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  1. The first few paddles of the day are buses that come off the N1, so in a way, yes, the pulse interlines with the 915 technically. Next year, the 915 will be added to the PULSE network according to the Durham Region Transit 2023-2025 “The Route Ahead” Service Plan released to TEC today, I’ll write something up at some point about it, but the 916 will be added in 2023, and the 902 in 2024.
  2. Durham Region Transit (ADDITIONAL) Service Changes Effective September 7th! These are some pretty big and unexpected additions to the network, in combination with what was previously announced. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/about-us/our-services-tiles.aspx# Route 112 - Valley Farm A north south route operating from Pickering Parkway Terminal to Zents and Tillings in Northeast Pickering Monday-Fridays. Two branches will operate opposite routings, but generally, one will travel north on Valley Farm and the other will travel north on Brock, using the other road for the southbound trip. This mean Pickering has 4 routes again, not including the regional routes Route 224a - Harwood The 224a will service parts on the former route 217 in peak periods to serve the residential and industrial areas off Monarch and Finley. I wish they posted the system map so I could comment on the routing itself, but nope. Route 310 - Winchester The 310 is back! this time only in peak periods to serve students in Brooklin who would otherwise have to take the 302 to the 920 to get to class... DC, Simcoe, Winchester, Thickson, Carnwith, Baldwin, Winchester, then back to the college. Lastly, Route 405 - Adelaide / Wilson Parts of the 412 and the 910 are back with this new service operating all existing 405 trips, the new 405 will travel (presumably) from the OC, along Gibb to Thornton to serve Trent U, continue up thornton to Adelaide, then take adelaide all the way to Wilson, where it will continue regular routing to Harmony Terminal, the C brach to Legends Centre will remain.
  3. GO Service Changes https://www.gotransit.com/en/trip-planning/seeschedules/full-schedules
  4. Ajax has also been updated, At Exhibition, wayfinding has been updated in most areas for a couple weeks now, the symbol to the right of the Train icon is to identify Streetcars as per MX’s wayfinding standards
  5. Yeah, its at risk I’d say, but the province wouldn’t like that very much. The announcement of funds a month ago was likely a campaign promise prior to the announcement of the election, knowing that if they didn’t get re-elected, the money wouldn’t be allocated, hoping in the turn of the election, people would vote liberal, this is likely why prior to Sunday, there had been large announcements of money nearly every week for various things
  6. Just now at Simcoe and Bond, maybe you had seen 8506 which is also out on the 900 right now
  7. Regardless, no shortage of PULSE Units now with 7100-7117 all delivered, DRT is repainting 10 86xx XD40’s Westney operates usually at least one conventional bus on the 900 on weekdays
  8. Do you mean 8505? 8605 is a PULSE XD40, unless they were finally repainted
  9. There’s none left at East Rail Maintenance but there is the mock up Alstom Citadis Spirt LRV sitting in that lot now
  10. So, looks like they’re updating the website now, but it doesn’t look finished yet, it could disappear, but at the very least, here are the schedules for September 7th not including the OnDemand changes. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/routes-and-schedules/resources/September-7-2021/920.pdf some noteworthy changes from when they were presented in June, 4 routes (technically) now serve the DC bus Loop, 901, 420, 920 and N2 the blue night network is now consisting of the N1 (Centennial Circle to Harmony Terminal via Highway 2, Simcoe and Taunton) which will run all night and the N2 (DC to Simcoe and Wentworth) which will run until 2:30 approximately the 392, 420 and 920 all currently remain nameless. The 392 has a few trips just between Ontario Shores and Whitby GO station, supplementing some lost rush hour trips of the 308c The 420 will not run on weekends unlike the old 905A service, meaning Windfields Farms Drive and Britannia West of Simcoe have lost weekend service. The 920 operates a very weird service pattern with most service only operating between DC and Pickering Parkway Terminal on the 920b, to match Amazon shift times and school hours, service from DC to McCowan Station will only really occur on weekday peaks, service on weekends will be provided by the 920c operating between Amazon and McCowan Stations 411 will operate on sundays after all, but only between the OC and Raleigh Garage
  11. Monday. According to DRT as of today
  12. It really depends on where you are Pickering and Ajax each get 1 ProMaster deployed to them, Bowmanville and Courtice each have one. they keep a 5th as a spare. the rest is all contracted
  13. refer to the above post, thats the entirety of what is currently known about whats returning
  14. September 7th, expect schedules by the end of next week
  15. 8466 is the only D40LF in service at Raleigh
  16. So, as per the documents that can be purchased on MERX, GO is looking to contract out operations of existing routes/corridors in these bundles for operators 1. 12 Niagara Falls 2. 15 McMaster 3. 37/38 Orangeville/Bolton 4. 70/81 Stouffville/PortPerry 5. 88 Peterborough 6. 20, 30/31 Milton, Kitchener 7. 61, 63,65,68 Richmond Hill, Barrie 8. 71 Stouffville They’re looking at 4 operation models 1. Gross profit, where all service would be fully GO branded 2. Net profit, where service could be either Fully GO Branded or Co-Branded with operator branding and GO branding 3. Commercial Partnership, where service could be either Fully GO Branded or Co-Branded with operator branding and GO branding 4. Independent operation, no GO branding There is an NDA on the MERX solicitation, therefore I will not dive deep into details, nor will I share any of the documents, they are available for purchase online for $40
  17. 7109, 7113 and 7114 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  18. 8554 has reentered service Post fire with a freshly replaced rear end. This means all novas that we’re taken out of service have now been reinstated
  19. I was thinking that they could be looking to contract out routes that Greyhound previously took care of, vastly expanding GO’s spread but not expanding their employment and maintenance requirements.
  20. Credit to the instagram poster,
  21. A car crashed into the platform entrance at Street level
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