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  1. Uploaded recent photos from New Zealand! Album:
  2. Come check out the Tuas West Extension on its inaugural day! Now on a 3 day visit to Singapore and a what a coincidence to have my trip booked around the opening day considering that I have done little research on the extension and only found out it will open on June 18 on the MRT map on my ride from Changi Airport 2 days ago!
  3. So will the merged routes be served together with the Van Hool hybrids? Or will it be a mix of Van Hool and Nova Bus hybrids?
  4. Come see my ride on the Bombardier Mark III in Kuala Lumpur! As you can see, they're virtually identical to the Mark III in Vancouver!
  5. Come see my first ride on the Airbus A320neo!
  6. Don't think the RTC has any on order for now. They just completed delivery of a rather large order of 36 buses, and also the 23 artic hybrids last year. RTC will have Van Hool hybrids for route 21 though.
  7. Here: What an awesome looking bus. Rides really well and quiet too. Wish the artic buses we have in Montreal were this good, because presently in the Montreal area, no one operates the artic hybrid.
  8. Finnair AY69 Helsinki to Hong Kong is now up!
  9. Ride on Helsinki tram 211 on 1A Eira
  10. Lots of pictures from my recent trip to Finland and Estonia, including my first ride on the A350 XWB, and a video that took 7 hours to upload! Album: This took 7 hours to upload at my place in Hong Kong with extremely slow wifi that I can't fix!
  11. If they're going to purchase from both Nova and New Flyer, they better find a common charging mechanism that is are compatible. Nova has the pantograph attached to the station itself while New Flyer has the charger attached to the bus itself, so they're very different and not compatible. Installing two different kinds of charging stations makes the installations overall much more expensive. Nova: New Flyer:
  12. WOW air TF-NEO now on YouTube!
  13. Lots of updates to my Flickr! WOW air TF-NEO, flight on BA94, and Finnair OH-LWB at Helsinki!