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  1. They run the entire length of the regular scheduled service
  2. Due to a 2nd Alarm Residential Structure Fire 2600 Block East 49th Ave. detours in effect for 049 & 430 services, via Kerr, East 54th Ave, Elliott both directions
  3. They are all in service now, except for the new double deckers for RTC which will be hitting the roads very soon!
  4. Commercial structure fire at Main & Kingsway has Main St. Blocked between Broadway & East 6th Ave. Kingsway Between Broadway & Main St. all directions. Detours are as in place,,, 003 Marine Dr. Station/Downtown 2nd ave, Great Northern Way, 6th ave, Clark, Broadway to Main then regular route both directions. Trolleys will terminate at Main & East Broadway then return back to Marine Dr. Stn 008 Downtown will terminate at Broadway & Scotia then return to Fraser & Marine via Kingsway, 10th Ave. Main, Broadway Reg route No service to Downtown 019 Metrotown Stn Pender, Homer, Hastings, Commercial, Victoria, Kingsway Reg route. (Can't see why Columbia couldn't be used instead of Homer?) 019 Stanley Park Victoria, Commercial, Hastings, Richards, Pender reg route
  5. Just discovered it being a mistake on my part
  6. 21008 as a fireworks special made at least 1 trip as a 22 Knight to 63rd this evening
  7. "Heat domes aren't going away as much as we'd like them to". I'm not sure why you're bringing up "Heat Domes" when we only had the one heat dome which was last summer??? There has NOT been a Heat Dome in British Columbia this summer & nothing is being forecasted at the present time!
  8. Could we please refrain from unnecessary quotes on here! Lets act like adults please!
  9. I don't think we need to keep reporting XDE60's on Trolley Routes anymore as this has been a regular occurrence now
  10. Hello.....it's 2022 & the 2024 order hasn't even started production!
  11. It won't be 21026 as there is only 25 on order & 21006 has not been in service yet, so you're seeing 21006
  12. 9546 doing 1 complete round trip on a 351 for the AM rush
  13. Please if we can refrain from all the unnecessary posts it would be appreciated
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