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  1. refer to the above post, thats the entirety of what is currently known about whats returning
  2. September 7th, expect schedules by the end of next week
  3. 8466 is the only D40LF in service at Raleigh
  4. So, as per the documents that can be purchased on MERX, GO is looking to contract out operations of existing routes/corridors in these bundles for operators 1. 12 Niagara Falls 2. 15 McMaster 3. 37/38 Orangeville/Bolton 4. 70/81 Stouffville/PortPerry 5. 88 Peterborough 6. 20, 30/31 Milton, Kitchener 7. 61, 63,65,68 Richmond Hill, Barrie 8. 71 Stouffville They’re looking at 4 operation models 1. Gross profit, where all service would be fully GO branded 2. Net profit, where service could be either Fully GO Branded or Co-Branded with operator branding and GO branding 3. Commercial Partnership, where service could be either Fully GO Branded or Co-Branded with operator branding and GO branding 4. Independent operation, no GO branding There is an NDA on the MERX solicitation, therefore I will not dive deep into details, nor will I share any of the documents, they are available for purchase online for $40
  5. 7109, 7113 and 7114 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  6. 8554 has reentered service Post fire with a freshly replaced rear end. This means all novas that we’re taken out of service have now been reinstated
  7. I was thinking that they could be looking to contract out routes that Greyhound previously took care of, vastly expanding GO’s spread but not expanding their employment and maintenance requirements.
  8. A car crashed into the platform entrance at Street level
  9. Consideing the Metrolinx Logo is on each of the station posts, and, it gets a bigger logo than the ttc does on the trains, I assume most people will eventually get it. the Goal is that the T logo will eventually be on every piece of Transit infrastructure in the GTHA. I like the former Chevrons of the pilot, the T is just meh, but I wouldn’t say they copied any one agency, there’s a number of agencies that use a T to symbolize Transit, MTBA and Vancouver at just two examples. It’s a T, it’s not like were putting up “metropolitan” signs outside our stations and Roundells on our buses.
  10. It’s metrolinx’ Universal symbol of Transit for any metrolinx built project going forward. it’s meant to be the roundle of the GTHA. Metrolinx is also working with municipal transit agencies to implement their wayfinding practices, pilots that incorporated local agencies include Finch GO terminal, Pickering Parkway Terminal, and Hamilton GO Centre
  11. 7107 and 7108 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  12. No space, and uncertainty if they’d be able to continue to serve the GO terminal once the lease expires and TTC needs the extra space for the RT shuttle
  13. Details on the big service changes coming this September are here! They’re pretty significant. Ill speak to them in order of appearance in the TEC agenda presentation that is going to council on June 2nd Route 392 - Whitby This route looks to replace a number of routes in Whitby that stopped operating during the pandemic, such as the 301, 303, 308 and 312. The service will operate every 2 hours Monday to Friday only, with OnDemand still available in all other periods the routing will start at the Oshawa Centre following Gibb, Stevenson, King, Kendalwood, Nichol, Glen Hill, Dundas, McQuay, Rossland, Garden, Consumers, Whitby GO, Victoria, Gordon, and turn around at Ontario Shores Route 407 - Ritson No longer provides service to Oshawa Centre Terminal All trips end at Colonel Sam Drive turnaround Route 411 - South Courtice Modified route 411 now replaces the Oshawa Centre half of route 407, as well as the former route 406. This modified route will operate Monday-Saturday only with service hours matching those on the 902B OnDemand will continue to be available when the 411 is not running. Oshawa Centre, Gibb, Park, Tresane, Cubert, Bloor, Ritson, Wentworth, Farewell, Bloor, Grandview, Townline, Gord Vinson, Meadowglade, Glenabbey, Sandringham, Trulls, Avondale, Sandringham, Courtice Road, George Reynolds, Nash, Trulls, the route will then interline with route 902B, PULSE 901 - Simcoe 901B Trips from North Campus to the OC will now be introduced on Evenings and Weekends, providing a convenient link from the OC to DC at all times Route 905 - Thickson/Reach route 905A trips will no longer service Britannia West of Simcoe and Windfields Farm Drive, instead, the route will now replace former 417 service to Harmony Terminal after passing Durham College, the new routing will be following Simcoe, Britannia, Ritson, Conlin, Grandview, Coldstream, Harmony Terminal, Taunton, Grandview