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  1. vivablue5215

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    Was on 185/11 today, unless that's a north run...though it was on 38-4 yesterday.
  2. Air Canada Airbus A319-114: YYC-YYZ, YVR-SFO, SFO-YVR Airbus A320-211: YYZ-YWG Airbus A321-211: YYZ-YEG, YYZ-SFO, YVR-YYZ Boeing 767-375ER: YYZ-YVR Boeing 777-233LR: YYZ-HKG, HKG-YYZ Air Canada Express Canadair CL-600-2D15 Regional Jet CRJ-705: YWG-YVR, YVR-YWG Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319-114: LAS-YYZ Cathay Dragon Airbus A320-232: RMQ-HKG Airbus A321-231: HKG-RMQ Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER: YYZ-HKG, HKG-YYZ China Airlines Airbus A330-302: HKG-TPE, TPE-HKG Compass Airlines Embraer 175: YWG-MSP, MSP-MDW, MDW-MSP Delta Air Lines Airbus A319-114: MSP-YWG, YWG-MSP Boeing 717-2BD: MSP-JFK HK Express Airbus A320-232: HKG-KIX, KIX-HKG Porter Airlines Bombardier Dash 8 Q400: YTZ-YQB, YQB-YTZ Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-132: TPA-MSP Airbus A320-232: MSP-TPA United Airlines Airbus A320-232: YYZ-ORD, LAS-ORD, ORD-YYZ Boeing 757-222: ORD-LAS Westjet Boeing 737-600: YEG-YYC Boeing 737-700: YWG-YYC, YYC-YHZ, YHZ-YYZ
  3. vivablue5215

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    303 and 304 arrived at FRG.
  4. vivablue5215

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    301 and 302 arrived at FRG yesterday.
  5. Spotted the XE60 demo on Portage Avenue in Downtown Winnipeg two days ago.
  6. vivablue5215

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    Saw 300 doing test runs on the transitway at around 1:30pm today.
  7. vivablue5215

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    I've definitely seen 996 in service in recent days.
  8. vivablue5215

    General FML moments

    I thought it would be "appropriate" to start a FML thread, and talk about some FML stories that happened to us today. Post your FML moments here!