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  1. 110B West Pickering

    Eglinton Crosstown line

    Interesting that they decided to use this setup at B end, meaning they will presumably always operate in at least two car consists while in service
  2. 110B West Pickering

    Eglinton Crosstown line

    A fully integrated asset under one gate line with TTC way-finding and operation would logically see a little bit more than one small logo. Metrolinx, while in practice is like TFL in London, they certainly do not have the public recognition like them.
  3. 110B West Pickering

    Eglinton Crosstown line

    Very little TTC Branding I’m not a van of, however am a little happy to see they kept in line with the numbering
  4. 5234/35 have cameras, no decals
  5. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    “May” is all I know On other news 2009- 8977 is now retired, first 30” to go 8975 and 8976 are still active
  6. 110B West Pickering

    GO Transit

    I hadn't realized until now that Bowmanville was put "Under Review" however I did like the fact that whilst the 2024 date has probably been pushed back at least, they will get their full day service. I wonder what the "Four Options" look like.
  7. 110B West Pickering

    GO Transit

    Ohhh hey I’m in this video
  8. 110B West Pickering

    TTC Electric Buses

    Ironic considering they were supposed to be first to deliver.
  9. 110B West Pickering

    TTC Electric Buses Orders and Deployments

    Im still not sure thats an excuse to turn a thread into your playground
  10. 110B West Pickering

    TTC Electric Buses Orders and Deployments

    Why is the world ON A TRANSIT FORUM are you (@Imgurdsdownvote4love and @Wayside Observer) taking about all this bullsh*t. Believe it or not, I came here looking for news about these buses, not to hear about what teenagers do in the bathrooms. Back to topic please. talk about the bathroom on your own time.
  11. 110B West Pickering

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    572 was used as a driver training bus by Lawrence East Yesterday afternoon
  12. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    DRT has actually begun the installation of on board security cameras on the rest of the fleet that didn’t have them. 8401, and 6111,6112 have them that I’ve seen so far. these new cameras are only placed in four spots throughout the bus rather than 9. front facing exterior rear facing exterior front to rear interior and rear to front interior.
  13. 110B West Pickering

    DRT Fleet Movements, Deliveries and Retirements

    D40LF's have officially begun retirement, 8423,8427, and 8428 are in the back of Westney division stripped.
  14. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Few updates here. 1. A congratulations to Richard Oldfield for becoming part of the Transit Advisory Committee which was recently assembled. 2. The 7100's are not in service 3. D40LF's have begun retirement, 8423, 8427, and 8428 as well as 8417 (obviously) are at the back of westney with no fare box, PRESTO, or bike rack. 4. Six new PULSE Buses this year, they will be the first articulated buses in the fleet. 5. Four PULSE XD40's will be converted to conventional service. in all the PULSE fleet with be 26+4+6-4 = 32 total vehicles. 6. 4 Growth conventional buses this year, no replacements. 7. Theres a bunch of service changes coming in the budget, its worth looking at (https://calendar.durham.ca/default/Detail/2019-03-06-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/198ea386-d9b3-4288-b75c-aa0300be86ae) 8. $50.5 Million for a new facility next year 9. $375,000 for "Destination sign upgrades" 10. $210,000 for terminal amenities 11. $96,000 for bus decal refresh (Yay!) 12. 333,000 for smart technology upgrades.
  15. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit