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  1. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    My most recent finished projects.. 2006 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor #2601 "Stars and Stripes bus" 20 SFCC to Spokane Falls Community College New Flyer D60LF two versions, 29xx and 26xx 25 Division to Downtown 25 Division to Hastings Park and Ride
  2. atsf transit

    Feature Photo Submissions

    This bus is one of my favorites, I took this photo with my LG K20 Plus cell phone. Spokane Transit Authority 2006 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor fleet #2601 in a special scheme, the ONLY Spokane Transit Authority bus in this specific scheme. #2601 parked in front of the bank of america building, sitting for layover before going to the plaza #2601 sitting at plaza Zone 8 for people to board it before starting its route, (20 SFCC to Spokane Falls Community College) I have two pics of the same bus, either/or can be picked. Notes: This bus is known as the "Stars and Stripes Bus." , This bus is also used in the spokane Lilac Festival parade sometimes
  3. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    another C-Tran bus, a Gillig BRT Low-Floor HEV bus 4014 with 72 Orchards route 4014 Master copy HEV battery pack for both buses, was tricky work, i will fix it properly later.
  4. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    thank you, now it looks more like the actual RTS Spokane Transit had. I did some slight alterations/fixings to the 2018 STA New Flyer XD60 and the 2017 New Flyer XD60, I added the 3 bike rack on the 2018 ones, and the regular 2 bike rack for the 2017 models and the yellow triangle on the rear, and the yellow triangle on the rear of the bus i took off of one of my pictures i took of the STA New Flyer XD60. 1861-1867 Master Copy 1862 1762 1761-1763 Master Copy i only added the first page because the other pages didnt need to be fixed. And the fixed proper windows for my 1994 STA TMC RTS (Fleet Number: 9401-9410) windows are courtesy of MCTAbus , he sent me the proper window kit which i applied to the two TMC RTS buses I did.. so i addded credits for him onto the bus. 9401 9401-9410 Master
  5. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    Yes please, the windows don't exactly match as the actual TMC RTS buses they had, I had to make do with what I had, I would greatly appreciate it tho please, thanks
  6. atsf transit

    transit authorities with paper buses

    So how do I get those transit agencies to mail me some paper buses? Do I call or send an email?
  7. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    one of my latest STA paint scheme onto a blank bus, Spokane Transit Authority 1994 TMC RTS-08 (T80-208) in new paint scheme, from 1994 to 2012 when they was retired... NOTE: i couldn't find an exact 1994 TMC RTS-08 so i improvised and used a NovaBus RTS which is a very similar model, just the windows are... different.
  8. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    Thanks, the library only has a black and white printer, so thats why they in grayscale color, i dont mind it tho...
  9. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    3 of my completed models (Listed from top to bottom) 1997 New Flyer D40LF #9710 (of Fleet 9701-9725) 2010 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor #10705 (of Fleet 10701-10710) 2017/2018 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor #1800 (of Fleet 1800-1806)
  10. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    Just finished today, 2007 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor # 2704-2717 (only had one done because had to go home) 2014 Gillig Advantage Low-Floor #1401-1408 (only did 1401-1403 for now) 2007 Gillig Low-Floor master copy (2704-2717): 2014 Gillig Low-Floor master copy (1401-1408): 2007 STA Gillig Advantage Low-Floor 2704: 2014 STA Gillig Advantage Low-Floor; 1401: 1402: 1403: Hope yall enjoy, the unfinished fleet numbered buses will be finished next few days.
  11. atsf transit

    Papertrain Thread

    No worries, my time been focusing on doing STA paperbuses and building them.. As u seen on the paperbus thread, had to use lavonteperz templates because they was the only ones i could find, and wasnt in jpeg format, i recently did a few of thier retired 1997 New Flyer D40LF buses.
  12. atsf transit

    Papertrain Thread

    on yours, i glued the coupler areas to each car to make the trains, but... un able to do a coupler movement, just stays straight, but was good for a window sill decoration heh.
  13. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    Just finished these STA 1997 New Flyer D40LF 9701-27 Hillyard 9710-25 Division 9725-22 NW Blvd
  14. atsf transit

    Papertrain Thread

    how do i attach the cars? theres no couplers?
  15. atsf transit

    Paperbus Thread

    My representation of the STA Center City Line bus... I know for a fact it will be a 5 door bus, from when i heard a few drivers talking about it. I did these from a blank i got from this thread a while back, as i always do.