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  1. The ads inside RTC's 1658 still match those that were applied there with the Bell / Festival d'été wrap in the late 2010s (2018 IIRC). This makes those ads around 3 years old. -------- It seems as though 1669 has a rear wrap for the upcoming November 7th municipal election (shown below). Also included is a picture of MET 1628 with the VISA wrap.
  2. No real personal sightings today, but I met an old lady who happened to be on RTC's 1065 when it burnt down, and she told me it was louder than usual prior to the fire. Strangely enough, I had the same observation about 0953 when I rode on it a few months before that one caught on fire.
  3. I've also spotted L1503 and (if I'm not mistaken) L1504. Also, I haven't spotted L1001 (the first ever hybrid) in a while, was it retired?
  4. RTC 1152 was broken down at 58e Rue, it seemed like a gas leak. Sadly I was in a bus myself so I couldn't take a picture.
  5. I just took 1265 on the 801 and it was making a buzzing sound at the front. I'm not sure if it was due to a small fan the driver had to refresh themselves or if it was a mechanical problem with the bus. EDIT: A similar buzzing sound was on 1655 (LFSA HEV), so it's not a fan, though it may be the cooling fan working overtime in this 40C+ heat. ---- More August 24th sightings: - 15xx hybrids are starting to get limited to peak service, as I saw L1501 and L1503 - The oldest bus I saw on the Québec side was RTC L0832. It seems as though either the buses from 2003 to 2007 are stored for the summer or they are retired for good (unlikely to be the latter, though). The oldest bus I saw on the Lévis side was 0701, which is their oldest overall.
  6. Métrobus 800's direction signs have changed. Instead of using Beauport as the eastern destination, now it's Terminus Chute-Montmorency. Makes sense, considering 801 was changed from a generic "Charlesbourg" to "Terminus de la Faune".
  7. Is it 100% confirmed it's 1065? I don't want to update the Wiki until I'm sure. edit: I updated it anyways, but of course will change it accordingly.
  8. Apologies for double posting, but I'm crossposting from the sightings thread, something very unique: a bus with a three-letter prefix. According to the RTC on Twitter, it's an internal designation for Centre Métrobus vehicles.
  9. Today, my mom saw MET 1622 (?!) on Métrobus 802. It seems as though specific 40-footers are assigned to 802, 804, 807, or that those are assigned a MET prefix because they're at Centre Métrobus (the same as the M prefix in the early 2010s). EDIT: It seems as though the latter is true, according to the response I got on Twitter from the RTC: https://twitter.com/rtcquebec/status/1407035986253582344?s=21
  10. It seems as though ex-RTL 20521 will be used as a Vaccin-o-bus in Québec City. Article (in French): https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1799498/lancement-vaccin-o-bus-ciusss-capitale-nationale-quebec-jeunes-covid
  11. I'm here to confirm that 1901 exists! I just saw it in Terminus Beauport.
  12. It seems like somebody at the RTC was eager to show the new route 56 on certain signs. I've seen about two or three signs that were uncovered prematurely.
  13. 2004 was seen in Montmagny... https://www.facebook.com/100007446552775/posts/2522945461296981/?d=n (picture in link attached)
  14. Yesterday (August 2nd), I was on the road and happened to cross Réseau de Transport de la Capitale's 1952, another VanHool, in Edmunston, New Brunswick, on a flatbed. It was heading towards Québec City.
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