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  1. It's complicated... it has been retained, but plans of preservation are still not 100% confirmed yet. I'll see what happens and have a better confirmation later.
  2. That is a glitch that occurs on many pages temporarily.
  3. I've been curious which country this license plate belongs to. I've been told it was likely somewhere in Central America. A number of Ex-SF Muni Flyer D902's were bought by people and or companies in Central America back in the early 2000's, at least the ones that ran. This one appears to be 46-something-5 or 45-something-5. It kinda bugs me that I'll probably never know which unit it was. The original photographer of this extremely rare shot is unknown. It was posted on Facebook back in 2012, but probably taken circa 2003. https://www.facebook.com/groups/THEBUSLOUNGE/permalink/10150634298769229/
  4. 3500 is just sitting around and nothing more. I believe the engine needs an overhaul though. https://www.facebook.com/groups/339067916134491/permalink/2117383211636277/ Photo credit to Jovan Jones:
  5. https://www.usacarrecord.com/ is back as of today. Also this can be an extremely useful tool for finding VINs in California only. I've gotten it to work with 1980's license plates. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/wasapp/FeeCalculatorWeb/usedVehicleForm.do
  6. I had one last night which featured some sort of subway with a good friend of mine. I was salty (for personal reasons haha). Later in the same dream I somehow ended up bumping into Sacramento RT 9050, a 1990 Gillig Phantom (which is long retired... I must have been thinking about 9045, which is owned by a friend of mine). I was getting pictures of 9050 while telling my friend I was with on the subway earlier to hold on while I get footage. It was stuck for some reason and could not take off... I think it was something wheelchair lift related. During that time, I was somehow able to see the engine without opening the compartment. It was red and looked like a Cummins ISL, which was disappointing since it should have been a DD 6V92TA. However when it took off, it sounded like a super throaty Cummins M11 or L10, so I was thoroughly impressed.
  7. I've been informed by another source this is no longer valid. I also filmed 145 driving on the 292 the other day. Also, when they do return to Northbase, they may be used in service a little while longer.
  8. I noticed this a couple days ago and I agree it is a huge shame. Faxvin is missing a lot of plates that Usacarrecord had. However, Vehiclehistory still has the plate check feature and it seems to be working fine again. I think Usacarrecord & Vehiclehistory were both the top notch options for plate checking. https://www.vehiclehistory.com/license-plate-search
  9. I found this pdf document with very nice detailed information and photos of the NABI's when they were being inspected by SFO. This includes all 22 units that they acquired before auctioning off all but 6 of them. I have it linked on the NABI wiki page now too. Enjoy. 412946709.pdf
  10. None that I've heard of. I wish someone could have bought one of these instead of the 2002 Bee Line units.
  11. I recently had one that featured my friend's Ex-Muni 1969 GMC New Look T8H-5305 3182.
  12. I already wrote all of this on the wiki, but I thought I'd share the info here as well on the Transurbano Ex-Muni Neoplan AN460 spotting in Guatemala. I am sure it is 6411. A guy named Carlos bought 6202, 6226, 6235, 6239, 6247, 6271, 6275, 6410, 6411, 6414 & 6415 at 2 auctions in April-May 2018 with plans to sell them in Panama (he literally told me that at auction). I later found 6202, 6226, 6235, 6239, 6271, 6275, 6410 & 6414 stored in a lot in Sacramento where a friend was parking his bus temporarily. In January 2019, the storage yard did a lien sale of 6202, 6226, 6239, 6271, 6275 & 6410 on Craigslist.... they all got scrapped a month later (junk records were found by me). 6235, 6247, 6414, 6411 & 6415 remained unknown (no registrations or junk records). In this photo, I can tell this bus has a flipdot sign, which leaves only 6414, 6411 & 6415. Finally @UpDownAcross38 & I looked at the "watch your step" sticker in auction photos and confirmed only 6411 had a direct match. That means possibly 3 or 5 units were sold to Transurbano, hopefully.
  13. I mean you don't really have to post every photo you take on here. That's actually what drove me away from this thread. Ironically the Phantom 2840 never left Muni despite what I was told. 9120 & 7031 are still sitting in Sacramento.... thousands of dollars wasted in auction storage fees for the last few months.
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