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  1. Due to a burst water pipe at Waterfront Station, Seabus Service had been suspended until further notice. A bus bridge has been set up between Waterfront & Lonsdale Quay
  2. That's funny George as I was snooping at the east fence last week & nothing was parked on that side. Now I will have to do some detective work starting in January
  3. Due to Icy Road Conditions VTC did not book out any articulated Trolley's today. Instead 40 Foot Trolley's & Nova's are booked out on the runs
  4. Due to Victoria Dr Hill being slick from East 54th to Harrison Dr. all regular services are being terminated at 54th Loop. 9471 was brought in from VTC to act as a shuttle between Harrison Loop & East 41st Ave.
  5. I also noticed that he quoted 35 years. Probably a rerun from last year?
  6. 36 Years ago today was the start of Skytrain between Waterfront & New West. Even CTV's Mike McCardell had it on his weekday Segment "The Last Word" yesterday. The Last Word: SkyTrain marks a milestone | CTV News
  7. Spotted 9208 heading WB on East 49th Ave. at Fraser Street Not in Service. Not sure where it was heading to on East 49th Ave? It's last run was on Jan 2 2020?
  8. Last time it was in service was on July 28th on a 257
  9. 18109 was involved in a multi vehicle mva on the King George Hwy overpass above Colebrook Rd. this morning.
  10. So lets see....cut some service off of some routes in order to save $$$, but they have no problem wasting money on fuel costs by having diesels running on trolley routes like the 017 has been all week, or assigning a single diesel mixed in with trolleys doesn't make sense at all! This outfit has their priorities wrong!
  11. A person or persons have been throwing rocks at vehicles travelling on Hwy 99 from the pedestrian overpass between King George & 152nd St. 9678 got a fair size rock in the drivers front windshield garage bound after completing a "350' on the evening of Nov 26.
  12. 9571 & 9587 Are on a 620 this afternoon & evening
  13. So Translink has been quoting that ridership has been been going up system wide, but come January they reduce the service level on the above mentioned routes. So how do you attract ridership when you reduce the service level?
  14. 9549 & 9587 are on a 620 this afternoon & evening
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