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  1. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Routes serving the Edmonds Community College (115 and 116) have a few artics timed to when classes begin and end.
  2. Sound Transit

    They do run on some Saturday trips (especially during "peak" hours for Saturday commuters), but yesterday's Womens March required extra capacity that prompted extra double tall service.
  3. Sound Transit

    Note that when you do come down to buy the card, you will need to show proof of age, such as an ID card. I'm not sure if they accept non-American ID cards, though.
  4. Sound Transit

    Sound Transit has not yet hired the chief experience officer, but is merely in the process of hiring one. Notably, that person will report directly to CEO Rogoff, so hopefully issues can float to the top much faster.
  5. WMATA Washington

    [Scratch that, I thought this was a Seattle thread and you were visiting from DC. My bad.] Anyway, other than what is on the DC Metro, the Metroway in Arlington is a fun and odd little BRT system. Same goes for the interface between the X2 and H Streetcar line, which is pretty reminiscent of what happens on Broadway back in Seattle.
  6. Community Transit

    The zones aren't being removed. Rather, on commuter routes that also do in-county service, the full fare will be charged no matter what section you're using; as it stand now, a passenger can request the lower fare if they're not going all the way to Downtown Seattle, requiring the driver to manually change the ORCA reader.
  7. Community Transit

    Some shots of the new Gilligs.
  8. Community Transit

    Spotted at Merrill Creek base. CT 17112 at Merrill Creek Base by SounderBruce, on Flickr CT 17802 at Merrill Creek Base by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  9. Kitsap Transit

    I rode the Rich Passage 1 during a media tour. A few notes at the bottom of this article (including images and video): https://www.seattletransitblog.com/2017/07/08/kitsap-transit-launching-fast-ferry-service-on-july-10/
  10. Washington State Ferries

    M/V Chimacum will enter service tomorrow morning to replace M/V Sealth on Seattle-Bremerton:
  11. Cascades

    Cascades ad in Greenwood:
  12. Washington State Ferries

    A few ferry pictures: Ferry at Colman Dock by SounderBruce, on Flickr Ferries and water taxi in Seattle by SounderBruce, on Flickr M/V Chimacum sea trials near West Seattle by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  13. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    2614 was involved in a big crash on Rainier today. http://komonews.com/news/local/man-seriously-injured-after-crashing-into-metro-bus
  14. Cascades

    Pretty old news. The old building at the site has already been demolished and steel framing for the new station is up. New Tacoma Amtrak station under construction by SounderBruce, on Flickr New Tacoma Amtrak station under construction by SounderBruce, on Flickr
  15. Community Transit

    Just saw an out-of-service Swift DE60LFA headed southbound on I-5 near Marysville at 9:30 pm today. Anyone know what's up with that? Clandestine Swift BRT practice at Smokey Point Transit Center?