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  1. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Kennedy and Gregory Transportation System: RFP awarded to New Flyer for 20 XD40s. SMRT: The RFP for regional buses have been extended to January 31, 2019.
  2. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Announcing the RFP that ended a few days ago: Sunnyshore Bus Lines (SBL): UTC: CN40XR [UTC TN-280 Engines; UTC T-1400 Transmissions; Luminator Spectrum Titan Signs] Sunnyshore Airport Authority (SAA): UTC: D60XR [UTC T-1330 Engines; Allison B500R6 transmissions (if not compatible, please contact); Luminator Spectrum Signs] UTC: DE40XR [Cummins B6.7 Engines; BAe Hybridrive transmissions; Luminator Spectrum Signs] Thanks to all who participated and offered. The Kennedy & Gregory Transportation System contract will end this Saturday.
  3. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT Notice: With new Cannabis laws taking effect tomorrow, we have set rules in place for the safety of all passenges using SMRT. Effective October 17, 2018: - Smoking cannabis in stations, station platforms, on board buses, streetcars, and trains is prohibited, just as regular smoking is. It is subject to the same rules as smoking cigarettes. - Offering cannabis to a minor (under the age of 18) is prohibited by law, and will be subject to criminal conviction. - It is NOT illegal to possess cannabis, as long as it is 30 grams or less. Transit officers will have the right to ask about any cannabis on persons, BUT can only remove an individual from a transit building or vehicle if they are smoking, distributing to minors, or hold more than 30 grams. Edible cannabis is still ILLEGAL and is subject to legal action. - Smoking at bus stops is allowed, but please be mindful of those around you. - Operators are NOT allowed to operate any vehicle or perform their duties under cannabis influence. If you think an employee is under influence, please report to the nearest transit officer or police. Please be mindful of others when on transit. Thank you.
  4. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Thank you both for the offers. You will be notified if you win the contract. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Terwillegar Ranch Transportation Authority (TRTA) We have awarded a contract to New Flyer for 20 XD35 buses. They are equipped with Cummins L9 engines, Allison B400R6 transmissions, and Twinvision Silver LED signs.
  5. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    We have some too. Usually over operator radio, but we have some public announcements. "Would Mr. Sands please report to (area)?": Like in London, fire for public speaker use. | Code Four-One: Fire "Would Mr. Mike please report to (area)": Medical emergencies in public speaker use. | Code Four-Two: Medical emergency "Would Mr. Tango please assist at (area)": We've only used this once ever. Mass station evacuation. | Code One-Two: Evacuation Code One-Zero: All clear. Code One-Three: Non-life threatening emergency, followed by Code Three-Two. Code Two-One: Crew descending onto tracks. Do not proceed Code Two-Two: Work crew on tracks. Slow speed. Code Two-Three: Unauthorised persons on tracks. Call Code Three-Two. Code Three-One: Emergency brake activated. Call Code Three-Two. Code Three-Two: Crew needed at location. Code Three: Life threatening emergency, contact 911. Code Five: Call cleaning crew. "Code Sierra, Code Sierra": All personnel tune radios to channel one (main communications) "Code Echo!, Code Echo!": Initiate evacuation of vehicle/station.
  6. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    We will gladly take up the fix.
  7. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    A bunch of RFPs for various private companies in the Sunnyshore area located below. Apply within: Sunnyshore Bus Lines (SBL) 10 CNG 40' buses. Efficient and quiet to replace our Orion V buses. [Any spec welcome] Expires end of October 2018 Sunnyshore Airport Authority (SAA) 20 Diesel 60' buses. Efficient and reliable to run as Terminal Transfer Shuttles. [Luminator Spectrum required] Expires end of October 2018 10 Diesel/Hybrid 40' buses. Efficient and reliable to run as Gate Shuttles. [Luminator Spectrum required] Expires end of October 2018 Kennedy & Gregory Transportation System (KGTS) 20 Diesel 40' buses. Reliable buses to replace existing New Flyer D40 buses. [ZF Ecolife required] Expires November 10, 2018 ------------------------------------------------------- SMRT Notice Due to snowfall in southern Alberta, all subway and bus services were running quite late. Thanks to all our crew working to get everything back in service and smoothing things out during delays on October 2. Delays for buses are still expected as the snow remains on the ground. Subway service is back to normal with no issues. All our buses were equipped with Winter Tires in anticipation, but even those couldn't stop the slippery roads. We are glad to report that there were no accidents up until now. Speaking of which, we found that our small fleet of Tri-Star TS40 Hybrids had the most struggle in this weather, as well as our artic fleet. Double deckers didn't struggle too badly, but there was one report of a Enviro400 getting stuck. The CNG fleet proved well in the sudden winter storm, and we look forward to continue ordering more CNG buses in the future. The TS40 Hybrids are experiencing major issues, mainly starting up and electrical shorts found on one of the buses. We have contacted Tri-Star in order to deal with the issue. As a reminder the TS40 Hybrids arrived in 2015 and had no issues with winter driving for the 3 years.
  8. CanadianTransitTycoon

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    Thanks for the clarification. I didn't intend on doubting what has been already said, I just wasn't 100% sure on what happen to the Vicinities.
  9. CanadianTransitTycoon

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    Strange how the Vicinities lasted for at best 2 years and the Eldorados lasted much longer than them...
  10. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Calgary Transit

    You mean one of these? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ae01a4L8IBU/maxresdefault.jpg
  11. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries and Spottings

    More photos to come later!
  12. CanadianTransitTycoon

    List The Airlines/Aircraft You've Flown On

    Adding some flights from 2015 I didnt add originally. Airbus A320: Jetstar Asia Airbus A330: China Airlines Airbus A340: China Airlines Boeing 737: China Airlines
  13. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries and Spottings

    Man, I bet it is amazing up close. Can't wait to see it in person!
  14. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    Software issues?
  15. CanadianTransitTycoon

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Ahh man not the S200s and XD40s....