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  1. I assume you mean YRT/Viva, I thought they were getting Flyer Artics for conventional and LFSA for VIVA
  2. Interesting to see that all the destination signs of the GO Buses I’ve seen today are still using the #santasotherride sign as opposed to the new #happytraveldays. Its not too significant but I am curious they’re going to be using both hashtags or if they just haven’t updated the destination signs yet.
  3. There’s a 79xx on Kingston Road West of Port Union/Sheppard and East of the 401 with its cones behind it. Didnt catch the full number, caught me off guard when my 92 passed by it
  4. It won’t enter regular service according to DRT until after its unwrapped In other news I attended my first ever Transit Advisory Committee after being appointed a position as a member at large. with the $237million coming soon that I mentioned a few weeks ago, the 2020-2023 plan now looks like this. (There will be more in terms of conventional over the next few years, will know more in the budget process) 11 2020 Conventional Replacement Hybrids 2 2021 PULSE Growth Articulated 8 2021 PULSE Growth 40 footers 13 2020-2022 PULSE Replacement 40’ 16 Promasters in a report from last week for the Committee of the Whole, Region of Durham anticipated to get 19.5 Million in gas tax funding for 2020, allocating 10.1 million to DRT. https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2019-11-13-0930-Committee-of-the-Whole-Meeting/5957024f-fdd4-4574-9ba9-aaff00989725 this money will be used to purchase 8 electric buses and four chargers at Raleigh garage, these will be procured in 2020, and enter service in 2021, replacing 8 conventional buses
  5. It’s still fabric but certainly different sorry if they’re sideways
  6. GO Holiday “Traveldays” bus is out on the road now
  7. For the first time that I’m aware of the 7100’s have been thrown in conventional service as extras, 7100 did a full paddle including 915, 224,216 and 225. 7103 I’m unsure of its full piece of work but was finished on the 910 at the college
  8. DRT is going to be changing all their readers to the next generation ones by September 2020, the first three will be installed in December.
  9. Some very interesting news from Durham this week. document 2019-DRT-20 talks about their submissions for $237Million in Federal, Provincial and Municipal funding under the investing in Canadian Infrastructure plan. There are some relatively large plans and a few that actually slipped under the radar a bit Signature Projects - 7.5Km Median Transit Lanes in Pickering from Altona Road to Notion (except the CN Bridge) -20 Median stations - 7.5Km of Bike Lanes - 15km Panning and construction in Oshawa, Whitby and Ajax - 3.3Km dedicated lanes construction - 9.4Kn shovel ready - 5.5Km Priority Measures in pinch points of Pickering Village, Downtown Whitby and Downtown Oshawa - 0.5Km on road buffered bike lanes - 2.8Km of off road bike paths - Simcoe Street Rapid Transit Corridor - 10Km Line added to the PULSE network - 8 new PULSE Buses (not sure if artics or not) - 80 new PULSE shelters - 10 upgrades to signalized intéresserions on Simcoe to improve reliability - An environmental assessment to add bus lanes to Simcoe street. Fleet Acquisition -13 Replacement 40” PULSE Buses over three years (2020-2022) -2 Growth 60” PULSE Buses in 2020 for Highway 2 -11 Conventional Replacements that will be Durham’s first Hybrid Electric buses -16 Replacement Promasters Infrastructure upgrades - Bus stop concrete pads and lighting in shelters - Fuel Management system -New Hoist for the artics -Driver Security doors - Renovations at Raleigh - replacement PRESTO Units - Replacement of all vehicles destination signs to the SMT Varient.
  10. 6114 has also been delivered today to Westney Division
  11. 6115 has been delivered to Westney Division.
  12. 6113 has been delivered to Westney division
  13. The 901 will actually mirror a rout closer to the old 401C
  14. They won’t be all retired by year end 2020, simply put, there’s no way it will happen. The 2006’s and maybe the 7 could be, however DRT has very modest plans for replacement buses that aren’t PULSE Buses next year. if I recall correctly DRT has plans to replace some conventional buses with PULSE Buses, this would be to cover the 901 PULSE Since which is planned to start operation next year. Also keeping in mind that they want to repurpose the 8600’s to conventional over the next few years. Overall, there’s no way they’re replacing 50+ buses
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