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  1. It appears some 2010 D60LFR buses have been converted to MiLocal service, an expensive repaint considering MiWay doesn’t seem to care where express and local buses end up
  2. It’s all available publicly on the Region of Durham’s website under the council and committee calendar, DRT even tweets out the link for the agenda on their Twitter, but it’s up on the regions website the Friday before each meeting here’s the link to the agenda and all the reports https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-02-03-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/cc63e3ef-c589-4c40-8427-acbf00f72032 Updated: sorry there’s the agenda you were directly referencing, the first one is from February, Here’s January TEC https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-01-06-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/fadad630-7ee3-430c-8dbb-aca000c2188c and January Works https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-01-06-0930-Works-Committee-Meeting/88c970f0-5de3-49e3-aa93-acb10103d307
  3. Some 2007 New Flyer D40LF’s have begun retirement 8440 and 8444 are up on GovDeals
  4. I asked them this last year and they had told me that it was not part of their considerations as it would be impossible to implement the service going eastbound without first implementing traffic controls to allow passengers to cross the street.
  5. When it was announced in April last year it travelled from Ajax GO along Kingston to Sheppard, Meadowvale, Rouge Park Entrance and the Toronto Zoo Loop
  6. Hello, today the budget and business plans have been released and while I haven’t given it the most in-depth read over like I typically would have, I will, there are some things to note about this years budget. it’s open ended, it’s open enough that if ridership improves, they’ll be able to operate service, but if it doesn’t, funds that would’ve been used to operate a higher service network will instead be directed to capita projects. Typicaly year over year this report contains information about the upcoming years service changes, however given the current state of the system, only two “specific” changes have been noted if ridership remains stagnent whereas they also mention improvements to the high frequency network and routes (with an S) within Northern Durham Region The two “specific” changes include a plan is to provide increased service to the Amazon Fufilment Centre being constructed in Ajax at Salem Road and Rossland, this would likely be increases to route 224 and 916 directly and the 216 due to the 224 increase. I’d also imagine that they may modify the 980 service to operate via the area the other planned change is to operate the 200Z service to the Rouge Natural Urban Park and the Toronto Zoo from Ajax on weekends in the period from May to October, pending the Zoo is open. The other most ... frightening?... change is that beyond the 11 Convention Hybrid buses this year, no replacement vehiclea will be required as our fleet size requirement has dropped from our current 212 fleet size to a new 189 total.
  7. With Nova winning the TPI, DRT’s 11 2021 order of Hybrids will be Novas.
  8. Discussion regarding the Transit Procurement Initiative by Metrolinx. Hello all, I hadn’t seen a thread previously that directly discusses the TPI, I wanted to come on and share that Nova Bus has once again won the TPI again for their 40ft and 60ft, diesel, CNG and hybrid electrics. https://www.metrolinx.merx.com/public/solicitations/1540564553/abstract?origin=0
  9. More details regarding the situation with PRESTO and the uPass are available in the January 6th Transit Executive Committee Agenda, but essentially, in the past MX didn’t want to give DRT the cost sharing percentage that DRT wanted, then DRT said that they’ll outsource if they have to then MX came back to the bargaining table. that’s where we are now. UPass is the reason that DRT had the lowest PRESTO adoption among any of the supported agencies in 2019 at 37.5% (even worse than OC Transpo at 42%
  10. To be fair, the reasoning for the cancelled stations from that plan is technically a good thing, those are stations that Metrolinx have been planning as well for both the RER program and for the Ontario Line for years, the station at Gerard is currently having detailed design work completed. When MX was planning these they have indicated that they will still serve Smartrack 2026 is a big blow though
  11. There have been in previous months TEC reports and Committee of the whole presentations. But none in January.
  12. Some time after implementation and until November 6th, that’s when they made it clear that because it will take way too long to reimplement service in the phased approach as OnDemand ridership has to reach 20bph in each area a route would serve, so they scrapped that, and are implementing routes as OnDemand zones start to reach that 20bph number. Presently the only area that has experienced great amounts of demand has been Pickering and Courtice. In west Pickering there are approximately 8bph and in Courtice, there’s approximately 5-6.
