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  1. Management has said in past TEC meetings that open payment should be live in June following the pilot that’s currently in place on the Union Pearson Express, I tried it out a few months back, works great!
  2. Have been since August or September. The big news is that effective this morning, Paper transfers are issued to cash and ticket paying customers
  3. The GO Train Prior to COVID ran year round on Weekends to Niagara and once daily in each direction on Weekdays
  4. If there weren’t, it probably wouldn’t still be on the map.
  5. Trent will be served on Thornton by route 412 And 312. North South service on Thornton will only be between Thornton Corners GO and Adelaide
  6. So... DRT has released information surrounding the service related Public Information Centres. The point is to guide the next 5 Year Service Strategy titled "The Route Ahead" The documents provided by DRT do not share many details about specifics, other than a map, some guiding principals and some service standards... but, that wont stop me from trying to interpret it here. It's worth noting, OnDemand isn't going anywhere... I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing depending on where it is or how it is used, but it is staying in areas that just simply can't financially supp
  7. I was pretty sure it was 6 total in Rush hour but I may be confusing the 3rd Whitby bus with the Whitby unit that’s a RAD in Peak at the OC
  8. In peak the 302 uses 5 buses The 905 uses 6 and the 917 uses 3 Whitby buses. They’ve still got plenty of vehicles laying around to meet demand and a healthy spare ratio
  9. Yes. It makes sense, they have the least fleet requirements, and lots of extra units laying around, hence the 89xx’s and 2008s retiring there. There are still a few active 2007 units and still plenty of 2008’s active
  10. I’ve noticed dwell times at stations seems to be a little bit longer with 6 and 8 car trains compared to 12s, I assume that’s due to the quicker acceleration of the smaller trains.
  11. All the time. Just like the novas
  12. so... yeah. 2008 D40LF buses are now retiring 8450,8457 and 8458 are all up for sale on GovDeals.
  13. Trent and Ontario Tech/DC do not pay a single penny towards DRT’s operations of any route serving the campus. A significant stream of revenue for DRT is the UPass agreement, but there’s no promise of any type of service from that agreement. If you re-read my post, it says that if they’re to bring back the 910 it would be through an extension of the the 917. However, at this time, there is no plan for any returned service along Thornton. There is also no plan for any extension of the 917. this is all based on DRT’s ridership recovery framework, and information from the TEC
  14. That doesn’t mean DRT is planning more routes, the 901 and 905 offer the connections from the OC, and Whitby GO, the 304 could return as per DRT’s plans, that’s still decent connectivity, if the 910 came back in its routing, it would be an extension of the 917.
  15. DRT as of right now has no plans to bring back the 910, it’s better served by the Simcoe Corridor anyway, the 910 used to run down Simcoe to Rossland previously and now with the B, in the future I’d like to see a new 417 service that would operate from the OC to Harmony Terminal DC using Thornton and Collins Road the 417 prepandemic was one of the highest ridership weekday routes
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