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  1. Should be by 2019 before weekday and Saturday service is enhanced to midnight on the 501/502 though in 2018 the 502 is getting two way service. everyhing is subject to change
  2. I'll see what I can figure out, but image 57-69 shows the service plan over the years ill see what happens and I'll add it up
  3. I think I made a mistake, 107 is actually scheduled for 2018. The point still stands however that RHG will need more space if it was full it has 60'-85 40'-38 40'-54 40'-103 and then the 107 on top of all that
  4. 2017 Budget and Proposed service strategy from 2017 to 2028is now available. https://zyimage.durham.ca/Exe/ZyNET.exe?ZyAction=ZyActionD&Client=RoD&Index=Regional Commissioners Reports 2016&Docs=&Query=2017-DRT-01&Time=&EndTime=&SearchMethod=1|&TocRestrict=n&Toc=&TocEntry=&QField=&QFieldYear=&QFieldMonth=&QFieldDay=&UseQField=&IntQFieldOp=1&ExtQFieldOp=1&Refine=&XmlQuery=&User=ANONYMOUS&Password=anonymous&SortMethod=n|-&ResultOffset=0&MaximumDocuments=15&FuzzyDegree=0&ImageQuality=r85g16%2Fr85g16%2Fx75y75g8%2Fi850&Display=degpwlrmcftP&DefSeekPage=f&Back=ZyActionS|7&BackDesc=Results page&MaximumPages=1&ZyEntry=1&SeekPage=f&Doc= key route changes this year. 401, no more 60-minute frequencies 900, weekday evening from 30 to 20 900, no more 60-minute frequencies 910, Route modification to eliminate confusing service around Thornton 915, 30 minute Saturday service until 19:00, Sunday to 19:00 916, 30-minute Saturday service until 22:00, Sunday to 19:00 916, Operate service via Brock Road 950, Introduction of Saturday Service 305, Two-way service on Thickson 107, extended to Rouge Hill 120, Half hour sunday service 199, replaced by route 603 408, Stevenson/Thronton will replace route 409 service, no service on Garrard north from Dundas to Taunton 409, maintains service on Garrard 420, New service on West Britannia 603, New route connecting Uxbridge to Brock Road/Highway 407 Park and Ride, Monday - Friday also providing weekday service to Claremont, 651, Dial-a-Ride in Uxbridge Township 652, Dial-a-Ride in Scugog Township 653, Dial-a-Ride Between Beaverton and Orillia 654, Dial-a-Ride Between Cannington and Kawartha Lakes. Additional Resource Reallocation. despite service cuts in Pickering as well as cuts to evening service in Ajax and Whitby, this year seems like DRT is doing a lot of the work need years back including cutting hourly service from most routes on the High-Frequency nNetwork.
  5. Does anyone have any pictures of the old Pickering gO Station, specifically the inside, but any photos would be awesome!, Thanks.
  6. Everything is updated including the delivery of the 2016 Novas 8560-8565
  7. Does anyone know the whereabouts of 4431? Over a week into the year with no information about any new streetcar deliveries
  8. Did anyone see the picture of 4404 on the 504 early morning on January 1st? was this just a coincidence?
  9. I could be incorrect but I don't recall the MCI's having washrooms, I thought that it was only some of the Prevos
  10. All Whitby buses have had the Trentway Wagar markings removed and a temporary PW Transit has been placed in the front window
  11. Found a lot of NIS busses going north on Thickson tonight ... might have something to do with it, sorry for the Photo Quality, was walking. Its 8536 heading north at Thickson and Dundas
  12. I've been on a 514 definetly running later that 10 PM that goes down to distillery, this was just back on October 21st
  13. Despite not having an officially TTC app, Transit App and TTC have a strong partnership with Transit's info even appearing on TTC's home page
  14. Any idea when 4431 will be here, they seem to really be speeding up the burn in period
  15. A lot of work needs to happen before I would begin to call PULSE a BRT, some stop chopping would help significantly, but more bus lanes or even the implementation of a rapid way (technically part of Metrolinx's DSBRT) would greatly improve service on Highway 2, Taunton and the RR22 corridors