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  1. Large fire burning currently at Pier Park on New Westminster's Waterfront. No Skytrain Service between Columbia Stn & Scott Rd. Bus Bridge just being put into place.
  2. Serious MVA on Lions Gate Bridge has the bridge shut down. 019's terminating downtown with no service to Stanley Park. All North Shore routes detouring over Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
  3. This whole garage prefix letting is a failure & just a make work project for someone. If this program is suppose to mean anything, then why are the XDE 60's in STC & PCTC, XN40's in STC running around with no prefix or with a HTC prefix & some of the XDE60's in BTC running around with a RTC Prefix. If this was suppose to mean anything or be of importance they would've been updated by now. I think it's a complete failure & a waste of resources as well as money to print these decals!
  4. Duplicate post! I reported it already!
  5. 15014 15015 & 15020 transferred from BTC to RTC
  6. 430 goes from 4 buses to 7 on this sheet on Sunday’s & Holidays with the service improvement
  7. Non suburban Nova's have been in South Surrey for the past couple of years now. They've been on the 351, 352 & 354 most of the time during AM/PM Peak period hours & the odd one you will find all day M-F & some evenings.
  8. Not sure why RTC is getting 5 XDE60's back in total? I didn't see any service improvements on the 049 or maybe these will be applied to the 430 which will free up 5 40 footers?
  9. Been in service for 2 days now. I was on it Wednesday during the pm rush
  10. 9519 was involved in a serious MVA this morning at Columbia Street & East Hastings. A motorcyclist was travelling at a high rate of speed & died later struck the side of 9519 in the intersection
  11. 15019 & 15021 are transferred from BTC to RTC & are both on a 049 this morning
  12. Due to Covid19 & low ridership, that is spare equipment which is parked.
  13. It was in service last evening as I was on it
  14. Finally the 430 is going to see improvements. This is really not enough to avoid overcrowding & pass ups, but should cut it down a bit.
  15. New Signage & Decals reminding customers that mask are now mandatory while on transit are now up all over on Buses, Sea Bus Stations, Skytrain Stations, West Coast Express Stations, Community Shuttles & as well as Handi Dart Vehicles
  16. Spotted 19004 on the "100" this evening with the front destination sign reading "DDR Veh".
  17. I was surprised on how high the front end was on the back of the tow truck. I agree if it was headed for the tunnel it would've had the roof taken off! I was even surprised how it just made it within inches of the Blundell overpass.
  18. Spotted 19412 behind a unitow tow truck on the hook SB Hwy 99 at Blundell this afternoon at aprox 1435. Not very much clearance going under the Blundell overpass.
  19. Spotted 7455 on a tow Parked NB on Lyon Rd at 64th Ave. just around 2pm today. No idea on why it was parked there? It was on a 640 this morning.
  20. 041 is all diesel today for some strange reason?
  21. 9706 returned back to VTC from BTC
  22. 2518 is parked at the north end of BTC for possible future refurb?
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