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  1. A friend of mine just spotted it not too long ago (he posted it on FB about 5 minutes ago as I type) on the rte 33 at Cambie and 16th.
  2. Savory Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto croissants from Cobs Bakery.
  3. My computer thinks I am in Vancouver, BC. Even though I changed all the settings and what not, it still thinks I am there. Maybe it is wishful thinking on the part of my computer.
  4. Uniforms are far from a dumb idea. The uniform identifies the person as being employed by a certain company, it is meant to be worn proudly, and thirdly it is meant to garner respect. Granted, the enforcement of some rules surrounding uniforms have gotten out of hand, or need to be enforced more fairly. If there are skirt issues for women, then men should have 3/4 length short issues given to them as an option in hot weather.
  5. Couldn't decide between avocado or brisket on top of my baby kale salad... so BOTH.. YUM
  6. I like the 17 as it is currently because it is in and out of downtown quickly (many drivers also like that about the current routing) and also goes by the Save On Foods and Home Depot. Although I no longer live in Vancouver, when I did live there I found the 17 to be very convenient for all of my travels. I am sure many people that still live in my old neighborhood would agree.
  7. Mixed Martial Arts fighter Tim Hague died June 18, 2017 at age 34.
  8. Saw an 87.9 and a 90.4 today June 19, 2017. 87.9 and 88.9 today (June 20, 2017) Saw an 86.4 at Domo in the west end today (June 24, 2017) 96.9 at Downtown Husky this evening (June 24, 2017) 86.9 and 87.9 spotted near Westmount in Edmonton today (June 25, 2017).
  9. Thanks. I knew what 2101 was, I just was unfamiliar with it being called 'The Scout'.
  10. All over the place today. In the west end I saw 89.4, 90.4, 90.9, and 93.4. June 17, 2017.
  11. What is 'The Scout'.. ??? Thanks.
  12. Pretty much. Within reason. At ETS most of the 'wait for' instructions include a set amount of time. For example : Wait three minutes past your board time for incoming route X due in at XX:XX hrs. Such directives are actually quite common here because of poor scheduling and lack of frequency.
  13. To be even more particular, the directives should be to 'wait for passenger connections'. Just waiting for the the bus still does not imply waiting for the passengers on board.
  14. Jerkers (as you call them) can be found driving any type of bus. A good driver can drive any bus and make it as smooth as possible. Being a former trolley driver is not the reason for a driver driving jerkily. As a matter of fact, I have found that most trolley drivers, because of the nature of trolley driving, become far better drivers than drivers that have never driven trolleys. You become much more aware of your surroundings and your dimensions on the road. Driving a bus is a skill, driving a trolley is an art.
  15. A home-made Very Berry Protein Smoothie.