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  1. So Translink has been quoting that ridership has been been going up system wide, but come January they reduce the service level on the above mentioned routes. So how do you attract ridership when you reduce the service level?
  2. 9549 & 9587 are on a 620 this afternoon & evening
  3. I noticed 12019 displaying "To Garage" this evening. Don't recall of seeing this in the past?
  4. That is correct. What these planners don't take into consideration are the elderly & people with disabilities!! Think of some elderly person who is unable to walk the extra distance or some disabled person??
  5. Burrard Street Bridge still remains closed. 002 & 044 remain on detour via Granville Street Bridge
  6. Due to a barge that broke loose off it's mooring in English Bay late this afternoon & is currently beached at Sunset Beach, there is a potential that it could break free & drift into the Burrard Street Bridge? As a precaution City of Vancouver is closing the Burrard St. Bridge at 7pm this evening until further notice. This will cause the 002 & the few remaining 044's to detour over the Granville St. Bridge.
  7. Due to heavy rain Columbia Station is closed due to flooding. Trains will be travel between Waterfront & New Westminster Stations, between King George & Scott Road Stations, & between Sapperton and Lougheed Stations.
  8. Spotted 18367 being towed down Knight St at East 41st Ave.1115pm this evening. It was on a 025 all day & went out of service just after 530pm
  9. A earlier wind storm ripped through UBC resulting in trees being down on University Blvd which has also taken down the Trolley Overhead.
  10. Don't understand why HTC is pulling more buses out of VTC right in the middle of the sheet? Is there some service improvements I'm not aware of?
  11. 9534 On the R4 for the PM Rush this afternoon
  12. 9416 on the R4 for the AM rush, 9477 & 9536 on the R4 for the entire day & evening
  13. The bus was not on the bridge, instead it was in Causeway which was blocking the 2 Northbound lanes of traffic halting all NB Traffic for a length of time!
  14. 9493 assigned to a R4 all day & part of this evening
  15. I agree! If you can't post anything meaningful don't waste our time on here by posting garbage!
  16. Observed today in the afternoon rush 2241 on the back of a Unitow tow truck parked SB Cambie at East 45th Ave. It's last revenue service date was June 23rd. on a 004. I also noticed some 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper taped to the front windshield as well.
  17. 9672 Has now been transferred from RTC to BTC
  18. 7409 Hs been repaired & has been returned back to service
  19. 9673 Has now been transferred from RTC to BTC
  20. I've noticed a lot more traffic in the Lower Mainland in the last few weeks. I think this has been contributed by more visitors vacationing in the Lower Mainland due to the Forest Fires & High Covid cases in the Interior & Okanagan.
  21. It's not the first time the 019 has had all diesels
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