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  1. 110B West Pickering

    GO Transit

    Double deckers have officially found their way on to the 92
  2. 110B West Pickering

    GO Transit

    Personally that’s one of the gaps I find most annoying being it’s my home line. lots of people are still getting off work at this time and DRT doesn’t even do their best to try to help these people out
  3. 110B West Pickering

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    100 down, 104 to go
  4. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Here is DRT’s information they provided to me on Twitter.
  5. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    DRT has Confirmed there is no longer going to be any service to UTSC Loop and they’re looking to put permanent stops on Ellesmere with a possible stop at Centennial Loop
  6. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Little thread bump here... Noticed today that the next phase of expansion at Raleigh is well underway with exterior funashing occurring on the old building now, the rear storage area will soon be recieving a canopy to protect the tops of vehicles. internal upgrades are also being done to the storage facility (old building) to bring it up to the New Maintnece Facility’s standards. in Deliveries news, 5 more novas will come this year (8590-8594) with 4 more technically considered 2018’s to be delivered in January (8595-8598). After that the 85xx is closed and a new number series will have to begin in 2019 with 11 replacements scheduled for that year.
  7. 110B West Pickering

    Streetcar News

    4479 on the 501L right now
  8. 110B West Pickering

    GO Transit

    Bus service changes are available now. https://www.gotransit.com/en/trip-planning/go-service-updates/bus-schedule-changes
  9. 110B West Pickering

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Not really a question, more so an observation. The Express network signs are already up at Pioneer Village. Albeit, TTC hasnt even officially announced their September 2nd Changes
  10. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Most do, but sometimes you release a driver at their location by parking your car at your end destination of your paddles, then drive a shuttle car to the bus you’re releaving
  11. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Cheaper than paying to build their own facility. (Putting it into perspective, Raleigh upgrades cost almost $30,000,000.) With the amount of money received from PTIF Phase 2, the three biggest things they want to do include a new Central Facility creating 182 new jobs, purchasing Articulated vehicles, and preparing for the Simcoe Street BRT. By the time the next 4 years are up, DRT may be able to take over operations of North and Whitby service as they will have that new facility with all of those new jobs.
  12. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    Good Luck and All the best. Hope to see you on the streets as I use DRT routes operated by PW in Whitby almost every day.
  13. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    The office on Forbes at Wentworth is indeed just their operations facility, they don't even fuel busses there, however, they do clean them there. Routes that are covered by Wentworth Division include, 301 West Lynde 302 Baldwin - Brock 303 Garden 304 Anderson 305 Thickson 308 Whitby Shores 310 Winchester 312 Central Whitby 385 Late Night Shuttle Whitby 601 Brock - Uxbridge 603 Pickering - Uxbridge (Split between Whitby and Ajax divisions) 910 Campus Connect (Split between Whitby and Oshawa divisions) 922 Bloor - Townline 950 Reach - Simcoe North 960 Newmarket - Uxbridge
  14. 110B West Pickering

    Durham Region Transit

    DRT owns and funds the entire system, PWT is only the operator for Whitby and North Services. They are responsible for drivers, storage of busses (owned by DRT) and doing basic maintenance such as refueling, cleaning of graffiti, and cleaning the vehicles. So when you see an PWT job posting, it is to become a DRT driver following DRT’s guidelines and training procedures, but rather than being paid by The Regional Municiaplity of Durham, your paid by PWTransit Canada Inc
  15. 110B West Pickering

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    There are LED’s under every station on the map, if a TR is on Line 2(which has happened as mentioned above) it needs to show the connection line stations at Kennedy for Line 3. someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there already LED’s for Eglinton once that line is in place?