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  1. thanks ! I started the thread so hopefully it catches their attention. I don't know what else I can do to get the attention of their HR department. I even put on my application that I was told about the position by an employee. I had no clue they were bombardier employees and I only talked to this person once. It would just be cool to talk to someone now and see what I can do to increase my chances.
  2. Hello, I am trying to get into this position and want to work on the trains. Anyone on this site work as a CSA? Jacob
  3. greetings! I am new to this board but I am interested in transit. I applied for the Customer Service Ambassador position on the Go Train. Does anybody here work that position? I want to get into this position . I am currently working in Customer Service at a bank and feel this would go hand in hand with experience and my interest in transit.
  4. I was talking to a street car driver at my work. She gave me some good information but she was saying the process is just a bit too much. I have yet to tell her about my information session since I have not seen her lately. There were some people questioning their high school credentials and driver abstract at the session. It didn't look good for them because the HR people were like you know you check Yes or No on the application so you either have it or no. Made them look bad for sure. They also asked why they make you ride the blue night bus. One guy said so you can experience the vomit r
  5. hey guys, I had my information session today. It was informative as an information session should be lol. They had an Operator tell us that when you start you work the night shift with no breaks. Is this true? I mean a mans gotta eat and go to the washroom. I thought employees are at least entitled to a 30 min break. The assessment I found difficult. Those questions like Rover is a dog, all dogs are viscous, rover is viscous really got me. They said we should hear back by April 30th if we have an interview. I'm not worried I can always try again even if I don't want it this time around. J
  6. I have glasses but I according to the MTO standards my eye site falls out of the standard. I'll ask tomorrow at the MTO what they say. I am probably too worried but I got the decency to ask because I know there are others who may be more qualified or deserving.
  7. Hello, I applied to the TTC in July 2013. I am finally selected for an information session. I am young guy but I got good customer service experience. The only thing I am worried about right now is my vision. I do need glasses to drive. My vision is worse than what the requirement is for the bus license as the MTO states. I don't want to waste anyones time or money (TTC or mine) if I can't make it through the vision test. Can anyone tell me if this is an issue? Jacob
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