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  1. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT News: We've been busy over the summer time, and some of our buses have also gotten some new paint jobs. #7201 (Enviro400) has been repainted as the Canada 150 Bus #7278 (Enviro400) has been repainted as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bus #7300 (Enviro400) has been repainted as the Zelda Breath of the Wild Bus #7310 (Enviro500) has been repainted as the Splatoon 2 Bus SMRT is announcing a demo UTC XTD40 that will join our fleet around September 1st, lasting until November 1st. This demo will allow us to gather public data for more bus orders in the future. This bus will have the standard Cummins ISL9, ZF ZF 6AP1700B transmission, and TwinVision Silver Smart LED signs found on all our buses. After the New Flyer XDE40 demo that ran in January/February, city council has approved a budget for a few hybrid buses to be purchased. We are not currently taking bids at the moment. The 30' bus contract has been awarded to Gillig for the Gillig BRT 30'. These buses will contain Cummins B6.7, Allison B300R6, and Luminator Spectrum Destination Signs
  2. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Following on that story... #7035 recently returned from New Flyer and is back in service. #6051 fate has been determined. The bus will be repaired, but will be used as a test bus for some brand new features we're rolling out starting in August. SMRT: Currently, most of our newer buses contain the following: GPSTransit, CAD, SMRT Tap, On-board WiFi. We are pleased to announce upgrades which will be added to our newer buses from 2017 onwards. These new features include: Improved information system. The new system is AVIS (Audio Visual Information System). AVIS will be added onto #6051 as a demo. AVIS will handle automated announcements as well as visual signage. AVIS will replace CAD on newer models. WiFi will now support up to 5G. [*Not all the time] GPSTransit will receive an upgrade to AVIS-GPS. This will display real-time bus locations while riding. SMRT Tap will remain the same. New on-board USB chargers to charge your phone. 2 ports per 2 seats. LCD screens located near the front (behind the driver) and near the rear exit door with information about the current route, accessible transfers, etc. (Called AVIS-Info #6051 will have these features and will enter service in July.
  3. Calgary Transit

    Im Asian... but I was not there...
  4. Damaged or dead vehicles

    8284 dead @ Mount Royal University.
  5. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT: Two buses collided with each other. #6051, a TriStar TS40D and #7035, a New Flyer XD60 collided to each other head on. #6051 was out of service so there were no passengers, #7035 was in revenue service and passengers received minor injuries, nothing serious or fatal. The driver of #6051 was rushed to hospital in serious condition, we hope that he gets well. The driver of #7035 was also injured, but were not severe. The driver of #6051 will be under temporary suspension as he recovers and while the cause is investigated. So far, it looks like the driver of #6051 might be the one to blame. #6051 has been pulled from service. We won't be repairing it yet as we will debate on it's fate as it sustained serious damages to the front. #7035 also was pulled from service. The windshield and sign was damaged but will be sent to New Flyer for repairs. #6001, a New Flyer XD40 was involved in an accident about a few months ago. It's fate has been decided. It will be retired officially. The bus won't be scrapped however, it will remain on property for spare parts.
  6. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    Another s200 @ haysboro
  7. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT: Upgrading is now under way for the G line. The G line will receive ATC upgrades (Designated as S-ATC, where S-ATC is on the C/F lines). As all trains on the G line are fairly new (built in 2013/2014), the equipment will be upgraded to meet these standards. Upgrades for the D line will commence around August.
  8. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    Spotted another white wrapped s200 on the delivery track today. I lost count so I have no idea which car this is
  9. Calgary Transit New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Demos

    8201 is out right now on the 20!
  10. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Gregory Bus Services (GBS): We are excited to announce that GBS will be merging with Kennedy Buses (KB). The new bus service will be known as Kennedy & Gregory Transportation System (KGTS). As additional buses will be added to KGTS' fleet, the following buses are for sale: 10 Gillig Phantom 40': 5 1984 models and 5 1986 models with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines, Allison HT-747 transmissions. They have rollsigns. Asking price $5000 per bus 20 New Flyer D40: 10 1990 models and 10 1994 models with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines, Allison V731 transmissions. They have Luminator Mega:MAX destination signs. Asking price $7500 per bus.
  11. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Westport Bus Services (WBS): We are sad to announce that Westport Bus Services will be shutting down effective immediately. All buses will be put up for sale. The following buses are up for sale: 5 Blue Bird Ultra LMBs. Built in 2004, have Cummins ISB engines and Allison LCT 2000 Series transmissions. No destination signs. Any price. 5 ElDorado National EZ-Rider IIs. Built in 2005, have Cummins ISB engines and Allison B300R5 transmissions. Luminator Signs. Any Price 5 ElDorado National Passport-HDs. Built in 2011, have Navistar MaxxForce 7 engines and Allison 3000 PTS transmissions. Axion Signs. Any Price. 5 ElDorado National Axess 35's. Built in 2016, have Cummins ISL9 engines and Allison B400R6 transmissions. Luminator Signs. Any Price. 10 Novabus LFS' currently on order will be transferred to the Sunnyshore Bus Company. Any unsold buses will either be scrapped or transferred to SMRT.
  12. Anyone create their own transit system?

    MetroTech Systems: New M7H trains have now hit the rails! Orders are now underway of full production. For a look here is one in operation (taken from the real life JR E235)
  13. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT News: We have acquired 10 Gillig Advantages 40' from Kennedy Buses. They were built in 2002 and have Cummins ISC engines and ZF 5HP592C transmissions. Signs are Balios LED. They will enter service straight away with only minor mods to the Balios Sign keypad changed to Axion. Still have the following buses for sale: 10 Blue Bird Ultra LMBs. Built in 2006, contains Cummins ISB engines and Allison LCT 2000 Series transmissions. They have Vultron III signs. Asking price $5,000 per bus. 4 MAN SD202s. Built in 1992, contains MAN D2566UH engines and Voith D851.2 transmissions. They have Luminator Horizon Signs retrofitted. Please contact for pricing. [buses meant for historical usage, but can be used for conventional transit as well] Looking for a tender to replace the remaining EZ Rider II MAX buses in active service. Looking for a replacement for 60 buses. Please contact for more information. Requirements: 30 footers or less Contain ZF Ecolife Transmissions TwinVision Silver Signs Any engine use (Diesel, CNG; CNG preferred)
  14. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    An unknown SD 160 wrapped at Haysboro
  15. Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMRT NEWS: Portions of the E Line will be closed starting May 19th @ 11pm to May 23 @ 4am. Work will be done for CBTC installation and first tests of CBTC usage. Shuttle buses will be in place over the May long weekend. Track work has begun for our historical tram route. TL01 is the new tram route from the 8th Street Terminal to Jubilee. To operate on this tram route, SMRT has purchased trams from Newman Transit. The Tatra T3 purchased from Newman Transit include: 1 set or Tatra T3YOs from 1985, 2 sets of Tatra T3YOs from 1987, and 1 Tatra T3SUCS from 1987.