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  1. The last two were in sequential order, but that started not to work well when the decade rolled over.
  2. Thunder Bay is planning to restructure and simplify the bus network: https://www.thunderbay.ca/en/city-services/route-optimization-project.aspx
  3. Tcmetro

    Metro Transit

    There used to be mixed Metro Transit/contractor routes, but that doesn't occur anymore. Some previous examples: Rt. 25 Saturday service was operated by a contractor, while the weekday service was directly operated. Rt. 62 C branch was contractor operated, while the other branches were direct operations. Rt. 32 used to be a contract service, with the Edison HS extras directly operated. -- I take it all Phantoms and 3100 D60s are retired now?
  4. How realistic is it that the LA County bus agencies can have seamless fares (i.e. that a Culver City bus or a Santa Monica bus would have the same fares and fare rules as Metro)? It would be really nice if the schedules and routes could be better coordinated between agencies, but that seems to be a long shot as there are something like 30 different operators in the county. Something I found strange is how LA County funds shuttle routes in unincorporated areas, but these are completely separate from LACMTA. Isn't this a case of the county having two redundant departments?
  5. Tcmetro

    Metro Transit

    I believe part of the reason of purchasing the buses with the old style fronts is to differentiate the regular fleet from the BRT fleet. Metro Transit will launch their first BRT line (the A Line, along Snelling Ave) next fall.
  6. I saw a New Flyer Xcelsior in LA colors on the freeway up here in Minnesota. Something like #5627.
  7. 25 BYD buses coming to LACMTA?!?!? As in the Chinese carmaker? Also, looks like 6 gasoline-electric buses will be converted to "Zero Emissions Buses" http://media.metro.n...eratvcitem3.pdf Probably this model here http://www.byd.com/na/auto/ElectricBus.html
  8. I wonder when those LFX will arrive... It will be nice to see something new in the Twin Cities!
  9. Tcmetro

    Metro Transit

    I was on the 80 the other day, and I believe that it was 6010 that was repainted. It had "metrotransit.org" light blue letters, though, so it wasn't very visible. Noticed that the 721 had a D40LF on it the other day. I would imagine that ridership is up in the Brooklyn Park area because of the service improvements on the 723 and 724, as well as the addition of artics onto the 724 line.
  10. Is it still likely for the BRT project to be finished this year?
  11. I remember going down there back in 2006 and all I saw were some cutaways. They had pics of the Flxible Metro's in the bus schedules, but I didn't see those. Good to hear that they got Gillig BRT's, when I was down there someone told me that they were going to the more cutaway side of things.
  12. Tcmetro

    Metro Transit

    Sorry for the late reply.... The best place for photos are probably Downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. All the bus routes on Nicollet Mall use the Gillig Hybrids. The south end and north end of Nicollet Mall are not very busy, so it is probably easy to get photos there. The areas between 5th Street and 10th Street are busier, especially during peak hours. For the Suburban Transit Agencies, all of their buses use the Marquette and 2nd Ave transit lanes. MVTA, SW Transit, Plymouth Metrolink, and BlueXpress go inbound on 2nd Av in the AM peak, and outbound on Marquette Av in the PM peak. Maple Grove Transit is the opposite (inbound on Marquette in the AM, outbound on 2nd in the PM). The Metro Transit lines on Marquette and 2nd use a variety of equipment, typically D60's, D60LFR's, Phantoms, and some Gillig BRT's. Metro Transit's D4500CT's can be found on the 467 line. The contracted D4500CT's are on the 288 line. You might also see the contracted lines' D40LF's on the 664 and 670 lines. Few buses use Marquette and 2nd during non-peak hours, so the best time to go is the peaks. Most of the buses that run along Marquette and 2nd are one-way commuter routes, so if you want to take any rides make sure to check the schedules. The Transit Store is located on Marquette Ave between 7th and 8th streets, and all schedules and maps are available there. On 4th Street the busy 3, 16, and 50 lines can be found, where many D60LFR's and some D60's are used. These lines connect Downtown Minneapolis to the University of Minnesota, the Capitol, and Downtown St. Paul. If you are traveling between Downtown Minneapolis and Downtown St. Paul you can take the 94 express from 6th Street in Minneapolis or Minnesota St. in St. Paul. 6th Street in Minneapolis has mainly peak-only routes which tend to use the D60LFR's, D60's, and MCI D4500CT's. The rest of the streets in Minneapolis (Hennepin Ave, 7th St, 8th St, 9th St) tend to use the Phantoms and the Gillig BRT's. At the University there is the University shuttles, which are open to the public and are free. They use Van Hool 40' and 60' buses, as well as 2 Gillig BRT Hybrids. St. Paul has mainly Phantoms and Gillig BRT's running, however there are some contracted routes that use some older MCI's and D40LF's, as well as cutaways on the 364 and 417 lines. If you want to take any bus rides, it is probably better to stick to the routes under 100, because most of them run all day. As for the suburban terminals, Mall of America has a good variety of buses, however it is under a parking ramp, which can make photos not come out right. There is a security booth at the bus enterence, who may or may not cause problems. I would suggest going to the Rosedale Transit Center, which is easily accessed from Minneapolis on the 260/264 lines. Rosedale has some cutaways on the 223, 225, and 227 lines and 30' Gillig LF's on the 32, 87, and 801 lines. I would suggest avoiding the Brooklyn Center Transit Center (doesn't seem like the safest place for photos), and Columbia Heights Transit Center (not much going on, mainly Gillig Hybrids). Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  13. How have the new schedules impacted riders? It would be interesting to see some observations if possible! Also, I saw that the service councils started discussing December changes at the June meetings. I wonder if there will be more cuts...
  14. There's several reasons why I think a Rutherford Rd/16th BRT (and basically any low-cost improvements throughout the GTA) would be possible: 1. Network effect. The extensions of the subways into York Region and all day GO Train service, as well as the VIVA rapidways, will add new demand for transit. York Region is even looking at the possibility of extending the Jane and Don Mills LRT lines (if they ever happen) up to Major Mac. 2. YRT will have a lot of freed up service hours once the subways are extended into York. YRT could add a lot of new service and maybe TTC-level frequencies would be a possibility.
  15. I was looking at Brampton Transit's website and noticed that they are planning to place a Zum line on Boviard Dr. Would it be a good idea to extend this line along Rutherford Rd to the future RHC Subway station? Perhaps even to Cornell Terminal. It looks like the 85 bus is one of the most frequent YRT routes, and likely has good ridership. The connection between Brampton and York Region would also increase ridership to newly developed areas as well as serving the Vaughan Mills mall. Is Rutherford a good corridor to expand BRT to, or are Major Mac or Elgin Mills better?
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