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  1. What happened to the TTC D40LF retirement thread? I can't find it anywhere. Edit: I found a post linking to the thread and it doesn't work. Did it get deleted?
  2. Probably just temporary moves from Central while Malton artics undergo work.
  3. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Toronto_Transit_Commission_7954-a.jpg This photo is of 7964, not 7954
  4. Based on the VINs, 2343 (184 000 mi), 2333 (526 000 mi) and surprisingly, 2368 (767 000 mi) are the ones currently up for sale. The listing says 4 available, so clearly one has been sold already. And I take it that 2327 is the oldest bus left?
  5. Might as well just post these here... Oakville Transit 5106 (ex-London Transit Commission 462) is seen on route 11 Linbrook at Oakville GO Station on February 16th, 2018. This unit has been retired. Oakville Transit 5105 is seen on route 13 Westoak Trails at Bronte GO Station on August 31st, 2018. These 2004/05 D40LFs are currently in the process of retirement.
  6. I've always felt that 1020 sounded very different from the 1200s. Are there any major differences between them? Most major specs appear to be the same.
  7. The posts and the the majority of the background are still white though.
  8. Would you guys consider adding a dark theme? I’m browsing late at night and my eyes hurt.
  9. Whenever I try to look at the past buses that ran on a block, it says "Info on past buses will be returning shortly!". Just wondering what the issue is with the site is at the moment.
  10. I usually try to sit at the very back or in the rear section of a bus unless it's a double decker, in which case I usually sit at the front on the upper floor, or if it's a Nova, where the back row of seats becomes way too warm after a while.
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