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  1. During my travels in Ontario, I saw a MCI coach in GO livery (can't remember the unit number) going on highway 401 EB not far east from Kingston. Is that normal?
  2. To say RTC's 0962 was running poorly when I got on it today would be an understatement. Then again, its driver drove it like he stole it, so that makes at least some sense.
  3. RTC's 0971 was involved in an accident thanks to somebody seemingly choosing to cut the giant green vehicle. https://zone911.com/accidents/33535-accident-sur-la-18e-rue-un-autobus-du-rtc-contre-vehicule
  4. RTC's 1658 has Métrobus logos in bad shape, to say the least.
  5. Yes, that was what I meant. I've corrected it. In any case, I can't wait to ride one of them in 2024.
  6. RTC's LFSe+ have been unveiled. Fleet numbers seem to be 2201 thru 2203. https://novabus.com/fr/blog/2022/10/25/le-rtc-devoile-son-premier-autobus-electrique-de-nova-bus/?fbclid=IwAR1vT_q8TVazO27PUANEqdiusljOZyAUXvonkR6Ry1NDUUaWWjSDaWo5wyY&fs=e&s=cl
  7. I'm currently in RTC's 2103, and good LORD, is it loud. Not sure if it's the muffler or if the battery ran low, but it's buzzing a lot. Other observations: - 1261, 1664, 1665 and 1666 were all retrofitted with rigid seats. - 1662 lost its wrap for Collège Saint-Charles Garnier.
  8. Threats of strike at the RTC (article in French): https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2022/10/19/menace-de-greve-des-chauffeurs-du-rtc
  9. I saw fit to start a retirement thread for RTC's fleet of second-generation LFSes (especially the 2006 to 2008 models), considering the fleet is getting smaller. The last time I went out and saw 2nd gens was on October 6th, when I saw L0710 and L0851 (and got on the latter).
  10. A handful of less important RTC sightings over the last week or so: - L0601, the oldest bus in the fleet, was on an Express (273?) on October 5th. - Another Artic was retrofitted with rigid seats: 1267. - There was an accessibility violation on Métrobus 803, as a L08xx (I almost immediately forgot which one as I was noting it) was doing a rush hour run on the 6th. - There's still a lot of 40-footers on Métrobus 800, 801 and 804. Those buses have a sheet of paper in the front saying they were loaned to Centre Métrobus by des Rocailles. - L1001, the first RTC hybrid, saw service again, as I didn't see it on the road for a good while. - Some 2016 40-footers are getting limited to rush hour service, including L1601, L1602 and L1608. - 1662 still had its full wrap as of October 6th.
  11. Saw 1662 on Métrobus 804, still wrapped for an open doors event at Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier that happened two weeks ago. (This is the unknown wrapped bus that I posted about last month.)
  12. RTC sightings: - There were a handful of 40-footers on Métrobus 800 and 801 as usual. - Routes 74 and 84 recently became accessible to wheelchairs. - I got on 2251. It was doing a Métrobus 800.
  13. RTC sighting via my mother: an unknown 16xx Artic (or possibly 2251) has a full wrap for Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier. As for my own sightings, it seemed as though there were as many 40 footers on Métrobus 801 as there were Artics.
  14. RTC sightings: - 1164 had a broken route display. It showed 801 going to "Terminus". - Métrobus 802 still has a majority of 40-footers, with 1611, 2049 and another unknown unit on it. - There is still a CTCUQ-era sign at Terminus Beauport, prohibiting the use of skateboards and bicycles unless you're not on them. - 1671 also recieved a rigid seat retrofit. It's the second bus (after 1062) that I've seen with those new seats.
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