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  1. This bus is one of my favorites, I took this photo with my LG K20 Plus cell phone. Spokane Transit Authority 2006 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor fleet #2601 in a special scheme, the ONLY Spokane Transit Authority bus in this specific scheme. #2601 parked in front of the bank of america building, sitting for layover before going to the plaza #2601 sitting at plaza Zone 8 for people to board it before starting its route, (20 SFCC to Spokane Falls Community College) I have two pics of the same bus, either/or can be picked. Notes: This bus is known as the "Stars and Stripes Bus." , This bus is also used in the spokane Lilac Festival parade sometimes
  2.  Aren’t you doing c-Tran buses?

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    2. Trimet101


      Tri to do it? But what type are you going to do

    3. atsf transit

      atsf transit

      one of these guys...



      or one of the older MAX trains...

    4. Trimet101


      Type 4 those are cool

  3. Hey im really thankfull for your train you did for me, it was excellent, i made several sets lol, but i was wondering if you could make the umbrella corporations ALEXI 5000? From resident evil 1? The first movie? Got a few photos from google you can use for reference.


  4. hello piefke53 its an honor to meet a bus driver.

    1. piefke53


      It's a job like many others. The main difference between my "load" and a truckers load is: They can complain at my company if I make mistakes. ;)

  5. hey Mr. BNSFfan67. i made a little somethin for ya.

  6. i justb want to get a hold of a amtrak ttrains set

  7. happy birthday mr. minecraft_ahmet

  8. here is a pic of me and my MTA bus...
  9. hey cedric.... can you make me a GTA bus... (greensboro transportation authority) orion V or gillig BRT low-floor.

    1. HoustonMETROFan


      Nope. Need pics. If this transit agency doesn't even have them in the active fleet, request denied.

    2. atsf transit

      atsf transit

      ok ill send ya the pics.

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