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  1. 30 minutes ago, TTC_1203 said:

    It makes no difference whatsoever, but I’m curious whether the TTC will change the placement of the rear LED display on the next batch of Novas to the top-right, since this is where it will be placed on the New Flyers. Not important I know, just wondering.


    Source: @TransitFan84 (Twitter)

    I Hope not, it looks so much worse that way!

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  2. Durham Region Transit has begun collecting payments for passengers using Credit Cards on PRESTO, much like other agencies.

    The reason for the delay stems from ordering devices that could utilize this functionality that could be equipped in OnDemand vehicles. With this now solved, the function has now been enabled system wide.

    debit cards, and mobile PRESTO wallet will come later in 2023 according to a number of DRT reports

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  3. 21 minutes ago, 2044 said:

    Is DRT on a special schedule until the new year? Notice a bunch of local routes don't seem to be running today, and On Demand isn't available in those service areas either.

    Yeah so… that’s a bit of a mishap it seems.

    Voyago (OnDemand and Specialized) is running like it’s a weekday, this includes using the cutaway van in Newcastle.

    this is great, aside from the fact that DRT is running on a Saturday schedule, but OnDemand has not been set correctly to fill in the gaps where regular routes aren’t 

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  4. 5 hours ago, blue.bird.fan said:

    Interesting. DRT on-demand seems to be operated by both DRT and Voyago depending on the area... I know someone from the OTEG Facebook group got a Voyago Toyota Camry sedan numbered 3007. However, I believe DRT may operate the service in the urban areas. I'm not sure, could someone clarify?

    DRT a provides about 25% of the service.

    DRT mainly provides specialized service trips, using cutaways and Promasters

    Voyago is a mix between specialized and OnDemand, using accessible vans, sedans and now that cutaway between Newcastle and Bowmanville, of which there were four passengers (myself included) on a trip from Newcastle to Bowmanville at 5pm last night; not bad.

  5. DRT appears to be changing its into announcement system voice once again.

    This will be the third change in the voice since the systems implementation in 2016.

    In October, this voice was found on the exterior announcements of the 917B, 905B, and 392.

    Just today the next stop phrase is said in that’s same voice, followed by the actual stop announcements being said in current “Tracy” voice.

    ill try to attach a link to two videos I took showing the exterior, and “next stop” announcement. File is too large for here


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  6. 2 hours ago, blue.bird.fan said:

    Does anyone know if DRT still operates the on-demand service between Orillia and Beaverton? I was planning on making a large loop through there, by taking GO to Barrie, LINX to Orillia, and then GO back from Beaverton.

    DRT hasn’t operated this service since COVID, no plans to return it, or the service to Lindsay. 

    When the 960 was discontinued during covid, on demand service was extended to Mount Albert in York Region, but this was also quietly discontinued, despite STILL being listed on their website

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  7. 14 hours ago, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

    Aside from those news, I'm waiting patiently for DRT to accept credit/debit payments (plus mobile wallets) to pay for fares.

    They are waiting for mobile devices that can accept Debit/Credit while in an OnDemand/Specialized ride

    Delibery of these devices began in early November, and I’ve began seeing these in use last week in Clarington.

    This is the same reason York Region Transit doesn’t yet accept Debit/Credit

    Hopefully with these new device arriving, the functionality can be enabled in a few weeks or a couple months!

  8. Lots of new DRT Service Changes coming in January. Ridership on weekdays is at 75% pre-pandemic. There have been some difficulties by those still relying on OnDemand (Like myself in Newcastle) where booking a trip in the evening resulted in no rides being available. It appears these issues were related to buses being considered "full" by the computer, when in reality there may be multiple seats available. These scheduling issues with their back end should be fixed come January. Rural Clarington into Bowmanville (Including Newcastle) is the busiest OnDemand service. 

    TEC Agenda: https://pub-durhamregion.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=13935ba8-c745-4e18-89db-21eaee6723f3&Agenda=Agenda&lang=English

    Changes Effective January 2nd 2023

    103 (Glenanna) - Peak Period Service extended to service Finch Avenue and Altona Road area

    112 (Brock) - Peak Period Service extended to service Taunton Road and Burkholder Drive, DRT's first scheduled service in Seaton.

    222 (Audley South) - Service frequency reduction from 30 minutes to every 45 minutes

    392B (Whitby Shores) - Additional trips, service to operate every 30 minutes in midday between Whitby Station and Ontario Shores. 

