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  1. Vicinity's 4007, 4009, 4010, 4011 & 4012 all arrived in Vernon this week. 9917 has been taken off Vernon's active roster.
  2. I had heard about this. Apparently they're using old Translink software? BC Transit, I think it's time to update your software. Get with the 21st century.
  3. No, they're 30 ft. The two 35 footers will be delivered after the initial order of 41 30 footers.
  4. As of today, five. By Wednesday it will be seven.
  5. Yes, but on shop vehicles. To me it makes more sense to renumber those instead. Vernon's start at 4007, and to my knowledge, they're not being renumbered. Something I don't understand is why they're being renumbered so high. Vernon's initial order will go from 4007 to 4017. So why not renumber 4005 & 4006 to 4018 & 4019?
  6. Dennis Dart's 9904 and 9935 have been retired from Vernon's active roster. Grande West Vicinity's 4008 & 4014 have been added to Vernon's active roster.
  7. Because number 4000-40XX is assigned to shop & supervisor vehicles in Victoria. That said, I don't understand it either. There are so many numbers to choose from.
  8. The first two Vicinity's have been delivered to Victoria. 4060 & 4061, which were incorrectly numbered 4005 & 4006.
  9. The first Vicinity showed up in BC almost a month ago. It was evaluated and used for training in Victoria. At least 8 more showed up two weeks later. There could be more, I simply haven't heard about it. All 9 have been at Grande West HQ in Aldergrove receiving touch ups. I was informed that they were set to start showing in Victoria today. We (Vernon Transit) have been informed that we will have one in our yard and insured by June 1st for training purposes. The first two are being assigned to Victoria, with the next 10 being assigned to Vernon. I don't know where the other 31 are going. NOTE: These photo's are not mine.
  10. The new logo is great. Very clean.
  11. Dennis Dart #9950 and #9951, our part Darts, have both left Vernon and are presumably headed for the scrapper.
  12. 9924 is officially the first Vernon Dart to die. In January the engine failed, spilling every ounce of oil it held all at once. Our mechanics have begun striping parts to keep the remaining Darts alive. At this point they're basically running on fumes, as only the most vital repairs are being completed. The Vicinity's should start showing up at the end of May, and once checked over, will be put into service all at once starting at the beginning of June. Our International #3016, is being replaced by a Vicinity, and will be sent into the Kootenays once they arrive.
  13. This info packet was sent to Vernon a little over a month ago regarding the first batch of Vicinity's. Sorry about the quality, I didn't have access to digital copies.
  14. A fare increase won't effect that many riders. Most people riding the 90 use either a yearly, monthly, or UBCO Pass. Regardless though, I highly doubt this will go over well. But if people want more service, they need to be willing to pay.