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  1. Major Police incident currently unfolding at Braid Station. Bus Loop is closed & trains not stopping. All Braid Station bound buses are heading to Lougheed Station instead. Scott Rd. just reopened after being closed. Hwy 1 WB is closed at Cape Horn. 555 Buses are stuck in the closure.
  2. The remaining D40LF's & the Orion V's. I think the 2006 D40LFR's have 1 or 2 years left?
  3. 9475, 9478, 9533 & 9535 Transfers from HTC to VTC effective this morning 9670 & 9677 Transfers from VTC to HTC effective this morning 16045 Transfers from STC to HTC effective this morning
  4. 9260 & 9262 Have been parked there since the summer
  5. Unfortunately, that could be the case as HTC will be able to free up extra coaches which could then wipe them out! I hope I'm wrong!
  6. Out of respect for the people involved & the subscribers in here I don't think we need to know the outcome of this MVA. I think just reporting a MVA with the detour was sufficient!
  7. 9618 & 9771 Transferred back to BTC effective this afternoon from HTC
  8. That was no tree, that was a light standard it took out! That's not from a tree, that is from a light standard!
  9. 18463 on a 430 for the evening to replace 9568
  10. 9527 returns to service after being sidelined since July 27th
  11. Instead of reducing hours they should be increasing hours! Do they NOT realize that more & more people are heading back to transit?? Even in the Mayors Council Meetings that've admitted to ridership climbing! R4 is a bad one with pass ups heading to Joyce in the PM peak between 330-5pm by the time they reach Fraser Street. What they need is a few WB trippers to terminate at Cambie then NIS Oak 49, Granville, 41. 430 is another one that needs more improvements from early mornings to early evenings as there are either pass ups or close to pass ups
  12. 9606 & 9648 both on full day runs of a 257. Very unusual to have 2 Novas on a all day bookout especially on a M-F Block
  13. 9480 Transfers from HTC to VTC effective today
  14. 9522 Transfers from HTC to RTC effective November 1st
  15. This new on-ramp is located off of Bridgeport just by the Oak St. Bridge. This new onramp will shave off a few minutes verses the current routing
  16. You don't need to display the page! Just typing the text was sufficient! Keep that in mind for the future please!
  17. 9457 Transfers from HTC to VTC effective today. Prior to that it's last time in service was August 17th
  18. It would be much appreciated if you quit posting useless stuff on here! You were also told by other members on here a couple months back. It seems as you have a hard time following instructions!
  19. 21406 making its debut on a 340 this morning
  20. I don't understand why VTC & HTC keep swapping identical buses around? The conclusion I have come to is this... 1. Someone has no clue on what they are doing? 2. This is a make work project for someone? This is just a total waste of manhours & fuel as well!
  21. 9542 transfers back to HTC from VTC effective today after being sent over from HTC on June 29
  22. National Day of Mourning Monday Sept 19 Queens Funeral Translink Services will be operating on a regular weekday service level. *Expo & Millennium Lines will have reduced peak period service *Handydart will operate on a holiday level service
  23. Due to a suspicious package found on the tracks, West Coast Express Trains at Waterfront Station are delayed. A bus bridge has been set up at Coquitlam Central Station & will serve all West Coast Express Stations beyond Coquitlam Central Station to Mission
  24. Do we really need to continue the discussion about arctics on the 319 since there was one yesterday & also a few times in the past?
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