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  1. SMRT News: Starting February 1st, the E Line will undergo renovations to install CBTC. Currently, the A Line operates CBTC, whereas the B Line has CBTC installed, but it is not active due to the E Line not having any CBTC. This project will take approx. 6 months and is expected to be completed by July 1st. The new trains to be built by J-TREC have been finalised. The new trains are called the JF18 as they are expected to start entering service in 2018. J-TREC has begun construction of these new cars. Three new routes have been established: 39: Downtown - Lance 40: Lance - University - Uptown 41: 8th Street Terminal - Airport Starting June 1st, construction of a brand new subway branch line will be underway! The new line called the Airport Branch Line [AE] will be running from 8th Street direct to the airport. The new line is expected to be finished before the end of 2017. It will also be automated (ATO). With that, bids are now open for new trains to operate on the AE Line. The contract will be awarded in February. SMRT and the city have decided to cancel the bid process and instead award the contract to Siemens. The new trains will be from the Inspiro family and will have ATO. The first train is expected in early 2018, before the AE line opens.
  2. Feeling a bit creative, so made these. SMRT Information: Most of our trains contain information signs in the trains to assist passengers where they are going, and which station they are currently at. Below are some examples from our system. LED Signs - Used on: F84E, F87E, F90E, F93, F93A, MT-1RE Simple LED Signs with text. LCD Screen V1 - Used on: XF94, MT-2 LCD Screen with information interface. LCD Screen V2 - Used on: MT-3 | Will be used on: M7H, New F series trains Improved LCD information system.
  3. Spotted a 4 car s200 consist head northbound this pm. Are these cars that have the okay to run?
  4. Saw 8203 around Crowchild Tr today around 4:55pm OFF
  5. Yes that's right! MetroTech LLC is now MetroTech Systems! Here is some news for the new year: [Note that logos are not fully complete, and they do come up small due to the forums.] The first M7 series train car has completed testing and has received approval for service! The first set will be repainted and delivered to SMRT as the very first car of their order. Manufacturing of bogeys and framework for trains has been moved into IB Systems, the internal electronics department in Tri Star Global Industries. The contract with the previous 3rd party company has been terminated as of January 1st, 2017. MetroTech Systems has acquired the Japanese rail refurbishment company Kyoto Rail Services (fictional) based in Kyoto. The new rebranding as MetroTech J-Systems will be our base for the Asian market and manufacturing in Asia. We are currently working on plans to expand existing facilities in Kyoto to allow rail production by 2024. That is all we have to bring in the new year. We will continue to operate under Tri Star Global Industries under MetroTech Systems. This will not affect orders of existing rail cars.
  6. SMRT: As promised, here is the final outcome for the 20 coach contract. We have decided to award 2 contracts to 2 companies for 40' coaches and for more smaller coaches: Tri Star CX 4000 - 5 40' coaches with options for 20 more coaches in the future. Kaguya - Mitsubishi Fuso AeroAce - 10 12m coaches with options for 10 more in the future. Engine specs for both contracts will need to be decided (via PM). Both coaches regardless will have Luminator Spectrum Destination Signs. Along with that, the F90 refurbishment contract has been awarded to two companies: MetroTech, and J-TREC. Half the F90s will be under MetroTech and the other will be sent to J-TREC. Under an agreement, both cars will contain the same features described in the contract, with some differences. SMRT is putting out a contract for new CNG buses to aid in growing the CNG fleet. We need 50 for the regular fleet and 100 for the SOT fleet. Contract will be divided to two companies. Award will be decided in May. Finally, we are looking for a company to refurbish our 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2004 New Flyer D40LFs (about 130 buses). Unfortunately, the in-house refurbishment was not very successful, and the buses are spending more time in shop than on the road (thus the large orders of TS40D buses in 2015). We expect these buses to have Cummins ISL9 engines, MetroTech NBT01 transmissions, and TwinVision Silver Smart Destination Signs. We need offers by the end of this month.
  7. Considering a lot of people take the 14 especially around the block scheduled, perhaps it's a temporary block or something CT is trying out?
  8. Happy new year to everyone! MetroTech LLC has some exciting changes coming in 2017! So stay tuned for a new years announcement from our parent company, Tri-Star Global Industries.
