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  1. RTC sigthings (June 1st): - L0605 and L0710 are still running. The former was on Express 250 and the latter was on leBus 59. - L1526, 1607 and 2055 were the 40-footers I saw on Métrobus 800. I think all three of them had bike racks on them.
  2. Completing the RTC sightings from yesterday: - L0703 was still running on route 1 - As previously mentioned, L1528 and 2055 were on 800, however they were also seen on 801 (though I'm not sure if 2055 was the one on 801 as I was too far to see it) - There were other 40-footers on Métrobus routes served by Artics: L1512 (801), 1606 (800), L1611 (801), 1619 (800), 1630 (802) - MET 1622 has a "L'équité salariale" wrap (just like 1612 and 1628), but in yellow
  3. RTC: - 2055 was on Métrobus 800. It's a rare 40-footer on a route usually served by Artics. EDIT: doesn't seem very uncommon considering the next run was L1528.
  4. RTC's L0631 is still in service as of yesterday at 5pm.
  5. Seems like some RTC buses have been retrofitted with rigid seats. 1062 is the first one I've seen.
  6. No, that was the previous fire (in 2021). Reliable sources say 1210 is the last fire victim.
  7. Yeah, that was a hard decision. /s Also, according to the 2022 budget ( https://cdn.rtcquebec.ca/sites/default/files/2021-12/Budget 2022_VF.pdf ), it seems like the RTC plans to buy a singular hybrid artic, possibly to replace 0953 or 1065... ...speaking of 1065, is it safe to assume it's retired?
  8. Something that has been overlooked: RTC will test out three LFSe+ starting in late 2022. Article (in French): https://www.rtcquebec.ca/medias/communiques/le-rtc-accueillera-ses-premiers-autobus-100-electriques-des-2022
  9. Yesterday: L1514 on 800. This makes the fouth 40-footer I saw on 800/801 in a few days. Today: 0966 just broke down (I believe) on 800 at Jean-XXIII. (EDIT: it seems as though it wasn't broken down, as I just saw it at Chutes-Montmorency.)
  10. Not only that, but RTC's 1065 also caught on fire last year. I agree that it's concerning.
  11. RTC had a few 40-footers on Métrobus 800/801. I saw at least two on 800 and one on 801.
  12. RTC's L0605 and L0706 were still running as of two days ago.
  13. Despite RTC announcing the return of artics on Métrobus 802, I just saw 1608 on the route.
  14. Does this mean 2003-05 LFSes are all retired?
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