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  1. Ours. The Novas, the International and community Arbocs are paid for by the Regional District. They have told us that we can not use these buses for city runs. Even though truthfully the way our runs are built contradict this. But regardless, they're fairly anal about it. Even though I did a few 90's a few weeks ago with a Vicinity. 9273 is off having a new engine and transmission put in so when a Nova goes down a Vicinity is the only option. Rules are made to be broken I guess. lol
  2. A similar situation for sure. For example, technically there are two systems running in Vernon, but its only on paper. Vernon Regional Transit & North Okanagan Regional Transit. Its all run as one, but truthfully routes 2 - 9 are under Vernon, route 1 is under Coldstream and routes 60, 61 & 90 are under the Regional District of North Okanagan. But funding comes from multiple places. This is why replacing the route 60 bus took so long back in 2015. Because funding for said bus comes from 6(?) different governments. It took them forever to finally settle on something, and it turned out t
  3. The way I look at it, that's exactly what BC Transit is working toward. A single system spanning from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos. The first step was creating the South Okanagan-Similkameen Transit System. Kelowna, Vernon & Salmon Arm are already under the same contract, which First currently holds. Because you're right, you could technically take a bus from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos, but it requires multiple transfers. Salmon Arm to Enderby, Enderby to Vernon, Vernon to UBCO, UBCO to Kelowna @ Queensway, Queensway to Penticton & Penticton to Osoyoos. So six transfers in total and it would
  4. The Vicinitys definitely do. https://twitter.com/BCTransit/status/1271193013549772801?s=20
  5. At this point every bus in Kelowna should have a shield. They were one of the first systems to have it done after Victoria
  6. We started handing out Riders Guides here again last week. We've had them printed though since March. Just before Covid became a problem. Cases are down. But one look at the US (plus some other countries) and you realize how quickly cases could explode here. The government is clearly trying to get ahead of that happening.
  7. Regardless of where the driver is, in the seat or outside the bus on layover, policy stays the same. That said I will get out my seat and help in rare cases. The last one was someone that was completely baffled by how the bike rack worked, and I didn't want to sit there for 10+ minutes while they figured it out. Even still, I didn't actually touch the bike rack, I just walked them through each step while standing outside the bus. It may seem extreme, but drivers get in trouble around this issue far too often. We're human, and drivers typically want to help out when someones in need.
  8. Policy dictates that conventional transit drivers are not allowed get out of their seats, regardless of the reason. Not only because a driver could be injured helping someone, but also because a passenger could be injured because of something the driver does while helping. HandyDART is obviously a different story as its a door to door service. However, here in Vernon for example, multiple drivers have had wheel chairs roll back on them while pushing someone up the ramp. Going back to lifts will slow down the process, but its necessary to minimize injuries.
  9. Money. An Eldorado AeroElite (International) costs significantly less then a Nova LFS. Its at least half from my understanding.
  10. Its really not that surprising. BC Transit as a whole seems to be moving away from using Arbocs for smaller systems/routes. Salmon Arm for example is planning on replacing their fleet of Arbocs with Vicinitys.
  11. Village Green Centre Exchange officially opened today. However service into VGC started yesterday. https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/new-vernon-bus-exchange-drives-ahead-after-four-year-stall/ 9077 left Vernon on December 5th. 9075 remains in Vernon's yard and will most likely be scrapped as it was used as a parts source to keep 9077 running.
  12. The exchange has been 95% complete for the last month. All that's left are pavement markings and signage. Some roster news. - 9272 was involved in an accident near the Kelowna Airport while on Route 90. There was significant damage to the passenger side, and its currently being repaired at Prevost in Vancouver. In the mean time we've been sent 9308. https://globalnews.ca/news/6097314/minor-incident-bus-semi-highway-97-kelowna/ - 3016 was reactivated after receiving a new engine. I can assure you that not one person is happy with this development.
  13. It was on its way to Vernon. We're storing it and 9840 right now.
  14. It was being stored here in Vernon along with 2308, 2312 & 2463 up to last week. All four buses left together. I was told 2308 and 2312 were sent to the scrapper, but I'm not sure about 2313 & 2463.
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