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  1. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) - San Francisco

    For further information, the D-cars (cab cars) are 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, and the E-cars (non-cab) are 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006. Scroll to the bottom of this article for the CPUC document. There will be an unveiling ceremony at MacArthur Station at 11 am. https://ww2.kqed.org/news/2018/01/18/bart-gets-ok-to-launch-first-cars-in-its-fleet-of-the-future/
  2. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) - San Francisco

    New BART trains have been certified and will enter service tomorrow. http://www.ktvu.com/news/new-bart-cars-go-into-service-friday
  3. Today's Sightings

    I've heard from a thread that the 2018 hybrids will go to Frontenac and Saint-Laurent, is that correct? If so then it's always exciting to see a hybrid on the 24 as Frontenac currently only has the dreaded scraps. Also I noticed that the Stinson hybrids are more common to be seen on the 80 during late-evening off-peak hours.
  4. Today's Sightings

    Quite a few Stinson extras on the 24. 37-045 and 37-106 were within 2 minutes apart in the morning, and 37-057 in the evening (all of these were westbound).
  5. Celebrity Death Thread

    Dr. Deen Larsen, founder of the Franz Schubert Institut, has died. He came to McGill's music faculty back in October and I was honored to perform (at the piano) with my singer at his master class. He gave lots of remarks that considerably improved performance practice of classical art songs.
  6. Today's Sightings

    Also 37-077 on 24 Sherbrooke (Frontenac) this morning around 9.
  7. Celebrity Death Thread

    John Young, NASA astronaut who piloted the Gemini, Apollo, as well as the very first Space Shuttle flight, has died. http://www.collectspace.com/news/news-010618a-astronaut-john-young-obituary.html
  8. Société de transport de Montréal

    If Stinson is getting the 747 buses, will they still run on the 747? Or will there be other buses to run the 747 from LaSalle as today? In Valérie Plante's campaign, she also called for (I think) 300 more hybrid buses on top of the current ones on order. I don't go out to spot specifically the 21-XXX very often, but I did notice it appear much less often than a few months ago, but otherwise I can't tell how many there are left.
  9. The first Van Hool A330 hybrid for RTC have been rolled out.
  10. Celebrity Death Thread

    Bruce McCandless II, first astronaut to use the MMU untethered to the spacecraft, dies at 80. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/astronaut-bruce-mccandless-ii-dies-at-80-300575113.html
  11. Herbert's Flickr page

    Here's Viva 1772 at Newmarket yesterday after filming the entire Viva Blue northbound. Needless to say it was very challenging to film with all the dirty windows outside so I might be doing it again in the summer.
  12. Celebrity Death Thread

    Josl Huter, founder of Mount St. Louis Moonstone, has died.
  13. Herbert's Flickr page

    SkyTrain Mark III on the Expo Line!
  14. Herbert's Flickr page

    Here's Translink 1008, the double decker demo!
  15. Westjet

    It is much quieter than the NG's, even during cruise.