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  1. This applies for pretty much the rest of the country too. Canada is one of the few industrialized countries not to have paid sick leave, like the US. It is morally corrupt to not pay workers who are on sick leave, instead having them come to work while infected. Close indoor quarters is one of the most dangerous ways for viruses to spread.
  2. Thank you. Scientific research on viruses has consistently proven that viruses do not have timekeeping mechanisms that make them significantly more transmissible during a certain period of time. Viruses are essentially dead until they enter a host organism. Governments need to stop looking towards pseudoscientific methods of controlling the virus for political gain. Also, Ford would be someone who would fail a grade 3 science class, let alone a grade 12 biology class.
  3. I think admins/mods should pin a message on this thread directing people to reach out to mental health resources and suicide prevention phone lines. With the terrible covid response, combined with joblessness, I have had very strong thoughts of suicidal ideation, and I'm very sure I'm far from being alone in this. Yes, we've got a terrible pandemic, but poor response and restrictions is causing a mental health and suicide pandemic. Also, down with any curfews. Science proves it does not work in addition to being a massive violation of human rights.
  4. Air Canada's new Trans-Canada livery got delivered today. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNNjWsehjx4/
  5. Not necessarily a news article but a very good behind the scenes look at an airBaltic A220, showing the air filters and very good explanations at airflow inside the cabin.
  6. 10 this year to directly replace the Tridents. There may be more in the coming years though.
  7. I believe 9532 is still the only one of this series to have been delivered, so the one you've mentioned that has been there for a few weeks would be the same one. I did not see other buses newer than 9532 there. The build dates of this series ranges from late 2020 to 1Q 2021.
  8. I just saw 9532. Shame that the fence was on the bottom of a 50 degree incline that I'd likely slip and injure myself if I went down, so sorry for the fence in the shot.
  9. I'd say this one is in the process of livery removal rather than paint issues. The GO Transit logo is already gone, for instance.
  10. BC Transit posted a trailer for their new double deckers for Victoria. How many buses are they getting and what are the numbers, so we can update the wiki accordingly?
  11. Watching Markiplier reacting to funny videos is a lot more fun and positive than loathing about politics on social media...
  12. The image link is broken, what's the model?
  13. Scottish musician SOPHIE has died. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55860938
  14. I'm not a driver, but I did try sitting in the driver's seat at a Trans-Expo several years ago, and I recall the BYD being the absolute worst of all. It was so badly designed, other buses like Nova were comparatively much better.
  15. anyfong

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Very bad news for the A220. I have a feeling that AC would use the MAX to replace the A220 on many routes. What an absolute disgrace from this government for their disdain on Canadian aviation, from the opposition to jets in Billy Bishop, to the lack of funding and rescue for Canadian airlines, the lack of financial incentives to convince Canadian airlines to switch to the A220, and finally allowing a company that tried to significantly damage Canadian aircraft manufacturing by ungrounding the MAX much to the disrespect for the Canadian victims involved in the Ethiopian crash. The MA
  16. I love this new site design, particularly the dark theme! Makes the eyes less strain on the screen!
  17. Higher resolution here: I think the rendering is still purely speculative, though other than some cosmetic differences this rendering is clearly based on a real life image at Main Street-Science World. It remains to be seen whether it would be a clean sheet model though. Reusing the basic design of the Mk III makes sense since it saves on development costs.
  18. Also CNG isn't a progressive or clean technology nor should it be considered an alternative fuel. Maybe there might be a small difference in fuel burn, but it doesn't pollute any less than standard diesel buses.
  19. There are many systems that use trains from the 70's and before, Montreal and London being examples of this, but the case against the Mk I here is that the train cars are way too small, and with no walkthrough carriages makes the overcrowding even worse. It's not that they're too old, it's just that the designers of the Mk I in the 80's predicted that ridership would not be that high like today (just before the pandemic), and that newer trains would be more optimised for today's ridership levels.
  20. I haven't measured it myself, but could current platforms fit 5 car trains, or would platform extensions be needed? In my view I think TransLink short-sighted this possibility at some stations like Metrotown by constructing those long escalators at both ends of the platform without having constructed a platform extension together with that. And gimme back that pedestrian footbridge to the Metrotown mall, that road is a nightmare to cross in bad weather!
  21. The next SkyTrain order is mentioned at page 65 (91 in the PDF document). Honestly, I'm not surprised at all that Bombardier has been given the contract again, given that they're the manufacturer that has the best knowledge of the system and has a dependable track record of delivering vehicles on time (at least for TransLink alone, the same cannot be said for customised products for other systems). It remains to be seen whether Bombardier will remain a separate brand after its sale to Alstom, and whether Bombardier's unique products would be continued under Alstom or not. Even if Bombardi
  22. Chuck Yeager, first pilot to break the sound barrier, has died. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/07/us/chuck-yeager-death/index.html
  23. Is it true that Flixbus is coming to Canada? I have never heard about that on the news. If so, which routes did Flixbus envision to serve in Canada? I have a speculation that it will look into routes that are far away from a Via Rail line or commercial airports. Forget about Ottawa-Toronto or Montreal-Toronto, they're already frequently served by several airlines.
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