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  1. HEY ALL: 

    I now have my Transit Fan Facebook Page up and running again. (I lost access to the one I used to post on, when I deactivated my old account and made a new one!) BUT... I AM BACK! 


    Feel free to like, follow and share.

    I plan to be posting fun stories about my daily journey using public transit and also post photos I take. 

    You can find this page by searching for "TranspoTicket" on Facebook 

    OR you can get the link HERE: http://facebook.com/transpoticket


    Thank you and happy Transitfanning! 



  2. The 150 though.... Now the 50.

  3. talking to other transit fans in the CPTDB chat :)))))

  4. Ok. Thanks for the clarification! The reason I ask is that had joined the Yahoo group but I didn't seem to see anything being posted. I
  5. Double Decker 101's are great! HAHA Dev Is this OC Yahoo group still active? https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/octransposbusfanclub/info?showJoinPopup=true
  6. Haven't been on here in so long. What's up transit fans?!

  7. Anyone transit fans from Ottawa, feel free to join the OC Transpo fan group! http://facebook.com/groups/octranspotransitfans
  8. I should come on here more often... There are so many transit fans in this world!

  9. Thinking about buses... Because I don't know what else to think about

  10. You know you're a transit fan when someone asks you what bus that is over there (and they mean bus route) but you automatically give them the model name. Then they're like huh? I don't understand.. and you realize that they meant the bus route not the bus itself.
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