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  1. The 21, 25 and 29 I believe are what routes I’ve heard could be extended. That was mentioned in the GO Transit thread a long while back. If this is indeed the case, then yeah, there would be GO Service all day to Kipling on the 21.
  2. They’re also on the SE corner of VP and Ellesmere
  3. It was on the last trip of the night, it came off the 603 (if I remember correctly) then went out of service after the 960
  4. Pro master 5100 is currently operating cover on the 960
  5. Signs have been plastered all over Ajax GO today saying not to cross the bus loop. They’ve also begun to roll out the new wayfinding signage there.
  6. Metrolinx has been approved to use and has selected the CP General Motors bridge for the Bowmanville extension. It has been unused since GM Closed up shop in Oshawa. this will significantly cut the project cost down as well as construction time... Metrolinx takes their sweet time building bridges. http://www.metrolinx.com/en/docs/pdf/board_agenda/20200220/20200220_BoardMtg_Bowmanville_Initial_Business_Case.pdf
  7. Turns out the second lease DRT has received is a 2nd Gen Nova. Funny thing is, as far as I know with my source being quite a good friend and fellow enthusiast. MBTC had purchased a few DRT 81xx’s. So for all we know ironically, we may be leasing an Ex-DRT Nova.
  8. Lots of vehicles have been moved to Whitby. The construction you refer to has been ongoing long before this issue, and is actually not sewer replacement alone, it’s also to widen Brock to four lanes. The cancelled trips are directly because of the fleet shortage.
  9. No more vehicles can be moved without leaving the other (arguably more important) divisions short on buses themselves.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation of the fleet number tomorrow at some point I’m going to try and get out to find the other units if they’re in service yet. I assume that my friend is the same one you’re referring to whom told me the same information. This major situation has been ongoing so se December 23rd Christmas week. Today there were three PULSE units on conventional routes, and 8553 was on the 900. Also, Raleigh has temporarily taken over full operation of weekday 910 trips, where typically they only supplement in peak periods when frequencies are every 15 minutes. Coach Canada was bad, but PWT has run the buses into the ground as they have no proper place to maintain the vehicles. Typically at Whitby GO, there’s 4 buses laying over in the loop as 2 spares and two on layover before next routes. Lately, none. They’re all needed to provide service at these unfortunate reduced levels. And there’s no conventional buses coming until at the earliest late this year, being the 11 conventional hybrids. theres also 9100-9105 and 9106-9107 coming in May and December 7104-7111 are coming late this year as well. But these are the 40’ and 60’ PULSE Buses.
  11. DRT is now leasing at least on Ex-Miway D40LF. DRT 1001 is operating in Whitby during their fleet shortage. The bus is on lease to Durham Region Transit not Pacific Western, but is still being stored at the Whitby facility. It does not have INIT or PRESTO
  12. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.... this is a waste of money. do you have a link to the rest of the budget.
  13. I’ve got two questions for you regarding these as I still as of yet have not been able to catch the new DRT Units in service. How do these new driver units work, and what are the new transfers like?
  14. This same project is ongoing at Ajax GO. I know in the case with the signs at Durham Transit platforms, DRT will provide GO their platform allocations and their GTFSRT feed so that GO can properly program the signs.
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