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  1. Hey all! From the Calgary board. I will be relocating to Edmonton for the next 4 months for work and was wondering some places to go spotting. Thanks a bunch!
  2. 8191 made it all the way from Stoney to run the 12 this pm!
  3. It was out today again. Finally got the consist: 2205, 2219, 2206, 2207
  4. I can only remember that 2205 and 2207 were ends. I couldnt feel a bump.
  5. Im on board as of writing this. Seems that brakes are releasing about the same speed as the series 8s and 9s to me.
  6. I assume Siemens does not offer the S70 anymore? If they still did, I'd bet on that being their offering.
  7. Seems to me that the refurbs look quite good (though Winter will take its toll on the floor ). It's what we expected, an SD-160 that has the tech of an S200. Now the real question is how it will fair when with the Series 8s.
  8. I wonder where in South Calgary? I'm guessing Anderson, since it was the original terminus when the system opened.
  9. City ends contract with Thales, escorts workers from LRT Job Site. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/city-ends-contract-with-thales-escorts-workers-from-lrt-job-site
  10. So from what I can see, the stairs loop around?
  11. Station sign names at Anderson are being replaced (the side signs, not the platform signs).
  12. 2462 has arrived and is unwrapped at Haysboro (or rewrapped and unwrapped again?)
  13. Speaking of stations, any news about Anderson?
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