Route 420 - Britannia West No details on exact routing we’re provided, seems to be the exact former routing which would begin at Durham College, and use Simcoe, Conlin, Bridle, Britannia, Windfields Farm, and Simcoe before returning to DC North Campus. This route will most likely interline with new route 920 at Simcoe and Founders… who needs the DC bus loop anyways? Route 920 - Unknown name This is the biggest change in my opinion DRT finally connects to the subway network at McCowan RT Station Major destinations on this route include McCowan Station, Centennial College, Pickering Town Centre, Ajax Amazon Warehouse, Durham Regional Headquarters, and Durham College North Campus, the routing will be McCowan RT Station, Progress Avenue, Centennial College, Progress, Sheppard, Kingston, Salem, Rossland, Thickson, Dryden, Garrard, Taunton and Simcoe before ending at North Campus. this route will operate 7 days per week at every half hour, weekends it mentions the route only operates to Amazon, but doesn’t say where from, presumably Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax as that would be the more ridership heavy half of the line. this also provides a nice link for people in Pickering and Central Ajax a quick means of getting to DC. lastly, Overnight service, DRT is launching 24 Hour transit service on route 900, and 901. On the 900 routing will be modified as buses will not enter Centennial Circle, this is to provide a connection to the TTC Blue Night Network at Morningside and Ellesmere. In the East the route end at Simcoe Street Overnight on the 901, the C branch will operate between North Campus and King, presumably the 901 and 900 will interline overnight, both service will operate every 30 minutes. overnight OnDemand service will also be launched in Urban areas to provide 24 hour transit service to much of the population, OnDemand overnight service will primarily be offered to connect people to the PULSE corridors and GO Stations And that’s it! September look promising and it’s nice to see some old routes, or parts of them at least, beginning to return, such as the 417 for example becoming part of the 905A service. Here is the link to the presentation https://calendar.durham.ca/default/Detail/2021-06-02-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/13a766e0-19e2-41a4-821b-ad36009bc436
  14. Effective September 7 Durham Region Transit will begin offering service to McCowan RT Station on street every 30 minutes on route 920, a new route connecting McCowan, Centennial College, Sheppard East, Pickering, Ajax, Ajax Amazon Facility, Whitby, Oshawa and Durham College North Campus
  15. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/05/25/eglinton-crosstown-lrt-vehicles-make-their-way-to-the-east-end-for-the-first-time/?fbclid=IwAR1O24h4KEE8K4QlmZ_sRG3LdNSuZx8Pe864DPFF2FU6qv9-eXD_AGTN51s metrolinx news article with a video of 6252
  16. Durham Region Transit announced the June 21st 2021 service changes! We get one new route! There are also new services added to the 224 and the 917. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/about-us/our-services-tiles.aspx#Individual-route-maps---effective-June-21-2021 Route 110 Finch: Operating 7 Days a week, route 110 FInch will operate from Pickering Parkway Terminal to Sunbird Trail Loop via Pickering Parkway, Liverpool, Kingston, Valley Farm, Finch, and Whites, frequency will be matched with route 120 as these routes will interline at each end. Schedules will be adjusted on route 120 to accommodate this change. Route 224c Harwood-Salem: On weekends, new route 224C Harwood-Salem will service Ajax Waterfront at Lake Driveway and Harwood Avenue as well as Paradise Park near the bottom of Pickering Beach Road. All trips after approximately 10:00am on Saturdays and Sundays will operate via the waterfront destinations. As a result, schedules on route 216 Harwood North have been updated. Route 917z Bayly-Consumers: On weekends and holidays from June 26th to September 6th, route 917z will operated from Oshawa Centre Terminal to the Rouge National Urban Park entrance and the Toronto Zoo Bus Loop. 7 Trips from the Toronto Zoo will operate eastbound along the route from the Zoo, to Pickering Parkway Terminal then on to the Oshawa Centre on Saturdays, 9 Trips will operate westbound On sundays, 8 Eastbound trips and 7 Westbound trips will operate.
  17. Management has said in past TEC meetings that open payment should be live in June following the pilot that’s currently in place on the Union Pearson Express, I tried it out a few months back, works great!
  18. Have been since August or September. The big news is that effective this morning, Paper transfers are issued to cash and ticket paying customers