  9. SMRT: Happy holidays! Just a reminder to all travellers: -All bus and subway services are running on weekend schedules so please plan your time accordingly. (Exceptions for the B Line, which is running regular weekday service via Airport) -Snow fell overnight, so please allow extra time when travelling as city plows are plowing roads and the roads are slippery! -Regional bus service will NOT be running today due to highway conditions. Service will resume tomorrow. Future schedules for city transit (bus/subway): December 25, 2016 - Weekend Service December 26, 2016 - Weekday Service December 31. 2016 - Weekend Service (all services running Weekday Service after 7:00pm) January 1, 2017 - Weekend Service Future schedules for regional bus service: December 25, 2016 - No Service December 26, 2016 - Weekend Service December 31. 2016 - Weekday Service (all services running until 8:00pm) January 1, 2017 - Weekend Service
  10. Is there a reason for the sudden closure?
  11. MetroTech LLC has your solution: MT Rail series: The MetroTrain or MT series has been a staple of the MetroTech family for many years. Browse our trains with fully customizable details to fit your needs. Equipped with ATC, ATS, and the most advanced safety features, trains provide clean, safe, efficient, and comfortable service to our customers. Our newly designed MetroTech IGBT-VVVF Motors are the most efficient motors ever, designed to provide excellent power and speed, while using almost little energy. MT-3: Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF NG15, Hitachi SiC-VVVF, Siemens Propulsion [as per request] Interior Lighting: LED Systems: MTATC-2, MTATS-2, Regenerative Braking, MTACS, CBTC M7 Series: The MetroSeven Series or M7 Series is a brand new subway stock that replaces the MT Series rolling stock. Available with ATC, ATS, MT anti-correction system, and the world’s first regenerative braking returning up 35% of power, this is our most advanced series yet. The M7 Series is also compatible with CBTC equipped systems and our very own signaling, M7CST or M7 Computerized Signaling Technology. Together with M7CST, MTACS and many other features, the M7 Series is perfect for existing technology and next-generation technology and systems that require the most out of their trains. M7H: Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF FG16, Hitachi SiC-VVVF, MetroTech IGBT-VVVF HS01, Siemens Propulsion [as per request] Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1 MetroTech ATC Gen. 1 (MTATC-1): Automatic Train Control for MT-2 MetroTech ATC Gen. 2 (MTATC-2): Automatic Train Control for MT-2, MT-3 M7 ATO Gen. 1 (M7ATO-1): Automatic Train Operation for M7H MetroTech ATS Gen. 2 (MTATS-2): Automatic Train Stop for MT-2, MT-3 MetroTech Anti-correction System (MTACS): Correction Stop for MT-2, MT-3 Digital Communications Train Operation (DCTO): Digital Signalling for M7H As per your request, we have gone into contact with Siemens for their propulsion system. As all our trains are custom designed for any system, we will design either the MT-3 or M7H to your design of the R160, R179 design.
  12. SMRT NEWS: With the success of the first 5 MCI D4500CT coaches that started our regional bus service, SMRT is putting out a contract for 20 additional coach buses for our regional network. Companies both in North America and Abroad are encouraged to bid for the contract. Companies are asked to submit to SMRT by the end of this year. The winner of the contract will be announced in January of next year. Good luck to all! SMRT has announced that the current contract for the new NF95 series subway stock has been cancelled. SMRT stated that the NF95s were dealing with frame issues and bogey cracks. Along with that, the software that was going to be implemented was not operating to the standards of SMRT. MetroTech LLC has agreed to terminate the contract, citing that frames would be scrapped and bogeys would be repaired and used as spare parts for other SMRT vehicles. The decision does not affect the M7 contract currently in place with SMRT. SMRT stated that the smaller profile stock would be built by another manufacturer while the M7s would remain on contract. Both companies have stated that business relationships have not been hindered by the contract termination. In light of the contract, SMRT awarded the NF95 contract to J-TREC in Japan. J-TREC has agreed to manufacture the new NF95 series stock, stating that they are pleased to be given the opportunity. J-TREC had the second highest bid behind MetroTech LLC. The NF95 series will also undergo a brand new name which will be revealed in late 2017.
  13. As someone from Calgary, it feels weird seeing luminators on a 1995 bus. I guess that's just me. Feels nice to see our buses are serving well there. Maybe I will pay a visit to my cousin there...
  14. Somewhat old news post, but a certain photo caught my eye. (Apologies for photo size) Look familiar? Article for reference:
  15. Another S200 greeted me this evening heading home. 3rd ride thus far and I was in 2406 (finally not 2401) and another 4 car train. Running smoothly and braking normally. Info systems were having problems. LED destination signs outside were working as were interior LEDs. The info lcd screens were having problems keeping up with announcements and refreshing every announcement.