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      Saddened by loss of Winnipeg Transit driver   02/15/2017

      We are saddened by the loss of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine (Jubal) Fraser who was attacked while on the job and unfortunately passed away.
      A GoFundMe page has been set up by Winnipeg Transit colleagues to help Fraser's widow and family. We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends affected by this tragic event. View CBC News Article: Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver
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  1. A demo of the MetroTech IGBT-VVVF MK10 Motors used in SMRT trains (MT-3). (Sound recording is actually a demo from my own recording when I visited Japan two years ago) Keikyu New 1000 Series.mp3
  2. Spotted 7858 on the 20 today. Looking sharp in its new livery!
  3. Being a long time user, I have had times where trains are running far behind schedule, trains stopped at stations, and delays in general. And I can speak for equipment that the trains aren't all that suited for winter. For example, today my train was held up at Southland because someone activated the ramp on one of the doors. For background info, I was on the SD 160, built around 1999/2001. Apparently, the ramp would not raise so the doors were stuck open (and during rush hour too). Aside from track and surroundings, our LRT cars also run into problems. I generally find that most cars, even our oldest U2s, still manage to operate in such cold weather. The usual delays during winter months are caused by either track issues or train issues, the latter being more common. There isn't really a huge problem with our current system (aside from 7th Ave), but trains are really the biggest cause of delays. I've been to Vancouver and seen the system first hand. It ultimately depends on how the system is managed when such sudden events occur. To answer your questions: 1. Winter is more common for delays, sometimes due to C-Train cars having issues. 2. I find the tracks outside downtown are usually fine. I haven't witnessed any trains overstopping platforms in the winter as all trains are equipped with sand dumps for the winter seasons to help with braking. Downtown tracks I'm not too sure on, but for the most part, they are fine. Until the bus gets stuck on them, then we have problems. 3. Cold and dry snow, rarely is it wet. The occasional Chinook will bring some relief, and then its back to cold and dry conditions again.
  4. Trains singletracking on the southbound track from fish-creek.
  5. MetroTech would like to bid for the contract. Pm will have all details.
  6. SMRT NOTICE: Sunnyshore is under a snowfall warning at this time. Please allow extra time on your commute today. Buses are running 10-15 minutes behind. Extra buses have been dispatched for passengers. Subway trains are running 10 minutes behind. Please allow extra time, especially as trains are traveling on the surface at slower speeds.
  7. On board 2407 this morning. Also I caught one as well Wednesday evening.
  8. MetroTech Systems would like to bid for this tender. Please have a look at our products below: MT Rail series: The MetroTrain or MT series has been a staple of the MetroTech family for many years. Browse our trains with fully customizable details to fit your needs. Equipped with ATC, ATS, and the most advanced safety features, trains provide clean, safe, efficient, and comfortable service to our customers. Our newly designed MetroTech IGBT-VVVF Motors are the most efficient motors ever, designed to provide excellent power and speed, while using almost little energy. MT-3: Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF NG15, Hitachi SiC-VVVF Interior Lighting: LED Systems: MTATC-2, MTATS-2, Regenerative Braking, MTACS, CBTC M7 Series: The MetroSeven Series or M7 Series is a brand new subway stock that replaces the MT Series rolling stock. Available with ATC, ATS, MT anti-correction system, and the world’s first regenerative braking returning up 35% of power, this is our most advanced series yet. The M7 Series is also compatible with CBTC equipped systems and our very own signaling, DCTO or Digital Communications Train Operation. Together with DCTO, MTACS and many other features, the M7 Series is perfect for existing technology and next-generation technology and systems that require the most out of their trains. M7H: Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF FG16, Hitachi SiC-VVVF, MetroTech IGBT-VVVF HS01 Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC M7Q: Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: TBA Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC M7C: Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF HS01, Hitachi SiC-VVVF Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, CBTC MetroTech Operation Solutions: MetroTech Systems is pleased to announce our new technology or Computerized Signalling Technology (CST) which spans into our new signalling system and train operation solution: Digital Communications Train Operation (DCTO). DCTO uses the exisiting technology of CBTC, and driverless trains to allow a brand new way for train operation. Here's how it works: Trains are equipped with a receiver which communicates with a centralized server system, which keeps track of trains and their current positions every 30 seconds. Based on train positions, an on-board signal or digital signal is received from the central server and is processed by the train. Using standard signalling rules (red, yellow, green), trains can receive signals ahead of time and react to the changing track conditions. ie: If a train is stopped at a station, the train behind it will receive a signal based on its current position and will adjust its speed accordingly. With this new technology, a system can operate a very high frequency of trains very closely. The technology is awaiting approval from the NTSB and once completed can be implemented on new and existing systems.
