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  1. You can add one for Kelowna as well. They already have it, but I'm not sure which number they received.
  2. 4058 & 4059. 4058 will be here tomorrow (March 7th 2018), but I'm not sure about 4059 out of Penticton.
  3. A new route, two new buses, expanded hours, modified routes, new fares and additional route 90 hours coming April 1st. https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/vernon-transit-to-see-new-routes-fares-buses/
  4. What are you watching right now?

    The Whitest Kids U' Know on YouTube
  5. Fare changes for 2018

    Currently fares are as follows for Vernon Regional Transit One Zone Adult: $2.00 Student/Senior: $1.75 HandyDART (Paratransit): $1.75 Multi Zone $2.50 Starting in April, all fares will be $2.50. With the exception of our Vernon to Kelowna run which is going up to $5.00.
  6. If I spot 6013 while I'm sitting at UBCO, I'll need to take a look at the shield. The wiki is updated as far as numbers go. I did that myself after being told where each new Nova was being assigned. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/BC_Transit_6000-6029
  7. I have heard nothing good about the original 3000 series. The 4000 series have 4 speed transmissions. We have one or two that shift slightly too early, but otherwise they're pretty good going up hill. The problems vary from bus to bus. For whatever reason, they were not set up correctly. BC Transit still hasn't updated the software to correct these problems, not even in Victoria. Problems include: Rear door speeds being too slow on a few of the buses. For example; while the doors on 4012 are matched in speed, the speeds are drastically different on 4015. Brakes being too touchy. The retarder comes on anytime you brake going over 20km/h. They're usually fine on a level service, or going up hill. But going downhill can leave you hunched over if you're not careful. But the severity of this varies from bus to bus. 4009 & 4015 are the worst in this regard. 4012 is absolutely fine, as are others. The interlock will get stuck on as you're leaving a stop. Which causes the bus to jerk. But again, this is only really on a few of them. Bugs are slowly being worked on, but we're nearly a year in at this point. Everything listed above is a software issue. Kelowna by the way, is getting a new 35 foot Vicinity fairly soon.
  8. New and retired vehicles of 2017

    New: 12 Grande West Vicinitys. Retired: 10 Dennis Darts.
  9. Own any bus

    ex-BC Transit MCI Classic.
  10. Add at least four times the level of service, plus free transit all day everyday.
  11. The Vicinity fuel tank is above the front wheel beside the front door. Speaking of Vicinity's, Victoria has taken delivery of the first 35 foot Vicinity. #4400.
  12. A bit late on this, my bad. The Vicinity is actually a great bus. Not perfect by any means, bugs are still being worked out. That said, I enjoy driving them.
  13. 4068? Victoria should have 4060 - 4067. 4068 - 4070 are assigned to Williams Lake. Unless that's changed.
  14. Victoria has taken delivery of 6 more 30ft Vicinity's. 4062 - 4067. Williams Lake is getting 3. 4068 - 4070. They could be on the property already, but there's no way to tell. Unless of course we have a member from Williams Lake that could confirm?