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  1. Likely yard shuffle between Willowbrook and East
  2. Wow, I wonder what that means for DRT and TTC
  3. The Vaccine buses go all throughout the province, they’ve been to North Bay, Cornwall and Collingwood before.
  4. I actually meant to do this yesterday, I added 7118-7122 which are due for delivery in January, I couldn’t find a single mention of the purchase of these buses, much like 6117-6119 when they were delivered, however, DRT provided an updated roster that had these vehicles listed, and I confirmed that the 5 more PULSE 40’ Novas will be delivered then.
  5. Not with GO at least, perhaps they were sold, but GO definitely does not have them anymore
  6. 7111 has entered service on route 901 - PULSE Simcoe 7104 and 7105 should be next ready for service 9106 entered service yesterday on the 900 - PULSE Highway 2
  7. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/about-us/resources/The-Route-Ahead-ACCESSIBLE.pdf
  8. No reservations. It’s completely integrated into the regular transit network aside from the fares
  9. It was open to the general public as of last Tuesday. it then was not in service Wednesday-Friday. it ran on Saturday. and officially entered service today
  10. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/11/02/crews-install-last-piece-of-track-for-eglinton-crosstown-lrt/
  11. You’re not mistaken, November 1st is the date that all Metrolinx employees and any contractor providing service to the public must be fully vaccinated
  12. Some good news coming out of GO Today as Metrolinx is preparing to increase speeds on the Kitchener Line through Guelph. • Increase from 10 mph to 20 mph starting October 25 • Increase from 20 mph to 30 mph starting November 15 • Increase from 30 mph to 45 mph starting December 6 hopefully this should soon result in shorter travel times between Kitchener and Guelph, but also reduce overall travel time on the entire line from London to Toronto https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/10/13/moving-the-needle-on-kitchener-line-go-expansion-as-shorter-travel-times-start-to-become-reality/
  13. 6106 and 9107 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  14. To be fair, maybe the information you’ve heard may be implemented in part with the “Local Area Transit Plans” Section, where information currently is unavailable to the public (including myself)
  15. I don’t believe anything came of it, nor will it if the item is reported back. Zero Fare hasn’t really been something they considered, it was Initially discussed after a councillor asked if removing fares would be beneficial for DRT, post fare suspension in March to July of 2020. TEC heard the presentation, saw the costs and were presented with alternatives on how that kind of investment could be better used, money that to be fair… doesn’t even currently exist. I don’t think we will be seeing any fare cut anytime soon
  16. really hate to be “this guy” but I’d argue lots of this is highly inaccurate, but appreciate that you’re reporting the information you have on hand. I sit on the Durham Region Transit Advisory Committee, resulting from this I have the opportunity to speak with higher ups on a regular monthly basis, including - Bill Holmes (General Manager) - Christopher Norris (Deputy GM, Operations) and - Michael Binetti (Lead Service design and Scheduling) Everything related to DRT service, routes and whatnot, goes through at least one of these three gentlemen, and gets reported in Service Update overviews, and service plan approvals at the monthly Transit Executive Committee meetings. Pretty well none, of what was mentioned has ever had motion in the eyes of council. In fact, recently Durham Region Transit began implementation of “The Route Ahead 2022-2025 Service Plan” This report can be found in the September 2021 TEC Agenda at this link: https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-09-08-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/ac0d6753-2a4f-496d-b79d-ad9800964fffhttps://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-09-08-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/ac0d6753-2a4f-496d-b79d-ad9800964fff Information regarding “The Route Ahead” can be found on page 23. I’d like to also make note that these plans historically have proven to be accurate, these documents really do often come to fruition mostly in their entirety. The previous service plan had almost entirely became a reality. In this response, I also want to detail some of thee details of the 2022-2025 service plan. The 915 Taunton is proposed to be developed as a PULSE Route as I mentioned previously with the schedule of next year, the 916 will follow in 2023 and the 902A in 2025. While yes, a number of routes are planned come back in the coming months and years, currently none of what you have proposed is represented by Durham Region Transit in any of these service plan documents. A number of new routes are proposed, and can be seen on page 34, here’s a brief summary of what can be deciphered, note not all routes have route numbers, though some have been identified in past agendas and presentations. Route 103 and Route 110 modifications, allowing for an extension of route 103 to Altona Road and Pine Grove Avenue via Strouds Lane, rather than via Whites, and Kingston. Route 110 will now continue as it previously did when route 110B existed prior to covid, no longer serving Sunbird Trail. This route however will not serve Pine Grove and Valley Ridge directly, rather only on Altona Road. Route 211 - New route connecting Ajax and Pickering from Ajax GO Station to Pickering Parkway Terminal via