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  1. Witnessed a BC Transit XN40 going WB on the Trans-Canada past the Willingdon exit. 1119 if I am not mistaken.
  2. It would seem like an emergency event at first glance. The “Choose Your Ride” campaign has been ongoing for the past few weeks, in collaboration with various police departments, BCAS, along with TransLink. Explains why 9717 was there :)
  3. Saw it stopped on Lougheed Hwy by Rupert St with its four-ways on last week.
  4. 18008 and 18014 in service this morning as well
  5. Saw 9610 on the back of a Unitow about 10 minutes ago headed WB on Kingsway at Royal Oak, presumably going back to BTC. Edit: T-Comm history shows 9610 never completed its block on the 106, with 9464 taking over.
  6. https://engage.gov.bc.ca/broadwaysubway/early-works/ "On behalf of the project, crews from TransLink and the City of Vancouver will be installing trolley poles and wires and upgrading intersection signals and lampposts along portions of: Macdonald Street, between 4th Avenue and Broadway Avenue; 12th Avenue, between Arbutus and Granville Street, and Oak and Cambie Street; and Cambie Street, between Broadway Avenue and 12th Avenue."
  7. Witnessed 8022 pass me EB Lougheed Highway at Willingdon around 11am this morning. I wonder where it could be headed?
  8. Amazing what you come back to on the board after work... Can we not? Back on track, 18173 and 18200 appear in the background at the media event announcing the rollout of Shaw Wifi throughout the system. At Hamilton I believe?
  9. 18198, 18321 and 18328 commence service this afternoon
  10. 3295, 7199, 7212, 7213, 7218, 7350, 7353, 7360, 7363, 7386, 7394 are also wiki updates- just mentioning it here for reference's sake.
  11. Something pertinent that I forgot to mention... Glad someone caught that, thanks. Was initially surprised, from my rear-view I assumed it was a BTC artic deadheading.
  12. R12024 passed me SB on Boundary and Lougheed ~10mins ago unwrapped from the RapidBus branding.
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