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  1. I swear wheel flats have been an issue for the T1 fleet for years. Isn’t that one of the reasons why some operators decide to wear ear plugs while operating them?
  2. They’re reverting it back to how it was for the August board period. They said on Twitter that it was changed because there were complaints that it sounded too American and they wanted it to sound more Canadian 😂.
  3. 4486’s A module has been modified. It has additional equipment on it that makes it look like it has a hump.
  4. I’m surprised by the low km’s on the artic compared to the new hybrid.
  5. 4419 wrapped for Lowes 4439 wrapped for Roots
  6. Still sitting in the middle of track 21. Had an ALRV truck sitting in front of it as of yesterday.
  7. First XE40 will enter service on Monday June 3 on 35 Jane.
  8. There’s a handful of CLRVs running on King right now due to a power outage in the east that prevented Leslie from sending out cars. Quite possibly the last ever time you will see a C run on the 504.
  9. There’s a picture on reddit that apparently shows 4544 getting into a minor derailment during testing at Queen and Spadina.
  10. 4200 getting ready for the 1 stop ride to the scrapyard.
  11. Well the Crosstown ESMF will be opened on that Saturday too.
  12. Just one day after the parade, 4001 has crapped out while on the 506. Currently in the carhouse.
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