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  1. Well, households will be going through more TP because everyone is home 24/7. Normally during the day, most people are out of the home, so they are using TP at work, school etc. I agree though, hoarding large quantities isn't necessary.
  2. A lovely egg salad sandwich from the coffee bar and deli across from me (it also has Croatian and Serbian import groceries on the other side of the store). They are open for take out only. I'm pretty much their only customer any time I've gone there. The store is a nice little two block walk for me. When I return to my building I walk around the courtyard for a bit. During the week I also take out the garbage (first) and check the mail (after) at this time. So nice to stretch the legs and get some air. Never thought I would enjoy something that simple, I'm never taking a short walk and fresh air for granted again. The coffee bar and deli is a family run business. It's just the husband and wife working there right now, they are not being paid. The husband says he would rather be at work, because he can sit outside, or keep busy inside, rather than be home where the only choices are sit at the table or sit on the couch. (I can relate to that)
  3. Fred 'Curly' Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters passed away March 26, 2020 at the age of 77.
  4. Lunch: Egg salad sandwich and a Tangelo. Supper: Salad and a homemade Green Smoothie.
  5. I plan to wash windows, clean the balcony and put out clean new tubs of bird seed, nuts, suet etc. Just waiting for it to get a bit nicer outside, it's always so cold and windy here.
  6. Assorted deli sub (from Safeway) and a dish of fruit.
  7. Salmon salad with lettuce and tomato on a bun and a glass of home made lemonade.
  8. Room mate is going to be set up to work from home later this week. Found out the phone jack in her room isn't working. And I am really furious over it because I knew it wasn't working before she moved in so I had a Telus technician come over to fix it. He had some device that he checked it with and it did make a noise (which to me did NOT sound like a dial tone), but he assured me it was working and everything was fine. He was having real problems though, and I got the feeling he really didn't know what he was doing. So unless she can use the cordless or the phone can be hooked up the the computer somehow, looks like we will be making a call to Telus AGAIN..
  9. Some people, like myself, don't require the ramp and do not have a mobility device, but still need the kneel feature. Short legs and arthritic knees make the big step at the back almost impossible. Also people (especially older folks) returning from grocery stores with full pull-carts can't be expected to lift them up the big step at the back. So I am hoping drivers will realize this. (Yes, I know I live in Edmonton, but I feel this applies to every city using the rear door boarding).
  10. Actor William Shatner (Capt Kirk, TJ Hooker) turns 89 today, March 22, 2020.
  11. Dutch Pea soup (lots of sausage and bacon in it) and a warm bakery roll on the side.
  12. ETS has temporarily suspended fares and implemented rear door boarding.. https://www.edmonton.ca/ets/fares-passes.aspx
  13. A dish of fruit (nothing exotic just banana and orange) and a Beef Pita Burek (savory pie made with phyllo crust) from European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli across from where I live. Supporting local business.. 😋
  14. 69.9 in Edmonton yesterday. Saw a 66.4 on Monday March 23, 2020.
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