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  1. Just discovered it being a mistake on my part
  2. 21008 as a fireworks special made at least 1 trip as a 22 Knight to 63rd this evening
  3. "Heat domes aren't going away as much as we'd like them to". I'm not sure why you're bringing up "Heat Domes" when we only had the one heat dome which was last summer??? There has NOT been a Heat Dome in British Columbia this summer & nothing is being forecasted at the present time!
  4. Could we please refrain from unnecessary quotes on here! Lets act like adults please!
  5. I don't think we need to keep reporting XDE60's on Trolley Routes anymore as this has been a regular occurrence now
  6. Hello.....it's 2022 & the 2024 order hasn't even started production!
  7. It won't be 21026 as there is only 25 on order & 21006 has not been in service yet, so you're seeing 21006
  8. 9546 doing 1 complete round trip on a 351 for the AM rush
  9. Please if we can refrain from all the unnecessary posts it would be appreciated
  10. Due to a 2nd Alarm Fire at Nanaimo St. & East 11th Ave. all 007's are terminating at Boundary Loop. Shuttle running in place between East Broadway & Nanaimo to Nanaimo Station
  11. Confirmed Transfer as it's on 402, 405, 407 today
  12. 9533 Transfers from HTC to VTC
  13. Due to the 3rd Alarm Fire burning at Value Village on East Hastings most of the small apartments on East Pender are being smoked out. 9676 & 9781 are being used as shelter buses for the residents. Destination signs read "Emergency Bus"
  14. Why would they swap 9457 & 9458?? Just does not make sense at all, Seems like this is a make work project for someone!
  15. If cyclist are road users like us who own vehicles they should be made to pay for the infrastructure as well. Don't expect motorist to pick up the tab. The current Bike Lane on 10th Ave. is sufficient! There is no need to have a duplicate Bike Lane running on Broadway!
  16. This afternoon about 330pm as I was on the Steveston Hwy 99 NB merge lane as I was doing a shoulder check I noticed a Rapid Bus heading SB on Hwy 99 south of Steveston. Unable to catch a number
  17. 21016 makes it debut on the 84 this morning for the AM Rush
  18. 9663 Transfers to BTC from VTC
  19. 21008 makes it debut on the 084 for the am rush
  20. The overnight issue still continues. No service between Columbia & Scott Road. Bus bridge is currently in place
  21. Anyone know why on this sheet the first 3 014's that start off from UBC leaving at 3am & 330am daily are assigned diesel's? I don't see any routing that would prevent a trolley from doing this!
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