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  1. Stagecoach Barnsley 27206 [sL64 HYU] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr New (well it was in February... ) Stagecoach Yorkshire 27206 [sL64 HYU] Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 which features a Cummins ISBe 6 Cylinder which is coupled with a Voith D854 gearbox. This is one of 3 they gained for use on there range of routes around the Barnsley area. It is pictured parked up on display at the Heath Common bus rally along with a selection of other buses new and preserved.
  2. Arriva MAX Dewsbury 1925 [sN15 LLT] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr Arriva Yorkshire are currently in the middle of putting there 34 Brand New Alexander Enviro 400s into service this week saw 17 of them enter service on the 202/3 route between Leeds and Huddersfield (via Dewsbury) the next batch of 17 will be used on the 110 route between Leeds and Wakefield. These new buses all feature e-leather seats, free wi-fi and USB charging sockets. They are powered by Cummins 5 litre engines with ZF transmissions. The vehicle in the photo graph is 1925 [sN15 LLT] which is based at Arriva Dewsburys depot and is working the 203 towards Leeds.
  3. Quick question have Nova ever made a bus with a Volvo engine, just wondering because i am aware that Nova bus is owned by Volvo but yet Nova bus do not appear to offer their products with Volvo engines or there Volvo hybrid systems.
  4. Ross Travel 10 [YJ64 DWM] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr Ross Travel of Featherstone have recently received a brand new Optare Solo Sr Hybrid with the registration YJ64 DWM and the fleet number 10.
  5. I don't think so I heard there is a demonstrator with First Greater Manchester but I don't think there have been any actual orders for any yet, First South Yorkshire have got there first Wright Streedeck which has same body but integral wright chassis with Mercedes engine,
  6. Here is a photo of 1 of the brand new 10 Door Forward Wright Streetlites which have recently been delivered to First Huddersfield for use on a range of local services. The buses are powered by a Cummins 6-cylinder ISBe engine connecting to a Voith 824.6 4 speed gearbox. These also feature 37 e-leather seats. New! First Huddersfield 47499 [sN64 CHO]by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr
  7. VDL Citea Midi. by Bussmagasinet.se, on Flickr Wright Bus now make a Left Hand drive version of the Wright Streetlite with VDL so possibly in the future a NA version might be available but I think there intending to sell them in Europe and the Middle East at the moment.
  8. But if they are opening a new Manufacturing facility this may allow them to make the Enviro 300 range available to them which are 40 foot long in length and can seat around 42 passengers in dual door layouts.
  9. If they are establishing a manufacturing facility in Ontario I wonder if they will then start to manufacture the Enviro 200 and Enviro 300 ranges to make them also available to operators in Canada.
  10. They are more important at identifying buses here as they can provide quite a bit of information about the vehicle because on new registration plates (vanity plates) the middle numbers tell you the age of the vehicle so for example "YJ09 MJO" is built in 2009 it does get a bit more confusing sometimes because if the bus is built in the second half of the year it has a 5 or 6 in front of the year it was built so for example "YJ57 BVV" was built in 2007 and "YJ60 YYO" is 2010. Another reason why we tend to identify buses of registration plates is because if you search them online you can work out which operator the bus was new to and other information such as chassis codes and body numbers. A very good website I use is http://www.buslistsontheweb.co.uk/ if you go onto search on it you can enter registration plates of buses built in the UK (even if they have been delivered elsewhere) and find out some useful info about them. As for the lifespan of the Enviro 200, Solo, or Versa here it is hard to call so far for most of them as the first Enviro 200 was built in 2006 so is only 8 years old so far and still operating strong. The first Versa was built in 2007 and is still in active service now making it only 7 years old so far. The Solos do seem to have a very good life span though from what I can tell the first ever Solo was built in 1998 and is still in service meaning it has a life span of 16 years so far however some Solos have lasted a shorter time than that due to damage caused either by crashes or fire.
  11. Here are some photos of the 31 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s that have just yesterday entered service with Arriva Wakefield, They are quite well specified with free Wi-Fi, eLeather Seats as well as having ZF AS Tronic 6 speed gearboxes and Cummins engines. These will be appearing on all of the Wakefield Local services from now on. Arriva Wakefield MAX 1027 [YY14 LGX] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr 1027 [YY14 LGX] Arriva Wakefield MAX 1031 [YY14 LHC] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr 1031 [YY14 LHC] Arriva Wakefield MAX 1017 [YY14 LGF] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr 1017 [YY14 LGF]
  12. They sound interesting and no doubt if they get them working reliably they will sell well. But they are not the only manufacturer looking into this type of technology Wright Bus have also introduced wireless charging on their Streetlite range this is currently underground a trail period in service with Arriva in Milton Keynes. http://www.passengertransport.co.uk/2014/04/full-electric-buses-could-make-real-breakthrough/
  13. Hello, Thought id start a new topic as I couldn't find a related one, but recently a few company's from around my area have taken delivery of some new buses so I thought Id share some photos of them with you. Arriva Wakefield 1009 [YY14 LFV] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr Above is a photo of one of 31 the brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s that have been ordered by Arriva for their Wakefield and Castleford depots. These buses are still in the process of being delivered from Alexander Dennis. They feature e-leather seats and Cummins engines with ZF transmissions. Yorkshire Tiger (Flying Tiger) 793 [YJ14 BWX] by West Yorkshire Bus Photo's, on Flickr Above is a photo of one of 5 brand new Optare Versas V1170 with Euro5 Cummins engines and Allison transmissions that are now in service with Yorkshire Tiger. They have been ordered to a high spec for the popular airport service from Leeds Bus Station and Leeds Bradford International . They will feature Wi-Fi, charging points, luggage racks, next stop announcements, wood effect floor and e-leather seats.
  14. This week saw the launch of the next generation Enviro 400 double decker's, they have completely redesigned the front and rear of the bus giving it a completely new look. According to there website since there previous model Enviro 400 there has been over 200 improvements made to the design. Its also claimed to be more environmentally friendly as it features a new 6.7 litre Euro6 Cummins engine. Its not been confirmed yet if the style will be available on there other Enviro 200,300 and 500 products but most likely will be. ADL News Article: http://www.alexander...r-the-industry/ Product Page: http://www.alexander...nviro400-euro6/
  15. Thank you for that its been bugging me for a while lol ive seen it a few times but couldn't identify which type it was as those types of trucks are very rare here.
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