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  1. Criminal Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in New York jail. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/10/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-suicide.html
  2. Adding British Airways 787-9, Singapore Airlines 787-10, and U-Fly Wanaka Cessna 172.
  3. Adding 3 from my trip to New Zealand this year: WLG - Wellington CHC - Christchurch WKA - Wanaka
  4. Accomplished since this post: New Zealand: Christchurch: electric buses filmed, NASA N747NA photographed, Christchurch Bus Interchange filmed. Haka Tours: Most goals accomplished, see below for which ones were waived. Aviation: U-Fly Wanaka, Singapore Airlines A380 business class Pending: BC: TransLink double deckers TransLink electric buses Ontario: Ottawa Confederation Line ION Light Rail Aviation: Air Transat Airbus A321neo Non-transit: #TheMotoSocialCAMP x Jack.org (camping in support for mental health) Waived: Skiing at Mount Hutt as part of Haka Tours (bad weather) Glenorchy Skydive (bad weather) Air New Zealand Airbus A321neo (all of them operated on international routes which did not fit my travel plans) Queenstown-Wanaka bus (did ride it, but little point in filming)
  5. FYI, if anyone wants to try their new A321neo but not willing to travel internationally, it's operating between Montreal and Toronto every Saturday until 31 August.
  6. Austin Howell, freesolo climber, has died in a fall on June 30. https://rockandice.com/climbing-news/austin-howell-31-known-for-bold-solos-in-the-southeast-dies-in-free-soloing-fall/
  7. So far accomplished: Toronto: TTC new Nova hybrids London: TfL Rail Paddington-Heathrow (Class 345, 360) London Overground Class 710 Crossrail is still obviously not open and the GA Class 720 still has yet to leave Derby Helsinki: Länsimetro Tallinn: ELRON trains and TLT trams/buses Hong Kong: None of the above yet since the Tuen Ma Line has yet to be opened and the East Rail Line Rotem trains has been delayed to the end of 2019. New Zealand: Auckland: AT Metro trains and buses, in particular NX1 Northern Express where the new Enviro500 entered service. Wellington: trains and buses, in particular the electric double decker on route 1 from Johnsonville to Island Bay Aviation: British Airways 787-9 YYZ-LHR Full flight videos of Finnair AY1332 LHR-HEL and AY101 HEL-HKG Singapore Airlines 787-10 on SQ871 HKG-SIN Full flight video of Air New Zealand NZ281 SIN-AKL, have yet to edit this Non-transit (worthy to mention): Count Me In Summit 2019, Waterford ON Pending: New Zealand: Christchurch: maybe just one or two bus videos, there's not much interesting about transit there Queenstown: Maybe a full drive video between Wanaka and Queenstown on the Intercity bus Haka Tours NZ: ski tour between Christchurch and Queenstown, lots of road trip videos BC: TransLink new double deckers Ontario: Ottawa Confederation Line Kitchener-Waterloo ION light rail Aviation: Photograph the NASA SOFIA 747SP at Christchurch Airport if possible Skydive Southern Alps, Glenorchy NZ U-Fly Wanaka
  8. Had a dream last night where the Crossrail Elizabeth Line opened on time and I was one of the first to ride it. Oh well, it's going to be well over a year late in the real world, sigh.
  9. Lots of new pictures! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEBkYFF
  10. Depends. On a double decker, mostly the front row seats, preferably on the driver side. On a single decker, usually the rear window seats on the driver side so more of the road can be seen. On a single deck motorcoach, almost always the front row seats on the passenger side.
  11. Vegetable ramen at Auckland Airport domestic terminal. Very delicious.
  12. The bodywork of the first bus has been mostly completed.
  13. YouTuber Etika was found dead in an apparent suicide. https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/c5bjx4/body_found_in_search_is_missing_youtuber_etika/
  14. New set of photos in a while! These are from London. It's been a few weeks since I was able to upload to Flickr again. Wasn't able to do so due to login issues from the maintenance period, but that is now all solved! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEnc4L1
  15. That orange Alexander Dennis packaging really gave it away.
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