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  1. Trolley overhead has come down on Kingsway between Boundary & Patterson. So far book h out for the 19 is diesels. Kingsway is also closed to traffic. 19 is on detour both directions boundary, imperial willingdon then central Blvd
  2. Expo Line is experiencing delays due to track issue near Stadium Stn. Trains single tracking between Main & Commercial-Broadway Stn. Bus Bridge from Waterfront & Commercial-Broadway. Canada & Millennium Line unaffected. Affected stops: Waterfront Station Burrard Station Granville Station Stadium-Chinatown Station Main Street-Science World Station Commercial-Broadway Station
  3. Most trolleys use Oak & then 41st to get their starting routes which means they go past Oakridge. Since it’s been over 1.5 months ago when I was by that section I could’ve sworn the trolley overhead was moved over & aligned with the temporary road configuration? If that is the case now what is the issue with Oakridge?
  4. R9208 & R9222 Join the retirement line at RTC
  5. Just checking the 41st requires 6 buses right now. Can't understand why trolley's can't be used today as there is a surplus of trolleys not required for today being a Saturday?
  6. 19423 started service this morning on a 555
  7. 19425 Started service this afternoon on a 620
  8. Looks like a make work project for someone
  9. It finally woke up from hibernation!: P
  10. Maybe some companies don't work on weekends!
  11. I don't understand the reasoning swapping off 2 identical buses??
  12. Ok I take that back as that is where it parked. So what you did was probably the same another operator did? I see it was in service today.
  13. R9242 Joins the retirement line at RTC
  14. 19423, 19425, 19426 & 19428 Are on the PDI track at RTC now
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