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  1. Better re check your info. 16036 & 16041 are still currently assigned to HTC.
  2. I don't understand why CMBC does not make use of the auxiliary power on the trolley's & instead would rather place diesel's on the routes instead? When I was in San Francisco this spring 2 trolley routes were on detour due to road construction. These 2 routes still kept the trolleys on the route & we went several miles on auxiliary power still keeping up with the posted speed limit & no pole pullers either.
  3. Anyone know why the 008's have diesel's on today? I don't understand why the 7 18000's can't be assigned to the run today?
  4. 18009 transfers from BTC to VTC
  5. 18015 now transferred to VTC doing a 003 today
  6. Spotted it going WB Hwy 91 & Knight St around 135pm keeping up with the flow of traffic this afternoon
  7. 9619 has been returned back to BTC. Not sure when it was transferred?
  8. So when R4 is deployed on 41st & 41st becomes 100% Trolley this will then free up some Nova’s? I presume more of the 1st generation Nova’s will then be transferred out of VTC?
  9. It is confirmed to be a stabbing by BCAS & Richmond RCMP
  10. 2240 was last in service Jan 25 on a 009. Meanwhile 2146 was last in service Dec 15 on a 010 & 016, 2160 Jan 3 on a 017, 2239 Dec 1 on a 010 & 016, 2243 Dec 19 on a 016,
  11. They didn't get assigned out on Thurs as well.
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