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  1. I had two double espressos. Espresso shots are rather inexpensive, it's all the fancy stuff that is dear. The Starbucks was inside a Safeway store where I had just finished spending $79.00. (Which is not really a big expenditure, but enough for me).
  2. Had to go to the esthetician at the mall, so popped into Tony Roma's for some Riblings and a side of 'Country Ranch Style Beans' (those beans are the best, even better with a dollop of Tony Roma's Red Hot BBQ Sauce). Photo from Google images.
  3. Had a couple cups of coffee and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Dutch Delicious Bakery. They have free coffee on Mondays. I couldn't get swim lanes today, so decided to run errands and stop for lunch today. (photo from Dutch Delicious website).
  4. Got three out of four errands done today. YAY !!! One errand to run tomorrow. I love getting stuff done and out of the way.
  5. If one is sitting at the front the next stop display is not visible when it is on the bulkhead. The forward position is preferable IMO.
  6. Agreed. In my case sometimes I just don't feel like getting out of PJ's, and taking the bus in inclement weather. I don't mind cold weather, but I detest very hot weather, or lots of snow and or ice. My right leg is giving me problems and I can't trust it in deep snow or ice. Different if one has a vehicle. And recently with all places being closed due to Covid protocols, delivery was the better option for me over take-out. Actually cooking at home was my first option.
  7. Looks yummy.. Been craving corn. I was gonna get some at the Farmers Market today and the market was cancelled because of the windy weather today.
  8. I've used Door Dash a few times, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. Mostly because when you add up all the tip, GST, and assorted 'postage and handling', it's another $15.00-$20.00. And they always get lost around my building.
  9. Very windy today, as a result, the Farmer's Market didn't set up shop today. So went there all for nothing. Then decided to head back and stop at the Barber Shop. He was lined up (which is good because he is an excellent barber and I like to see him succeed in his business) so I left and decided to try my luck another day. On the bright side I went across the street and had brunch with a beer.
  10. SPICY Ginger beef with rice and noodles from Safeway deli. It's not bad at all.
  11. Just polished off a Frank's Burger (FRANK’S RED HOT SAUCE, JALAPENOS, BANANA PEPPERS, SAUTÉED ONIONS, CHEDDAR,MOZZARELLA, LETTUCE, TOMATO, PICKLES & CHIPOTLE MAYO) with a side of onion rings and a pint, and a mug of Granville Island Brewing English Bay Ale. Oh, and the bun was toasted ♥
  12. Discovered that my favorite pub, Pub 1905, no longer has their world famous Roasted Garlic Mushroom Soup, Peroghy wraps and Roasted Garlic Pasta. My three favorites. They have a new 'slimmed down' menu because of (you know) Covid. I don't even want to entertain what logic may be behind that decision. At least they had appropriately spaced seating and customers were allowed to sit down LOL.
  13. A beautiful gorgeous rainy day to run a few errands, and treat myself to lunch downtown. Discovered that my favorite pub, Pub 1905, has mugs of beer. Most places the smallest size they have are pints. Sometimes one pint tastes like more, but two are a bit filling. So a pint and a mug are JUST RIGHT.
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