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  1. Sam Bobrick, author, playwright, television writer, and lyricist passed away Oct. 11, 2019 at the age of 87.
  2. Domestic goods. Turkey or Ham for Thanksgiving ???
  3. A Cheese and Spinach Burek. A Burek s a traditional savory Croatian pastry.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of the longer trolley routes that can be 2-3 hour round trip. But yeah, breaks should be relative to trip length.
  5. Of those, a uniform ban is least likely to affect service delivery. Not sure what the definition is of 'long' breaks is, but I do think a 10 minute break is not unreasonable.
  6. Just finished a Short Rib Poutine / Benny at OEB restaurant. It was delicious.
  7. I've posted things and have discovered some of those images on Google Images. I'm not too concerned though. I'd rather have the images where others can see them rather than sit on them and keep them all to myself where no one else can enjoy them.
  8. IMO If you don't know the original source, just say 'credit unknown' (or something along those lines). What's worse than not crediting the original source is trying to pass something off as your own. I think this is what they are trying to avoid here. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  9. ^ Get old, but don't OVERDO the exercise. In today's society it's all about pushing it at the gym and the more is better. Just moderation, lots of rest and eat right. Cut out the junk, the smokes, and keep your drinks to a social one or two a week. I have been agonizing over an inflamed IT band which is a band of tendon connecting the hip (the ilia) and the shin (the tibia) for the past couple of years. This mostly afflicts runners (I can't run to save my life), but after using the same muscle groups in the pool for 40-50 years, the body is trying to tell me to slow down in that area. I have a physio assessment tomorrow. So, get old, but take care of yourself NOW. Don't go thinking you are invincible. REST is important. You don't have to hit the gym every day. Three days a week is ample.
  10. This badass spinach salad... Baby spinach, baby medley tomatoes, sweet onion, crispy onion bits, chicken breast, Doric Feta Cheese, tossed in Three Diamond Dressing.. 😋 Assorted fruit dish with biscuits for dessert..
  11. Grabbed a Metro paper from the box this morning. Found it a bit strange that there was only one left (which I nabbed !!!) at 0830hra. (They are usually gone after 1030, but never this early). Anyhow, I stuffed it in my bag, got to the coffee shop, opened the paper to the crossword and realized it was last Friday's paper. Feels wrong to sit with a coffee and not do the crossword.
  12. Balcony is done, and various feeders ( a peanut holder, two types of suet holders, a home made nut holder - for the squirrel- and the conventional bird feeder) are all in place awaiting the hungry menagerie. As I type, the squirrel is already back and stashing (and nibbling between stash runs).
  13. Leftover salad. Thought it would be soggy but still actually very tasty now that the dressing has seeped through everything giving the ingredients more flavor..
  14. Mediterranean Pasta and a Caesar Salad.
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