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  1. The results of the vote will not be released until probably late this evening or even tomorrow? Depends on what time the union closes voting. If the results of the voting is in favour of a strike, under BC labour laws the union can't strike until they serve 72 hour strike notice to CMBC. However the union has a window of 90 days to serve strike notice. As for a strike happening say next week I very much doubt it as both sides will be at the bargaining table next week. If the union is in favour of a strike, this will just put more pressure on CMBC to bargain in good faith & settle. I very much think Unifor (the union) or CMBC will not want to trigger any job action & have the travelling public against them for causing a transit disruption. Furthermore I don't think Unifor would want Government Legislation ordering the members back to work like what happened in 2001 & have a Government Arbitrator settle the dispute.
  2. With 19302 & 303 on the road now for the past month & a half or so HTC is still booking out the 4 electrics for the AM & PM rush. You would figure with this amount of time of being out on the road that the book outs would've been longer by now? I don't recall of hearing any bugs that have to worked out? Has anyone heard a timeline of when when their hours will be increased?
  3. Sorry incorrect. RTC use to run 1 way trippers between Metrotown & Cambie. In the PM peak a couple of trips would run in service from Cambie to Metrotown. At Metrotown they would deadhead along the WB routing then turn right onto Knight, left on 41st, Left on Cambie, left again on 49th starting service again to Metrotown. I believe they ran 2 buses doing these short turns? They were published in the timetable. I'm not 100% sure but I think there was AM peak trippers doing the same in the opposite routing?
  4. What is needed on the 49th are trips starting/ending at 49th & Cambie (AM peak) ending at Cambie WB, EB starting at Cambie in the PM peak like how they were in the past.
  5. Medical Emergency currently at Burrard Station. Trains are operating but not stopping at Burrard. Bus bridge in place between Stadium & Waterfront as Burrard is currently closed.
  6. CMBC Bus Drivers, Maintenance Staff & Seabus Employees could be taking a strike vote on Oct 10th. Take note of the typo error at the bottom of the news story https://www.citynews1130.com/2019/10/03/bus-strike-vote/
  7. 430 Brighouse Stn stop at Knight & East 63rd Ave. has been permanently relocated to Knight & East 62nd Ave. effective last monday
  8. Still going strong, out for 16 hours today.
  9. H7192 Has been purchased by Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services for Firefighter training in Auto Extrication & Urban Search & Rescue
  10. Excuse me it was posted on this thread by mistake! Are you trying to get a point across with the bold, Italics & underlining?
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