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  1. Mickey should not have messed with Twinkle Toes !!!
  2. This is awesome. I should really be appalled by this incident, but this couldn't have happened to a *nicer* person. Twinkle Toes the resident therapy cat at the nursing home brought my mom a dead (albeit still warm) mouse during the middle of the night.
  3. Jimmy Breslin NYC Newspaper columnist dies March 19 at the age of 88 Mike Aktari, 28 year old star of Jerseylicious, dies on March 13.
  4. Actor Lawrence Montaigne passed away March 17 at age 86.
  5. Baby Kale Caesar salad and a Popeye (spinach) croissant from Cobs Bakery.
  6. Saw a few 89.9 and one 90.4 in Edmonton for March 18, 2017. 99.9 in Edmonton for March 19, 2017. 91.9 mostly, saw one 88.9 and one 89.9 in Edmonton for March 20, 2017. 89.9, 91.9 and 99.9 spotted in Edmonton afternoon of March 21, 2017
  7. 99.9 in Edmonton March 17, 2017.
  8. Kale and Spinach salad. Hot 'N' Spicy Chili with buttered toast. (Butter was cold and didn't spread too well...
  9. Edmonton on March 16, 2017. A mix of 89.9 and 91.9, and I saw one 90.4
  10. Sorry to see you go, I will miss your contributions to this board. Take Care.
  11. Kale Salad with Three Cheese Ranch dressing, croutons, grape tomatoes, blue cheese chunks, grated Parmesan. Forgot to get an avocado from the store today
  12. Excellent photos. Welcome to the Discussion Board.
  13. Saw two 93.9 and the rest 91.9 in Edmonton for Thurs March 09, 2017.
  14. Kale Caesar Salad. Baby Kale, Caesar dressing, grape tomatoes, croutons, grated Parmesan and Blue Cheese Chunks. Topped with sliced Avocado.
  15. Spicy Loaded Baked Potato Soup and Lazy Cheese 'n' Spinach Omelet on an Onion Bun.