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  1. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit Related Dreams

    Just had one last night where a bunch of SF Muni Neoplan AN460's came back into service and were all on my home routes. I was going nuts in the dream and was actually passing up Neoplans left and right because there was one going the other direction heading towards the layover that was super throaty. I wanted to catch that one. Some buses like 6299 were repainted silver & red while other had the original paint, such as 6220. (however in real life it would have been the opposite). 6299's license plate was weird and said something like PCR 1236 480 or some other random numbers. They were based out of a new division in the East Bay called... Sh*tsland.
  2. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Gillig product discussion

    For some reason I thought there was more than 1 unit, but I only see 1 unit. VIN: 15GCA091_N1084561 Year: 1992 Model: 3096TB6V92T Canada 3000 Airlines (Toronto, ON)
  3. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Gillig product discussion

    Yes, those were 1992 models.
  4. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Gillig would not build the bodies that's for sure. Also our XT60's can already go off wire for quite a while. The article states fully electric without wires....
  5. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    That worked perfectly. Thank you!
  6. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    Another very minor problem similar to the "{{accesible}}" logo blocking text in my previous comment, this time it's the "{{WiFi}}" logo. Example: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Santa_Cruz_Metropolitan_Transit_District_1001-1005
  7. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    TheCRTman's (Detroit Diesel 6V92TA's) YouTube Videos

    Yep that's me. Pretty cool you watched those at some point.
  8. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Using AutoCheck to find VINs by entering a license plate

    It could be because you're adding "X." On old CA Exempt plates, they sport "E" in an octagon in front of the plate number. If you add that "E" in auto check & vehicle history, it will not work, but if you type in the plate without the "E" it will work (depending on if the plate is in their system). Example: 098765 vs. E098765
  9. We'll see what happens. I'll have to check that video out. Definitely keep me updated with that. It could be essential in the future. I'll have to research this myself as well.
  10. I've only ridden 2213 & 2219. I think he might have ridden a couple more. I'll check out the 2202 video. I can't remember if I saw any low 2200's in 2016, but I did get 2210 in this pic this year:
  11. I mainly have made electronics videos for the past 2 years, but sometimes I upload bus videos. Here is todays upload of sound recordings of Golden Gate Transit's 2003 Orion V's.