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  1. MiWay

    1309 has the regular decal. It's 1306 and 1310.
  2. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    7400 doesn't have skirts. That's a different unit.
  3. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    @New Looks in Toronto closed his account.
  4. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Along with many others...
  5. MiWay

    The MiWay bus trackers have been dead since 10:55 this morning.
  6. Transit Fanning Trips

    Thursday, August 10th, 2017 Walked to my stop. MiWay: 0891 on 90 westbound from Derry Rd & Tenth Line to Meadowvale Town Centre. 1007 on 109 southbound from Meadowvale Town Centre to Dundas St & Aukland Rd. Walked to Kipling Station. TTC: 5109 on 2 eastbound from Kipling to Dundas West Stn. Met up with @Kelvin3157. 5060 on 2 westbound from Dundas West to High Park Stn. I switched cars at this station. 5061 on 2 westbound from High Park to Kipling Stn. Waited a solid hour for the shuttle, as we forgot to check the schedule for it. @Hexagonal 10 showed up by the time the shuttle came. Rode the Ikea Shuttle to Ikea Etobicoke. Spent time eating lunch and fooling around in the Ikea. Rode the Ikea Shuttle back to Kipling Stn. 5188 on 2 eastbound from Kipling to Victoria Park Stn. W268 on 404 westbound from Victoria Park Stn to Mortimer Ave & Coxwell Ave West Side (Michael Garron Hospital). 7649 on 70C westbound from Coxwell Ave & Mortimer Ave to Coxwell Stn. 5210/5211 on 2 westbound from Coxwell to St. George Stn.* 5796 on 1 towards Sheppard West from St. George to St. Clair West Stn. Talked to the managers at the station (it was Meet the Managers that day). 4001 on 512 from St. Clair West Stn to Gunns Loop. Parted ways with @Kelvin3157 & @Hexagonal 10. 1591 on 71A from Gunns Loop to Runnymede Stn. Full Route. 5xxx on 2 from Runnymede to Islington Stn. MiWay: 1214 on 109 from Islington Subway Stn to Meadowvale Town Centre. Full Route. *I initially boarded 5210, switched to 5211 at Greenwood, later switched back to 5210 at Bloor-Yonge. Saturday, August 12th, 2017 Got dropped off at Meadowvale Town Centre. MiWay: 1210 on 109 southbound from Meadowvale Town Centre to Islington Subway Station. Full Route. TTC: 5313 on 2 eastbound from Islington to Bloor-Yonge Stn. 6051 on 1 towards Finch from Bloor-Yonge to Eglinton Stn. Met up with @Kelvin3157 & @Hexagonal 10. 1751 on 51 northbound from Eglinton Stn to Leslie Stn. Ikea Shuttle from Leslie Stn to Ikea North York. Ate lunch and spent a few hours in Ikea, where we met up with @TorontoSauce. Ikea Shuttle from Ikea North York to Leslie Stn. 6172 on 4 westbound from Leslie to Sheppard-Yonge Stn. 8384 on 84S westbound from Sheppard-Yonge Stn to Sheppard West Stn. Full Route. Saw @Toby Rosebrugh on the bus and we talked to him during the ride. 7609 on Line 1 Shuttle Bus southbound from Sheppard West to Lawrence West Stn. Full Route. 8097 on 52S eastbound from Lawrence West Stn to Lawrence Stn. Full Route. 8063 on 52S westbound from Lawrence Stn to Lawrence West Stn. Full Route. Recorded Ride. Went to the nearby mall for dinner. Later met up with one of @Kelvin3157's friends, Nick, at Lawrence West Stn. 7752 on Line 1 Shuttle Bus northbound from Lawrence West to Sheppard West Stn. Full Route. 1665 on Rogers Cup Shuttle Bus northbound from Sheppard West Stn to Aviva Centre, then back to Sheppard West Stn. Full Roundtrip.* Nick left at this point. 8209 on Line 1 Shuttle Bus southbound from Sheppard West to Wilson Stn. 8600 on 96S westbound from Wilson Stn to Humber College. Full Route.** Parted ways with everyone else at this point. MiWay: 0630 on 22 eastbound from Humber College to William Osler Centre, then westbound to Westwood Mall. Full Route. 0819 on 42 westbound from Westwood Mall to Meadowvale Town Centre. Full Route. Got driven home. *Had an awful Stop Request chime. **Originally a 96B.
  7. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    Permanent transfer, mentioned plenty of times already.
  8. General FML moments

    When your plane back to Toronto gets delayed by 10 hours.
  9. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    7511's already listed as scrapped. I've updated 7520.
  10. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    The main list has been updated! Thanks for your patience. Special thanks to @Hexagonal 10 for helping me track down buses dead for two weeks or longer. Thanks to him, I was able to list these buses as mia: 7437, 7445, 7470, 7483, 7495, 7508, 7510, 7520, 7532, 7533, 7539, 7544, 7549, 7568, 7585, 7593, 7604, 7618, 7648, 7660, 7662, 7677, 7685, 7686, 7690, 7697, 7698 . I've also listed these buses as scrapped, due to how long they have been retired: 7403, 7410, 7419, 7420, 7422, 7425, 7430, 7432, 7438, 7442, 7462, 7465, 7468, 7471, 7475, 7479, 7482, 7491, 7492, 7497, 7499, 7500, 7501, 7524, 7526, 7528, 7543, 7553, 7583, 7584, 7590, 7594, 7602, 7605, 7610, 7611, 7615, 7696, 7807, 7814. If any of these buses are still sitting around ttc property, please notify me.
  11. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    It's fine, on the 116C.
  12. DRT Fleet Movements, Deliveries and Retirements

    Read the list buddy. 8521, 8522, and 8523 are listed at Westney...