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  1. A Very Berry Cherry Lemonade Slush..
  2. End of an era.. only three of these left in the house now. Bye, Bye Ed-Tel.
  3. Room mate made crock pot ribs. Also corn on the cob and oven roasted potatoes. Photo by James P.
  4. Room mate bought me a new keyboard for my computer.
  5. Cucumber and tomato salad, garnished with blue cheese and Three Diamond Dressing..
  6. It snowed today, but it was not cold at all. Went out in a hoodie, NO SCARF, and runners NOT BOOTS. Sitting in my room in a night shirt and the window is WIDE OPEN and I am not cold at all.
  7. Fish Tacos, using salmon salad (drained canned salmon, mayonnaise, grated Parmesan,chopped jalapeno pepper, hot sauce, seasoning mix, chopped golden girl tomatoes) Haven't purchased any groceries in two weeks, so kinda using up odds 'n' ends... Looks a bit pale, but still quite tasty.
  8. 105.4 in Edmonton today (April 20, 2017) 104.4 (April 21, 2017) Spotted a 102.4 today, the rest still 104.4 (April 23, 2017) 102.9 in Edmonton April 24th 2017.
  9. Somehow this one snuck under the radar. Actress Barbara Hale of Perry Mason passed away January 26, 2017 at the age of 94.
  10. Thanks. Seems to be working fine at my end. Sometimes I blame my computer for stuff because it is such an old beast.... but Ashton does keep it running very good for me. That's why when there is a problem 'with the board', sometimes I think it is something haywire 'at my end'.
  11. The 'Load More Activity', when there is no more activity to load, will read (something like) No More Activity, and the 'Mark Site Read' brings up a box which you can choose Cancel or OK (or something like that). The squares in the box are blank. I attached the view from CPTDB, and one (that works) from APVDB
  12. Supper..cucumber and tomato salad, with blue cheese and Three Diamond dressing. YUMMY !!!
  13. I am noticing that when I click on 'Load More Activity' or 'Mark Site Read', it doesn't look the same as it used to.