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  1. It was mentioned on here a few weeks ago
  2. I already asked them for the complete service changes for April & I was quoted "they are not ready to be published yet".
  3. So basically they are stored on the north side of the property from what you point out. Do you know if they can be viewed at the entrance gate of the property on North Road?
  4. Totally forgot about the Knight St Bridge clearance. I also agree with the low clearance at Metrotown.
  5. With the money Translink got from the Fed's for the service improvements phase 1 is there any plans to string the rest of the trolley overhead that currently ends at S.E. Marine & Main beyond Main street? Seems like a waste for that overhead to be sitting there tied up to the street light! Also a waste of fuel costs to run diesel buses on the N8 & N20 where as trolleys would save fuel costs & have that cost of overhead paid off in no time.
  6. It's a possibility as it was last on a 049 yesterday but didn't complete it's full run. It was not assigned to anything today so I would bet that it's been returned?
  7. None as of today at 130pm. 16049 Just arrived today to join 16042 16046 16047 16050 & 16051. I'm sure the XDE60's will start to show up once the XN40's are all on the road?
  8. Typo error March 20th
  9. What part of the Crane Property are the buses stored at..... North, South? I remember years ago I managed to get inside the Crane Property with a Mundies tow truck driver back during the BC Transit days as he was hauling the C40's & C40LF's into the building of Crane for storage.
  10. 15013 Returned back to BTC from VTC as of March 29
  11. RTC Check this afternoon at 2pm 16048 latest arrival with 16042 16046 16047 16050 & 16051 still on site. All 6 coaches were running with signs displaying Special/Not in Service. All 6 still with no plates
  12. Thanks Dennis I survived. Being without your Tcomm site is like being without internet access LOL
  13. Did a RTC check at 130pm New arrivals since last week 16050 & 16051. 16042 16046 16047 still at RTC. All 5 coaches are not plated
  14. A water main burst showering the expo line platform
  15. Probably at speedy auto glass lol. J/K I presume a window was damaged during delivery?