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  1. Golden Touch Transportation (New York)

    Ex-Hertz H2000LF's. Ex-Hertz 1997 H2000LF, possibly from LaGuardia Airport. You can mark that as retired as of this year, caught on fire. Feel free to add this link to your roster eventually. https://www.poctra.com/1997-GILLIG-TRANSIT-BU/lot-36217196/BROOKHAVEN-NY Ex-Hertz H2000LF
  2. Using AutoCheck to find VINs by entering a license plate

    Autocheck is getting picky again with displaying VINs even with the new link I listed, especially if you search by license plate. Again, older browsers seem to not have this issue as much as modern ones, but I sometimes have to click back and forth between these links: http://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/autocheck/en/AutoCheck-vehicle-history-reports/c/VHRs#showSearchVin http://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/autocheck/en/subscription-benefits (#showSearchVin) Sometimes adding or removing "#showSearchVin" will make the VIN pop up, but other times it doesn't. If you have an old browser laying around like IE8 or Safari 4, I'd suggest using that over Google Chrome for autochekck. -------------------------- Also something to note, watch out for false check numbers listed on autocheck for 1982-1984 Gillig Phantom VINs. I've noticed in some cases, VINs that I put on there that were taken directly from build plates do not work, but then it will work if you put in the wrong check number (even though it'll say 0 records). For example 15GCD0812E1080786 from SamTrans 852: . It may be a little hard to tell in that pic from my friend, but I can clearly see a "2" in the check number position. However autocheck does not have that in their system, instead they have it as "15GCD081XE1080786" with zero records. This isn't the case for all 1982-1984 Phantom VINs, but it is for some. I've been adding a lot of Gillig VINs lately and I do use autocheck to confirm the accuracy of check numbers, but I only do so with 1985 and newer Phantoms, also if it has 0 records I leave the check number space empty between the prefix & serial when adding to the wiki until I can get some confirmation elsewhere. @Dave Mackey @Cappy
  3. MCIZ Corporation

    This is actually an Ex-Hertz unit. It's from the first batch of 1996's.
  4. Modifying a page title

    I made a mistake in my last name change request. Can you re-rename this page (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Alamo_Rent-A-Car/National_Rent-A-Car/Enterprise_Rent-A-Car) to Alamo Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental/Enterprise Rent-A-Car? National never used the term "rent-a-car." It's always been "car rental." For the redirect links and VIN page names, "Alamo-National Rent-A-Car" would have to be changed to "Alamo Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental." (I can do this part on the VIN pages if you want). Sorry about this and thanks for your time again.
  5. Car Rental Company Shuttle Bus Rosters

    I've completely redone the Avis & Alamo pages as of recent, however information on the Detroit Metro Airport Alamo-National Gilligs is scarce. Do you have any pics of those buses including unit 40, which you had on the page when first creating it? I'm going to redo the Hertz page soon.
  6. Modifying a page title

    This page (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Alamo_Rent_A_Car/National_Rent_A_Car) needs to be renamed Alamo Rent-A-Car/National Rent-A-Car/Enterprise Rent-A-Car. These pages (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Alamo_Rent-A-Car) (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/National_Rent-A-Car) should be redirected to Alamo Rent-A-Car/National Rent-A-Car/Enterprise Rent-A-Car from Alamo Rent A Car/National Rent A Car. Alamo, National & Enterprise are all under the Vanguard Group. Thanks!
  7. MCIZ Corporation

    Ah okay, bummer. I'll add these Hertz El Dorado's once I start working on the Hertz roster again. Thanks a lot for the input. Thanks for those Avis fleet numbers.
  8. Big No No'es

    Ahem... I will give you credit for mentioning Junkcelsiors though. XDDD
  9. TheCRTman's (Detroit Diesel 6V92TA's) YouTube Videos

    SF Muni 4574 ride featuring SF Muni 9010 racing us when deadheading back to Presidio. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA (MUI)/Allison HT-747 & Detroit Diesel 6V92TA (DDEC)/Allison HTB-748 (ATEC).
  10. MCIZ Corporation

    Hey @GojiMet86, has anyone been able to get the VIN's for Private Transportation's Ex-AVIS 1998-1999 Phantoms? This is on the wiki: 502 1999 Gillig Phantom Ex-Avis 5. 504 1998 Gillig Phantom Ex-Avis 12. 508 1998 Gillig Phantom Ex-Avis 2. 514 Gillig Low Floor Ex-Avis 26. Unknown year. I am curious to know which airports these units originally came from and if they were purchased through Intermountain Coach in Colorado. I recently acquired all of the VINs for the 1998-1999's along with others. Does Private Transportation resell retired buses or just scrap them? Here are the VINs and the Avis wiki page in case this can help. 15GCD2110W1089103 15GCD2112W1089246 15GCD2114W1089247 15GCD2116W1089248 15GCD2118W1089249 15GCD211XX1089104 15GCD2111X1089105 15GCD2113X1089106 15GCD2115X1089107 15GCD2117X1089108 15GCD2119X1089109 15GCD2115X1089110 15GCD2117X1089111 15GCD2119X1089112 15GCD2110X1089113 15GCD2112X1089114 15GCD2112X1089250 15GCD2114X1089251 15GCD2116X1089252 15GCD2118X1089253 15GCD211XX1089254 15GCD2111X1089255 15GCD2113X1089256 15GCD2115X1089257 15GCD2117X1089258 15GCD2115X1089677 15GCD2117X1089678 15GCD2119X1089679 15GCD2115X1089680 15GCD2117X1089681 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Avis_Rent_A_Car
  11. MCIZ Corporation

    Not an Ex-Hertz H2000LF, but an Ex-AVIS of Colorado Gillig LF.
  12. Own any bus

    My tastes sure have changed in the past 3 years. In 2017 I would say: 1980-1994 Gillig Phantom with a DD 6V92TA/Allison HT-740/747/748. 1989-1999 Ikarus/NABI 416 with a DD 6V92TA/Allison HT-748, Cummins M11/ISM/Allison B400R (Muni 8042 hehehe ) or DD Series 50/Allison B400R. 1982-2002 Neoplan AN440A or AN460A with a DD 6V92TA/Allison HT-740/747/748 or Cummins ISM/Allison B400/500R. 1988-1994 New Flyer D40 or D60 with a DD 6V92TA/Allison HT-748.
  13. Feature Photo Submissions

    San Francisco Muni showing its colorful past during the annual Heritage Weekend.