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  1. I don't understand why weekend service has better service then weekdays to UBC? Usually reduction to service is on weekends verses weekdays. Thanks Michael for the reply.
  2. Did the 049 UBC/Metrotown get reduced service for UBC on this sheet verses the September sheet weekdays? I just noticed in the public timetable that the last 049 UBC leaves Metrotown at 912pm M-F Where as on Saturday the last trip to UBC leaves Metrotown at 1125pm Sundays/Holidays 1108pm. It doesn't make sense to reduce the weekday service verses the weekend. Going by memory when service was improved back in Sept I'm pretty sure I remember seeing all service going to UBC except 1 run would terminate at Dunbar Loop around 10ish?
  3. I hope they'll have new boxes on order otherwise they'll be lots of free rides I suppose instead of reinstalling the Tcomm radio system they'll install cell phones like they did with the D40's back in 2010?
  4. What are the bus service improvements & when do the bus service improvements start?
  5. 9668 was on a 049 all day & 9533 is on for the evening
  6. 8124 Returned back to service after being absent since Oct 27
  7. 3320 Returned back to service as of today
  8. 2101 Has returned to service after a lengthy absence also 9561 has returned after being sidelined in early December
  9. Seen it out in White Rock this evening & instead of the front destination sign displaying "White Rock Ctr" it just had "Rock" where as the side sign was displaying the proper sign of "White Rock Ctr"
  10. 3336 back on the road on Monday afternoon. 3350 back this morning pulling a 20 hour day.
  11. 16026 Has been there for aprox 2 weeks now. Can't make out the number of the one on the far side?
  12. 9486 Has a "V" on the front . Prefix on the drivers side & also on the back window missing. Not sure if it has a prefix on the right side?
  13. Are these getting refurbished at the yard in Burnaby? I remember several years back they would be hauled on the back of a flat bed truck & taken to a body shop on 192nd just south of the Langely bypass
  14. I just walked over to RTC now & it's no where in sight
  15. Did a RTC check this afternoon 1500 hours H3285 H7195 S7247 S7270 S7312 S7351 P8095
  16. 3284, 3287, 3290, 93-97,3301, 3304 3285 Hasn't been in service since Nov 30
  17. 9507 on a 049 this evening Here are 2 Photos I took of the Jack Knifed 049's from New Years Eve
  18. Here is the CTV News Article why CMBC buses do not use snow tires http://bc.ctvnews.ca/should-metro-vancouver-buses-use-snow-tires-1.3225053
  19. Kind of old news now but New Years Eve six 049 UBC's were jacked knifed between Alberta St. & Cambie St. around 7pm. All of them had WB traffic blocked where traffic had to detour into the oncoming lane. 2 of them had their back ends up on the sidewalk making the sidewalk impassable. Finally a shop truck showed up with chains attached to the front bumpers & dragged them across to the other side of Cambie St. On their way back to Metrotown from UBC climbing the hill on 49th just after Main St the back ends were swaying. 1 Shop guy came up with a Nova Hybrid to swap off an artic. I wonder why the rest weren't swapped off? Entire 008 Fleet was stranded between 50th & 43rd. southbound 020's were being terminated at 54th Loop & a Nova shuttle was operating between 54th Loop & Harrison Loop
  20. Dunbar Loop around 9pm tonight was impassable all 002's 007's were unable to enter Dunbar Loop. Joyce between K'way & Joyce Stn around 1030pm was impassable all 026's & 041's were routing K'Way Boundary Vanness both directions.
  21. I think 15021 had a minor brush with a pole on 49th Ave. during the first snowfall we got? There is minor damage on the last right window & also the right rear bumper
  22. Unless things have changed on this sheet I use to see them head over the Knight St Bridge. I can't see why since they are destined for New West for the Queensbrough Bridge why can't these trips operate in service to 22nd Street Station?
  23. Seen H9440 at Metrotown Loop last night where the garage prefix "H" is above the numbers on the drivers side. First time I seen 1 like that
  24. That is something to take into consideration as well.
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