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  1. It's a 601 that does a couple of trips on a 403 in the AM rush.
  2. 9259 Is now on the retirement line at RTC
  3. How did this end up on the 049 Sunday?
  4. 41 no longer serves UBC since the R4 Inauguration
  5. 18338 doing a 100 today. Instead of "Rear Door Boarding" on the sign it was displaying "DDR Vehicle". Not sure what that means?
  6. Noticed a lot of 430's today displaying "Sorry Bus Full" & some 049's. I think the 430 should be all artic during this round of service reduction
  7. Hate to word is this way, but dream on as it won't happen. Translink has no money & with them bleeding $85M a month that will not happen for several years if you're lucky?
  8. I was out today doing some shopping & delivering groceries to elderly family relatives who are staying in their homes or yards because of the Covid-19. While I was out doing these grocery trips I noticed a lot of routes had "Sorry Bus Full". These were routes in Vancouver, Burnaby, New West & Delta. I don't think I recall seeing that many on a Saturday until today. I wonder if the reduction in service which took effect yesterday were way to severe?
  9. Friend of mine works for 1 of the major tv stations here sent me a copy of a media statement put out by Translink on Monday regarding Covid-19 & what lies ahead down the road. Here is what Translink sent out.. As a result of a significant decrease in ridership, the temporary suspension of fare collection on buses to allow for rear-door boarding, and a 60% drop in fuel tax revenue due to fewer people driving, TransLink revenues have seen a dramatic reduction. Although we continue to move approximately 75,000 people every weekday, many of whom are essential workers, TransLink is currently losing $75 million per month. As a result of these significant financial challenges, there have been some cost-saving reductions, including the following: Further suspension of transit services on Bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express, beginning this week. The issuance of temporary layoff notices to 1,492 employees. These employees work in various positions at TransLink, Coast Mountain Bus Company, and British Columbia Rapid Transit Company. Senior executive salaries and Board remuneration are being reduced by 10%. We are reducing organizational costs and program expenditures, including: Deferring of the 2020 Major Road Network operations, maintenance and rehabilitation program funding to municipalities. Deferring 2020 service expansions Spending cash reserves to sustain current essential service operations through to the end of 2020. Prior to the above announcement, in recent weeks we have significantly reduced trips on many of our routes system-wide, including trolley routes. However, we have done our best given the circumstances to maintain essential levels by providing supplemental service in some locations where customers are experiencing significant pass-ups. When this additional service is provided on trolley routes, often diesel buses are used as they offer greater flexibility to provide faster service to reduce pass-ups and crowding. Often it is more efficient to have a diesel bus report to its first in service stop on a route from a transit centre as compared to a trolley. Additionally, these diesel buses can begin this supplemental service at different parts of a given route where the need to increase service is required, given they are not tied to the path of trolley wires.
  10. 9235 & 9283 are sitting on the retirement line. Can't confirm if 9283 is retired though?
  11. Due to lack of funding from both levels of Government, lower Gas Tax revenue, with low ridership & no farebox revenue due to Covid-19 Translink will be temporarily laying off close to 1500 employees. A huge cut to the system will take place this coming this Wednesday & Friday lasting until September. TransLink and the Province of BC have been working closely to ensure that funding is available to allow TransLink to reverse layoffs and return to near-regular operations in time for back-to-school in September. The effected changes & cuts are as follows. SkyTrain Service Beginning Wednesday (April 22), Expo and Millennium Line capacity will be further reduced. Expo Line capacity will be reduced by 20% during peak hours. During middays, early evenings, and weekends, capacity will be reduced by 20% to 40%, depending on the time of day. These capacity reductions are in addition to a 17% reduction during peak hours and a 20% reduction on Friday and Saturday evenings, which were implemented last month. Millennium Line capacity will be reduced by 15% during peak hours. During middays, early evenings, and weekends, capacity will be reduced by 20% to 40%, depending on the time of day. These capacity reductions are in addition to a 17% reduction during peak hours and a 20% reduction on Friday and Saturday evenings, which were implemented last month. Canada Line capacity has been reduced by 18% during peak hours. Bus Service Beginning Friday (April 24), 18 bus routes will be suspended. Suspended routes: 15, 32, 50, 68, 105, 131, 132, 143, 222, 480, 414, R3. Most of these routes have other transit as alternatives Suspended NightBus routes: N8, N15, N17, N22, N24, N35. Beginning in early May, we expect another 47 routes will be suspended, and frequency reduced on many remaining routes. Expected route suspensions: 251, 252, 262, 280, 281, 282, 370, 563, 564, 044, 170, 181, 182, 231, 241, 247, 258, 345, 352, 354, 391, 393, 394, 395, 416, 509, 602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 614, 616, 617, 618, 619, 719, 722, 733, 741, 744, 748, 749, 791, 042, 150, 179. Precise timing for these suspensions and reductions will be released in due course. TransLink is prioritizing service to routes serving hospitals and other health facilities. Routes selected for suspension either duplicate other routes or are in low ridership areas. The number of people TransLink can move on buses was reduced to around 30% of normal levels due to physical distancing measures. Once all planned service reductions are implemented, the number of people TransLink can move will decrease further, to around 20% of normal levels. SeaBus Service Beginning Wednesday (April 22), SeaBus will end service earlier. The last SeaBus sailing of the day will happen at 7:30 p.m. from Lonsdale Quay and 7:45 p.m. from Waterfront. SeaBus will continue sailings every 30-minutes. West Coast Express Service Beginning Wednesday (April 22), West Coast Express trains One, Three, and Five will continue to operate on existing schedules but will have fewer cars. Trains Two and Four remain suspended.
  12. TransLink losing $75-million a month as ridership falls during pandemic. With fewer people moving around during the pandemic, and TransLink not collecting fares on buses amid this pandemic, the financial impact is becoming apparent. TransLink is losing tens of millions of dollars due to the slowdown in movement, with the transportation authority’s internal figures pointing to losses of $75-million dollars on a monthly basis. As a result, leadership is concerned about how long it can continue to offer service on major routes. It also worries how reduced trips could mean crowding or long wait times with fewer busses running. Translink hasn’t collected fares since March 20 when it made the move to rear-door boarding only. TransLink will be appealing for emergency funding from the provincial and federal governments.
  13. More temporary reduced service levels taking effect on Monday due to low ridership due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Overall ridership is down 83%, Bus boarding's down 82%, Seabus is down 90% & WCE is down 95% *Bus Routes will be reduced with routes experiencing low ridership *Seabus will operate every 30 mins *WCE cancelling the 655am out of Mission/530pm From Waterfront *The proposed July fare increase has been postponed until further notice *TransLink's revenue has dropped drastically due to rear boarding's as well as a drop in the fuel tax revenue of 60% due to less people driving
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