Westney, Ravenscroft, Delaney, Church, Kingston, Notion and Pickering Parkway. This route is drawn in green, identifying a local route operating at least Monday-Saturday every 30 minutes or better A slew of new “GO Connect” routes will be introduced in Ajax, having similar service spans and frequencies to the recently introduced routes 103 and 112 A new route will service a large loop throughout Central Ajax, operating from Ajax GO, Travel via Westney, Bayly, Harwood, Taunton, Salem and Gillet and Wiliamson to Audrey, before turning back south via Audrey, Rossland, Salem, Bayly, and Westney back to the Ajax GO Station A second new route will be introduced from Ajax GO serving the Audrey South neighbourhood, travel via Westney, Bayly, Audley, Ashbury Shoal Point, Range Line and Pickering Beach before using Bayly and Westney to return to Ajax GO Station. Whitby will see similar treatment with two new GO Connect routes, sharing service hours and frequencies with the aforementioned. A new route from Whitby GO serving West Whitby will travel via Brock, Burns, Annes, Dundas, Des Newman, Rossland, Concession, Taunton, Country Lane, and Rossland before travelling back to Whitby GO. A second route will serve Garden and Central north Whitby, the route will travel via Brock, Consumers, Garden, Robert Atteresley, Brock, Taunton, Anderson, Dryden, then return south to Whitby Station via Garden. This new route will also mean spark a revision to route 392 to reduce duplication of service, this results in route 392 using Rossland, Anderson, Hopkins and Burns Street instead of Garden Street In Oshawa, only 1 more local route is planned serving east Oshawa. Travel from Oshawa Centre (Oshawa Central GO in the future) along Gibb, Olive, Townline, Adelaide, and Margate before returning to the OC in reverse. Local Area Transit Plans Of course, this isn’t all that is planned, these services don’t address new growth areas and some rural destinations, Specific transit plans will be developed and presented to stakeholders, and the Transit Executive Committee in February 2022. Plans will be developed for the following areas Bowmanville Newcastle Courtice Kerdon & Windfields Farm Brooklin Pickering, Port Perry and Uxbridge These plans may call for extensions of routes, new routes, or even the simplification in service to propel more people to OnDemand in low ridership areas. For example, Windfields Farm, and Seaton to expected to see enormous growth, these areas are likely to see the creation of new routes, likely serving new terminals or GO Transit Park and Rides along the 407 corridor. This is where in previous service plans a route has been called for service between Durham College and Brock Road/407 Park and ride via Highway 7/Winchester, with another service operating to Cornell, however, this reports defers this to 2022 when the LATP is revealed. In places like Bowmanville and Newcastle, service on route 902 is nearing ridership to support a weekday peak period extension to Newcastle with service operating every 90 minutes at other times. In 2022, peak period service is likely to begin. In Port Perry, speculation has it that route 905 will be adjusted to operate more directly throughout the town, this is to provide more consistent service, and reduce travel time on the 905. This is like the setup in Uxbridge. New OnDemand zones will. Be introduced where service is removed, and solutions that may be introduced in places like Port Perry include OnDemand community buses that service specific locations that riders can request to be shuttled around to. Much like the service model in York Region on Mobility On Request routes in Mount Albert and Holland Landing. Another report recently presented to TEC, the Demand Responsive Service Study, also calls for OnDemand and Specialized Services to merge, utilizing a single fleet, a single dispatch system, and a single set of operators. This will result in less reliance on the contractor, and open up use of larger cutaway vehicles on OnDemand services where they make more sense. This document also is where reference is made to the rebranding of DRT including, livery, uniforms, and external facing infrastructure such as bus stop signs. All beginning in Q10Q2 2022 and wrapping up in 2024. Lastly… No, there will not be 12 PULSE routes, not only do we not have the vehicles to do that, the region will not invest in transit priority throughout that large of an area, until 2025, the only routes to be PULSEified are the 900, 901, 902, 915 and 916.
  17. I have a few things to say about this as well, I’m currently writing my response
  18. According to deputy general manager of operations, the 915 will be confirmed as a PULSE route at the next major service change and once the new PULSE units are in service. assume either the December or January changes come into effect, likely January
  19. It absolutely is probable. It even mentions Uniforms. Even being on TAC, this is the first I’m hearing about this. I’ll let you guys know what comes of it if I learn more.
  20. Believe it or not, DRT claims that in Q1/Q2 2022 a new livery will make its way to buses. This lines up with the delivery timeline of the 11 Hybrid Novas we ordered this year. https://calendar.durham.ca/default/Detail/2021-10-06-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/f4835a38-6cf8-4a4c-89e7-adb400bf5cdf the information is found in the Demand Responsive service report
  21. 6117-6119 have been in service since June
  22. They’re are kept out all day often, again though, due to the large amount of PULSE units we have, it’s now being decided to add those to the 915 it seems, in addition to the night buses that carry over
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