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  1. I can only remember that 2205 and 2207 were ends. I couldnt feel a bump.
  2. Im on board as of writing this. Seems that brakes are releasing about the same speed as the series 8s and 9s to me.
  3. All buses built from 2013 onwards have air conditioning. Used buses are a mixed bag. Older buses are not fitted with A/C. Most subway stations have A/C installed on the mezzanine level only. Stations with platform screen doors have newer A/C units installed on the platform [All A, B, E, and 3 lines]. Ground level and elevated stations have A/C install in station buildings. Bus hubs have A/C installed in the shelters. Almost all subway trains are fitted with A/C. Starting in 1987, A/C became standard. The only trains not fitted with A/C are the F84E fleet, which are due for replacement. SMRT does have water fountains at all subway stations.
  4. I assume Siemens does not offer the S70 anymore? If they still did, I'd bet on that being their offering.
  5. Seems to me that the refurbs look quite good (though Winter will take its toll on the floor ­čśé). It's what we expected, an SD-160 that has the tech of an S200. Now the real question is how it will fair when with the Series 8s.
  6. I wonder where in South Calgary? I'm guessing Anderson, since it was the original terminus when the system opened.
  7. City ends contract with Thales, escorts workers from LRT Job Site. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/city-ends-contract-with-thales-escorts-workers-from-lrt-job-site
  8. So from what I can see, the stairs loop around?
  9. Station sign names at Anderson are being replaced (the side signs, not the platform signs).
  10. 2462 has arrived and is unwrapped at Haysboro (or rewrapped and unwrapped again?)
  11. MetroTech Systems Production of the MT-3 series has ended. We will no longer be offering it for purchase. In replacement, the M7 family will be fully available. The LFT Series 1 will be discontinued in favor of the LFT Series 3, offering the highest quality of product. We are excited to launch our brand new line of rail units, called the D-EU Family! The D-EU Family is an all new generation of Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) and Diesel Locomotives. Since 2010, we have been undergoing research and testing to provide improvements to the DMU and locomotive market. Through our R&D program and our collaborative work with Tri-Star to develop the IBES-RD1 engine, we have learned and tested various different configurations of engines to reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines. All DMUs and locomotives will come equipped with our new DieselDrive Series 1 engines. These engines have been rigorously tested and not only meets, but exceeds the EPA and European requirements. They are rated as EPA Tier 4 for Line-hauling units (including switch units) and European standards for locomotives. Starting with this family of units, all trains are custom specific for all contracts, meaning customers are not restricted to specific layouts for DMUs and locomotives (they are still subject to the manufacturer's platform for assembly, but exterior and interior specs are custom made). This will also be rolled out to the M7 family. (The LFT family will not be receiving this change, due to the nature and design of the trams) DE-MU (Diesel Efficient Multiple Unit) - Supports all safety systems, including CBTC and in-house DCTO. Perfect for clients who are looking to introduce a new DMU line or update their existing fleet. D-EL (Diesel Efficient Locomotive) - Supports all safety systems. Perfect for replacement of existing locomotives. All locomotives are suited for both shunting and pulling operations, but can be customized to fit a specific role. Please inquire for more details. D-EH (Diesel Efficient Hybrid) - Supports all safety systems. Similar to the smaller scale hybrid buses, these units are available as DMUs only. Please inquire within. All platforms are available for purchase starting today! Contact MetroTech systems for more details and a quotation.
  12. SMRT Bulletin SMRT is calling on all bus manufacturers for an opportunity. We are launching the Electric Bus Test Program (EBTP), where we will be testing various electric buses over the course of 1 year. The buses will be heavily tested along various routes around the city and varying conditions. Requirements to participate: Low Floor, Zero Emissions Bus running on battery power (no hybrid buses) Buses must meet safety standards expressed under Canadian Law Must provide one 40 foot (40') bus for testing; Any spec allowed. May provide one 30 foot (30'), 35 foot (35'), or 60 foot (60') bus for additional testing; Any spec allowed. Not required but we will accept as part of testing. Number of buses from each manufacturer must not exceed 2 buses. Each manufacturer will only provide one bus model. Registration opens today (February 12, 2019) and closes March 30, 2019. Closing date may change, depending on circumstances. Following our testing program, companies will have a chance to bid for a request for purchase to supply electric buses. RFP not guaranteed following program. Companies that wish to sign up, please contact our procurement department at corporateRFP@smrt.gov.ca [PM in real life]
  13. MCI has been awarded the contract for the new coaches. They will be the first CNG coaches in our fleet. 40 coaches have been ordered.
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