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  1. Anyone have any idea about the ST route 842? I saw a ST bus showing 842 in Downtown Seattle yesterday.
  2. I saw 7133 had similar display when it ran on 114 few days ago.
  3. I already read that before asking. I mean the exact time.
  4. Great pic! Do you have detail about its schedule?
  5. Yes, I saw it near Boeing Field in Seattle-Renton boundary, not the one in Everett. I believe that is a demo which is shown in this link: http://www.subchat.com/buschat/readflat.asp?Id=302899. Your guess may be right but I am not sure.
  6. When I was driving today, I saw a new generation of Enviro500 demo running on SB I-5 near Boeing in Seattle. Anyone have ideas about that?
  7. New XDE35s in Renton & Bellevue
  8. In fact, trolley buses are motorized due to maintenance during weekends: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/up/rr/m-trolley.html
  9. Oops, my mistake. Yes, it is on 246. I saw it on Main Street and 110th Ave at noon
  10. New members of King County Metro and Sound Transit: XDE35 & XDE60 https://www.flickr.com/photos/47139810@N08/15008770434/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/47139810@N08/15629540575/
  11. I believe they belong to the second bunch which was purchased with the 2011 grant from the state. There are 7 new buses in this bunch, according to here> http://www.businessexaminer.com/blog/July-2012/More-hybrid-buses-coming-to-Thurston-County/ Also, with my understanding, based on this article (http://www.thurstontalk.com/2013/12/13/new-intercity-transit-route-options-puget-sound-commuters/), there MAY be 3 more new hybrid buses coming soon.
  12. haven't taken pictures of new buses for a long time a week ago, I stopped by Lynnwood and took a look at CT's new Gillig BRT30s.
  13. Hello, How many of them have hit the road? Where are they often seen? Thanks
  14. Yes, they will be delivered in 2015 http://www.commtrans.org/newsrelease/1534
  15. Probably the ex ST Gilligs with ST colors ran on ST routes on behalf of PT, just like Community Transit buses run on ST routes
  16. Could you please tell me which is the bus group page? Thanks
  17. Erubisu

    Pierce Transit

    How many buses are in this order?
  18. Erubisu

    Pierce Transit

    How's the trolley bus look like?
  19. does it mean there is a possibility of a double decker bus trial in Kitsap Transit?
  20. I heard from my friend saying he saw a new Enviro50D heading to the South near Seatac today. Anybody have any ideas about this?
  21. What happened to the two 2005 Optimas?
  22. I believe that may be my fault since I was driving on the opposite direction. Don't be surprise. haha
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