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  1. A meatloaf and mashed potato 'hash'.. (sprinkled with some hot sauce of course)
  2. My lovely concrete birdie bowl / bath cracked. The water froze before I had a chance to empty it. This is it when it was brand new. So now I have to buy another bird bath. I will get two, a summer one and a heated one for winter. (See FY thread)
  3. Bought a heated bird bath for winter and a metal one for summer. My previous concrete bowl cracked because the water in it froze before I had a chance to empty it.
  4. I think there may have been an issue (power outage?) at Metrotown. FB post shows a line up of trolleys waiting to be towed.
  5. Leftover Rosemary 'n' Garlic baby potatoes with bacon and cheese sauce. Also a homemade green smoothie for dessert.
  6. My friend snapped this Northern Flicker in his yard.
  7. Safeway Deli meatloaf with Rosemary 'n' Garlic baby potatoes for lunch..
  8. Ironic that a Future Service bus stop is closing.. Did that stop ever have service?
  9. A staffer in moms nursing home tested positive for covid. Fortunately this person hasn't worked since Oct 18, and was not assigned to moms ward. The nursing home is in 'covid investigation' status and visitations are suspended until Nov. 07, 2020 pending outcome of the investigation.
  10. Firstly, it's electric. Can't go wrong with that. Secondly, I love the twinkling effect of the lights. Thirdly, it's a night shot. I love how night time photos always look more subdued than the starkness of daytime photos. ♥
  11. Salad, fried egg sandwich and a homemade green smoothie for supper today.
  12. Apple 'n' Cheese YUM. A kind neighbor gave me a couple of apples and the cheese is Swiss Emmental from European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli.
  13. Canadian born magician James Randi passed away Oct. 20, 2020 at the age of 92.
  14. Tried Woodshed burger again, and to be honest, Three Vikings and Pub 1905 have better burgers. Still pretty good though. The patty is excellent, flame grilled, and buns are toasted. So I would give it 7 1/2 out of 10.
  15. Probably because Bingo Halls and similar establishments are not in operation at the moment 'due to covid'.
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