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  1. Not quite, but sure. here’s an exterior photo of 6125 I grabbed today
  2. DRTs’ first 2022 Nova Bus LFS HEVs were delivered this morning, 11 buses total, 6120-6130 6122 and 6125 were delivered to Westney, where all are expected to be
  3. GO has been a little unpredictable with how long they keep wraps on. The 2020 pride bus is still on the streets, and until recently 8367 was wrapped like a race car, I have a photo of it from 2019 with the same wrap.
  4. Quite possibly, just interesting, in some cases trips take up to 11 minutes longer
  5. Effective June 20th, DRT PULSE 900 will have stops removed to make it a more limited stop route. This is in advance of the transition to centre median running, and to “Speed up service” Route 900 will no longer stop at the following stops along the entire route, East to West - Bond @ Arena / King @ Midtown - King @ Waverly - Dundas @ Kathleen - Dundas @ Glen Hill / Bowman - Dundas @ Craydon - Dundas @ Wellington - Dundas @ McQuay / Jeffery - Kingston @ Audley - Kingston @ 84 / 169 Kingston - Kingston @ 113 / 132 Kingstonf - Kingston @ Mill - Kingston @ Elizabeth - Kingston @ Bracebridge - Kingston @ Walnut - Kingston @ 804 / 817 Kingston - Kingston @ Delta - Kingston @ Steeple Hill, and - Kingston @ Rougemount. This new limited stop service also applies to the N1. Local service on the portions of the route with stops removed are covered by the 291, 392, 902A and the 920. Saying that, with the 392 and 920 don’t run on weekends, leaving those local stops without service on weekends with the exception of Walnut Lane and Rougemount drive, which are serviced by the 92. interestingly the service changes to the 900 schedule indicate on weekdays, that trips will almost always take longer than they did before.
  6. As of today, Voyago has begun supplemental operations of OnDemand and Specialized Services. Vehicles have DRT livery, and Logos as well as fleet numbers in the 3xxx numbering scheme. operators are uniformed, and vehicles have security cameras. Much nicer experience for the passenger with the cabs gone now.
  7. Glad to see you found the photo I shared. there’s many upcoming service changes with routes being established, EFFECTIVE JUNE 2022 224c - Every 30 minutes on weekday evenings, and weekends 917z - Every 30 minutes on weekends 901/N2 - Extended to Windfields Farm Drive and Thuroughbred Avenue via North Campus, - Reinstating 10 minute daytime frequency EFFECTIVE September 2022 211 West Ajax - New Base route operating between Ajax GO and Pickering Parkway Terminal via Westney, Ravenscroft, Williamson, Westney, Rossland, Church, Kingston, Notion, and Pickering Parkway 216 Harwood North - Introduction of 15 minute service on weekdays - Alternating trips between 216 to Salem And Taunton, and 216c to Williamson and Audley 222 Audley South - AM/PM peak route via Westney, Bayly, Audley, Ashbury, Range Line and Pickering Beach back to bayly to the GO Station 409 Garrard Stevenson - Reinstating former route 409B on weekdays only 411 South Courtice - Extension in AM/PM Peak to Oshawa GO - Route adjustments in South Courtice to better match demand, simplify operating patterns, and better serve secondary schools 900 PULSE Highway 2 - Reinstating 20 minute frequencies to Scarborough 920 - Introduction of 15 minute frequencies during the daytime, alternating trips between Pickering Parkway Terminal and McCowan RT Station Additionally, the Tender documents are out for the 8 electric buses https://durham.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/b259aa42-ecc1-46d5-955e-5a21b82f8d22
  8. Avoid having to pay MX to use the bays, there’s no lease fees when you stop a bus on street
  9. For the first time since probably 2007, there is not a single D40LF in service right now.
  10. A NovaBus LFSE+ is currently on demo with DRT at Raleigh for the next little while, this comes as DRT is preparing to put an RFP for 8 electric buses to tender.
  11. May I simply have my name changed to J. Hollingsworth
  12. Durham Region Transit will now service McCowan RT station all day long, monday to friday. According to DRT, running the route during peak has proven to be quite popular, so hopefully the midday portion will fair the same.
  13. Durham Region Transit Service Updates Effective April 4th 2022 Route 302 Brock-Baldwin - Removal of additional peak trips due to end of semester Route 901 PULSE Simcoe - 15 Minute service between Durham College and Gibb extended until 10:30pm - Late night 901B trips added beyond 18:45 Route 902 King - 902B Trips extended to Oshawa GO Station, extending 15 minute service to Oshawa GO I think for the first time on a DRT route Route 917 Bayly Consumer - Some peak trips removed due to low ridership outside of school season Route 920 - Weekday midday service on 920B Replaced by full service all day to McCowan RT Station!
  14. This was a point I brought up to them at Transit Advisory Committee meeting when this was presented to us in November. The gaps do not close when the bus is not there, but the gaps are designed to be wide enough to accommodate level boarding + Wiggle room for the different types of buses currently available. at a later date if bus manufacturers radically change the location of their door placement, DRT and MX will have to work with the manufacturer to create custom placed door.
  15. https://www.durham.ca/en/news/durham-region-seeking-feedback-on-design-options-for-bus-shelters-along-the-pulse-highway-2-route.aspx survey for the design of the new BRT Stops in Ajax and Pickering
  16. In an election promise move, effective March 14th, the ford government is removing all Co-Fare discounts, providing free transfers between GO Transit and agencies with Co-Fare agreements. In addition, the student and youth discounts will be raised to 40% from the existing 22% https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001674/ontario-cutting-the-cost-of-taking-transit
  17. I remember watching the board meeting that Regional Express Bus was presented, noting that it would extending the reach of the train network, but also fill in gaps, while providing 15 minute service on key sections of the bus network. if I had to guess, the 15 minute corridors could be : Mississauga Transitway (including Erin Mills, but likely not Winston Churchill) Square One-Unionville 401 North York Terminals (Finch included)
  18. 8523 is now a Whitby Unit, in addition to 8529. More units are likely to swapped between divisions for some time after the D40LFs are gone
  19. They "fixed" the system map, very roughly I might add
  20. Yes. Delivery scheduled to begin in april
  21. If that we’re the case, the seating in the midsection between the middle doors and the Bellows would have the seats next to the doors blocked off too, but they don’t.
  22. Likely signage, from Day one the 901 had the PULSE stop markers. But that’s the only other thing I can think of that isn’t frequency related. in terms of service, it’s possible they may want to achieve 10 minute service during they day on weekdays, just like the base routes of the 900 and the 901. Maybe a drop in number of stops, I could see them cutting a handful, I’d recommend the following to bring them closer to the stop spacing introduced on the 901. WB: Harmony, Wilson East Side, Naples, Somerville, 418 Taunton, Keith Ross, Tom Edwards, Rivers Edge, Fallingbrook, Garden West Side, Middlecote, Atherton, 1328 Westney, Rossland North Side, Ivers, 350 Westney, Replace 216 Westney with a stop at Ravenscroft, Millington, and Fairall. for the most part, this list of removals can be reversed in the opposite direction.
  23. It appears all D40LFs will be retired and listed for sale by the time the Hybrids arrive in April. 7120-7122 have been delivered, im not sure about 18 and 19. DRT Did a great summary of the March 7th service changes, so I won’t repeat it here, the only thing I’d like to note is that while this is the first phase of service increases to add PULSE service on the 915, technically the 915 still won’t be considered a PULSE route internally.
  24. Good question, it’s been something I’ve been trying to figure out for some time now, but DRT hasn’t provided an answer yet to me.
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