  9. I will bump. BUMP! Its been a full year since 2207 left, being the first SD 160 for full refurb.
  10. Production of the MT-2 series will be ending. Starting next month, production of the MT-2 will cease. While existing orders will be fulfilled, we will no longer accept orders of the MT-2 series. The MT-2 will still carry our life-time warranty for all systems operating MT-2s currently for parts and heavy maintenance. Announcing new variants to the M7 family. The M7Q and M7C. Currently we offer the M7H (MetroSeven High Floor), but we are now rolling out our new options, the M7Q (MetroSeven Quiet Series) and the M7C (MetroSeven Commuter). The M7C is now available for order, however will only use pantograph power instead of 3rd Rail, as well as no options for M7ATO-1. The M7Q is up for preorders but production will not begin until July 2017 as we are currently testing our new motors which will be exclusive to the M7Q, the MetroTech SiC-VVVF QS1. Announcing a new member of the LFT (Low Floor Tram) Series family, the LFT Series III. The Series III adds brand new features from the M7 Series such as IGBT-VVVF FG16 motors, and DCTO compatibility. Now available for ordering. Models ending production: MT-2: February 2017 LFT Series 01: June 2017 MT-3: June 2017* *Tentative. Subject to change. UPDATED JAN. 30 SMRT: Announcing awards to the CNG contract for 150 buses (Split 100/50) Novabus - 100 LFS Natural Gas Cummins ISL G ZF 6AP1400B Twinvision Silver Smart Signs Gillig - 50 Advantage 40' Cummins ISL G ZF 6AP1700B Twinvision Silver Smart Signs Tri Start - 50 TS 40CNG* Cummins ISL 9 ZF 6AP1700B Twinvision Silver Smart Signs *Note that Tri Star will be on hold for 50 additional buses as we have extra in fleet expansion. Tri Star will be contacted should the additional order be added. The awards for the Refurbishment of the 1997-2004 New Flyer D40LFs (Split 1997-1999/2000-2004) UTC - 1997/1999 New Flyer D40LFs (30 buses) LVTATD T220G1 MetroTech NBT01-5R Same Destination Signs Tri Star - 2000/2004 New Flyer D40LFs (100 buses) Tri Star IBES-D MetroTech NBT01-05R Same Destination Signs
  11. Messed around with Omsi 2 awhile back and recorded this. Mainly to test OBS. (and this is running on my laptop)
  12. SMRT News: The New Flyer XDE40 arrived for a demo this week. Sporting a Cummins ISL9, Allison EP 40 Transmission, and Luminator Spectrum signs, this bus will be on property and will be running in Downtown starting Monday. 6000 will be sent to New Flyer for conversion to an XN40. It will be powered by a Cummins ISL G and ZF 6AP1700B transmissions. It will also have TwinVision Silver Smart signs. Announcing 30 new Alexander Dennis Enviro500 buses. Powered by Cummins ISL9 and ZF 6AP1700B transmissions. Tenders to refurbished the New Flyer D40LFs from 1997-2004 will be closing soon. Make your bid! Tenders for CNG buses are closing this Sunday. Make your bid!
  13. 8352 on the 15!!!!
  14. SMRT News: Passengers have recently been complaining about the ride on board the F84E subway cars. While these car solely operate on the C Line during morning and evening rush hours, some passengers have reported loud creaks and noises coming from under the subway cars. SMRT investigated the complaints on the subway car and found signs of small cracks in the frame and very poor rusting occurring. Upon further investigation of all F84Es, only the units that were first reported were at fault. Cars 2023 and 2024 have be suspended from service while the issues are resolved. MetroTech Systems, the company that refurbished the units are co-operating and have stated that the cars will have their frames replaced and tested prior to returning to service. Some issues have arisen for the F93 fleet as well. The F93s have been reported to have "weak sounding motors". Several tests indicated that the F93 motors were not as powerful as before when they were delivered back in 2002. The F93s were built by MetroTech in 2002, however the motors were not supplied by MetroTech, instead outsourced to another company by the request of SMRT. The F93As built 2 years later contain Siemens IGBT-VVVF motors and have no issues. The company that supplied the motors, Sun Power Rail Motors has been contacted and will incur severe penalties. MetroTech will not be punished but have agreed to upgrade and update the motors. [Please note that propulsion will NOT change as a result].
  15. So did you know that besides SMRT, there are various private operators in Sunnyshore? Here is a list of all of them: Sunnyshore Bus Company (SBC) Est. 1988 Sunnyshore Bus Lines (SBL) Est. 1994 Westport Buses Services (WBS) Est. 2004 Central Bus Lines (CBL) Est. 1990 Gregory Bus Services (GBS) Est. 1994 Kennedy Buses (KB) Est. 1984 The fleet lists for these buses will be kept private due to the various buses in their fleets. All I can say is that there are various buses active: NABI, New Flyer, Gillig, Nova Bus, MCI, ElDorado National. Kennedy Buses (KB): Announcing a tender for 30 buses. These buses will replace all the high floor buses active currently. Bidding closes Jan. 29 Sunnyshore Bus Lines (SBL) Looking for used low floor buses to help with retirement of our Orion 5.501s. Please contact for more details.