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  1. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    I highly doubt that. AG usually gets the older buses and whatnot. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of Novas went south.
  2. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    8316 on the 11 this am
  3. Calgary Transit

    It has happened more than once at Heritage before. Most drivers usually park at their route stop and walk to the washrooms. Just curious, what's the rule for bathroom breaks for bus drivers?
  4. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT: We've updated our map to reflect some new projects in the coming years. Here's the map last updated in 2015... And the new map as of 2018! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMRT subways does have a station similar to Essex Street. 6th Street along the Central Line. Since the Central Line was opened in 1962 (formerly known as the Downtown Express Line), 6th Street was often an empty station. Unlike Essex Street, 6th Street saw little to no traffic and with crime frequent in the station's surrounding area, it became known as a dangerous station where most operators being nervous when stopping in the area. The station was also the site of the 1982 Subway Mass Murder, where approximately 24 women were drugged and raped in the station bathrooms and found dead in the stalls. In 1989, Sunnyshore Transit Authority (the predecessor to SMRT) refurbished all stations along the Central Line, including better lighting, more help stations, a guard on duty at the station platform at ALL stations, and CCTV. All central line stations were once again refurbished in 2015/2016 to accommodate CBTC upgrades and platform screen doors at all stations. CCTV is still present at all SMRT Stations and there are peace officers at all stations during subway operation hours. Another interesting station is 5th Street (not marked on the map, but is visible on the Central Line map by the gap. I might of mentioned the story behind this but, here's a re-telling.). During the construction of the Central Line back in 1959, the original draft was to include 5th Street station. Around 1961, the line was mostly complete with all stations, including 5th Street, built. The subway was planned to open that year, but was pushed to 1962, the actual opening. The reason for this push was the contractor for the construction of the subway. It was discovered that workers for the company planned a riot against the company's owners and shareholders, causing delays with the system's debut. Workers barricaded themselves in the 5th Street station area, which the access to the surface was incomplete. The company filed for bankruptcy and another contractor was called in to finish the job. However, since 5th Street was the site of the riots, the tunnel area for the surface collapsed around the time and fixing it would of been costly. Thus 5th Street was a ghost station before operation. Granted, the station still sees service as a layover when the system is closed, and an access point was added later on. There are no plans to recommission the station in the future, however SMRT has considered the idea, since congestion at 4th and 6th Street have been high, even off-peak.
  5. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    After a lengthy wait (over 6 months actually XD ) here is a video of the S200 on the Blue Line. [I had to find time to get it edited and uploaded. Blame Uni. for that.]
  6. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT/CRS Service Notice: In light of the recent events in Washington south of the border, SMRT and CRS have taken necessary precautions to ensure the upmost safety for all passengers. All trains (both SMRT Subway and CRS Commuter Trains) have increased in maintenance checks and repairs to ensure trains are in top condition. Along with this, we have increased track maintenance for all lines, as well as ensuring operators are operating within the posted speed limits. As the snow falls in Sunnyshore, we are working our hardest to provide the best service while keeping safety as our number one priority. Please allow extra time when travelling to get to your destination. Our thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones in the accident in Washington. Rest assured, all operators stand with the victims. (In all seriousness, condolences to those affected, including the loss of our fellow board member. We will dearly miss him and his contributions to the CPTDB.)
  7. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    We did get another series 9 a few days ago, and the flatbed was there for a few days... I dont recall it was there yesterday. That or it was too dark.
  8. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    An SD160 wrapped at Haysboro today. I guess its another on being sent?
  9. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT News For December 2017 'Tis the month of Christmas! And it's the season of giving! So we're handing out warm coffee courtesy of Tim Hortons! Head over to a subway station and grab a cup on your commute! Service changes will go into effect starting December 10th as the holidays roll around. TL01 (Tram Line 1) is suspended for the winter season. We'll be back in the spring! 38E and 42E are suspended for the winter season. Please take Route 38 and 42. S301 - S306 will operate at reduced frequencies. S307 won't change for the winter. A, E, and F lines will not operate Dec. 25th only. The following dates will have different frequencies and changes: Dec. 24th - Free Service from 6pm - 12am. Dec. 25th - Free Service all day. Weekend Level Frequency. *Certain subway lines will not operate* Dec. 26th - Regular Service + additional buses for Boxing Day rush. Dec. 27-30th - Regular Service. Dec. 31st - Free service after 6pm - 12am + additional buses and trains. Jan. 1st - Free service all day.
  10. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    You beat me to it! Yup another s200 @ haysboro track.
  11. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    So... any news on the refurb? Its been almost 2 years now...
  12. Calgary Transit - Two Tone Blue Fishbowls

    Sunshine Coast? Was this leased out?
  13. Anyone create their own transit system?

