646 (SF Muni 6000) -> EC820711 (SF Muni 6001). Series: 293 (most common), 782, 783, 784 were used for MAN SG-310's. 792 was used for MAN Americana's. 797 was used for MAN SGT-310's (trolley artics). Hopefully these tips will make adding check digits and full VINs for MAN buses a bit easier. They can be used as a guide.
  13. A friend is interested and another friend wants one as a storage bus. Might not be as easy now though since they appear to be putting junk tires on the buses unlike the first auction. We'll see what happens. No museums are interested.
  14. I had one last night where there were still about 6 Muni Neoplan AN460's in service. I happened to catch 3 of them, which were 6226, 6221 & 6247. All of them were on the 38R originally, but somehow 6247 ended up doing an L Taraval shuttle and went into the Twin Peaks tunnel. In the dream I was trying to record, but kept messing up over silly stuff like trying to open a water bottle or talk to someone who was wondering why I was filming. I had another bus dream a couple days ago, but I unfortunately forgot what it was about now.
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