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  1. 9644 Dead NB Mid Span Lions Gate Bridge. Huge traffic delays both ways as only 1 lane getting through mid span each direction
  2. Most of the trips I see throughout the day on the 430 have standees. Service frequency also needs to be improved
  3. What fleet number is it showing up on Tcomm?
  4. You wonder why Translink is desperate for cash when they waste fuel like this on Trolley route.
  5. Looks like Dennis' site Tcomm is down again? It's been down since last night I've noticed
  6. Sorry I meant 145. It had passengers onboard as I passed it & it was picking up passengers. All I can say is a total mystery? I wasn't able to stick around or follow it. I missed the light at Knight & Kingsway & watched it pull into the stop.
  7. Last evening (Sunday morning) aprox 1220am spotted B8014 parked in the bus stop EB Kingsway far side Knight 4 way flashers going. Destination sign was reading 135 Production Station.
  8. Cullens diesel check this afternoon at 2pm reveals everyXDE60 gone from the property. The same applies to all the BC Transit XN40's
  9. If this technology proves to be a success this could spell the end of trolley bus service here. It was mentioned by Kevin Desmond that this technology would be cheaper to run then the current Trolley fleet as there is no trolley overhead wire maintenance to contend with. Be careful what you wish for with this technology!
  10. Yes sorry my mistake it is indeed 17518 & not 16. Sorry for the confusion
  11. I thought Translink was suppose to improve services by adding more buses? It looks as if instead they are retiring for each new coach that makes it debut in service?
  12. Seen 7428 heading WB on Steveston Hwy overpass at 1435 today with 2 mechanics. Not sure if it's being returned back to RTC?
  13. Seen 16518 either on a road test or heading for it's new home today at 1240pm heading NB on Coppersmith then EB on Steveston Hwy
  14. Can't confirm either or.....but like I said there was a Nova Hybrid inside at the very end of the shops. I couldn't get a number due to it being so far inside. The rear right & left side panels were removed from what I could see.
  15. lol yes I know both contacts paid the ultimate price