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  1. Pretty sure I saw it driving up Midland this evening.
  2. 1361 has been refurbished and painted in the new livery.
  3. 8573 should be gone for a while. It got T-boned by a SUV last night.
  4. Just passed it deadheading back to Birchmount.
  5. They sent a press release for that about it going before the board next week.
  6. Looks like the TTC is buying another 38 articulated buses for the new express route network.
  7. It has a full wrap. Found a picture of it on Reddit.
  8. 8159 is the 2017 Pride bus.
  9. 4418 is wrapped for a water company. Don't remember who it is.
  10. They had about 15 flexities out today on 504 during the morning but ultimately, they had to send 5 of them back to Leslie/Connaught during the afternoon due to the backlogs at Broadview and Dundas West. There was a supervisor that was stationed on the 504 platform @ Broadview to keep the CLRV runs moving to prevent the flexities from holding on Broadview.
  11. 4409 hit a pedestrian today at Spadina and Sullivan. They had to jack up the streetcar but sadly, the person succumb to their injuries.
  12. What I hate about those new chimes is that they are not in sync with the doors closing. Most of them go after the doors have already closed.
  13. Haven't seen this in a while, 4003 is on 510 right now heading northbound.
  14. 4406 and 4423 are both running on 504 this morning.
  15. Add 4412, 4417 and 4424 as well. EDIT: Looks like the 504 got all the cars that were supposed to run on the 509 for today.