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  1. If they’re going to order at least another 60 card, do they have any ideas where they would keep them? Or any potential sites for a new car house?
  2. Doesn’t Simcoe County now operate a Linx bus from Barrie to Collingwood?
  3. Im getting the same error
  4. Shortly following this it would have went out for service, it was on PULSE starting at approximately 1:50
  5. And they’re in service, after 10 1/2 months, DRT 7100-7103 are in service they have also now been outfitted with the white luminator destinations signs on the front, side and rear.
  6. https://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2019/09/ontario-introducing-free-wi-fi-on-go-transit-in-2020.html wifi appears to be making a return. on another not, heading out to Guelph and Kitchener today to see how the public is responding to the introduction of the midday and the late evening train. Ford and his government have done some pretty crappy things, but in terms of GO transit specifically (service not stations and other stuff) they’ve done pretty good. Mind you, I know most of everything has been planned for a while By our previous government
  7. Someone had chartered it for a wedding yesterday, it may have died there
  8. Just following up, here is a photo taken literally 10 minutes ago of 8977 in its current state at Westney division
  9. It would have to be, 8977 is still at Westney as of last wednesday
  10. UPDATE: 5 people injured but not critical. Bus was in service on route 922 The bus 8443 is going to be retired due to the extensive structural damage. this was towed back to Raleigh division.
  11. Got a bit lazy to proofread, you left the fleet numbers as 4400-4603
  12. You know, I completely forgot about the 501L, but yes, that would be a great use case. Didn’t Bombardier build the outlook using the base of the freedom directly to fit the needs of the TTC? Couldn’t they do that again to fit the TTC needs but with a smaller three module car?
  13. So I know that it won’t happen, but when the decision to finally order additional cars does come around, I’ve been thinking if it could be practical for TTC to possible order Flexity Outlooks configured with only three modules for lower demand routes (502/503 and maybe the 506 on weekends). I assume it would cost much less, but also would allow them to continue current service levels without running empty cars.
  14. 2237 is on the 71 in Stouffville right now
  15. 8616 is tracking properly again, and 8409 is confirmed retired.
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