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  1. 1961 Bristol Lodekka in California http://archive.vn/CHuA4
  2. http://web.archive.org/web/20200823034600/https://www.kijiji.ca/v-rv-motorhome/lethbridge/1956-mci-courier-bus/1516201789
  3. Done. Also, I highly recommend we start archiving every auction when run into or put onto the site. I've had countless amounts of auctions get blocked (last year when Public Surplus changed) or deleted altogether. I tend to use http://web.archive.org/ along with http://archive.is/ Here's an archived link for this particular bus, 55: http://archive.vn/exrag
  4. I see there is evidence that 2460-2464 had John Deere's as mentioned: http://apps.altoonabustest.psu.edu/buses/reports/49.pdf?1268425132 So I will keep them as separate pages still.
  5. This is true. I did find a 2018 document approving the scrapping of 8 or so PCC's. That occurred I believe late last year after everything was being moved out of Marin division to other locations.
  6. The only way around this limit is to use a different IP
  7. I will rename it to 2401-2464 since they were all spec'd the same from the factory before repowers occurred (according to the VIN engine codes). There are other things I will need to do between the 2 old pages, so this is not completed as of now and is a work in progress. I will complete it later tonight. There does not appear to be a 2465-2469, but I think you meant 2460-2464. Done. Done. Done. I used the SoCal photo as a reference for FC13 on the main SunLine page. Hopefully we can find a VIN for it at some point. I think there should be 2 separate pages since they were labelled as 2 different models over the years of production. Plus the "XHF" wasn't around in the 1990's unlike the Transmark. So I don't see a reason to combine these 2.
  8. I thought this roster was pretty informative. I think the wiki could use an update maybe. It's a bit much for me to add at the moment, so feel free to contribute. https://www.streetcar.org/streetcarroster/
  9. I thought this roster was pretty informative. I think the wiki could use an update maybe. https://www.streetcar.org/streetcarroster/
  10. I think this is a Neoplan Jetliner. Las Vegas Craigslist listing: http://archive.vn/FmIJ1
  11. Done By the way, in the future, I'd suggest you add all of the new number information you find to the old page, and then we could rename the old page to the new name shortly after. This is to avoid losing the old edit history from the old pages. Example: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Mountain_Metropolitan_Transit_2010_Ford_Startrans -> https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Mountain_Metropolitan_Transit_K145-K174
  12. Ride with the Ducks vehicles coming up on Murphy's Auction soon. I remember the ones in SF. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/wanna-buy-a-duck-former-troubled-ride-the-ducks-seattle-tour-fleet-hits-the-auction-block/
  13. I deleted it. Hope you read this: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/User_talk:Chaohwa Done
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