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  1. Without an early morning departure (or a 12 am one) you basically waste the whole day on the bus. WiFi is broken much more often than not (making your trip on the bus non-productive), and the seats are far worse than the "ironing board" seats that I've seen on newer British trains (like the Class 700). When I studied in Montreal, I remember enjoying Air Canada's AC481 6 am departure a lot because I land in Toronto at 7:30 the latest, therefore still having a full day. And the seats are a lot more comfortable whether you're on an A220 or a Dash 8 or a CRJ.
  2. Well, Greyhound died. Let's see what happens next with these operators.
  3. 4 trips per week, one each on Thurs-Sun. For the days that are free, 2 a day for the same days. I suspect that they could increase to daily or twice daily once the stay at home is lifted, and more buses could be ordered. Otherwise, for the average student or frequent traveller, 4 a week is awfully inconvenient, which could encourage them to take Air Canada (3 trips a day every day) or VIA Rail (2 a day), especially on days where there's no Megabus service. Also consider that for people living in Barrhaven or the southern parts of Ottawa that it's a lot more convenient and closer to reach
  4. Not meaning to do any promotion here but what I really love to do when I'm bored is to watch uncut full flight videos, especially short haul flights. It's just so satisfying to see how much quicker a plane travels the same distance compared to intercity coach.
  5. Yeah. From my view, especially before that beheading, I thought that the biggest selling point for intercity bus services is the ability to bypass security. Now that security has been a thing on intercity buses, people without cars like me are going to flock to Air Canada (or any other airline) because the Greyhound security was so badly done and inefficient it makes airport security look great. Or even flocking to VIA Rail. No security there. The Greyhound security staff were rude, disrespectful, calling names, and just touching other's belongings in an extremely rude and aggressive mann
  6. It's just there to provide a false sense of security. Having uniformed officers rotate on different bus trips, as well as bus drivers being trained on de-escalation techniques, would have worked better. Those security people aren't even Greyhound employees from what I saw, Greyhound contracts to a different company to do that job. Maybe they're there because they wanted/needed to fulfill undone security shifts, rather than an actual safety issue. 17 July 2018, the day I saw that security being done, there were zero terrorist or security incidents in Canada. Also, did security checks
  7. Have you ever experienced any security checks in the Ottawa terminal before boarding a Greyhound to Toronto? I saw this once in 2018 and it was so badly done, it made everyone angry, so much that the Greyhound security procedure made the TSA look great in comparison. It's extremely obvious: security checks are absolutely not needed on an intra-provincial route like this. It's just like a GO Transit commuter route, but a little longer. You don't see any security before boarding a GO Transit vehicle. Questionable procedures like this is a big reason at what drove people away from Greyhound.
  8. Ottawa to Toronto was so busy that during one December day in 2013 (just before the ice storm) that my trip was chartered to a Galland bus, and that one was full as well. What we really need is the equivalent of the Essential Air Service in the US that governments here could apply to bus services. In other words, a Public Service Obligation adapted to bus services. Subsidies given to fund essential, but not heavily travelled routes. Sure, a trip between Ottawa and Toronto might be a lot more profitable than a Hearst to North Bay trip, but that doesn't mean the latter trip is any less e
  9. The Megabus announcement says its route would be Ottawa-Kingston-Scarborough-Toronto, so no chance it would go through Peterborough. I'm all for competition, but the new Megabus service more or less just duplicates what VIA Rail serves, rather than actually serving small communities that right now completely lacks a bus service, which in my view is a lot more essential. It's really a shame that such a sizable community like Peterborough has been overlooked by so many operators.
  10. It looks like the routing would be Ottawa-Kingston-Toronto. I fail to see this as an essential service. The reason why Greyhound thrived between Ottawa and Toronto is the use of Highway 7, serving towns along the way as well as larger communities like Peterborough. All that Megabus does is duplicating well-served Via Rail routes and Air Canada services, much like between Montreal and Toronto. I see this Megabus service to Ottawa will fail, because over the past few years, dispatch reliability on their Montreal route has been abysmal (lots of stories about buses being several hours late),
  11. This news has obviously triggered a wave of emotions for me, but now that it is almost a full day since the announcement to close down Greyhound Canada, here are my thoughts: This has obviously been an essential service, especially for small towns that lack a commercial airport or a VIA Rail service. Such places I can think of that loses bus service entirely includes Peterborough, the Highway 7 corridor between Peterborough and Ottawa, and numerous small towns in Ontario, as well as Western Canada when services there were cut in 2018. It is a disaster for these communities not to recei
  12. Well it includes motorcoach routes, so it's hard to tell which is the longest transit bus route.
  13. Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut who was the Command Module Pilot, has died.
  14. This looks SO good. Where can I get this one?
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