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  1. Indeed hybrids are missing service every single day for 12 years being towed back to the garage gazillion times being abandon on the roads for 2 to 3 days in big snow ❄, leaks coming from batteries dripping outside the bus stop showing the color green or yellow. Back in 08 I saw a hybrid bus broken down on highway 427 laying under the tunnel extremely humiliating.
  2. Being called irrelevant sounds rude and offensive

  3. Wow im suprised 7862 broke down at Kennedy Stn blocking 20,113 route bays humiliating just like Victoria Park and York Mills one broke down in the left lane.
  4. 9012 mentioned to be at Hillcrest since September but hopefully It will return
  5. Bobby for the love of God get out of the house...
  6. I haven't ridden hybrids buses for 9 whole months since January..
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