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  1. Deal, you can have Blow up the Mountains tops Jason Kenny. I'll bet he's not so tough where there are no mountains LOL.
  2. Not too impressed with the development across from me. A beautiful shopping area, room for 20 tenants, but they only have one operating right now. Arcadia Brew Pub. I am all for local independent businesses, but since dining-in is restricted, these guys have opened up a huge area of patio seating. Again not a problem. The problem is the loud bands playing all day and into the night. And just when the bands have gone home, their maintenance contractors show up in the wee hours with those pesky NOISY leaf blowers to 'clean up'. Plus, between about 2000-0030 tons of guys with souped up c
  3. Actor George Takei turns 84 on April 20, 2021.
  4. A Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Dutch Delicious Bakery. This is the last time going directly there and back on the Route 3, which has been around FOREVER, since the ETS bus routes will be changing next week.
  5. A couple of vegetarian cabbage rolls (from a kind neighbor) with some lean turkey breast slices. Also a mandarin orange and a slice of watermelon ♥
  6. Couple of thick slices of juicy watermelon, an almond cookie, and a home made tropical paradise fruit slushie.
  7. A neighbor brought over some delicious home made chili, so I am having it piping hot on a bun with onion and fresh basil leaves.
  8. An item in the news today where they are saying that 'inactivity' can result in 'worse outcomes' for Covid. And yet, it is because of Covid that things are shut and many of are inactive. I have never been so inactive in all my life, and yes, I feel terribly out of shape and not as healthy as I could be.
  9. Actress Helen McCrory passed away April 16, 2021 at the age of 52.
  10. A Boar, Bacon, Swiss burger and crispy Brussel sprouts from Woodshed Burger.
  11. I love bureks. The European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli across from me makes killer bureks, both the flaky crust and the rolled pita style. Their coffee is the best in the city too. I love getting my morning coffee from there, just no Dine In at the moment - stupid covid. Lovely couple run the joint, they have a small grocery section of eastern European foods too. It is a very charming and busy little place.
  12. Always feels good to get the windows washed ..
  13. The bad part about longer days is that the sun comes around my side of the building in the evening and reminds me that my windows need washing.. So today I got off my fat laurels and washed the windows. Got the fuzzy door mats in the laundry now too, after I shook nearly a ton of winter dirt and gravel from them. Taking a bit of a break before I wrestle the screen back into the window. (Thankfully no bugs yet) I'd give anything to have longer arms, I really am not suitably built for some chores (light bulbs are another difficulty for me). I do need to get to Home Depot one day and
  14. That Greek salad looks amazing.. I am about to fix myself an arugula salad (again). Gotta use it up before Saturday..
  15. Happy Birthday from another April baby ♥ Enjoy the nature walk. Maybe bring a magnifying glass and / or binoculars and a note pad. Jot down the details of various bugs, birds, plants, flowers etc and then come home and then look them up on the computer at home and try to identify them. Just a suggestion to add a bit of fun learning to the walk.
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