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  1. Wow where did you find this? I'll ask some of my co-workers.
  2. Actually driving 8161 today I don't think the doors are too much slower. originally they came with door brakes on the front with made them much slower. They have since been removed. Maybe that's what you were noticing.....
  3. Two New NOVA LFS buses arrived at Fredericton Transit this morning. 8161 and 8162. No word yet on what RTS buses they will retire. as well as when the new buses will be on the road.
  4. Bus stops all around the city are reviewed and moved for safety reasons location to crosswalks etc from time to Time. These stops were moved one because the first one was in front of a school zone and people would pass the bus and speed through the school zone. When doing thy in made the others too close together so they were combined. Martime man: And also I was driving 8065 when it broke down as well as 8014 yesterday that I belived you were on.....?
  5. You know I was on that bus too. Terrible place to break down........
  6. 8142 is a new accessible bus that will arrive shortly. 8143 is the newest low floor. It should be on the road soon. It was getting decals put on it today.
  7. Auction or scrap depending on the bus. 8921 is behind the regent st. Depot it's used for storage.
  8. Sad to report that 8941 and 8961 are now retired. They are both currently sitting at transit. I'll snag some photos this week before they disappear.
  9. 8961 has now been retired. It developed a transmission issue and sadly will no longer be used. I was one of the last operators to drive it. But the flip side of the story 8141 has arrived and should be on the road in the next month or so.
  10. No idea on the sqeeling. I haven't be out in it for nearly a month.
  11. 8921 was retired when 8131 was put into service in the middle of last summer. It was uses only occasionally last summer do to its age and pending retirement. 8014 is a spare and not used a lot. All thought I drove it twice last week. 8013 will be back on route shortly as it is currently being painted.
  12. It is one of the 3 city's wheelchair buses. 8074 and 8113 being the others.