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  1. Watched RT-83 being hauled away from Greenwood Yard on a oversized trailer. Retirement or ATP installation?
  2. You sure it was delivered to Leslie? TTC video back from 2012 shows it being delivered to Hillcrest.
  3. Union’s are tv screens mounted on pillars or mounted within the wall of the platform.
  4. With VISION being down all day it got me wondering, do operators carry tetra radios with them? Every bus I took today had their TCH units stuck on reboot which means no way of communicating with transit control. Surely their would be backups in place for events like this.
  5. The fare card readers are Famoco FX920s.
  6. Well I just heard a 506 Yorkdale on the subway platform so I guess they still use it if they don’t answer their radio.
  7. Interesting discovery of 4486 which is the test subject for VISION. It has a TCH display but doesn’t use the announcement software like the buses. It still uses Bombardier’s system. It also doesn’t show stop requested or OP ID#.
  8. Looks like 4486 which is the VISION prototype has re-entered service. Keep an eye on 4427. Car suffered damage from a failed pantograph while in service on Spadina.
  9. Looks like the flexities see through cab is being refitted with black panels. Only a part of cab door is still see through on car 4564.
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