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  1. I had one recently where by chance I caught Muni Neoplan 8368 doing some sort of reserve run. Normally I am not a fan of 8368 since it is a bit too quiet for my liking and is super rattly. However I enjoyed the ride in the dream.
  2. Okay I'll change it. The reason why I laid out with 6585-6587 as part of 6560-6584 initially was since they were delivered way before 6588 and up back in 2016, but I guess it doesn't really matter now. I wasn't aware of the different model years with the VINs either (since I didn't create the actual pages, but I did create the number split back in 2016).
  3. Here's an older PDF from 2011 (now deleted from the website) I had stashed in my bookmarks. It's also full of VINs. Pages 17-21: http://web.archive.org/web/20161224222714/http://www.sta.ca.gov/docManager/1000002928/SolTrans Board Packet 12-15-11.pdf
  4. Noted. Also feel free to help me out with the expansion of the serial pages like the AM Generals, Flyers, MAN's, GMC's, etc if you want. Thanks as always!
  5. My friend who owns a 1982 Eagle Model 10 coach sent me this list a couple of years ago. It covers the majority of the Eagles built from 1957-1989. Obviously this is way too much info for a single person to enter into the wiki, so feel free to download the PDF and help contribute. EAGLEPRODUCTIONLIST.pdf Old thread found:
  6. I recently started to listen to House & Hip House. This song is just pure fire especially at 2:04 to the end. There is also this 2nd mix which extends that ending part of the original.
  7. I just got records on a few of them today. However I am having a hard time getting more full VINs since I don't know which plant code & bus number code is correct for each VIN after a bit. I'm getting 0 records on many calculated vins. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Orion_Bus_Industries_I_'D_VINs'#D____728
  8. I was there in person when my friend sold 6292 to the new owner. Those pics were taken in Vegas shortly after being sold.
  9. My friend took this photo back on 5/8/2016. 6279 was being towed to auction and he saw it while driving the samTrans/MV NABI in the background. 6279 ironically still exists today at a junk yard in Shingle Springs. I helped a couple of friends buy parts from it in late 2018.
  10. My friend sent me this a few years ago. It was part of an old campaign around 2003 for the residents of SF to vote for the disposition of old muni buses or something. Because of that vote, Muni buses were being sold directly to scrap instead of auction after 2005 or 2006. This lasted all the way until 2013. This is why we lost every Muni D40 except for 8926 sadly. People wanted to buy them.
  11. 148 is the final NABI left in service as of yesterday. 152 actually did not return to SamTrans. MV has officially purchased 143, 153 & 152 from SamTrans. The reason why is because they have engine problems and would cost more to fix to make drivable again vs. just buying them and sending them to auction or scrap.
  12. 152, 143 & 153 out of service on 1/24/2020. They were broken and their notes said "do not fix." 152 has since been fixed and has returned to the district now that it has retired. 143 & 153 are still there as of last week. They are retired too, but I believe SamTrans will not take them back from MV until they are drivable again.
  13. From my collection, Muni GMC New Look Rehab numbers. This list was mailed to me by Jim Husing back in 2016 or so. I scanned it recently. It came in handy when rehabbing this page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/San_Francisco_MUNI_3180-3189
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