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  1. Its kinda weird to say that bombardier is on time according to their latest delivery schedule
  2. Anyone's have any update on 4437's delivery or on 4435 and 4436's 600Km test. if they counted 4435 as a May car then 4437 will make the 3 car deadline for may. It's getting close to June and nothing has surfaced
  3. @J. Bullock and I were back there we mustve seen it incorectly ill remove it from the list tonight when I get home, thanks for pointing it out
  4. Unfortuneatly it was spotted at the back of Raleigh division along with quite a few others
  5. All (8551-8565) are ZF Ecolife feel free to check out the DRT page on the CPTDB wiki
  6. I noticed 419 and it is on the list, I just forgot to report it. its also weird to think that if there are actually 24 replacements this year all of the 81's and 83's will retire and 3 of the early D40LF's which are only 11 years old and running beautifully
  7. I think more are being transferred to Oshawa as they are transfered out of other divisons with more and more superlo's coming in. however stopped by Oshawa Division today and just near the back fencing on Boundray, there were about 8 or 9 buses parked, 4 were 81xx's and 2 superlo's 8354 and 8339. There were also some MCI's
  8. Well, we are now over a year into this thread and have made significant progress in locating every DRT Bus. Significant changes to this thread have now occurred. I have updated the purpose of this thread to include retirements and delivery of new buses. DRT has begun retiring 2002 and 2004 Nova Bus LFS's. All 24 Gen 2 Novas will be replaced with 13 2017 Gen 4's and 11 2018 Gen 4's by the end of 2017. Thank you for your great work everybody, excited to see what happens to DRT in the next year. Especially with the much-anticipated arrival of route 901 PULSE Simcoe next year.
  9. Is the 80 been confirmed to be converted to streetcar?
  10. All attics are pulled from service Right now
  11. So... This happened! all TTC Novas from all divisions have been locked away until it is fixed. (if you look at time of posting only 9136 is out on the 41) all 40ft novas will be spread out tomorrow.
  12. Is this a cost saving measure or is this because ridership is suited just finely for a 30ft?
  13. DRT Has then still has then availible at random and available at the customer service centres and at GO Stations
  14. How many more cars are required for transition of the 514
  15. How easy would this be to renovate?