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  1. GO Transit

    On Friday 647 had been out on its own with a 10 pack. it was on the 8:13 leaving to Oshawa, really quiet and it gets up to speed quicker
  2. Durham Region Transit

    As it is the 900 can’t seem to stay on schedule anyways
  3. General Subway/RT Discussion

    There is a separate page for this exact topic
  4. DRT Fleet Movements, Deliveries and Retirements

    List is now fully up to date.
  5. MiWay

    1731 has had ads on it for just over a week This photo was taken last week monday
  6. Durham Region Transit

  7. Durham Region Transit

    DRT Has relaseased their 2017 servicing and financing plan. This year is kind of underwhelming however, things pick up in years to come (if all could just go to plan for once) heres the report: Key changes : 915 Extension to Harmony Terminal 7 days per week, weekday service will operate via UOIT/DC North Campus Terminal. 112 gets a slight restructuring off of William Jackson and onto Rex Heath Drive 120 is added to the High Fequency Network 225 Restructuong up at the north end 301 to operate 7 days per week 302 Restructuring in Brooklin to operate West on Carnwith to Ashburn, Ashburn to Vipond back to Baldwin SB 303 to operate 7 days per week 310 To operate 7 days per week 401 gets a one weekend schedule 417 to operate 7 days per week - replacing route 416 120,224,302,915,916 get early morning trips added on Saturday and Sunday growth vehicles this year 4 replacements : 16 PRESTO Fare increase to $3.15 and ticket price increase to $3.15/ticket sold in ten sheets
  8. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    i assume 4463 is also on its way
  9. Streetcar News

    Wasn’t it that the TTC has to come to a decision on who they award the 60 additional cars to?
  10. Durham Region Transit

    About 16 Of the novas have arrived
  11. Streetcar News

    Does this mean they have to now publish the procurement for the 60 cars?
  12. Durham Region Transit

    They explained this to me as similar to Brampton Gateway, a waiting room, customer service centre and washroom. Speculation that I have had confirmed by DRT and Jan has had confirmed from an internal source... Originally DRT was due for 13 2017 and 11 2018, then the 4 came in October bringing the total to 28 (8566-8593) there is an option for an additional 4 2018 units (8594-8597)
  13. GO Transit

    Anyone know what the 2017 total number of Enviro 500's came in?
  14. Coach Canada

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here have interior shots of 4973-4974 while they were at Durham Region Transit?
  15. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    when did 4458 arrive, I reported that it was on it was five days ago