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  1. Observed today in the afternoon rush 2241 on the back of a Unitow tow truck parked SB Cambie at East 45th Ave. It's last revenue service date was June 23rd. on a 004. I also noticed some 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper taped to the front windshield as well.
  2. 9672 Has now been transferred from RTC to BTC
  3. 7409 Hs been repaired & has been returned back to service
  4. 9673 Has now been transferred from RTC to BTC
  5. I've noticed a lot more traffic in the Lower Mainland in the last few weeks. I think this has been contributed by more visitors vacationing in the Lower Mainland due to the Forest Fires & High Covid cases in the Interior & Okanagan.
  6. It's not the first time the 019 has had all diesels
  7. New Years Eve Free Service is cancelled this year due to no gatherings & events. Regular service hours will be in effect New Years Eve & New Years Day. Free service will return New Years Eve 2021
  8. Trolley Overhead is down in the intersection of Dundas & Nanaimo.
  9. MVA on the Knight St. Bridge North End SB has the bridge closed above S.E. Marine Dr. All SB 430's are detouring 49th, Oak, Oak Bridge, Sea Island Way, Great Canadian Way
  10. Repairs have been made & service is now back to normal!
  11. 7419 Returns back to service on a 025 after being absent since July 19
  12. Wrong info! I drove through the tunnel at 1700 & there was a single SB lane open, while NB was shut down!
  13. Due to a container truck roll over on Hwy 91 EB in the "S" curve just after 7pm Hwy 91 is closed at Nelson Rd. Since all EB traffic is gridlock from Knight St all EB 301's & 410's are using Westminster Hwy from Brighouse Stn out to Queensbrough.
  14. Today marks a special anniversary for West Coast Express. It was 25 years ago today Nov 1 1995 that the first West Coast Express Train started. Train 5 West was diverted to Pacific Central Station for the start of service ceremonies for West Coast Express. Premier then Glen Clark was on hand to welcome train 5
  15. 2162 was being towed behind a Davidsons Tow Truck WB 49th at Knight yesterday at about 1625 yesterday
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