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  1. SMRT News We are working closely with Health officials to ensure the wellness of our guests and staff. As stated by Health Canada, the risk remains low and to that end, service will remain normal. All our buses, trams, and subway cars are undergoing significant cleaning and disinfecting during this time. Please be mindful of other guests and follow the recommended health guidelines outlined by Health Canada and Alberta Health Services. As conditions can change at anytime we will keep everyone notified of any changes to transit. Thank you for your cooperation during this time and as always, the safety of our guests and staff remain our #1 priority. On an unrelated note: We are rolling out new announcements to our entire system to improve communication with guests and those who are visually impaired. Here's how things will change: Buses Current [CAD]: "8th Street Terminal" | "Stop Requested. Please use the rear doors" New [CAD and External Speakers]: "8th Street Terminal. Transfer to subways and trams." | "Stop Request. Use rear doors" | "Route A100 to Rockaway" Trams Current: None, unless specified by tram drivers New [CAD]: Similar to buses Subways Current : "The Next Station is City Hall. The doors on the right side will open. Please change here for the B and E Lines" New: "Next stop: City Hall. Change for B and E Lines. Doors open on the right" Stations Current: chime "The next train approaching is for 8th Street. Please stand clear of the platform doors" OR "The next train approaching is for Evergreen. Please stand behind the platform edge" New: chime "Next train: A line to 8th Street. Please mind the platform doors" OR "Next train: F line to Evergreen. Please mind the platform edge"
  2. Hey all! From the Calgary board. I will be relocating to Edmonton for the next 4 months for work and was wondering some places to go spotting. Thanks a bunch!
  3. SMRT Buses and Area [SMRT] The RFP for the electric bus fleet has concluded, with New Flyer and Nova Bus both winning the contract. Both companies will provide 4 electric buses for trial before the rest of the fleet is announced. Thank you to all those who have participated in the RFP. [KGTS] Kennedy & Gregory Transportation System has announced a RFP for 30 CNG 40 foot buses. They can be any spec. Ends Jan 01, 2020. This will replace part of our existing diesel fleet. [SBL] Sunnyshore Bus Lines is announcing an RFP for 10 40 foot buses. They can be any spec. Ends Feb 01, 2020. This will replace the remaining high floor fleet.
  4. Hi from Calgary! Seeing a lot of miscommunication to passengers about delays. How does Transpo usually handle delays? Are they radioed to dispatch? From experience here (and someone from the Calgary board can clarify and correct me), problems are usually relayed to dispatch and other drivers near the problem train. Once word is received, announcements are made to passengers (manually for unplanned delays, we used to have automatic announcement for them, but switched back to manual). Calgary Transit also relays any significant delays via Twitter and updates on the situation (i.e. Problem solved, getting back on schedule). It's not always perfect 100% of the time however. It does take a bit of time for word to spread to other LRT operators and some are even unaware of the situation until they get held up at a station. As LRT has stated previously, it's a matter of getting into the flow of things and working out the bugs. Nothing ever is flawless the first time around. OC Transpo is pretty new to operating LRT, and there are numerous issues that need workarounds with the system that was built. There is never a clear cut solution to everything, but some recommendations can help discover a solution that fits. That is my 2 cents on this.
  5. (Was looking at records and found that I had an electric bus program RFP that ended in March oops) SMRT RFP A reminder that SMRT is looking for bus manufacturers to bid for the Electric Bus Pilot Program. Originally the RFP ended in March, but the city has reopened the RFP once again due to lack of interest (we've only received details from BYD). The reopening will be available until Oct. 31, 2019. After reviewing details and fleet information on the subway system, we have decided to retired the F84E fleet by the end of 2020. This was in part due to the fact that the F84E is the last fleet of trains without Air Conditioning and due to the nature of the D Line, which runs above ground for part of the line. Other details include: the cars are incompatible with the F97E, and F90E fleets, which were refurbished in the late 2010s, and despite the 2013 refurb performed, much of the systems on board are from the 1980s (mechanical parts such as doors and motors were given a refresh and not upgraded to IGBT technology like the F90 fleet) which are harder to come by. A farewell ceremony will be announced at a later date. On top of that, the MT-1RE fleet will be retired later this year to allow a common fleet on the C and F lines. A farewell charter will be held on November 30, 2019.
  6. 8191 made it all the way from Stoney to run the 12 this pm!
  7. It was out today again. Finally got the consist: 2205, 2219, 2206, 2207
  8. I can only remember that 2205 and 2207 were ends. I couldnt feel a bump.
  9. Im on board as of writing this. Seems that brakes are releasing about the same speed as the series 8s and 9s to me.
  10. All buses built from 2013 onwards have air conditioning. Used buses are a mixed bag. Older buses are not fitted with A/C. Most subway stations have A/C installed on the mezzanine level only. Stations with platform screen doors have newer A/C units installed on the platform [All A, B, E, and 3 lines]. Ground level and elevated stations have A/C install in station buildings. Bus hubs have A/C installed in the shelters. Almost all subway trains are fitted with A/C. Starting in 1987, A/C became standard. The only trains not fitted with A/C are the F84E fleet, which are due for replacement. SMRT does have water fountains at all subway stations.
  11. I assume Siemens does not offer the S70 anymore? If they still did, I'd bet on that being their offering.
  12. Seems to me that the refurbs look quite good (though Winter will take its toll on the floor 😂). It's what we expected, an SD-160 that has the tech of an S200. Now the real question is how it will fair when with the Series 8s.
  13. I wonder where in South Calgary? I'm guessing Anderson, since it was the original terminus when the system opened.
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