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  1. Chili Cheese Nachos. My squirrel also decided it was lunch time.
  2. Spotted 101.9 and 102.9 in Edmonton for Sept 05, 2020. 100.9 and 102.9 spotted for Sept 8, 2020. Spotted 98.9, 99.9 and 102.9 for Sept 12, 2020 97.9 at Petro Canada for Sept 13, 2020. Spotted 97.9, 100.4 and 102.9 for Sept 15, 2020 94.9 at Petro Canada and Safeway, 96.4 at Husky for Sept 19, 2020 94.9 and 95.9 spotted for Sept 25, 2020.
  3. Neither. Rather have three channels and watch the shows when they are scheduled to be on. On a set with knobs and rabbit ears,. Would you rather have board shorts or Speedo ???
  4. Liverwurst, cheese & tomato bunwiches. They were a bit sloppy, but sure tasty after swimming. Looks like a lot of liverwurst, but I had yet to smush it down.
  5. AM. on one of these (see attached photo) with friends during high school lunch time. Board shorts or Speedo ???
  6. Bought a membership at the Wild Birds Unlimited. Got a free 'seed character'. Came with a mesh bag for hanging, but afraid my squirrel will tear that to shreds in no time flat. A friend of mine has offered to hang it in one of her trees. It's a cute little seed character, but I have no way of fastening it to my balcony (except for the mesh bag, but that will not work for me). .
  7. Croquette Poutine with Cheese Sauce Drizzle.
  8. Middle Grandchild turns 7 today... time is sure passing quickly..
  9. Ian Mitchell, bassist for the Bay City Rollers, passed away Sept 02, 2020 at the age of 62.
  10. Thanks, I emailed it to her. Also told her to get into the habit of turning the burner off a few minutes before removing cookware from the stove. The burner is hot enough food will still cook with the burner off for a few minutes.
  11. I don't have a printer, but that is a great idea if I can find such photos, maybe cut them out from a magazine or newspaper.
  12. Room mate left a stove burner on medium heat again. Probably been on for at least 3 hours. This is not the first time she has done it. I am not amused. I will tell her, and she will think it is funny and laugh it off. Thankfully there was no pot / pan on the burner. Added a sticker to each side of the stove panel. Do you think she will get the hint ?!?!?!?
  13. Went to Northern Chicken for another pint of their Passion-fruit Blueberry beer (honestly couldn't stop thinking about it since Saturday). Got some chicken tenders, Nacho baby potatoes and Dorito Mac 'n' Cheese to go.
  14. Team Aquatics still have their sale on, so I bought a few more of these mesh shower bags. With Christmas not too far away, they will make nice gift bags. Gonna buy some soaps and shampoos from the Body Shop whenever they have a sale and place the contents in these 'gift' bags. Body Shop should be having their Back To School sale now, but perhaps after the covid closure they can't afford to have a sale just yet...
  15. Quick lunch of cheese and tomato sandwiches. Supper, a salad with greens, baby tomatoes, crispy onion bits and bacon bits tossed in blue cheese dressing topped with grated three cheese blend and Macedonian Feta cheese. And a home made Smoothie for dessert.
  16. Those look delicious. A bit of char on the outside, and I bet a nice juicy squirt when bitten into ♥
  17. Hot 'n' Spicy Ginger Beef with Rice & noodles and a couple fried eggs on top.
  18. Actor Armie (Armand) Hammer turned 34 on Aug. 28, 2020.
  19. Leslie Hamilton (twin sister of Linda Hamilton) passed away Aug 22, 2020 at the age of 63.
  20. A lot of it is down. Not sure about all of it, but if not now, it will come down soon.
  21. Actress Betty Lynn turns 94 on August 29, 2020.
  22. Roasted half chicken, roasted baby potatoes, country style gravy, and some Nacho-style roasted baby potatoes from Northern Chicken. Will have some left over for supper later. Also had a Blueberry Passion Fruit beer while I waited for my take out order.. That was delicious.
  23. Had a tossed salad, fried egg sandwich and a home made green smoothie for supper today.
  24. Joe Ruby, an American animator, television editor, writer, and producer passed away Aug 26, 2020 at the age of 87.
  25. Just had lunch with a swim pal at El Mariachi Restaurant. I had Enchilada and she had tacos. Didn't get good pics of the food b/c my phone camera doesn't do well with indoor lighting. Got some decor shots. Interesting light fixtures.
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