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  1. 34 Years ago today was the official start of service for Skytrain Expo Line between New Westminster Station & Waterfront Station.
  2. 9220 joins the retirement line at RTC
  3. 19405 19406 19407 19410 19413 are on the PDI Track at RTC
  4. Spotted a XDE60 going SB on Hwy 91 just prior to 72nd ave around 11pm this evening (Saturday). Unable to grab a number due to darkness. Destination sign was reading "special". No idea where it was heading to?
  5. Due to a fatal pedestrian incident on Hwy 99 SB just after 630am, the 2 SB thru lanes are closed resulting in traffic being detoured down the bus lane. Due to traffic backed up to at least Hwy 91 351, 601 & 620's are on detour via Shell Rd. Exit, Westminster Hwy, 5 Road, Steveston Hwy, Steveston Hwy on ramp to Hwy 99. Update as of 1257pm both thru lanes are now reopened with traffic starting to ease up resulting in the detour now cancelled.
  6. If a deal is NOT reached by Tuesday at 5am a full shut down will take place until Friday. Again if a last minute deal can be reached by both parties the strike will be called off. Both sides are still at the table.
  7. CUPE 7000 Will make an announcement at 11am this morning on what job if any that will take place. Both parties are still at the table.
  8. There was a climate action protest at Robson & Thurlow which had the entire intersection blocked. This coach was being u turned assisted by a transit supervisor to get it back to Davie & Denman where it would continue up Davie to Downtown. Not sure what happened with the rest of the service which was blocked?
  9. 19401 is now at RTC on the active tracks
  10. Seabus schedule for tomorrow & Tuesday will be reduced significantly. Service will be 6am-9am 15 minute service, 9am-3pm 30 minute service, 3pm-9pm 15 minute service, 9pm - end of service 30 minute service.
  11. VIA Rail holds the contract for maintenance for the equipment. It's nothing unusual to see VIA Rail & WCE equipment tied on together. Those 3 WCE coaches have been there for the past few months.
  12. Looks like 19404 was on a road test this afternoon? I seen it heading SB on Hwy 99 at Blundell around 235pm as I was driving NB. Nothing lit up on the front sign either.
  13. Millennium I suggest you listen to what Gavin McGarrigle from Unifor 111 talked about in his interview with Lynda Steele this afternoon on CKNW 980 what this whole strike is about. If you listen carefully how Michael McDaniel from CMBC & Kevin Desmond from Translink make triple digit salaries. Transit operators & maintenance staff do NOT make triple digit salaries like these executives do. Maybe these 2 guys & the rest of the Translink board should roll back their salaries & also place themselves in the day to day life of a transit operator. I think what the members are asking for is pretty fair. Millennium I'm sure if you were a transit operator & involved in the labour dispute I'm sure you would paint a different picture. Here is the link to the podcast https://omny.fm/shows/steele-drex/transit-strike-day-5-prepare-for-day-6-disruption Just for the record I'm not a transit operator.
  14. Official statement by Unifor.... VANCOUVER—The failure of Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) to meaningfully address workers’ concerns about working conditions, wages, and benefits during this round of negotiations has led Unifor Local 111 and 2200 to serve 72-hour notice of job action. “It’s not hard to understand what is happening here. The company is showing little respect for the difficult working conditions that our members must face every day,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. If an agreement is not achieved in the next 72 hours, job action that will affect services will begin. The precise form strike action will take is to be determined but could range from work-to-rule or rolling strike action. The deadline is Thursday evening at midnight. “Unifor’s bargaining committees are prepared to stay at the table all week to reach a deal,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director and lead negotiator. “The company’s lack of movement leaves us little choice but to set a strike deadline.” On October 10, 2019 the two Unifor local unions at the bargaining table voted 99 per cent in favour of strike action. This is the first time in more than 18 years these local unions have issued strike notice. The last time this happened there was a four-month strike in 2001. “Our members are proud to serve Metro Vancouver residents but our patience with CMBC is not limitless,” said Balbir Mann, Unifor Local 111 President. Mike Smith, Unifor Local 2200 President, said it takes two sides to reach a compromise: “The deal is there if CMBC wants to reach out. The only reason we could be on strike by the weekend is because the employer has dug in with an unreasonable position.” Unifor represents more than 5,000 workers at Coast Mountain Bus Company, with Unifor Local 111 representing transit operators in conventional and community shuttles and Unifor Local 2200 representing maintenance and Seabus workers. Unifor is Canada’s largest union in the private sector, representing 315,000 workers in every major area of the economy. The union advocates for all working people and their rights, fights for equality and social justice in Canada and abroad, and strives to create progressive change for a better future.
  15. Unifor local 111 has just served CMBC with 72 hour strike notice which will take place at midnight on Thursday. No announcement as of yet what will take place a work to rule, or a strike? As time gets closer to Thursday well find out what kind of job action will take place.
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