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  1. Have received conformation from DRT that the 13 2017 and the 11 2018 Novas will be delivered in December
  2. Disregard
  3. Was this the setup in both cars or just 3027?
  4. 408 Stevenson is Peak Service and because the 409 does a one way loop at Garrard/Taunton/Thornton/Dryden then only thing that would be interlining with is some route at the OC
  5. https://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2017/06/construction-begins-on-new-bus-terminal-at-union-station.html The new Union Station bus Terminal is in the works. Steven Del Duca also mentioned in his press conference that it would support Coach busses but also municipal transit in toronto
  6. Someone mentioned on facebook that 8660-8661 and 8663-8664 are at Eglinton
  7. Finally broken into the 82xx’s Is there a list of busses in the new livery i spotted 8178 yesterday and wasn’t sure if it was newly rebuilt
  8. Anyone here know why it is only (approximately) half of the CEM Cabs have outlets and the first half don’t. I see that the first half have the plastic plates covering where they would be.
  9. From sightings around here Jon it's been at Wentworth for quite some time now actually.
  10. Where did you hear this, any reports?
  11. 2 more for June, happy to say they are "on schedule"
  12. The current readers however, will activate the apple pay screen, they acutally will not be able to be used, that is until open payment is introduced. This requires the newer style reads that TTC has or that they use on the UPX. until these are implimented region wide across all agencies, open payment is not practical. Also, PRESTO will only give you a new free card within warranty if your card is defective not by physical damage. a benifit of open payment is that transaction history would be able to be updated imediatly, as well with add value from online.
  13. Durham still gives away cards free of charge at their Westney Division adjacent to Ajax GO, they do this year round and have since 2013
  14. Its kinda weird to say that bombardier is on time according to their latest delivery schedule
  15. Anyone's have any update on 4437's delivery or on 4435 and 4436's 600Km test. if they counted 4435 as a May car then 4437 will make the 3 car deadline for may. It's getting close to June and nothing has surfaced