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  1. Whats up with the board

    Yeah I think that's the case.
  2. Whats up with the board

    Here's page 22 of 23. See that 22 is missing?
  3. Whats up with the board

    Also, in the page number selection on the top and bottom of the page, the current page number disappears entirely, and sometimes I thought for instance on this page, page 22 was the last page but actually this is page 23.
  4. At the UITP in May 2017 in Montreal, the Plattsburgh-built LFSe has the symmetrical ceiling as well, and that is also the case for all of NYC MTA's 4th-gen LFS. While I find the asymmetrical ceiling unique and spacious, I do recognize that it is difficult to put adverts on them. So the new symmetrical ceiling might be a feature introduced for Plattsburgh builds, and possibly will be introduced as an option for Saint-Eustache builds. (photo by Yige Tong)
  5. STO bus spottings

    I don't see a problem with that! Go ahead!
  6. Ben Lomon has a short video of a Transdev CITVR LFS with the new L9 engine. It sound a little like a hybrid powertrain to me. (fast forward to 8:07)
  7. Air Canada

    Being almost 30 years old this year all of AC 767 definitely needs to be retired ASAP. Terrible seats, very outdated interior, poorly maintained, and due to its age, possibly exceeding its pressurization cycles risking further structural failure. Same applies to the old A320 and A330. Keeping three types of a similar passenger capacity (767, 787, A330) does not make economical sense and it would make a lot of sense if AC kept solely the 787, along with the 777 for high-capacity operations. Other airlines especially LOT Polish Airlines did the right thing and retired all the 767 after the grounding of the 787 was lifted in May 2013.
  8. STO bus spottings

    Have updated it all!
  9. Today's Sightings

    I heard that there are some days where none of the LFSe would run at all. Anyone know why? Mechanical problems or dead battery before entering the terminal?
  10. Modifying a page title

    Move this to "Toronto Transit Commission 5381-6136, 6141-6196". https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission_5381-6176 This is according to the updated fleet numbers on page 72 of this document: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2017-07-30.pdf
  11. Will all of these feature the new Cummins L9 engine?
  12. Whats up with the board

    Wow. Definitely looks a lot nicer. The smoothness of the new site and the simple use of colours remind me of Cathay Pacific's new website.
  13. Westjet

    WestJet already planned the 737 MAX to be in service in early November. Contrary to this article, some routes appear to have the 737 MAX more than once daily. For instance I've checked Toronto to Vancouver a few times on their booking website and have seen 3 737 MAX flights a day in December. Aircraft code for the 737 MAX is 7M8 and I noticed from the seat map that it has an extra row (30) at the rear, compared to the 737-800 where it goes to row 29. http://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/273939/westjet-files-preliminary-737max-8-operations-from-nov-2017/
  14. Air Canada

    I believe the October delivery date is a little outdated. WestJet already has the first unit rolled out and ready to fly since a month ago, while at the same time we still haven't seen any sign of an AC 737 at Renton so far. My rough guess for the AC 737 delivery is somewhere in late November or December, since WestJet already confirmed an in-service date of early November.
  15. Today's Sightings

    The wiki still lists 8440 as Arrow. Will be updated.