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  1. Even the southbound Union Station one is missing. I swear it was there earlier this week.
  2. I've noticed 979 parked outside FRG (behind the fishbowl) for a few weeks now. Is it out for long term repairs or retired?
  3. Do we have a new board for January? Cause transitfeeds is showing the Fall board period going all the way to April.
  4. Artics are mainly used on 35, 36, 54, 59, 60, 72, 160, and 161. They've relieved most crowding issues on the 72 and 160. 36 is still the usual overcrowded loads despite at least 2 of 3 buses being artics on midday. 60 honestly does not need artics, the buses would've been better used for ensuring full artic service on the 36. I don't see the 161 as much as before so I can't comment on that, although I may be in campus more come winter... If anything the two problem routes at the moment are 75 and 162/170. 162/170 in particular you will never be on time and never not have standees unless you're lucky enough to have a 60 and 160 in front of you.
  5. 28 would be 398, not 399. The wiki's been edited to show 398 as the final bus.
  6. I can guarantee you that the TMP won't be implemented as is. There are way too many faults especially with transferring, and they will certainly be brought up in workshops and the drop-in events.
  7. 65/66: This would make a lot more sense if it didn't make the jog on the transitway to Main and went up the Donald bridge to downtown instead. This was talked about for a while now to better utilize that bridge instead of having everything use Main. 60: Yes, the majority of riders who get on between Stafford and Osborne Junction do actually travel a large length of Pembina. Also if your destination is The Bay, Hydro Building, or even BellMTS Place, the 60 is your only option now.
  8. Oh man 65/66... Like, I get it. They wanna preserve the connectivity with the 14 and 19...but that jog on Mayfair, Main, and Broadway to Donald is gonna add so much time during rush hours.
  9. First order of XD40s had their fleet numbers pushed way back from the door. Second order of XD40s initially had very small fleet numbers. They were eventually replaced when the exterior cameras were installed.
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