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  1. I will drop this here, I’m not an Oakville expert, but I did see this on bid&tenders, an RFI for 25’ and 30’ electrics for “specialize and Demand service” and the charging equipment. https://oakville.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/a03b2b65-4081-4ece-b37f-9109c6951508 Currently that is the only active tender out for an RFI for electrics
  2. I confirmed with DRT the current buses on order including these ones 6117-6119 are three growth buses sent to DRT and are fully funded by insurance claims due to the fires that had happened in 2019 and 2020, included is 8563 which is unknown it’s status, but is still on DRT property. The three new buses are headed to Westney 8 Growth 40’ PULSE buses are coming as part of the ICIP project for the Simcoe street rapid transit corridor 6 Replacement 40’ PULSE buses are part of 13 replacements over 3 years. These are meant to allow conversion of the 8600s to conventional service to a
  3. Interesting, I’ll have to look back at some reports to try and determine how many are coming, all I was aware that was on order as of July 2020 was 8 Growth PULSE 40’ 5 Replacement PULSE 40’ and 2 Growth PULSE 60’ maybe the 5 PULSE replacements got turned into 5 Conventional replacements
  4. Looks like DRT is looking for their long term service provider for the roughly 70% of OnDemand service that is contracted out. Currently three service providers operate in Durham Region aside from DRT themselves, - Durham Rapid Taxi (Rapid Taxi and Blueline) - Circle Taxi - Island Taxi (for north Durham) This looks to ideally change that, the current temporary contract is rather limiting on what control DRT has on the operators, the vehicles and how many are provided. With the new contract, DRT has control over some of these things, some items specifically menti
  5. Well considering 3100-3249 is only 150, let’s see what the next 100 are
  6. It appears some 2010 D60LFR buses have been converted to MiLocal service, an expensive repaint considering MiWay doesn’t seem to care where express and local buses end up
  7. It’s all available publicly on the Region of Durham’s website under the council and committee calendar, DRT even tweets out the link for the agenda on their Twitter, but it’s up on the regions website the Friday before each meeting here’s the link to the agenda and all the reports https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2021-02-03-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/cc63e3ef-c589-4c40-8427-acbf00f72032 Updated: sorry there’s the agenda you were directly referencing, the first one is from February, Here’s January TEC https://calendar.durham.ca/meetin
  8. Some 2007 New Flyer D40LF’s have begun retirement 8440 and 8444 are up on GovDeals
  9. I asked them this last year and they had told me that it was not part of their considerations as it would be impossible to implement the service going eastbound without first implementing traffic controls to allow passengers to cross the street.
  10. When it was announced in April last year it travelled from Ajax GO along Kingston to Sheppard, Meadowvale, Rouge Park Entrance and the Toronto Zoo Loop
  11. Hello, today the budget and business plans have been released and while I haven’t given it the most in-depth read over like I typically would have, I will, there are some things to note about this years budget. it’s open ended, it’s open enough that if ridership improves, they’ll be able to operate service, but if it doesn’t, funds that would’ve been used to operate a higher service network will instead be directed to capita projects. Typicaly year over year this report contains information about the upcoming years service changes, however given the current state of
  12. With Nova winning the TPI, DRT’s 11 2021 order of Hybrids will be Novas.
  13. Discussion regarding the Transit Procurement Initiative by Metrolinx. Hello all, I hadn’t seen a thread previously that directly discusses the TPI, I wanted to come on and share that Nova Bus has once again won the TPI again for their 40ft and 60ft, diesel, CNG and hybrid electrics. https://www.metrolinx.merx.com/public/solicitations/1540564553/abstract?origin=0
  14. More details regarding the situation with PRESTO and the uPass are available in the January 6th Transit Executive Committee Agenda, but essentially, in the past MX didn’t want to give DRT the cost sharing percentage that DRT wanted, then DRT said that they’ll outsource if they have to then MX came back to the bargaining table. that’s where we are now. UPass is the reason that DRT had the lowest PRESTO adoption among any of the supported agencies in 2019 at 37.5% (even worse than OC Transpo at 42%
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