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  1. 7100-7103 are now in service they will be placed on route when they get put one, bearing in mind of 30 buses on 16 are required for Service
  2. I caught it on the 92 June 26th
  3. Breaking topics here a bit, but this has kinda been on my mind lately when the SRT was being designed, it was made for CLRV operation. Hence the initial side platforms and dual tracks at Kennedy as CLRV’s couldn’t operate reverse tripe without turning around. my question is then, what was the idea with McCowan, where would CLRVs turn around? Was McCowan designed after they had changed the vehicle type, or were there any actual modifications during construction to accommodate the Mark Is instead?
  4. My best guess (as this is a tier 4) he was trying to line it up with that piece of equipment for the locomotive that was installed there last month, best guess is that he hit the throttle a little much while trying to line it up. He was also operating with two locomotives, which don’t fit right at Oshawa, it requires Accessibility Coach open at the other end of the coach for example because it won’t fit otherwise. I can imagine it’s more difficult to line that up
  5. Pardon my ignorance, what model are these this time around?
  6. Early cab car conversions don’t have any washrooms I believe
  7. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/Modules/News/index.aspx?newsId=14632ce7-a448-49b1-a99c-206a36d7500d&feedId=fcda21e8-a0d7-4bbe-9955-c4e9163cc1fd Its official, Novas are ordered, I've seen a few people so far shocked by the 2021 date, considering the 7100 PULSE Novas still aren't in service after 7 months on property, im not too surprised. especially considering that these buses will require some modifications to bus stops and driver/maintenance training upon arrival.
  8. Thats their point, if I'm not mistaken, TTC wants full flexity service on the Humber - Neville Park branch by the June board period.
  9. 4004 broke down today at Long Branch and was pushed Service was short turned at Kipling
  10. Interesting that they decided to use this setup at B end, meaning they will presumably always operate in at least two car consists while in service
  11. A fully integrated asset under one gate line with TTC way-finding and operation would logically see a little bit more than one small logo. Metrolinx, while in practice is like TFL in London, they certainly do not have the public recognition like them.
  12. Very little TTC Branding I’m not a van of, however am a little happy to see they kept in line with the numbering
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