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  1. 2004 was seen in Montmagny... https://www.facebook.com/100007446552775/posts/2522945461296981/?d=n (picture in link attached)
  2. Yesterday (August 2nd), I was on the road and happened to cross Réseau de Transport de la Capitale's 1952, another VanHool, in Edmunston, New Brunswick, on a flatbed. It was heading towards Québec City.
  3. Alright, I have updated the wiki accordingly.
  4. I second. He even seems to be more informed than me, from what I've seen on metrodemontreal.com .
  5. May this pic ( https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:RTC_1105_interior_1.jpg ) be renamed to the current naming conventions? I wanted to put it in the RTC 11xx article, but I forgot about how I should name it... Thanks.
  6. Rise of the Chaos Wizards, by Gloryhammer:
  7. I hope I will be able to have full service while going back to Québec City this year. I could be very angry if I couldn't even go on the bus like I usually do when I'm there.
  8. After the accident implying L0717N and a snow plower in December, RTC confirms the bus is retired on Twitter: I asked what will happen to L0717N, RTC replied it was "retired for good" and that "it isn't part of [the fleet] anymore.".
  9. Sorry for getting a topic out of burial, but I am currently changing the state of 0717 to "Accidented" until we get more news. -OL
  10. @SMS: I rode on 0717 three times this summer. It has (or had?) one of the best engines for a 2nd gen! Was it a different engine on 0717? It seemed pretty quiet!
  11. @eclair14: I'm not sure if anybody knows the running gag, and I hope both drivers are okay, but L0717 is scrapped? Best Christmas ever! (For those who don't know, L0717N, then simply 0717, made route 54 in front of my house several times in three days . It started getting weird when I saw it on almost every route I went on, and that's when the running gag, which is me hating [L]0717[N], started.)
  12. Merry whatever doesn't offend you!

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