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  1. Went to Safeway today hoping to score some more of those lovely, delicious Heirloom tomatoes, but they were all out. Also, they are renovating their washroom, so it was a very quick grocery trip, had to leave out a few items from my list. The food court is a long ways off when the need is urgent.
  2. Liverwurst on an onion & poppy seed bun with yellow heirloom tomato slices and Monterey Jack with jalapeno. Also a 'liquid' Caesar ♥
  3. Caesar Salad with large Yellow Heirloom Tomato wedges. A home made Midnight Sunrise fruit smoothie.
  4. Actress Lee Meriwether turns 87 on May 27, 2022.
  5. Depends what you have keeping you here. I hope you fulfill your dream when things improve across the pond.
  6. I was 6 years away from my '85' points, but I took the pay cut. I had gotten an $80,000.00 inheritance when my aunt had passed away, so between that, bit of a part time job, and living frugally I managed to eke out four years of glorious living in Vancouver. Mom was still in her condo and in fairly good shape with the help from her friends and neighbors, so I figured it's 'now or never' to experience Vancouver and satiate an increasing Trolley withdrawal.
  7. I would love to move to Vancouver (ocean, mountains, clean air, soft water AND ♥ trolleys ♥). I had a small window of opportunity to live there for four (2012-2016) years and those were truly four of the most amazing years ever. I moved back to Edmonton to help care for my mother (she was 96 then, and lived to be a month shy of 102 yrs old). She ended up breaking both her hips and requiring Long Term Care living. Also needed to get her affairs in (better) order. I also moved back to Edmonton to be with family (son & his wife and three gorgeous ♥ grandchildren ♥). I inherited moms condo in Edmonton. This has been a lifesaver since I could never afford rent nowadays, let alone buy a place. So basically the things that are keeping me in Edmonton (owning a residence and being near family) are the things that are keeping me from moving to Vancouver.
  8. Lunch: Liverwurst, Heirloom Tomato and Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese on an Onion & Poppy Seed Bun. Supper: Butter Chicken Samosa and a Buttery Ear of Corn. Smoothie for dessert.
  9. Actor Gary Burghoff turns 79 on May 24, 2022.
  10. Tried a Ben Burger from Woodshed Burgers. Only available on Hockey Game Days. I don't keep score on when there are games, but saw several bus drivers in Oilers jerseys so figured there was a game today. The Ben Burger is named for Edmonton's Biggest Little Hockey fan and $4.00 from each burger goes to fund a Kids With Cancer Society charity. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/introducing-the-ben-burger-oilers-fan-inspires-special-grub-with-proceeds-to-charity-1.5891000
  11. Stupid day today. Firstly, bus driver almost drove right past me. He's just La De Dahing in the center lane, day dreaming, so I start waving my arms frantically. He did stop at the last minute. He's like " LOL, I recognize that arm" I'm like, maybe a bit less arm and start recognizing the bus stops a bit more. Then he says " If you can't say anything nice..." to which I interrupted.. "I am being nice, you haven't even begun to see nasty from me" Old bugger too, I remember him from 40 or more years back already. Senior enough to get jammy work. Easy job if you're gonna stay in the center lane LOL. Wife probably doesn't want him at home. Secondly, they got my coffee order wrong at Second Cup. And not even one of those fancy coffees, just a Double Espresso Long Shot with a small amount of cold milk. I guess that sounds like an Americano. And the pool was crowded. Lots of tourists in my lane. Ugh.
  12. Lunch: Deviled egg and Monterey Jack 'n' Jalapeno cheese on an Onion & Poppy seed bun. Also, a mixed berry with white chocolate scone. Supper: A Cobb Salad from Safeway Deli. Also a home made 'Strawberry Sunset' smoothie.
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