  13. They’ve cancelled the phased program and are launching individual routes as they’re necessary
  14. The TEC agenda for Jan 6th is out, Notable things include: Simcoe Street Rapid Transit pilot essentially got kyboshed by IBI group, In that report (produced by DRT) it made recconebdations to move the NB stop at Adelaide to the Far side of the intersection to speed up red light waits, avoid merging out of the right turn lane, and “to provide a connection to the future service along Adelaide Avenue” this would presumably recommend that the future service along Adelaide would be the 412, hopefully returning around when this pilot was set to take place, April or May. No zones still don’t meet the threshold for service, however, last week was their highest ridership week for OnDemand. In a separate report, the Works Committee, is speaking confidentially on construction of bus lanes on Highway 2 and “Gibb street” Bus rapid transit, presumably this would be for expanded 901B service? Hopefully we get the service plan next month before everything goes to budget approval. We’ve had to wait til March a few times
  15. An Ex-GRT 2nd Gen Nova just passed me going EB on the 401 at Holt Road in Clarington
  16. That’s the reply they sent to my tweet. the mechanical issue actually turns out to be two small fires they’ve had recently, and the one on 8567 earlier this year have prompted them to sideline them until further investigation
  17. I don’t think so... it’s never been the case DRT has done something like this, especially considering how many of them are in our fleet at this point. there’s none out as of yet today, and PULSE buses are operating on the 902 again, something has happened As of right now, all I know is that at Westney division, they are (according to a driver I know who works there) have do not drive signs in the dashes UPDATE: there’s some major fleet movements as well, 8545 is a Westney unit on the 405C 8461,8468 and 8470 are in Whitby but they’re all Westney units theres probably more
  18. I don’t think so... it’s never been the case DRT has done something like this, especially considering how many of them are in our fleet at this point. there’s none out as of yet today, and PULSE buses are operating on the 902 again, something has happened As of right now, all I know is that at Westney division, they are (according to a driver I know who works there) have do not drive signs in the dashes
  19. I wonder the same, I’ve reached out to Audra McKinley at DRT, she’s the GM of maintenance and Supervisor of operations. She hasn’t responded, DRT is set to receive 16 promasters I believe between 2021 and 2023
  20. DRT received a number of new low floor Arboc vehicles, there are at least 3 I’ve seen so far, 5103 is at Raleigh and 5104-05 are at Westney. Not sure how many total were getting, but they’re already in service. here’s a photo next to the older cutaways like the PULSE Novas, they’ve lost the grey skirting
  21. GO Transit hasn’t entirely killed the service to Newcastle yet, I live in Newcastle, and OnDemand is way better anyway than the two hour frequency on the 90. Nevertheless, GO Still services Newcastle (in town) on route 88A with three trips in the peak directions. 88 still services both the Bowmanville and Newcastle Park and Rides 88A serves the Courtice Road and Oshawa park and rides as well.
  22. They don’t hear it this way unfortunately, right now it’s all sunshine and rainbows cause ridership as a whole is up, now financially counting for about 50% of firebox (or PRESTO I guess) revenue from pre covid levels. DRT will be happy to tel you have much ridership has grown due to routes like the 902 and 917 which were long overdue. I live in Rural Clarington where for me the OnDemand Service is a godsend compared to the 90 which ran through Newcastle every 2 hours most of the day. That doesn’t mean that OnDemand is the same godsend to the people that live in West Pickering, East Whitby, North Bowmanville or South Courtice. Where these areas previously had a 30 minute weekday route or an hourly weekend route. I think a big issue for most people isn’t taking OnDemand, but it’s the fact that they no longer have a one seat ride to the nearest terminal. People in South Courtice for example used to have a convenient route to the Oshawa Centre. Now they have to take an OnDemand to Highway 2, and then take the 902 to the Oshawa Centre. I think they like the flexibility in the service hours and the technical availability of service, but don’t like the inconvenience of having to wait at to snow plastered bus stops in -18 degree weather.
  23. Not sure how many there are, but there’s already 8574. im not gonna lie, I’m kinda disappointed. ”something we’ve never done before” of course you’ve never put a mask on the front of a bus... You know, I may be the only person who likes the new network better than the old one, by a long shot. I do believe some more community routes are needed, but where I’m living, I’ve never had better and more reliable service than OnDemand and the 902
  24. DRT a has some announcement coming ”something they’ve never done before” Genuinely no idea what it is, but I assume we will know following the TEC meeting tomorrow
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