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  1. Why do cell phone providers make it so difficult to get through to them?  Spent a few minutes on Rogers 'Live Chat', putting up with all kinds of BS scripted templates when the guy finally types back that my 'Pay As You Go' account is not supported by 'Live Chat' and he gave me a number to call. Spent a good 10 minutes on that pressing all kinds of numbers because none of their menu options dealt with my 'problem'. Finally got through to a real person. Took long enough. Anyhow, I did get my request for 'port protection' put in place. She said it would take 24-72 hours to activate the 'request'. One would think with all the talk in the media regarding phone number 'porting' that this request would be one of the menu options. Would sure save a lot of 'running around' on their menu options.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Atomic Taco said:

    If you're interested in listening to KCM radio chatter, here's a 24/7 scanner feed:

    Thanks for that. I used to have a scanner and listened to ETS all the time. Then they switched up their radio system and my scanner could no longer pick them up. This subspace chatter is music to my ears. So fun to listen to. 

  3. 1 hour ago, InfiNorth said:

    I think the issue with this is that the desirability of transit decreases with the number of transfers necessary. There is this myth that people (including transit planners) have bought into that fancy infrastructure will attract riders. I would rather ride a rickety old community shuttle all the way downtown than have to transfer three times on a state-of-the-art LRT. 

    On the subject of transferring:  I don't mind transferring so much if (1) it is easy to transfer, example, transferring at an exchange, at the same stop or at least at the same intersection, and (2) that the wait between connections is reasonable, preferable under 10 minutes.

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