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  1. 9706 returned back to VTC from BTC
  2. 2518 is parked at the north end of BTC for possible future refurb?
  3. Confirmed 9255 is on the retirement line
  4. 9693 Returns back to VTC after being parked at RTC for a few months
  5. 9693 Has returned back to VTC after sitting out at RTC after doing nothing for a few months
  6. Police incident at Bridgeport Stn has Bridgeport Stn closed to all services. 351's 601's Terminating at Marine Dr. Stn.
  7. Massey Tunnel closed both directions due to a semi truck fire NB at the North End of the Tunnel. 351's, 601's 620's routing via Hwy 91, Alex Fraser Hwy 91 to 99 except 601's 620's via 17 to Hwy 99 then Hwy 17A both directions. No service to Matthews Exch or Steveston Hwy.
  8. Seen it at Bridgeport Station this evening
  9. It's a 601 that does a couple of trips on a 403 in the AM rush.
  10. 9259 Is now on the retirement line at RTC
  11. How did this end up on the 049 Sunday?
  12. 41 no longer serves UBC since the R4 Inauguration
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