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  1. It was on its way to Vernon. We're storing it and 9840 right now.
  2. It was being stored here in Vernon along with 2308, 2312 & 2463 up to last week. All four buses left together. I was told 2308 and 2312 were sent to the scrapper, but I'm not sure about 2313 & 2463.
  3. A site for Kelowna's new yard has been proposed: http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/news/article_5e010b98-969e-11e9-845d-2b69b9b620ac.html
  4. Vernon Transit enjoys stellar year: https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/vernon-transit-enjoys-stellar-year/ Updates; - 3016 returned to the yard, but has had its license plates, radio and farebox removed. - 9075 & 9077 were sent in as replacements for 3016. 9077 will be activated, while 9075 will act as a parts bus. - Arbocs 2308, 2312, 2313 & 2463 have left Vernon. I can't speak for 2463, however the other three were sent to the scrapper.
  5. Route 60 & 61 are both being tweaked to serve new areas; https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/bc-transit-incorporates-north-okanagan-route-changes/ A few fleet updates. 3016 has left Vernon. About a month ago the "bus" had a major engine failure. Repair would have cost a minimum of $25,000, a new engine would be closer to $40,000. As 3016 is only 1.5 years away from retirement, it was decided that it would be retired early. 3016 has been sent to another system with Aero Elites and will be used as a parts bus. It is currently unclear what will replace 3016, but I've been told it will not be another Aero Elite. Route 60 is currently using a 30' Vicinity in 3016's place. 8084 was transferred to Kamloops. Four Arbocs are currently being stored. 2308, 2312, 2313 & 2463.
  6. She runs great. The bus had lots of work done shortly before being moved to Vernon.
  7. I was hoping it would be put into service at lease once while in Vernon, but it never happened. I did start it once, so there's that. lol
  8. Considering how quickly the Darts will be replaced with Vicinitys, its not a huge surprise they're doing the bare minimum in the meantime.
  9. A few updates. 2579 has been transferred in from Sunshine Coast to replace 2426. 2426 is currently sitting at 330,000+ km and will be placed into the provincial contingency fleet. As 2579 is currently sitting at 200,000+ km, it won't be around for long. We are still expecting a new Arboc to replace 2426. Speaking of the provincial contingency fleet, 8084 is still on the property. We also have 7 stored Arbocs. 2426 will make 8. If anyone is curious, 9873 ended up going to Penticton.
  10. Just an update on this. 4455 is here for the annual province wide mechanic training on Oct 17th. Last year it was held in Kamloops.
  11. 35ft Vicinity 4455 is currently sitting in Vernon's yard. I'm not sure if its simply on layover for the weekend, or it broke down on its way to Nelson/West Kootenay Transit.
  12. That must be an issue on the second order. Ours don't do this, and I haven't heard of any other buses from the initial order doing this either.
  13. It's very possible the batteries died. They seem to have shelf life of only a year. We've had the same happen to multiple Vicinitys here in Vernon.
  14. Iron

    BC Bus North

    We may see some major expansion at BC Bus. Greyhound is eliminating all but one BC route, going from Vancouver to Seattle. This signals the end of Greyhound in Western Canada. https://www.news1130.com/2018/07/09/greyhound-canada-end-routes-prairies-b-c-leaving-small-towns-lurch/
  15. The provincial government is introducing BC Bus North, a new long haul coach service offering connections between Prince Rupert, Prince George, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson and Valemount starting June 4, 2018. This service has a fixed-route and schedule. https://bcbus.ca http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-northern-bus-transit-may-2018-1.4683199
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