    MT Rail series: The MetroTrain or MT series has been a staple of the MetroTech family for many years. Browse our trains with fully customizable details to fit your needs. Equipped with ATC, ATS, and the most advanced safety features, trains provide clean, safe, efficient, and comfortable service to our customers. Our newly designed MetroTech IGBT-VVVF Motors are the most efficient motors ever, designed to provide excellent power and speed, while using almost little energy. MT-3: Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF NG15, Hitachi SiC-VVVF Interior Lighting: LED Systems: MTATC-2, MTATS-2, Regenerative Braking, MTACS, CBTC LFT Series: The Low Floor Tram or LFT series is a low floor tram introduced in 2015. The trams are state of the art, next generation trams developed from the MT Program. Like the MT Program, the LFT Series are designed to look and feel advanced and fresh, while using little energy to provide safe, efficient, comfortable, and green service. LFT Series 01: Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: MetroTech GTX-01 Interior Lighting: LED Systems: MTACS, Regenerative Braking LFT Series III: Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: MetroTech LTX-02 Interior Lighting: LED Systems: MTACS, Regenerative Braking, DCTO M7 Series: The MetroSeven Series or M7 Series is a brand new subway stock that replaces the MT Series rolling stock. Available with ATC, ATS, MT anti-correction system, and the world’s first regenerative braking returning up 35% of power, this is our most advanced series yet. The M7 Series is also compatible with CBTC equipped systems and our very own signaling, DCTO or Digital Communications Train Operation. Together with DCTO, MTACS and many other features, the M7 Series is perfect for existing technology and next-generation technology and systems that require the most out of their trains. M7H: (Standard Variant) Options: Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF FG16, Hitachi SiC-VVVF Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC M7Q: (Quiet Variant) Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC M7C: (Commuter Variant) Options: Power Supply: Pantograph Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF HS01, Hitachi SiC-VVVF Interior Lighting: LED Systems: DCTO, CBTC D-EU Series: The D-EU or Diesel-Efficient Unit is a new type of Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) currently under development. The goal of this project is to create an efficient and clean DMU that will provide quick and efficient service to our customers and reduce fuel consumption and air pollution by up to 8% compared to current DMUs active. There is no current ETA as to when the D-EU will be available to customers. D-EL Series: The D-EL or Diesel-Efficient Locomotive is a new type of Diesel Locomotive for passenger and cargo use, saving fuel and air pollution. D-EH Series: The D-EH or Diesel-Efficient Hybrid is a variant of the D-EU series, utilizing Hybrid Technology to be as efficient as possible. ETA unknown. MetroTech Operation Solutions: MetroTech Systems is pleased to announce our new technology or Computerized Signalling Technology (CST) which spans into our new signalling system and train operation solution: Digital Communications Train Operation (DCTO). DCTO uses the exisiting technology of CBTC, and driverless trains to allow a brand new way for train operation. Here's how it works: Trains are equipped with a receiver which communicates with a centralized server system, which keeps track of trains and their current positions every 30 seconds. Based on train positions, an on-board signal or digital signal is received from the central server and is processed by the train. Using standard signalling rules (red, yellow, green), trains can receive signals ahead of time and react to the changing track conditions. ie: If a train is stopped at a station, the train behind it will receive a signal based on its current position and will adjust its speed accordingly. With this new technology, a system can operate a very high frequency of trains very closely. The technology is awaiting approval from the NTSB and once completed can be implemented on new and existing systems. MetroTech Parts and Services: MetroTech NBT01: Bus Transmission retrofit The MetroTech NBT01, which stands for New Bus Transmission 01 is available as a 5, 6, 7, or 8 speed as parts for existing buses. This new transmission has been tried and tested to work specifically with the Cummins ISL9 and rated for the Cummins L9. The NBT01 offers fuel savings of up to 15% versus other transmissions as well as MetroTech certified smooth gear shift system inspired by our rail vehicles. Now available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
  14. Anyone create their own transit system?

    We'll pretend Tri-Star existed, and go from there MetroTech Systems MetroTech Systems is announcing our departure from Tri-Star Global. All Tri-Star Parts and Services will be removed from our catalogue starting in November. The immediate termination was after disagreements with MetroTech Systems and Tri-Star Inc. regarding corporate decisions and MetroTech Systems called for a separation from Tri-Star Inc. All current train deliveries will be unaffected by this, however bus parts for Tri-Star buses may be affected. Contact Tri-Star Source Parts for more information. Following this announcement, MetroTech Systems will continue it's main product line of metro trains and will also take Kyoto Rail Services (Japanese Division) into its current network. MetroTech Systems will remain as an independent company for the time being, as we can sufficiently sustain ourselves. Kyoto Rail Services will continue construction on the new manufacturing plant and will provide rolling stock solutions to Japan and Southeast Asia. MetroTech Systems and MetroTech J-Systems will be under MetroTech Holdings, the new parent company. Speaking of which, we've received multiple contracts from various companies around the world recently: Osaka Municipal Subway - 50 M7H electric multiple units Japan Railways - West Group - 20 M7C electric multiple units London Underground - Refurbishment of the 1992 stock. TransLink - Refurbishment of the UTDC/Bombardier MK1 Stock.
  15. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Hmmm... did not know that. Well, this causes a problem for MetroTech Systems... but I'll figure something out.