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  1. Finnair AY69 Helsinki to Hong Kong is now up!
  2. Ride on Helsinki tram 211 on 1A Eira
  3. Lots of pictures from my recent trip to Finland and Estonia, including my first ride on the A350 XWB, and a video that took 7 hours to upload! Album: This took 7 hours to upload at my place in Hong Kong with extremely slow wifi that I can't fix!
  4. If they're going to purchase from both Nova and New Flyer, they better find a common charging mechanism that is are compatible. Nova has the pantograph attached to the station itself while New Flyer has the charger attached to the bus itself, so they're very different and not compatible. Installing two different kinds of charging stations makes the installations overall much more expensive. Nova: New Flyer:
  5. WOW air TF-NEO now on YouTube!
  6. Lots of updates to my Flickr! WOW air TF-NEO, flight on BA94, and Finnair OH-LWB at Helsinki!
  7. First time seeing an Airbus A320neo myself! WOW Air TF-NEO landing at Montreal CYUL 24R
  8. GO Transit 8350 now on YouTube!
  9. And will the 787 feature any kind of seat-back entertainment, or will the seats be without any TV's like the newer 737-800s?
  10. Some shots from my trip to Hamilton today, including my first ride on the GO SuperLo and the HSR LFS CNG.
  11. From a facebook group I recall up to 1730 for 40 ft. Can't remember exactly though.
  12. Which are the numbers for 2017 artic hybrids and 40 ft hybrids? Are 1704 and 1701 artics?
  13. STM 36-901 is now in a new livery. FF to 3:09 in this video (by Ben Lomon):
  14. Yes!!