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  1. That's because of a earth day event being held at the park north of 1st Avenue from 1230pm-2pm. The route was on a temp detour via Venables, Clark, Broadway, Commercial
  2. RTC check this afternoon 16201 plus 3 others which I'm unable to get due to the flood of shuttles being retired & new ones being word on before going into service. B8040 & B8075 recent arrivals for possible retirement? Both were in service yesterday as morning trippers on the 043
  3. These were all sitting at RTC last week. 7312 & 7351 were sitting there since early Jan & 8042 & 8033 arrived at RTC last week
  4. Where do you get the Lego E901 from?
  5. 16051 on the HTC 049 Tripper
  6. The 22 Knight/Macdonald is 100% VTC
  7. With the upcoming service improvements taking effect April 24th & with all the D40LF's in storage has CMBC started prepping these buses in getting them back into service again for that they can be ready for April 24th?
  8. Don't see a topic for the new 2017 Community shuttles so I'll put it in this topic. RTC check this afternoon at 2pm 16047 16048 are gone. Several new Chevrolet community shuttles are now on the property as well as some which looks like are going to being retired? New Chevrolet shuttles 17508 17509 plus others which I wasn't able to get any numbers of. Possible retirement list S286 S314 S315 S341 S351 S352 S376 S379
  9. Just the 1 shuttle sitting outside next to P8095. The ones that are inside can they be spotted during the daytime?
  10. I took a drive out today to Crane & could only see P8095. Where's the rest of the coaches that are suppose to be stored out there?
  11. 16049 was at RTC on Thursday with 048 but if 048 is out at HTC 049 should be out there as well? I'll check out RTC tomorrow to see what's there besides new Community Shuttles?
  12. RTC Check Wednesday 230pm 16040 16049 & 16050 still on the property.
  13. RTC Check Wednesday afternoon at 230pm new Community Shuttles on the property not plated yet 17506 17508 17509 & looks like S353being retired?
  14. That would be correct as I checked around the dinner hour & it didn't show up on Tcomm back then
  15. If 49 & 50 were at HTC this morning then 47 48 & 51 could be at HTC since they were not at RTC today? Don't be surprised to start seeing the XDE60's stating to show up at RTC in the next week?