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  1. First order of XD40s had their fleet numbers pushed way back from the door. Second order of XD40s initially had very small fleet numbers. They were eventually replaced when the exterior cameras were installed.
  2. I can tell you right now that even with artics, the 36 leaves riders behind in the morning south of Westminster.
  3. 72 I can accept it needing artics. From data I received a couple years back, 72's one of the busiest bus routes for riders leaving and departing U of M (busier than the 60, 160, or even 162/170), and buses leave almost every 5-10 minutes during peak hours in the Fall/Winter period.
  4. It's funny cause of all the Pembina routes, I believe the 162/170 is the one in most need of artics. Unfortunately I don't think the landing pads in St. Norbert support artics.
  5. Your list was misleading then. I thought the first row of 5s were all refurbished aside from 587 which you weren't sure.
  6. So I was in Kansas City recently (2 months ago) and got photos of JO units 032 and 034 at Downtown KCK. They are Ford units with Starcraft Starlite bodies. Anyone know how many of these Ford cutaways JO has?
  7. 1901, 1902, and 1903 en route to delivery. 1901 and 1902 spotted near Rockford, IL this morning and 1903 spotted near St. Cloud 2 hours ago.
  8. I'd argue the 162/170 needs artics over the 60, but not sure if there's issues with landing pads in St. Norbert.
  9. Canada YEG - Edmonton, Alberta YHZ - Halifax, Nova Scotia YQB - Quebec City, Quebec YTZ - Toronto, Ontario YVR - Vancouver, British Columbia YWG - Winnipeg, Manitoba YYC - Calgary, Alberta YYZ - Toronto, Ontario United States ATL - Atlanta, Georgia CMH - Columbus, Ohio JFK - New York, New York LAS - Las Vegas, Nevada LAX - Los Angeles, California LGA - New York, New York MCI - Kansas City, Missouri MDW - Chicago, Illinois MSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota ORD - Chicago, Illinois SFO - San Francisco, California TPA - Tampa, Florida Outside North America HKG - Hong Kong, Hong Kong KIX - Osaka, Japan RMQ - Taichung, Taiwan TPE - Taipei, Taiwan
  10. I've actually seen that DART service decently used in the past year or two that I've been observing the route. The No Frills on Marion tends to get frequent DART drop-offs, as well as St. B Hospital and the cathedral area.
  11. 103.5 in Toronto still. 92.1, 100.5, 101.5, 106.1, and 990 in Winnipeg. 89.5 in Seattle. SiriusXM BPM.
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