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  1. captaintrolley

    What are you eating right now?

    Muffin and cottage cheese
  2. captaintrolley

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Queen Elizabeth turns 93 today, April 21, 2019.
  3. captaintrolley

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Actor George Takei (Sulu on Star Trek) turns 82 today, April 20, 2019.
  4. captaintrolley

    What are you eating right now?

    Caesar salad with slivered onion, baby tomatoes and multi-grain croutons.
  5. captaintrolley

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    I'm guessing something tripped the track sensor, like maybe a bird or squirrel, but to be safe they still have to check around to be sure it is not a person on the tracks.
  6. captaintrolley

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Well, at least you have a trolley system. And where there is a trolley system, there always lies an opportunity to bring it back 'uphill'.
  7. captaintrolley

    What are you eating right now?

    Had a big lunch, so just threw a hasty salad together for supper. Will have some fruit with Gouda cheese slices later.
  8. captaintrolley

    7575's a dad!

    My grandchildren fit that gap range. Nov 2011, Sept 2013 and April 2016. A nice manageable spread. I always made sure my son had a monthly bus pass and a phone card, so he would never be stuck. No excuses like spending his bus fare / phone money on snacks. Always had a way to phone home and / or get home.
  9. captaintrolley

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Actress Susan Harrison passed away March 05, 2019 at the age of 80. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/susan-harrison-dead-sweet-smell-success-actress-was-80-1202087
  10. captaintrolley

    TTC Electric Buses

    The discussion is about the relevance of rear windows, therefore anything relevant to rear windows apply to this discussion. And MANY people do not have smart phones with apps and what not. As a driver, connections ARE your business. If you display this type of attitude on your bus while on duty, heaven help your passengers and work mates.
  11. captaintrolley

    TTC Electric Buses

    Not at all. As a passenger I prefer having a rear window, so that I can stand, look out and see if the bus I need to transfer to is behind the bus I am on. Rear windows are also integral on trolleys so you can judge if you are on the correct wires after making a switch.
  12. captaintrolley

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Quite normal. Sounds like your former co=worker has anger issues. He will find another job. Maybe he will cycle through a few jobs until he realizes he has to shelve his attitude and fly right in order to get on in life.
  13. captaintrolley

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Country Singer Loretta Lynn turns 87 today, April 14, 2019.
  14. captaintrolley

    7575's a dad!

    Congratulations. Helpful Hint .. get your sleep while the baby sleeps.
  15. captaintrolley

    Gas Prices

    117.9 in Edmonton for April 13, 2019. 113.9 for April 14, 2019. 113.9, 116.9 and 117.9 spotted around the west end for April 15, 2019. Mostly 116.9 and spotted one 118.9 for April 16, 2019. Spotted 115.9, 116.9, 117.9, 118.9 and 120.9 for April 18, 2019.