    410 (Olive Harmony) - Service altered to use Centre Street/Simcoe Street and Olive Avenue like the 423. Service will be removed on Celena, and Albert

    411 (South Courtice) - Current School Trippers (411T) to be renumbered 411C via Avondale

    423 (Townline/Adelaide) - Service to operate every 30 minutes all day

    502 (North Bowmanville) - Weekday Service extended to 23:45 from 19:00. New weekend service between 9:30 and 19:30.

    PULSE 900 - Service to Scarborough reduced (yet again) to every 30 minutes 

    PULSE 901 - (Big service cut) Service to each terminus to operate every 30 minutes. Windfields every 30, OC every 30 and Lakeview Park every 30. Alternating between buses terminating at Durham College

    905A (Thickson) - Additional Midday services on 905A from Whitby GO to Harmony Terminal

    PULSE 915 - Service Reduced weekdays from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes

    PULSE 916 - Additional Evening Trip added

    917 (Bayly Consumers) - Service on 917B resumes

    920 (Route 920) - Revised routing in Oshawa to serve growing markets. Now operating on Stevenson Road North, and Conlins Road West.

  9. 12 hours ago, ilovettc said:

    DRT TransSee Update/News

    6126  Novabus LFS HEV entered service this afternoon/evening on route 920

    When looking at the vehicle tracking it shows that the bus was signed on to the 920 on October 4th, but never left Ajax GO Station area.  Probably just signed into a block for training, it never entered service if I hazard a guess

  10. 2 hours ago, Tunnelrat said:

    I have noticed alot of Pulse branded buses being used on no pulse routes and vice versa. Is Durham doing aways with the branding of Pulse? 

    They’re not doing away with the branding by any means, they’ve expanded the pulse brand to include the 915 and 916, whosever a limited number of paddles on route 916 interline with routes 103/110 and 120 in Pickering.

    Additionally, PULSE buses are used as spares for the rest of the fleet.

  11. 10 hours ago, MK78 said:

    Yeah I've been hearing Crosstown testing chatter on the TTC radio for many months... But I guess there's still no firm date. Is the Yonge/Eglinton station still the major issue?

    I found this article/video from late August, and it looks like its still a long way to go, especially Eglinton Station.


    I’d assume so, Yonge and Eglinton has barely broken above ground level on the main station entrance.

    id be okay with them opening the station without that entrance open, but only if it was safe. I’d assume that would cause major station congestion though, so there may be some reluctance to do that

  12. 9 hours ago, Gamer Studios said:

    If anyone noticed, DRT has been omitting route names throughout the entire system now. It looks weird in my opinion.

    Yes, all destinations signs now show exactly what they should.

    The route number, and the destination in BIG letters.

    Nothing else... oh wait, THEY"RE HIRING!

    In all seriousness, having a route name is pointless at best, especially when you look at routes like the 103, or the 224, neither of these routes serve exclusively or even primarily either of these two routes namesake streets. So simply saying, 103 Pine Grove, or 224 Taunton, is a fine solution, especially for the new routes like the 211, or the 920 that would be really hard to attach meaningful route names to.

    While yes the signs may look weird, they certainly are an improvement.

  13. 1 hour ago, Gamer Studios said:

    I see. I only mentioned it cause I see them being listed for OnDemand as well.

    @J. Hollingsworth

    Do you know if DRT plans to reinstate the 600 series Uxbridge routes (the ones that went to Pickering) as well as maybe having a route that connects to YRT Cornell Terminal (which was supposedly route 930)?

    At this time, I highly doubt DRT has plans for any reinstatement of the 601, or 603, but who knows

    As for Cornell, a route is planned that will travel from Pickering Parkway Terminal to Cornell via Kingston, Brock, Taunton, Whites Road and Highway 7 though no number is assigned to this route anymore.

  14. 47 minutes ago, G.A said:

    Minivans, wheelchair accessible vans and cars. They actually have a pretty interesting Fleet lineup.

    In addition to DRT ProMasters,

    there are:

    - Ford Fusion Hybrids

    - Toyota Corollas 

    - Toyota Camry Hybrids

    - Toyota Sienna (WC)

    - Dodge Grand Carravans (WC)

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  15. 17 minutes ago, sdgta2008 said:

    I was looking at the roster for OnDemand vehicles...  I'm sure that with the expansion of OnDemand during the pandemic that DRT has more than 5 ProMasters, no..?

    No. DRT only has 5 promasters 

    Aboute 70% of OnDemand operations is contracted out to Voyago.

  16. I’ve seen the photos of course, it’s still not the same layout, it lacks the forward facing door side seats found in between the first and second doors.

    With the lacking forward facing seats, these buses are bleeding seats, from 37 in 2015-2019, to 33 in 2020, now only 29 in these buses.

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