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  1. Chicken Caesar Salad for supper. The garlic toast is actually a carry over from lunch !!! A Banana Split for dessert. (Banana, warmed up frozen berries, three scoops frozen vanilla yogurt, and Kahlua drizzle).
  2. Lunch at BP. Smoked Gouda & Poblano Pepper Ravioli with banana peppers and jalapeno peppers thrown in. Also a sleeve of Granville Island Winter Ale to wash it down. Proud of my cell phone camera, did a decent job on these. (Sitting close to a window does make a difference).
  3. Chicken Caesar Wraps (Caesar dressing, pulled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, Hot Salsa rolled up in Cheesy Jalapeno tortilla shells) and some fruit for dessert.
  4. So I bought and modified a cage to put around my bird feeder to keep the pigeons out... stupid asshole birds are still pushing their bodies so hard against the cage and stretching their necks to reach the food inside. I took it down for now, I need to scrub my ledge and railing maybe later this week on a warmer day. I have to put my thinking cap on and try to think of a better approach, maybe a different shape of food receptacle.
  5. The virus only cares about two things... Safety in Numbers and Survival of the Fittest.
  6. Crispy Pork Belly & Duck Fat Fried Potatoes with citrus herb cream sauce. Washing it down with a half pint of Sea Change Brewing Red Irish Ale. At Three Vikings.
  7. NFL legend Curly Culp passed away Saturday Nov. 27, 2021 at the age of 75.
  8. Rotisserie Chicken parts from Safeway for lunch.. A home made smoothie for supper. A half blender full of fresh and frozen berries in this bad boi..
  9. Chicken Caesar salad and 'Egg Roll' Dish of apple and blueberries for dessert.
  10. Definitely a fan of 'Living Lettuce'. Still 'Fresh as New'. I will definitely be buying this more often. Sure nice to have a head of lettuce that you don't have to finish off in three days.
  11. Decided I would rather fit the 'pigeon cage' OVER the railing. But that would mean cutting slits into the sides of the cage with wire cutters. . I used my wire cutters and an enormous amount of sheer strength driven by determination and extreme dislike for those pigeons. The pieces (of the cage) that were cut out I am using to seal the bottom spaces with. The first photo was my hasty rig-up. Later on I took it down, made hinges on one end of the piece and used a velcro-like cable tie for the other end. Did this to both sides. (second photo) Now just have to wait for the little birds to become accustomed to it and get curious enough to go in for some noms. Photo Three .. Took down the cage / feeder to make some adjustments. Apparently with the feed tub hanging in the middle those nasty pigeons can still crane their greedy little necks in far enough to get some of the food near the top and middle. So I put the feed tub at the back and centered it in the corner. Easier for me to refill, and with the pillar and short vertical railing piece also in that 'corner' it will provide obstruction / obstacle against hungry craning necks. Also a better view of the food so hopefully it will entice the sweet little birds. Balcony ledge and railing really need scrubbing this weekend while it is still relatively pleasant outside. Maybe on Sunday. I really have a nice balcony, but difficult to work with when feeding the birds. Been here five years, but the pigeons only became a problem the last year and a half.
  12. Tossed salad. I am using Green Leaf 'Living Lettuce' (the one that comes packaged with a clump of roots 'n' dirt) and I must say it has stayed 'like new' in the fridge since Saturday and tastes fresh. I added crispy onion, multigrain croutons, bacon bits and pulled chicken.
  13. Room mate buggered up the new vacuum cleaner, already. Only two months old. Gotta take that in on Thursday. I DID have other plans for that day. FML. Seriously, she breaks everything she touches. Edit: Took the vacuum in today. Turns out there was a huge gob of hair on the gear that turns the air driven turbo head roller brush. Must tell room mate it is 'Air Driven' NOT Hair Driven. Anyhow, it was a quick fix. I have a feeling I will be taking that attachment in for a 'hair cut' every few months.
  14. Bought a pigeon guard for my suet nuggets. The little birds (sparrows etc) can get in, but not the pigeons. My balcony is such that it is hard to work with, but this is the best I could come up with, at least for now. Might take a while for the birds to get used to this. The little sparrows have been sitting in the spruce tree opposite my balcony every morning. Normally there is an endless procession of them after the suet nuggets.
  15. Sausage Roll from The Butchery by RGE RD.
  16. Five-time MLB All-Star relief pitcher Doug Jones died on Monday Nov. 22, 2021 at the age of 64.
  17. A neighbor invited me over for some home made soup last night and gave me some to take home as well. It's a vegetable soup, but I added some chicken from the rotisserie bird that I bought on Saturday. I also livened it up with a few extra spices. And, since I had the chicken out, I assembled a Chicken & Brie wrap with tomato, lettuce and some hot salsa on a Cheesy Jalapeno tortilla shell.
  18. Actor Art LaFleur passed away Nov. 17, 2021 at the age of 78.
  19. I really like that wrap. I like how it is supposed to look like graffiti.
  20. Agreed. This was mostly rigidly applied to first few buses out and last few buses in to ensure passenger safety and no one got stranded. However most drivers back in the day did this just because it was good customer service to accommodate all passengers. If it looked like someone was going to be a troublemaker there would be no hesitation to sail on right past them.
  21. ETS was the same. In Service to and from the garage. The garage was your first and last stop. Your job was to pick up people, not drive past them. The only time one saw NIS on the sign, there was a mechanic driving it. Sadly we have strayed from that.
  22. I take the bus everywhere which involves some walking and I swim three times a week and still have weight issues. Although I think that is more due to a wonky metabolism because of sleep issues, and 'middle age spread'.
  23. Think I will just give up trying to sleep altogether. This morning they were clearing our parking lot, so the guy in the little bobcat scraping the pavement in one direction and beep beep beep backing up and repeat. Tonight the car club returned in the Manchester Square Parking Lot (there have been several complaints and the cars have not been around for a month or two, but they're back) and aside from lots of hooting and hollering, they are playing their car stereos full blast AND today they were shooting off fireworks. The fireworks didn't last long and it was cool to have an unobstructed view without having to leave home, but the rest of the noise will probably carry on until 0100 or 0200 in the morning.
  24. I'm not big on cooking myself. I do lots of salads, smoothies, wraps and stuff that is more assembled than actually cooked. I do get a good variety and opt for healthy choices. As strange as it may sound, I enjoy meat but can't stand the smell of it cooking, unless it's on the BBQ, but alas I have no BBQ. I do eat out once a week or so. My room mate doesn't really cook either, but her choice of food is junk food, chips, chocolate, cake and pepperoni sticks, and copious amounts of beer. I don't see how she is still alive. I'd be dead after a week of that garbage.
  25. Cress salad and some canned salmon with hot salsa. Washing it down with an Extra Spicy Caesar.
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