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  1. Normally I would prefer to purchase my pass at the downtown office because a friend of mine that I used to work with at ETS is there, so we always have a quick chat, or I synchronize my arrival there with her lunch break and we do lunch at the Boston Pizza in that building. However, covid has put a damper on all those things. The Boston Pizza there relied heavily on office workers and people going to Rogers Arena for their business. This BP location is currently closed. There are still many restaurants around the same two block radius that are still open, but I doubt business is very brisk.
  2. Bought my first bus pass over the phone using a system much like telephone banking. The online 'Transit Store' for low income passes isn't working yet, it was supposed to launch yesterday. The downtown bus pass office is still closed (due to covid).
  3. Found out the coffee shop across the road will be closed from Sept 18 - Oct. 07. Such a hassle having to go elsewhere for a cuppa joe. Yes, they deserve a vacation. Hopefully the two and a half weeks will go by quickly..
  4. Spent the day running errands / shopping etc. Everything was going great until decided to hit up the Body Shop downtown. I did email the Body Shop consumer help desk to make sure the downtown store had reopened and was assured that it was indeed open. After negotiating an unexpected bus detour, I finally made it to Eaton Center only to discover the store was not only closed, but gone with a 'For Lease' sign in the window. Needless to say I was not impressed, plus wasting a good part of an hour wandering about and riding buses. (Since there are no trolleys, riding buses is no longer fun for me). I felt sorry for myself. Treated myself to a beer on the way home.
  5. Wasn't planning on pizza, but room mate wanted to order in so we took advantage of LovePizza Monday Two Pizzas for $22.00. They are a long, thin crust pizza with a variety of signature pizzas or custom topping pizzas to chose from. I got the 'Old MacDonald' which has an egg on top !!!
  6. Visa Debit Thin crust or regular crust pizza?
  7. A couple of small buns with Edam cheese, and a tin of sardines packed with jalapenos.
  8. Had Mexican Enchiladas for lunch at El Mariachi Restaurant. So just having a light salad for supper.
  9. Spicy Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Rice Dish) with fried eggs.
  10. Wrestler Stevie Lee passed away Sept 09, 2020 at the age of 54.
  11. Moscow Memories set to music. Love the fade to black at the end. So sad and so terrible.
  12. Not sure that it is going to be a lot of 'high end' taste. I am thinking more along the lines of coffee shops, bistros, a pub, a cycle shop, maybe a kitchen wares store and a store with home accessories. Maybe a clothing store, outerwear / runners. The facade itself is meant to replicate a street in Amsterdam, and yes, it really looks like this.
  13. So my room mate, who professes to be so neat, clean and tidy (she will spot a black piece of lint on the floor 20 feet away for fear it might be a bug) left this mandarin orange on her side of the counter. Normally I don't even touch 'her side' of the counter, but a fruit fly led me to this. Looked fine on the top, but rotten as heck underneath. I know she had intentions of eating this orange 'some day'. In the time this orange has been out, she must've had 40 bags of chips and chocolate almonds, but can't eat ONE measly little orange. Needless to say the orange is in a plastic bag and in the garbage. It's there if she ever wants it.
  14. Just had some Spaghetti Carbonara at Nuovo Bistro for lunch. Made with Double Smoked Wild Boar Bacon !!! Also had mushrooms in it, which is not normally in Carbonara Pasta, but was a nice addition. Sorry for bad pic, cell phone camera doesn't like indoors. Since today was also half price appetizer day at Nuovo Bistro, I got some Risotto Balls 'to go' for supper. I will pair it with a crisp salad. Finished off with a homemade green smoothie.
  15. Singer, songwriter Lucille Starr passed away Sept 04, 2020 at the age of 82.
  16. A steaming bowl of hot spicy chili and a buttered dinner roll.
  17. Best selling author Shanna Hogan passed away Sept 02, 2020 at the age of 37.
  18. Finished some chores, washed the supper dishes and enjoying an ice cold home made green smoothie with frozen fruit mix, vanilla yogurt, Health Break Oasis Juice + Calcium, and Organic Girl Super Greens.
  19. Shake My Head, or Smack my Head. Something that makes you go like this..
  20. Actor Kevin Dobson passed away Sept 06, 2020 at the age of 77.
  21. Dutch Delicious Bakery is having a Customer Appreciation Day. The free coffee & cake was a nice way to round off a delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich for lunch.
  22. Shopping Center across the road from my building looks almost complete. Not sure what stores are gong to be in there. Apparently they are striving for all locally owned / independent businesses.
  23. Cheese & liverwurst buns and a few sardines with jalapeno peppers.
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