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  1. What’s your source? The specifications I listed I’ve made mention that the specifications are presumed but not confirmed? Are you actually sure of that statement?
  2. Last I heard, DRT intends to implement the April 6th changes with the September 8th changes. 9100-9105 likely won’t enter service on time in September as there is currently no driver training on the artics. 9 operators at Raleigh Division and 6 operators at Westney division have been switched from full time to part time as for PRESTO, I know for sure there’s at least three vehicles in service at this time 8512, 8577 and 8981. by now 15 buses should have them installed. The instal order is Wentworth, Westney finishing with Raleigh 9100-9105 will enter service with them
  3. The 9 is given to regional routes... not just PULSE, the 901 is the weird one. But that’s because it’s pulse.
  4. Do the streetcars have the updated announcement like the buses or did they keep the ones in the “Heather TTS” voice?
  5. The vents are standard on Novas as of mid2019 as for conventional units it’s because currently with a reduced work for staff, they’re trying to give everyone as much work as possible, this may include having buses from other route interline with PULSE
  6. I've ridden London, Paris, Amsterdam, and a couple others in Europe. I'd specifically like to speak to TFL, mostly cause its the one I'm most familiar with. They have the advantage of having their "Downtown" in the centre of the city. That marks zone one. The other fare zones circle around the centre of the city from zone 1-9 on the tube map. Toronto obviously has the problem of having a giant lake directly south of the downtown, so obviously the lake wouldn't be a zone. However I still would suggest circulating zones around the downtown. Zone 1: Downtown Toronto, Broadview - Dufferin, Dupont to the lake Zone 2: The rest of Toronto Zone 3: 905 - Pickering south of Claremont and Ajax, York Region South of Major Mackenzie, Brampton, and Mississauga. Zone 4: Whitby and Oshawa, Pickering North of Claremont, York Region north of Major Mackenzie to Bloomington Road, Caledon, Georgetown, Acton. Milton, Oakville and Burlington. Zone 5: Clairington, Scugog, Uxbridge, York Region north of Bloomington to south of Green Lane, Orangeville, Rockwood, Guelph, and Hamilton Zone 6: Peterborough, Brock, East Gwillimbury and Georgina, Holland Landing and Bradford, Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge and Grimsby/St. Catherines. Zone 7: Barrie, Innisifl, Brantford and Niagara Falls. I may be missing some places, but thats what I'd recommend.
  7. I don’t see it anywhere on this thread, I know in Durham they caution taped off the entire front of the bus from the end of the priority seating area so wheelchairs could board that the front and everyone else in the back. I know TTC has a similar procedure, it with a big plastic wall, can it be opened for those who need it? Can you link to the thing I’m supposed to be reading.
  8. Yes, these photos are courtesy of Richard Oldfield
  9. 9101 - The first articulated DRT PULSE Nova LFSA was delivered two weeks ago. 9102 - was seen at the Nova factory. 9100,9103-9105 location unknown
  10. Durham Region Transit has been temporarily fare free because of this. There are quite a few agencies doing this
  11. They did technically lie saying every route will still have some level of service ONE route will not have continued service will all trips eliminated (It makes a lot of sense though) route 93 Durham College/OTU-Scarborough Centre Express
  12. 8201 has a side ad wrap on its front portion
  13. None, it frequently happens that after the bus leaves DC/OTU the destination sign switches to Not In Service.
  14. Prior to September 2019, the route officially used the 407/412/401. It made more sense. Post September 2019, I’ve only ever seen them use Thickson. Not sure why they chose a less efficient route.
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