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  1. You should. Evidence is always important. The site's poorly managed as well. I recently heard of a person who had connections to a higher-up at Twitter and was pretty much able to report and suspend anyone he wanted. All while tweets like this somehow stay up: https://bit.ly/2AIiBg0
  2. To be honest, I've honestly been a lot more concerned with how people have been treating Asian people since this outbreak. Normally when someone contracts the virus, most people react with "Get well soon" (and rightfully so), but whenever people mention the Chinese, people start victim-blaming and saying shit like "this is karma" or "this is what you get for eating bats". I barely notice any sympathy towards them and it's really frustrating. No one seems to care. Eating bats is not common in China at all and is actually a prominent delicacy in other countries. Just because you find it weird doesn't give you the right to make a group of people a scapegoat for spreading an illness. An outbreak can happen anywhere. Ignorance and victim-blaming are toxic and don't help anyone. As for the virus itself, it hasn't really affected me as of now, I'm just making sure to just stay clean and not be paranoid as Ontario is pretty low-risk at the moment.
  3. Why are you reacting to some of the posts in this thread with a laughing emote? Do you find people dying funny?
  4. Rode it by chance yesterday. Had that new bus smell 👌
  5. Rapper Juice WRLD has passed away. He was only 21. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2019/12/08/rapper-juice-wrld-reportedly-dead-at-21/
  6. 1209 returned to service today as well
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