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  1. Saw a new streetcar on a railroad bridge at Runnymede (possibly 4575?)
  2. You have to earn respect here. People aren't mocking you, they're skeptical of your information. If you want to leave, just control yourself and stop going to the site.
  3. whoops, fixed. 1404 was just added to the list and I wasn't aware 1330 was retired. (been out of the loop)
  4. Main post has been updated. Thanks @bus_7246 for keeping track 👍
  5. Buses get moved to and from Malton all the time. Probably not permanent moves, just temporary replacements for Malton buses undergoing repair.
  6. Visited one, planning on visiting another soon.
  7. A week later, no luck. Called everyone I could call. Have to get a new camera now...
  8. Lost my backpack on a bus today and couldn’t find it when I retraced my steps. Going to my transit system’s lost and found tmr (technically today) and hoping that they have it and that’s it’s not stolen. Starting off this year well... 🙃
  9. What is 57A supposed to be? There's no mention of it in the miway 5 map.
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