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  1. Singapore Airlines made its inaugural flight to YVR today!
  2. Blame BlogTO for reporting it late then, shouldn't have relied on it in the first place
  3. 3728 detached from tow truck today, hitting a fence https://www.blogto.com/city/2021/11/ttc-bus-careens-fence-breaking-free-tow-truck/
  4. I'm glad about this court decision. Transit is one of the highest risk environments for covid to spread and seeing a union oppose vaccine mandates really tells us a sign that this union does not care about its workers, allowing them to be put in harm's way, and casting a negative light on the image of unions to the general public. Remember: this is the same union that opposed driverless operation on the Scarborough RT. While unions in general are useful to improving the working conditions for employees, this is not one of them. Also, regarding service cuts relating to unvaccinated employees, how much of an extent is this affecting other transit authorities across the country? Why is the media so fixated on the situation in Toronto but not elsewhere?
  5. This is old news, the LFSe+ was released last year, it's just that this site reposted it that late. TransLink CMBC ordered 15 of these late last year for delivery next year.
  6. 7419 to VTC reentered service again on the 9 today. Was a training unit. Photo from Transit Vancouver discord by user dest007#3946:
  7. Seeing one more D40LF go back into service is definitely a great thing to see.
  8. Oh yeah, I can see the plug doors here, never knew that was an option on the LFS:
  9. Bernard Haitink, Dutch conductor and music director, has died.
  10. I believe all-electric bus purchases begin in 2025. That said, NFI is still in the process of making the XE60 more mature for better range and battery life (which hopefully by then, NFI would also offer to replace the current trolleys with Xcelsior trolleys with A/C).
  11. Really? I've seen some opening day photos and don't recall seeing any of these gates on the platforms.
  12. GO Transit completely lacks monthly passes on its whole network and that's why it's so expensive to commute on it.
  13. While the Kelana Jaya Line in Kuala Lumpur does have four-car Mark II sets (as I saw when I went there), they also had a pilot project to refurbish two-car sets into four cars by removing the cab and installing the corridor connection. I believe that was abandoned on the grounds of cost and difficulty, and those started to be retired in favour of more Mark III's. Coupling the two-car sets together wasn't possible because of the use of platform edge doors in the underground stations. This is how a four-car Mark II set looks like in Kuala Lumpur:
  14. Second MiWay bus fire in the same week! Crazy.
  15. Same experience I had on the R4 RapidBus in Vancouver. Was on the middle seat in the very back and during heavy braking I also did not move much. It's weird how MiWay appears to be the only operator that blocks that middle seat on the New Flyers and Novas, something that virtually no other operator does.
  16. Mind sharing the link or screenshots to the photos? Curious at how the interior is different. Given it's an XDE60 with the BAE HDS300, I expect it to be highly similar to Vancouver's RapidBuses.
  17. How would this work? Would Millennium line trains retake the Columbia to Lougheed section, terminating at new platforms at Columbia? If that becomes reality, then that actually makes some sense. Lougheed to Arbutus would be able to run at combined Expo Line frequencies (instead of being limited due to terminating Expo Line trains at Production Way), while Surrey gets much needed improved service.
  18. Some footage I got from the South Terminal last month
  19. It worked again shortly after I made that post, so that's why you didn't see any problems. Maybe it was on my end, but other websites loaded correctly when that problem occurred.
  20. Adding Pacific Coastal's Beechcraft 1900D
  21. I posted about this on the transit Vancouver discord but was never able to get a conclusive answer. I'd guess only time would tell, and see if they're installed once they're delivered. Hard to imagine how seatbelts could be installed on the current double decker seats. This regulation might affect Victoria although theirs run on city streets more often.
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