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  1. It will be fixed soon, patience is a virtue...
  2. Oh no not the NFI MiDi. TransLink refers to a certain HandyDART bus size a Midi. Unsure if the cutaway chassis is low-floor or not, the RFP specifies either a lift or ramp for the mobility aid.
  3. The order of 26 XDE60's are 1:1 replacements of D60LF's. The supposed "expansion" you claim is by means of deferred retirements. Unless the option of 75 total 60' articulated units are replacements for something else (Orions?), those units will then be towards service expansion.
  4. RFP Q17-025 for additional HandyDART vehicles released on February 27th. The initial supply of 35 HandyDART vehicles. Delivery of 13 vehicles to arrive no later than December 15, 2017. Options for an additional 123 vehicles. 27 Micro Vehicles 8 Midi Vehicles Options for Micro are 70 total, 40 in 2018 and 30 in 2019 Options for Midi are 40 total, 20 each for 2018 and 2019 More options later to come I would assume.
  5. With Addendum No. 3, a few revisions have been made. Just a few notes below: The West Vancouver order has been expanded to include options for another 10 units, 5 each for 2018 and 2019. No changes to the original 94 units and 59 options for TransLink. A white destination sign and an operator barrier have been added only as optional items.
  6. Only got around to reading the RFP and the Excel spreadsheets just now. Nothing new, just small tidbits. Form B Price of Work 52 diesel units highlighted for the 2017 order. First production vehicle and 51 vehicles arriving no later than April 30 and August 31, 2018, respectively. Options are 20 units for 2018 and 55 units for 2019, with the diesel or hybrid option. Included in the spreadsheet are some optional items I found interesting: A white destination sign, a Cummins X12 engine and an operator barrier.
  7. 9449 involved in an accident on Marine Drive, according to r/Vancouver. Pictures are not mine.
  8. 8020 and 8138 out of BTC running 125's.
  9. 7188 is at STC, 7192 last seen on 2/20 running STC routes as well.
  10. 8030, 8088 and 8096 are back at PCTC after their short stint at BTC, right?
  11. 3322 is back, all C40LFRs back in service.
  12. 3325 has returned. EDIT: 3315 is back as of 2/19.
  13. 033-034 have been refurbed. 071-072 was also with that consist, they have not been refurbed yet.
  14. Form B Price of Work Upon looking at the above Excel spreadsheet, the estimated quantity for vehicles under "Optional Vehicles Price 2018" and "Optional Vehicles Price 2019" are 94 and 59 units, respectively. It also highlights 10 diesel units for West Vancouver as well. If one does the math and adds the 1996 and 1998-2001 D40LF orders together, it amounts to 289 total units. Doing the same with the 136 forty-foot units from the 2014-2017 order, along with the 153 units from the 2018-2019 order also yields 289, giving us a supposed 1:1 replacement ratio. Therefore, no service expansion units so far, unless it is by means of deferred retirements or presumably an entirely different order. Note that the math above does not include the C40LF conversions or the Orion V's. Completely speculation on my part, please take this all with a grain of salt. It is still uncertain that all our beloved D40LF's will be gone by 2019. Other than mechanical issues, the cost of keeping them becomes prohibitively expensive... It still makes me happy inside whenever I see one around the corner pulling up to my stop, from the abundance of Novas. Ah, memories. Nothing wrong with them as long as they are still around right? haha