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  1. Breakfast - Coffee, Orange and only the best Egg Salad Sandwich in Edmonton. Coffee shop across from me makes these killer Egg Salad sandwiches. Usually there is a guy in the morning that comes in and buys them all... but he wasn't in today !!!
  2. They need to test those electric buses in Edmonton this week. Should be interesting results..
  3. Managed to take advantage of the BOGO offer at Dairy Queen today. Figured there was little chance of the product melting on the way home today LOL..
  4. Checked out the new brunch menu at Northern Chicken. Decided to try the Chicken Terrine (sort of a breaded, deep fried chicken meatloaf). Came with two slabs of terrine, a fried egg, some sauteed peppers, garnished with pickles. It was pretty good. Also had an incredible Bloody Mary to go with it (not shown). Supper..Having a takeout from Northern Chicken of Deviled Egg Potato Salad made with big chunks of baby red skinned potatoes. And a nutritious home made smoothie for dessert. (banana, spinach, blueberries, a chunk of tomato, pineapple, mango and papaya)
  5. Saturday.. First coffee, then alcohol (Double Whiskey Caesar), then food (Brisket Benny Bowl)
  6. Same can be said with Edmonton and it's LRT. Plus now, with increased development and population in the areas of planned LRT / Streetcar, all the digging etc. is ending up costing more in both terms of money and inconvenience. Had they done it all years ago it would have been a breeze.
  7. Australian actor and musician Harry Hains passed away Jan 07, 2020 at the age of 27.
  8. Nasi Goreng for supper. A spicy East Indian rice dish. Normally served with one or two (or three LOL) fried eggs on top I also added a liberal sprinkle of scorpion pepper hot sauce. Also a green smoothie for dessert. Added a 1/2 tomato for extra fiber and vitamin C. Don't even taste the tomato as it is mellow and the bold fruit flavors mask it.
  9. Pulled Pork Tacos with a liberal pour of bold and spicy BBQ sauce.
  10. Leo Kolber, a Canadian businessman, philanthropist and Senator passed away on Jan. 08, 2020 at the age of 90.
  11. My best home made Green Smoothie to date. Perfect consistency, cold, thick & creamy and smooth..
  12. American Actor Edd Byrnes, best known as 'Kookie' on 77 Sunset Strip passed away Jan. 08, 2020 at the age of 87.
  13. American Screenwriter and Director Buck Henry passed away Jan. 08, 2020 at the age of 89. He 'invented' the Cone of Silence..
  14. So I went to get a hair cut at the mall... the hair dressers is right next to Tony Roma's Ribs. Being lunch hour, the aroma of BBQ ribs was too powerful and enticing to ignore. So yeah, ended up there and ordering some Beef Ribs with a double side of Country Style Beans 'n' Bacon.
  15. A bun with spicy chili raclette cheese.
  16. Actress Natalie Trundy passed away Dec. 05, 2019 at the age of 79.
  17. A refreshing green smoothie. Nutritious and delicious.
  18. I've been to a few pubs that have had coins lacquered onto their table tops. (mostly pennies, although back then pennies were still in use).
  19. I see you took a bite before remembering to take a photo. Happens to me all the time 😛
  20. Yummy spinach salad with big chunks of feta cheese and perfectly boiled eggs (not too soft not too hard...) And washing it down with home made lemonade.
  21. Everything seems to be in working order. Thanks Ashton for all of your dedication in keeping CPTBD running and for all you do for the CPTDB community. ♥
  22. The shopping complex across the road from my place is slowly beginning to reveal itself. Supposed to be reminiscent of Amsterdam housing facades, although why they are naming it Manchester Square is a bit of a mystery. Photo one is what is currently showing out from under all the tarp, and photo two is the 'artists rendition' of the completed structure.
  23. A brisket Benny Brunch kinda day today..
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