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  1. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Sucks for me because now I can no longer ride ETI's on those routes... something I've done almost every other day for the last 3 years in my commutes. :(
  2. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Modifying a page title

    Not necessary. However someone can note those differences between orders in the notes sections. This is fine. Also their VINs are significantly different. It really depends on who created the pages sometimes. Fixed. I added a black line to note the difference in VIN sequence. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_4440-4526
  3. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit in Kansas Part 1: Lawrence Transit System and KU on Wheels

    I definitely enjoyed looking at your photos and reading about your sightings at KU on Wheels. Your spotting also helped me update the fleet roster at first. Yesterday I found a bunch of documents from 2018 with a list of just about every bus in the current KU on Wheels & Lawrence fleet. Believe it or not they still have two 6V92 1990 Phantoms (317 & 320), one Series 50 1994 Phantom (332) and all of their Series 50 1996 Phantoms (348-351), likely all for reserve/special use. Could I use some of your photos for the KU on Wheels wiki page? I can watermark them if you need me to. Check out the roster now: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/University_of_Kansas Looks like Lawrence has 2 left with 6V92TA's & KU on Wheels also has 2 left, likely on reserve status though. Ctrl+F Gillig on here https://assets.lawrenceks.org/assets/agendas/cc/2018/11-06-18/pt-rfp.pdf
  4. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    If You Could Restore 1 Transit Vehicle, What Would It Be?

    Either a 1981 Gillig Phantom, an early 80's Neoplan AN440 or a 6V92TA Ikarus USA/American Ikarus 416.
  5. SF Muni's 9100 series, 1991 New Flyer D60's. SamTrans' 800 series, 1983 Gillig Phantoms. Golden Gate Transit's 1100 series, 1989 & 1991 TMC RTS's.
  6. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit Related Dreams

    Had one last night where I was somewhere near Los Angeles Airport, and the airport shuttle system was running 1989 Gillig Phantoms with DD 6V92TA's/Allison HTB-748's. There paint scheme was yellow like Cambus's (University of Iowa) paint scheme. There was also a 1990 Gillig Phantom painted very similar to Sacramento PD's Gillig Phantom, which is Ex-Sacramento RT 9005, but it had a screaming Allison instead of a Voith. I'm pretty sure I was going nuts in the dream. Apparently there was also a couple of Ex-Pace 1991/1992 Ikarus USA 416's running there with their 6V92TA's as well. A friend of mine apparently worked one and tried to bring one over to me so I could ride it.
  7. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Everett Transit, WA

    The final dispositions of 1992 Phantoms B0100 & B0102 are now listed. They were both confirmed scrapped after auction (not too surprising sadly). B0101 actually remains unknown. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Everett_Transit_B0100-B0102
  8. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Future of Flickr

    User crown426 was a pro user for the longest time. I recently noticed it says give pro on his account now, which worried me since he has over 12,000 photos, many that are one of a kind. I wonder how all of his photos are still up, unless they give you a certain amount of time to renew pro. https://www.flickr.com/photos/crown426
  9. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Modifying a page title

    These pages need to be deleted: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stewart_and_Stevenson_Gemini_S-29_'N_VINs' https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stewart_and_Stevenson_Gemini_T-29_'N_VINs' https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stewart_and_Stevenson_Gemini_T-29 I moved their info here: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stewart_and_Stevenson_Gemini_S-29/T-29 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stewart_and_Stevenson_Gemini_S-29/T-29_'N_VINs'
  10. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had one last night where my friend (Reese) and I were at an auction in Sacramento. There was an early 80's Orion I with a DD 6V53T and a 4-speed manual transmission. He won it for $900 and he drove it directly after the auction. I rode it with him and it was hauling ass lol. The paint scheme was white with green & red stripes.
  11. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Modifying a page title

    This page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Community_Transit_18700-18716 should be renamed Community Transit 18700-18717. Thanks.
  12. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Using AutoCheck to find VINs by entering a license plate

    Thank you for the update. I was quite disappointed when their plate search feature stopped working all together. I even emailed them about the site troubles, but never heard back. I think they were just redesigning their site since the link is a little different and the site look is totally different now. Also I noticed their plate search feature was glitching before the redesign of the site and I had to refresh the page many times to get the correct VIN displayed. It kept displaying previous search results. ========================================================================== During the time their site was down, someone sent me another great website, it is not a plate search supplement, but it is another decent tool for finding VINs and plates: https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Home/ You can search a number of companies/agencies by name or USDOT and a list of inspected vehicles are shown once you scroll down and click on the Complete SMS Profile. I tried it with a few school districts, smaller companies, rental car shuttle companies and a couple of larger transit agencies. I found quite a few VINs & plates that autocheck, vehiclehistory and carfax did not have or that I normally would not have been able find at all. Also, autocheck, vehiclehistory and carfax sometimes have invalid VINs in their systems. CA Plate 82985Y1 gives you 15GCD2013V1088885. However I found out this was an invalid VIN and the real VIN was 15GCD2013V1088851. It can be seen here: https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Carrier/2766763/CompleteProfile.aspx https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Event/Inspection/63850135.aspx
  13. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit Related Dreams

    Last night in a dream I was walking by the SF Caltrain station (to go sky diving of all things) and there were 2 parted out Gillig Phantoms parked in front of the station. I presumed that one was Ex-LACMTA, Exx-Foothill, a circa 1994 Phantom and the other one was kinda unknown. After coming back from sky diving (I literally landed by the Caltrain station), the was an auction going on for junked vehicles right in the middle of the street. Those Phantoms were part of the auction. I think the Foothill one had some old numbers that came from John Hopkins College in Maryland (which is ironic because they had Ex-County Connection Phantoms instead of a Foothill Phantoms with fairly similar specs). There was a 3rd Phantom at the auction (in front of the train station) that looked familiar, almost like Butte County Transit, but when I walked up to it, it turned into a car when I was going to lift up the engine compartment. By the end of the dream, a scrapper I knew of was there and I said hi to him. He was sitting in the doorstep of one of the Gillig Phantoms.
  14. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Transit Related Dreams

    Was dreaming last night about Muni Neoplan AN440's running around in my neighborhood, and then I went nuts in the dream when AN460's (which in real life are all retired) started showing up in service. I've had a couple of other previous dreams where I was riding Muni Neoplan AN460's.
  15. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    Signature Image Size

    Same thing happened to me when I tried to change mine from some NABI's to something else about a year ago (hence my salty signature now ). Even the text comes out too small as well. I'm not sure if settings were changed all together to prevent large images/text due to folks at the time making signatures that were way too large. Not Flickr, same thing happened to me while uploading an image from my computer directly.