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  1. I spotted Saskatoons first electric bus at the university today! Bus 1948. Sorry I couldn’t get a better pic I was on the bus when I took it.
  2. They should update the wiki cause it says 9706 is retired
  3. I spotted 9706 running on the 13 on Friday! Guess she’s not dead yet!!
  4. On-Demand transit starts today! I had the chance to try it out last week during testing and I really enjoyed it. Seems they may be using the Vicinitys for the service as I was riding on bus 1819. Heres the link for more info! https://transit.saskatoon.ca/plan-my-trip/demand-transit-effective-june-29-2020
  5. I just noticed that the wiki hasn't been updated in a while... Also I got to ride 1817 today on the 3/9. Really smooth ride but if you're 6'4 like me its a bit tough to fit in the back lol
  6. Where do they scrap the buses?
  7. Does anyone have an idea where they send buses after they retire?
  8. I haven't heard anything about the vicinity's. When are they expected to arrive?
  9. Do you have anymore info on this? Do you have any picture from Merrill Dunes?
  10. I wonder if the city will ever purchase New Flyers again...
  11. 453 is being used as an office at Merrill Dunes Paintball. 9705, 9501, and 118 are also there along with some more classics.
  12. When are we getting the vicinity's?
  13. Does anyone know what routes are changing this year?
  14. I saw 1705 driving down 22nd yesterday with no plate
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