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  1. All of them are here now Sorry for awful shot but 8551-8559 have arrived at ralleigh 8551-8559 have all arrived and should be entering service shortly
  2. he is correct. 8554 has definetly shown up and been in service. Seen in the front of Ralleigh...
  3. Does anyone know when 556-564 are retiring I think I probably just got my last ride on one on 9:13 Lakeshore East
  4. http://granvilleanderson.onmpp.ca/News/10133?l=EN 27 Busses for durham within 2015 and 2016. 6 of which will be Nova LFSA's. Somehow I don't believe this but Ralleigh is already being renovated to support 60 footers.
  5. Although 8551-8556 are supposed to be split between Westney and Ralleigh divisions it has become apearent to me that most busses including sightings of 8551-8554 and 8556 have all been seen on Route 915 for the majority of revenue service. Here are my theroys : 1. Most 915 Weekday trips are operated between Westney and Ralleigh with majority of busses out of Oshawa being Ralleigh. 2. 2015 Novas are for Westney division only. 3. Like pulse, busses may be more open to move between divisions when it is deemed nessessary. The third one goes along with what a supervisor had been telling me. e was saying that any bus soon may be able to be seen anywhere in the region. This will open up more possibilities for Oshawa to help out in Ajax or Pickering if needed. (None of this applies to Whitby) On other news Ext. Anouncments have returned!
  6. I tweeted @Durham_Transit a week or so about the issue with the schedule finder and exterior anouncments and they responded by saying that exterior anouncments are being modified and the schedule finder wass being replaced with a new tool (Google Maps) that is slated to be live in march. Hope that answers that.
  7. 900 express service was around it just didn't stay long, it wasn't branded 900X but it was branded 900 Express Servixe Limbered stop Westbound U of T Scarborough Or Eastbound Simcoe Street Short Turn
  8. So after talking around I have found out that our 2014 new flyer xselsoir for pulse. Drivers I talk to have driven the.The current 2013 fleet is 8601-8626 this year it is 8670-8673. 670 and 671 are at Westney Garage. 672,673 are at ralleigh bus garage. I have not ridden any of these busses but I have spotted 8673 on pulse tonight at 6:47 pm.
  9. 8001,8002,8003,8006,8008,8010 and 8011 are still in service
  10. Still no sign on our 2014 Pulse XD-40's

    1. J. Hollingsworth

      J. Hollingsworth

      Our conventional have all shown up but not 8627-8630

  11. 8050 is back at westney after going through an extremely well done refurbeshmebt. Features include the legacy lines livery that 8014 and 8015 had anf new luminator signs. 8547 has also arrived at west bey but no sign of 8546,8548 and also no sign of 8627-8630. Just noticed my post meant to say not dead
  12. 8050 IS BACK and 8547 HAS ARRIVED yep the orions are dead
  13. Does anyone know any info on when in November we will be seeing 8627-8630
  14. Does anyone know what this may mean, "J1708 DOWN" that is a common crash screen I have seen on pulse busses system wide one day and once I have seen it say "J1708 UP"
  15. ADELAIDE WESTBOUND AT WILSON was called when we were on it There were also alot of glitches where it would begin to audibly say "Next Stop" but would freeze in the middle of the word
  16. It could be the 909 Consumers Via OSHAWA Centre and Whitby Go
  17. When did you see 8322 cause it has been retired for over a month, and I have seen plenty of sixes out but I went to Raleigh today and 8004 8010 and 8011 were there in the normal places they park busses not in the retired area. The 2003 V's were in the retired area for more than two weeks but nothing missing yet and I had seen 8053 on my way towards Oshawa it was going toward Westmey but alas it is back at Westmey. ^^^back at Raleigh I saw it on HWY 2 three days ago
  18. READ ME!!! Pulse 8622's Next Stop Display is FULLY ACTIVE! It says stops and everything
  19. So I was talking to some drivers about next stop displaysI knew they were on the following busses for pulse 8601,8602,8603,8616 I have been talking to some drivers and apearemtly 8611,8612,8621,8622,8623 and 8624 all soposudly have them too That would bring us too 10 out of 26 pulse busses ready to start service on September 17 also according to drivers! I quoted the wrong post I mean to quote this one
  20. Fall that when most of the new tech is in testing
  21. Thanks for the article it is good to know DRT is making a push, I am the one who noticed it on 8601 and all it had was the next stop display not the passenger counters or the gps capabilites
  22. It would suck so much if 8155 was retired but it is probably up to be referbished Notice how they remove the roll sign and replace with a sticker that says "SCHOOL TRIPPER"
  23. just got off the 900 eastbound on 8621

  24. just got off the 900 eastbound on 8621

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