  19. The GO Train Prior to COVID ran year round on Weekends to Niagara and once daily in each direction on Weekdays
  20. If there weren’t, it probably wouldn’t still be on the map.
  21. Trent will be served on Thornton by route 412 And 312. North South service on Thornton will only be between Thornton Corners GO and Adelaide
  22. So... DRT has released information surrounding the service related Public Information Centres. The point is to guide the next 5 Year Service Strategy titled "The Route Ahead" The documents provided by DRT do not share many details about specifics, other than a map, some guiding principals and some service standards... but, that wont stop me from trying to interpret it here. It's worth noting, OnDemand isn't going anywhere... I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing depending on where it is or how it is used, but it is staying in areas that just simply can't financially support routes. Major stuff PULSE network expansion, (10 Years outlook) - 900 extended to Central Oshawa GO, - 901 extended to Windfield Farms (Development is booming up there) - 902 will be added to the PULSE network, same service pattern by the looks of it with frequent service between Oshawa Centre/Thornton Corners and Trulls, and 30 minute service between Thornton Corners and Bowmanville. - 915 and 916 will simply be converted to PULSE (much like the 901 was) with 15 minute service on weekends as well. Late Night Service and 24 Hour service Correct me if I'm wrong, but would DRT be the first system in Canada for a municipality of its size and a system of its ridership to implement 24 hour service? - It mentions talks of adding trips to the 900 and 901, and making OnDemand available until at least the last GO train throughout the urbanized areas of the region, not sure where the 24 hour service comes in, but we will see. - The 905 will have new trips later into the night, but no specifics. I assume this will be on the 905B to Port Perry and Uxbridge as this is detailed in the "rural" subheading - Rural OnDemand service span will be increased to match that of the 905. Other stuff Peak = 30 minutes or better in Peak only Local = 30 minutes Grid = 30 minutes or better 7 days per week, Frequent = 15 minutes or better 7 days per week The map DRT attached sucks and is really cluttered, no route numbers and lines of the same colour overlapping, (someone try to work out Bowmanville, thats my challenge to everyone) Things I can decipher, theres some route resurrections proposed over the next 4 years... Pickering 101 looks unchanged, but with local all day service 110B looks to form its old routing but on its own local route, New local service to current seaton developments along the currently unbuilt Rossland Road Extension north to Taunton and Burkholder Drive. Ajax New local service (211 presumably) from Pickering Parkway Terminal to Ajax GO via Pickering Parkway, Kingston, Church, Delany, Ravenscroft, and Westney. New peak route (219 presumably) from Ajax GO to Westney and Williamson via Westney, Ravenscroft, Williamson, Westney, Rossland, Ravenscroft. New local (circular?) route (217 or 226?) from Ajax GO that covers parts of the former 226 and 217 routes, including Lake Driveway, Westney South, and Clements Road. New peak route (215? presumably) from Ajax GO to Audley and Williamson via Salem. 291 looks to be classified as a local route, but I doubt its getting anything above hourly service. New local service (223 probably) its the old routing of the 223c, but running all day. Whitby 303, and the 308 looks to be coming back relatively unchanged New peak route (315 I assume) from Whitby GO serving areas included in the West Whitby Secondary Plan, Brock Street, Burns, Annes, Dundas, Des Newman, Rossland, Coronation, Taunton, Country Lane, Rossland, back to Whitby GO. New local route (312) from Thornton Corners East GO to West Whitby via Thornton, King/Dundas, Kendalwood, Nichol, Glen Hill, Dundas, McQuay... that it, where it goes beyond there isn't on the map, but as per the Ridership Recover Framework Phase 2, along rossland to Cochrane, then Bonacord back to McQuay Boulevard. New local 304 service from Whitby GO, along Burns, and Anderson into Brooklin, then Winchester, Cachet, Carnwith, Baldwin and Winchester back to Anderson and Whitby GO. This makes the 304 the Brooklin Local bus instead of the 302. The 302 in brooklin will now serve Baldwin, Vipond, Ashburn, Carnwith, Thickson, Winchester east to Simcoe and will loop at Windfield Farms, connecting to the 901 PULSE Simcoe. The 905 is unchanged in Whitby, but changes in Oshawa will be located below. Oshawa Some routes are back! all have some major changes, including changes to reflect the LSE GO Bowmanville Extension. New Local service (412) from Thronton Corners GO to Oshawa Central GO via Thornton Road, Adelaide, Fleetwood, Margate, Townline, Olive, Ritson and First. New Local service (411) from Thronton Corners GO to Trulls and Highway 2 via Laval, Stevenson, Gibb, Park, Hillside, Cuber, Bloor, Grandview, Townline, Gord Vinson, Meadowglade, Prestonvale, Glen Abbey, Sandringham, Trulls, Avondale, Sandringham, Courtice Road, George Reynolds, Nash, Trulls and return somehow. 403 looks unchanged, but loops at Thornton Corners GO via Gibb, Stevenson and Laval. 410 Extension from Coldstream to Conlin then Harmony down, 905A reroute Simcoe, Britannia West, Windfield Farms, Bridle, Britannia East, Harmony, to Harmony Terminal, New Local service from Durham College to Harmony terminal (417 probably) using Simcoe, Conlin, Harmony. Bowamnville... nope. Heres the map. remember, its all going to PICs' meaning, changes will likely take place once details are finalized, below the map is also a link to the presentation boards. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/routes-and-schedules/resources/PICs-2021/RecoveryPlanPIC2021_Final_V2.pdf
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