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  1. Pictures from Bromont this Saturday are up!
  2. Have updated 8010 fire on the wiki.
  3. Eugene "Gene" Cernan, last moonwalker on Apollo 17, has died.
  4. Clare Hollingworth, a telegraph correspondent who broke the news of WWII, has died at the age of 105.
  5. I don't think the 11 and 97 serves Jarry. Perhaps this is Mont-Royal?
  6. STM 36-030 making an extremely rare appearance on 24 Sherbrooke this afternoon.
  7. STM 36-030 making an extremely rare appearance on 24 Sherbrooke today.
  8. I think they should. Also, since the current order up to 36-051 is complete (or almost complete), when will the 2017 hybrids be delivered to Stinson?
  9. Here's my video of Galland 732 from this weekend. Enjoy that Detroit Diesel sound!
  10. Photos from this Saturday's trip to Tremblant are up!
  11. Change this to Société de transport de Montréal 36-028 to 36-051.été_de_transport_de_Montréal_36-028_to_36-050
  12. You know that the STM's management is very stupid, and what they did will make your blood boil. When Mont-Royal garage received more hybrids up to 36-050, they transferred 30-xxx to Stinson so that the latter will serve the 747 instead of the new hybrids. I mean, we pay 10$ for the 747 and because of that we deserve better buses!! Also the route only make sense with A/C buses which the hybrids have and the 30-xxx don't. The route would be much better off with coaches instead since it can hold more people and luggage; and if the REM to the airport gets built then we don't have to worry about the 747 anymore!
  13. Photos of 2016: Vehicle of 2016: Definitely RTC 1651-1673 Nova Bus LFS Artic HEV; also STO 1601 as well as the Azur. Event of 2016: Hard to choose which but definitely the Azur finally entering service; as well as my trip to Seattle and Vancouver in May and seeing the Boeing 737 MAX at Boeing Field Transit agency of 2016: Definitely RTC for the new artic hybrids; also the STO for the artic hybrids as well and still keeping the Classics in service Disliked move and Transit WTF moment of 2016: STM not putting frameless windows on later Nova hybrids, not putting the new hybrids on the 747 (seriously, why still ride the $10 route when it is still the scrap 3rd gen LFS????? We deserve better buses on the 747!!); also TTC continuously raising fares (I think it's now the fourth time under John Tory in 2 years). Charter of 2016: none.
  14. STM Montreal: New: 36-001 to 36-051 Nova Bus LFS HEV Retired: MR-63 retirement continuing into 2019. All Jeumont retired as of October 2016. No bus retirements Pending: 37-001 to 37-... - Budget for 2017 calls for 107 hybrids; more Azur for the Métro STL Laval: New: 1601-1628 LFS HEV (feature air-conditioning) Retired: last of the Classics - 6501-6510 RTC Quebec: New: 1651-1673 Nova Bus LFS Artic HEV Retired: Classics - 9501-9551 Pending: 1601-1636 LFS HEV; Van Hool A330K Hybrid for 2018 STL Lévis: New: 1601-1606 LFS HEV
  15. My last photo of 2016: My first photo of 2017: