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  1. Car 6252 car is the first car to be delivered to the east end for testing. It’s sporting a wrap advertising the testing of the line.
  2. Anyone have any clue of why there’s usually 1-2 buses parked outside of Greenwood yard each evening? They are mostly Birchmount Novas but I have seen some Events buses parked outside as well.
  3. Just watched 4473 split a switch turning from SB Spadina onto EB Dundas. I’m pretty sure it was on the 506 since it’s diverting.
  4. TTC: Saw 3401 filling in on 2 different runs. First was on 9 Bellamy for most of the afternoon and now filling in on the 985.
  5. "Please keep your nose, mouth and chin covered" "at all times while riding the TTC" "exemptions apply"
  6. 1369 has been on 22 Coxwell since 9AM this morning.
  7. Special Constables also got new PIUs. Same livery but has grey accents instead of red.
  8. Looks like VISION is having problems as the whole bus and streetcar network just went down. Bus I was on had no comms with control.
  9. Saw 3563 drive by on 43 Kennedy while filling up gas.
  10. Anderson was back for the third day in a row but I was out and about so I had no chance of seeing if it was another car going to Halton.
  11. Anderson is back again picking up another car for Halton. All are gonna be for parts.
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