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  1. Few disliked LFS despite the mirrors being small.
  2. Crescent Transit 54

    Regrets in transit fanning

    I regret not riding the D40-90 back in 2004 while back in private school too much stupid homework of trying too finish the year wasn't working out all in the end of the school year, and did not ride 96 Orion V Lift on Eglinton Division routes same with not riding and photo 91-92 Orion V 66xx,67xx on Mount Dennis routes would bought a camera longtime ago.
  3. Indeed hybrids are missing service every single day for 12 years being towed back to the garage gazillion times being abandon on the roads for 2 to 3 days in big snow ❄, leaks coming from batteries dripping outside the bus stop showing the color green or yellow. Back in 08 I saw a hybrid bus broken down on highway 427 laying under the tunnel extremely humiliating.