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  1. I think that Tom meant, available for Doors open, not the project itself.
  2. I don't know if there is however checking archives on the way back machine couldn't hurt idk what spesificly you'd search for
  3. Are you aware of how many DDS's will be coming this year?
  4. In this months CEO report it also mentions that 4433 had been shipped I believe, I didn't fact check so I could be wrong
  5. it was 8561 today.
  6. As for UOIT in 2018 you'd actually have the 901,910,950,417 and 310 on Weekends if you see the proposals, 950 this year gets Saturday service and the 417 is replacing the 416 next year. 310 looking at the maps looks to be a 7 day a week route come the brooklin restructuring next year.
  7. All the signs are in the works of being reprogrammed also utilize the two line format of sign. Ajax and a few oshawa routs are done and some regional ones
  8. It's kinda hidden but it is in the April 10th service changes https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/Maps/Documents/2017 April Service Changes/Route Maps/Route 223_Apr. 10 - web.pdf 3 trips in each direction am/pm peak directional
  9. DRT has published their display boards for the Public Information Centres that begin tomorrow at the Oshawa centre https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/RiderInfo/Documents/03.15.17 Reduced WEB FINAL PIC Display Boards.pdf How will you spend you 6 DRT dollars im for high frequency network (use 4) service realocation (save one) And improve connections (use 3) the high frequency network now includes route 901 PULSE Simcoe Street, this is the first valident move to expand PULSE into a BRT Network like Viva and Züm.
  10. All of your sighting have been noted for months now. Please check the list
  11. Or a vicinity as well, lastly a ADL Superlo
  12. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/Pages/Service-Changes.aspx
  13. Alright so the 2017 service changes, map and the Public information Centres info are all available online right now, everything seems pretty promising this year including some things that weren't listed in the Budget report including 30 minute service on the 302 on Sundays. 653 ORILLIA and 654 LINDSAY weren't mentioned yet either which is odd. They do appear on the map and we're discussed at the Feb 23 TEC Meeting.
  14. It's the second day of march, I highly doubt anything will be ready yet, there is only one coming this month
  15. So 8338 was at Hamilton GO Centre do we know how many for 2017 this being the first