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  1. Herbert's Flickr page

    A few afternoon departures on YUL runway 24L
  2. Celebrity Death Thread

    Gord Downie, the Tragically Hip singer, has died.
  3. Société de transport de Montréal

    Since there's no real-time tracker for the STM (something like SammDOT or Transsee), the biggest mistake of this website is not displaying the fleet numbers of the buses in real-time. This is especially important for routes like the 36 where (a) it is never on time and (b) the electric buses almost never show up.
  4. What are you eating right now?

    My god I love hot dog spaghetti! Add some sriracha and it would be even better!
  5. Herbert's Flickr page

    STM 37-079 on 105 Sherbrooke yesterday. Also included a ride on 36-014 on the 105, a Mont-Royal bus on a Stinson route, and some other footage including 37-058 on the 51, a Stinson bus on a Mont-Royal route.
  6. Today's Sightings

    A few Mont-Royal buses were on Stinson routes recently, and I saw 36-045 and 36-014 on the 105. Also Stinson's 37-058 was on the 51, a Mont-Royal route.
  7. Broken Down Sightings

    Yep! Because being broken down and being immobile is the reason to be towed!
  8. Herbert's Flickr page

    It kinda makes it look a lot like the RTC Métrobus. But I don't think it's too green.
  9. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Maybe the poster was too embarrassed about the video or is worried about privacy issues, things like that. Frankly I don't see any privacy issues there, it's just like transit spotting elsewhere, and when I post pictures of the trains there I'll block out any faces that might show up on my pictures, especially of employees that work on the construction. My Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm39DGzR
  10. Future TTC Bus Orders

    That's because the Orion VII is a bus of terrible quality. The BAE HybriDrive has come a long way since 2001 and essentially the HybriDrive of 2017 is a completely different breed and uses much less fuel and produces much less noise than the VII hybrid. The Nova BAE hybrid of 2013-17 would have been an excellent bus for the TTC, but unfortunately, the low reliability of the VII convinced the TTC that hybrid buses are a bad thing, which of course is not true.
  11. Today's Sightings

    Saw 37-041 En transit outside TCV (later went on 410) and 36-036 En transit at Sherbrooke/University this afternoon.
  12. List the airports you've used

    Here's mine for 2017. Bold is new for this year. Canada: YEG - Edmonton YKZ - Toronto/Buttonville YOW - Ottawa YUL - Montreal/Trudeau YYZ - Toronto/Pearson China (mainland) PEK - Beijing China (Hong Kong) HKG - Hong Kong/Chek Lap Kok Finland HEL - Helsinki-Vantaa Greece ATH - Athens/E. Venizelos Italy FCO - Rome/Fiumicino FLR - Florence Japan NRT - Tokyo Narita Malaysia KUL - Kuala Lumpur New Zealand AKL - Auckland ZQN - Queenstown (no code) - NZONE Skydive site (7.4 km due south of ZQN) Singapore SIN - Singapore Changi United Kingdom LHR - London/Heathrow United States ANC - Anchorage/Ted Stevens DTW - Detroit/Wayne County JFK - New York/John F. Kennedy MSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul ORD - Chicago O'Hare SEA - Seattle-Tacoma
  13. New update for 2017. Bold indicates this type/airline is new for this year. Airbus: Airbus A320 (ceo) series A319-100 - Alitalia A320-200 - Alitalia, British Airways, Jetstar Airways (9th freedom operating in NZ), Jetstar Japan A321-100 - Alitalia A321-200 - Dragonair (Cathay Dragon) Airbus A320neo series A320-251N - AirAsia Airbus A330 A330-300 - Dragonair (Cathay Dragon), Northwest Airlines Airbus A340 A340-300 - Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 XWB A350-900 - Finnair, Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 A380-841 - Singapore Airlines Boeing: Boeing 737 737-300 - United Airlines 737-600 - WestJet 737-700 - WestJet 737-900ER - Delta Boeing 747 747-400 - Northwest Airlines, United Airlines Boeing 767 767-300ER - Alitalia Boeing 777 777-200LR - Delta 777-300ER - Cathay Pacific Boeing 787 Dreamliner 787-8 - Air Canada, British Airways 787-9 - Air New Zealand, Scoot Bombardier: CRJ series CRJ100/200 - Delta, Northwest CRJ700 - Delta Cessna: Cessna 172 - Toronto Airways Cessna 208B Grand Caravan - NZONE Skydive Embraer: E-Jets series Embraer 190-100IGW - Air Canada Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters: Eurocopter EC130 - Niagara Helicopters
  14. Awesome. Thank you. I see 1770 is on Blue today. No artics on Purple, as Labour Day is weekend schedule.