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  1. Sorry I never provided my most recent update. Some services will be coming back! Im not sure what routes they are, where exactly they will go and when they will arrive. Stops with the “Future Transit Stop” signs will be stops on routes with returning service. Monday, January 4th is the expected date of service launch on a modified route 902B King, Operating EB to Courtice Road, When returning WB a the route will now service George Reynolds Drive to replace service previously provided on the 412. Stops on WB George Reynolds do indeed have the signs for future transit service. other areas where these signs have been seen, Bloor Street between Oshawa GO and Park Road, presumably for the 411, Adelaide and Fleetwood area for the new route 423 from the Phase C Ridership recovery map.
  2. Not presently, and when they did, there was not internal route number for it, 889 and 890 are operated at DRT’s expense, the Whitby shuttle isn’t financially covered by DRT, rather PWT
  3. Looks like it was just the grand opening for the newly renovated Cooksville GO
  4. Minister of Transportation, associate minister, Kaleed Rasheed (MPP Mississauga east Cooksville), Metrolonx and IO CEOs are meeting in half an hour (10:30 on November 10th) to talk about GO Improvements, anyone have any idea what it could be?
  5. iirc the design was able to fit the ones currently used by Megabus.
  6. Neither actually, 889 is Raleigh Driver Shuttle 890 is Westney Driver Shuttle
  7. I can confirm that there has NOT been an in service 902 with an LFSA on it, there has been three occurrences in which an LFSA has been training in Bowmanville, but never in service.
  8. An internal memo on October 7th went out to staff that Artics can be used on the 901 if extra capacity is required but will only be used on a run as directed basis using a spare board report operator from Raleigh Also, New PRESTO Device installs began at Raleigh last week and are already on most of the Novas. Installs begin at Westney on October 27th
  9. 9102 has entered service this morning on the 900
  10. Turns out it’s actually a ministry of transportation announcement at Raleigh division
  11. DRT appearently has an “exciting announcement” with the Region of Durham today at 9:30, I have absolutely no idea what it’s about
  12. Artics are able to be found in service anytime Monday-Saturday, they aren’t restricted. The 902 King was supposed to be introduced on August 24th along with the rest of the phase a changes, but it was delayed until September 8th, because this was after the start of the traditional board period, they kept the 402 around to maintain interlines with route 412 at Courtice Road. they staggered the departures of the 902 to be roughly 15 minutes after the 402 to provide headway of 15 minutes between the OC and Courtice Road. Come the September 28th Service changes being announced tomorrow, the 402 will be discontinued like planned for august 24th. Service will operate as follows on route 902, 902A will run every half an hour between Oshawa GO Station and King Street/Simpson Avenue in Bowmanville via the OC. 902B will run every half hour between the Oshawa Centre and Trulls Road. combined having a 15 minute frequency on the main stretch between the OC and Trulls. As for the 910, I think the portion of the route North of the OC is to be added to the 917 once ridership has returned enough to provide the service.
  13. Can confirm, the service change date is Monday, September 28th, 2020. The announcement regarding this change will be made on Monday. I am curious what exactly it will entail... Bill Holmes mentioned during the September 9th TEC meeting that it will be the Phase A service restructuring. Thats whatever, but Phase A was supposed to go into service (internally) on Monday, August 10th, then got pushed to Monday, August 24. Now, entering service on the 28th of September, surely ridership is higher than what it was in early August. Attached is the diagram that shows details of each stage again and what exactly triggers each stage. I think we should now at least be entering stage B, based on the ridership recovery I've notice in the past few weeks.
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