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  1. Spotted at Merrill Creek base. CT 17112 at Merrill Creek Base by SounderBruce, on Flickr CT 17802 at Merrill Creek Base by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  2. I rode the Rich Passage 1 during a media tour. A few notes at the bottom of this article (including images and video):
  3. M/V Chimacum will enter service tomorrow morning to replace M/V Sealth on Seattle-Bremerton:
  4. Cascades ad in Greenwood:
  5. A few ferry pictures: Ferry at Colman Dock by SounderBruce, on Flickr Ferries and water taxi in Seattle by SounderBruce, on Flickr M/V Chimacum sea trials near West Seattle by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  6. 2614 was involved in a big crash on Rainier today.
  7. Pretty old news. The old building at the site has already been demolished and steel framing for the new station is up. New Tacoma Amtrak station under construction by SounderBruce, on Flickr New Tacoma Amtrak station under construction by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  8. Just saw an out-of-service Swift DE60LFA headed southbound on I-5 near Marysville at 9:30 pm today. Anyone know what's up with that? Clandestine Swift BRT practice at Smokey Point Transit Center?
  9. Service proposal for the September 2017 and March 2018 service changes is out for public comment: Highlights: Extensions for Routes 105, 115, 196 and 209 New Lynnwood-Boeing service on Route 107 Everett route changes for Routes 270, 271 and 280 Eliminating Route 277 in favor of Route 270/271 service to Boeing I'm especially excited for the Route 209 extension in my area, as well as the Route 105 extension that will make it easier to attend public hearings at Community Transit headquarters.
  10. SDOT published a video to highlight their snow plow crew, who went down to Portland during their big storm last month. At about 1:20 in the video, there's an old bus in the SDOT sign with a headsign displaying "311 via SR-520" moving in the background. Wonder why it's there.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't like to wait for the 594 late at night near Stadium station. Chinatown just feels a lot safer.
  12. While Metro isn't ordering from Gillig, Community Transit recently approved the purchase of 26 40-foot buses from Gillig:
  13. According to this Sound Transit press release from 1999, the 510/511/512/513, 530/531/532, 535, 565, 570, 574, 591/592/594, 590/595 and 550 all began around the same time.
  14. Does anyone know when routes 107, 195, 227, 253 and 258 were removed from the bus tunnel, and routes 190 and 226 added to it? I'm compiling a table of bus tunnel routes that could also use some spotchecking.
  15. Long-term forecasts put us with a few more snowfalls...I'm hoping to at least see one 2008-level storm to show how good/bad the new Metro plan is. It would be a great way to cap off the year we've had.