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  1. Regrets in transit fanning

    I regret not going to the 9413 charter due to college assignments of 6 courses are conflicting
  2. Being called irrelevant sounds rude and offensive

  3. Transit Related Dreams

    I dream that 9400 series being restored
  4. Regrets in transit fanning

    I regret not riding #9411 during their last appearance on Friday December 4, 2015
  5. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Artic on Viva Orange very rare
  6. Today's Special Sightings

    yup with alot of humiliation on the roads missing service
  7. Today's Sightings

    Wow im suprised 7862 broke down at Kennedy Stn blocking 20,113 route bays humiliating just like Victoria Park and York Mills one broke down in the left lane.
  8. Today's Special Sightings

    Oh my (Crescent's reaction) ??
  9. Missing in Action buses

    9012 mentioned to be at Hillcrest since September but hopefully It will return
  10. Favourite Photo.

  11. Photos of buses making turns

  12. Finish the Sentence

    Bobby for the love of God get out of the house...
  13. Finish the Sentence

    I haven't ridden hybrids buses for 9 whole months since January..