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  1. 4 hours ago, buizelbus said:

    Guessing from the spodges of paint on the side and the fact that SkyTrain branding and fleet numbers are covered, I'm guessing it's not a wrap and is actual graffiti

    The branding and fleet numbers are visible.

  2. 2 hours ago, InfiNorth said:

    I know it's not an ad-wrap, but it's still a major change in appearance. This popped up on Reddit. Really sad to see a SkyTrain consist treated this way. 259 260 have a new... uh... wrap. And it's darned ugly.

    What are we, New York in the early 80s?

    It's supposed to look like graffiti. The sad thing is, it gives the message that graffiti is OK / acceptable and sadly this may encourage the real thing.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, PCC Guy said:

    I really wish we'd stop letting every minuscule, tiny bit of pleasure and enjoyment that humans have ever gotten out of life be held hostage by this stupid virus. There's being cautious and then there's out of control hysteria,

    Still can't sit down anywhere, benches are still cordoned off in many places. BUT, people can sit at arms length or closer on a bus... So how is being on a bus different from a park bench or a bench at a coffee shop???  Can't bring your own shopping cart into Loblaws, because (you know) there might be a covid on the wheels... but their own carts wander freely inside and outside, plus the bottoms of everyone's shoes...  No wonder people aren't taking covid seriously when there is no logic to some of these 'covid responses / protocols'. 

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  4. So when one emails 3-1-1 in Edmonton, they get an automated response confirming they have received your email.  In the body of that auto-reply is this paragraph


    Thank you for taking the time to contact the City of Edmonton.

    We attempt to respond to all email questions/concerns within 24 hours; however, if your matter is urgent, please contact us 24 hours a day/7 days a week by dialing 311 if you reside inside Edmonton, 780-442-5311 if you reside outside of Edmonton or visit us online at www.edmonton.ca for information and self service options.]

    To save money, 3-1-1 has reduced their hours of operation from being a 24/7 service, to 0700-1900hrs, a 12 hour service. The reduction took place quite a while ago, so not very recent.  A few times I have emailed them to correct their auto-reply.  I guess having correct information is just not on their radar.  Stuff like this does not instill any confidence in this CoE department.  I have yet to have good service or correct information from them. As a matter of fact, several of my emails have gone totally unanswered. This is not acceptable, but not surprising either.

  5. I went to check my Telus account yesterday. Got to the home page, clicked on Log In and immediately got an error message about not being able to connect to the server. I cleared my cache, rebooted, did all the usual stuff, still the same error. So I phoned Telus to report it. Of course the agent always makes you feel like you are doing something incorrectly (I've been logging onto my Telus account using FireFox for the last 15 years or so). So after some more banter, he tells me that FireFox is not the best browser and that I should be using Chrome.

    Well, I just happen to have Chrome loaded, so typed in the www.telus.com/myaccount and clicked Log In.  Got the SAME error message. So I told the rep, and he seemed utterly gobsmacked that the log in feature was not working on Chrome either.  I told him he should just admit there is a problem with the Telus server.

    Anyhow, he submitted a ticket to get it checked out.  There must've been other complaints because it was working a couple hours later.

    So then I checked my Telus account and to my amazement discovered that Pik TV had been mysteriously added to my account. I did NOT request this. So had to phone Telus (again) to get it removed. Then a rep from a different Telus department phones me back to confirm that I indeed want the Pik TV feature removed. I told him I did not request it in the first place, but he was adamant that I had requested it or it wouldn't be listed as one of my 'features'. I remained civil, but I was very specific when I told him I better not be getting any disconnection fee for this..

    Today, the Pik TV feature is still on my account, but a mysterious credit of $2.33 also appeared on my account.  I did not overpay my last bill..  WTF is going on with Telus anyhow.???

  6. 2 hours ago, Wayside Observer said:

    The Toronto Star article specifically mentioned the age of 60 in its headline as a dividing line but the general thrust has been the same that retirees and seniors have been affected relatively little while younger people have been taking it a lot harder with it getting worse as you go down in age. 

    I think the retirees have it easier because most have a steady pension income and own their own house. So really they just have to worry about paying for groceries and utilities. And condo fees for those in condos. They don't have to factor in worrying about job loss, and can remain relatively isolated if need be. They are not worry-free, but relatively minor worries compared to those still in the workforce.

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  7. Had a free coffee this morning at Dutch Delicious Bakery (Free Coffee on Mondays) and ordered a Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Sourdough bread, Chipotle mayonnaise, brie, and Gruyere cheese, Genoa salami, prosciutto, arugula, banana pepper rings and artichoke). Only had time to eat half the sandwich so I took the other half to go (I remembered to pack a sheet of tin foil with me).

    So I am having the 'other half' now, along with an Almond Pastry.

    (photo from Dutch Delicious website)



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  8. Discovered that the orange-y visitor to my Birdie Balcony Buffet is a Red Breasted Nuthatch. Such a pretty little thing, I hope he sticks around for a while. Really don't get much variety here, mostly sparrows and magpies, with the occasional Blue Jay. 


  9. 11 hours ago, MVTArider said:

    (That's one of our terms for select customers at my work)

    At ETS, many of the customers that came in for their disability bus pass always recognized me (because I have been taking the bus all my life, and mostly on busy mainline routes where a lot of the group homes are for these clients). Anyhow, they would get all excited and wave to me and want to be at 'my window' - I would *affectionately* call them 'My Royal Subjects'.

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