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  1. Thanks! This is great info. I just wrote it down now: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Regional_Transportation_Commission_of_Washoe_County_503-504
  2. This seems to be a common visual glitch that occurs at random. It should fix itself over time. I have seen some pages where it would be displayed as "everett transit" and the page link comes up red in the recent changes section. I wouldn't be able to change it regardless of the glitch since capitals/lowercase won't change the actual name of the page title.
  3. Try clicking this: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile
  4. Banned for alternating between capital & lowercase letters when writing "artistic"
  5. Banned because I cannot tell what kind of bus is in your profile picture due to the circle effect
  6. Banned for simply stating "what"
  7. They get stuck in my head before & after I remake them lol:
  8. Looks like I went from not knowing much of anything to knowing almost everything in terms of what was going on and which buses were involved! I found the auction. There were 39 of the NABI's. Every single one had a hole knocked into its engine (maybe there was a replacement grant) and I think they all had junk titles issued in advance in 2018. A single bidder (scrapper) won every single NABI and the single RTS listed. I ran 5777's VIN since I remembered seeing it in the video and it was scrapped in July 2020, probably with all of the others. It's quite sad the last video of those buses (ever)
  9. @OCTD 2039 @Enzo Aquarius @map.man (Darrin)
  10. These: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/wasapp/FeeCalculatorWeb/usedVehicleForm.do https://apps.ilsos.gov/regstatus/
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