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  1. 2004 was seen in Montmagny... https://www.facebook.com/100007446552775/posts/2522945461296981/?d=n (picture in link attached)
  2. Yesterday (August 2nd), I was on the road and happened to cross Réseau de Transport de la Capitale's 1952, another VanHool, in Edmunston, New Brunswick, on a flatbed. It was heading towards Québec City.
  3. Alright, I have updated the wiki accordingly.
  4. Long-due STÎ update. cc @Shakey077 As Réseau de transport de la Capitale is struggling with their bus fleet, we decided to send a few TriStar 40D, 60D, 40E and 60E their way so that the service could go uninterrupted if ever there's a bus shortage that would impair the service otherwise. Considering most of our buses were impulse-bought when we expanded over to all of Atlantic Canada (about half of the buses sit in the garages, unused for days), there could be a possibility that some of those would be sold at the RTC if the shortage problem is important enough.
  5. Weird dream I had last night. I was walking to the bus stop (again) disguised as Liliana Vess (the girl in my avi). It included RTC 1256 (which seems to be the only bus I dream of), which I got into before waking up.
  6. Ooh, an update! cc @Shakey077 I have agreed to try a few TriStar models for a new long-distance shuttle between Souris, PEI and Rivière-du-Loup, QC. The models are: - RE 35 EHS - TS 40 EHS - CX 45D - CX 45E - TS 45D - TS 65D These will be tested on the road with no passengers. A TriStar crew was also sent in our HQs to help with the buses. That was it. Oli
  7. I second. He even seems to be more informed than me, from what I've seen on metrodemontreal.com .
  8. Réseau de Transport de la Capitale often botches paint jobs after removing rear wraps on 3rd and 4th gen buses. Only two or three 3rd gen LFSes still have the original livery on the rear.
  9. STÎ UPDATE... kinda A few of our buses (between 2011 and today) have been wrapped for the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set, Hour of Devastation. That's it. Oli
  10. May this pic ( https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:RTC_1105_interior_1.jpg ) be renamed to the current naming conventions? I wanted to put it in the RTC 11xx article, but I forgot about how I should name it... Thanks.
  11. What I meant by "Muslim flag" is in fact the "Muslim symbol". Sorry for the confusion. ^^;
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