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  1. It seems that the A220 inaugural on YUL-YYC indeed will take place on 16 Jan, despite what it says in the schedule which needs to be updated. https://thepointsguy.com/news/air-canada-airbus-a220-launch-delay/
  2. I wonder what led the TTC to retire the 2009 NG hybrids before the older 2006 "OG" hybrids and 2007-08 "NG" hybrids. Were the 2009 hybrids more inferior in quality to some extent compared to the older ones?
  3. Makes sense, I had always thought that PQ always meant that party's initials.
  4. I've wondered about this for a very long time, but why do Greyhound bus destination signs mark Quebec destinations as PQ? Like Montreal PQ rather than Montreal QC? And the same seems to apply to other bus companies like Coach Canada.
  5. GO Transit 8501 (SuperLo) has the new style overhead light/vent. Anyone know which bus do these new light/vent units first appear? A comparison between the new and old light/vent is included below.
  6. So what happens with the 36-9xx buses after the pilot project?
  7. Interesting, I wonder why the front is now blue instead of green on the 36-9xx.
  8. Alejandra Agredo, transit advocate in Miami, has died. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article237935779.html
  9. Jake Burton Carpenter, founder of Burton Snowboards, has died. https://www.mynbc5.com/article/snowboard-pioneer-jake-burton-carpenter-vermont-burlington-dies-65/29870960
  10. Why make the switch to a 4-digit number instead of 5?
  11. I saw a new Viva bus at the Nova Bus plant last week, which was also photographed by someone else below. How many are on order, or could this be a one-off delivery? https://www.facebook.com/maurice.roussel.180/posts/2430643433860518
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