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  1. 8466 is the only D40LF in service at Raleigh
  2. So, as per the documents that can be purchased on MERX, GO is looking to contract out operations of existing routes/corridors in these bundles for operators 1. 12 Niagara Falls 2. 15 McMaster 3. 37/38 Orangeville/Bolton 4. 70/81 Stouffville/PortPerry 5. 88 Peterborough 6. 20, 30/31 Milton, Kitchener 7. 61, 63,65,68 Richmond Hill, Barrie 8. 71 Stouffville They’re looking at 4 operation models 1. Gross profit, where all service would be fully GO branded 2. Net profit, where service could be either Fully GO Branded or Co-Branded with ope
  3. 7109, 7113 and 7114 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  4. 8554 has reentered service Post fire with a freshly replaced rear end. This means all novas that we’re taken out of service have now been reinstated
  5. I was thinking that they could be looking to contract out routes that Greyhound previously took care of, vastly expanding GO’s spread but not expanding their employment and maintenance requirements.
  6. Credit to the instagram poster,
  7. A car crashed into the platform entrance at Street level
  8. Consideing the Metrolinx Logo is on each of the station posts, and, it gets a bigger logo than the ttc does on the trains, I assume most people will eventually get it. the Goal is that the T logo will eventually be on every piece of Transit infrastructure in the GTHA. I like the former Chevrons of the pilot, the T is just meh, but I wouldn’t say they copied any one agency, there’s a number of agencies that use a T to symbolize Transit, MTBA and Vancouver at just two examples. It’s a T, it’s not like were putting up “metropolitan” signs outside our stations and Roundells on our buses.
  9. It’s metrolinx’ Universal symbol of Transit for any metrolinx built project going forward. it’s meant to be the roundle of the GTHA. Metrolinx is also working with municipal transit agencies to implement their wayfinding practices, pilots that incorporated local agencies include Finch GO terminal, Pickering Parkway Terminal, and Hamilton GO Centre
  10. 7107 and 7108 have been delivered to Raleigh Division
  11. No space, and uncertainty if they’d be able to continue to serve the GO terminal once the lease expires and TTC needs the extra space for the RT shuttle
  12. Details on the big service changes coming this September are here! They’re pretty significant. Ill speak to them in order of appearance in the TEC agenda presentation that is going to council on June 2nd Route 392 - Whitby This route looks to replace a number of routes in Whitby that stopped operating during the pandemic, such as the 301, 303, 308 and 312. The service will operate every 2 hours Monday to Friday only, with OnDemand still available in all other periods the routing will start at the Oshawa Centre following Gibb, Stevenson, King, Kendalwood, Nichol, G
  13. Effective September 7 Durham Region Transit will begin offering service to McCowan RT Station on street every 30 minutes on route 920, a new route connecting McCowan, Centennial College, Sheppard East, Pickering, Ajax, Ajax Amazon Facility, Whitby, Oshawa and Durham College North Campus
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