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  1. Same here, but some places that are not abiding by the vaccine passport still have no public access to washrooms.
  2. A Green Leaf salad with oil & vinegar dressing, and a Frikandel Broodje. Kinda like a sausage roll, only the 'sausage' is deep fried and consists of minced pork & veal and is liberally laced with savory herbs and spices. Very flavorful ♥ It is a common snack food in the 'Low Countries' - predominantly Holland and Belgium
  3. A Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Dutch Delicious Bakery.
  4. You mean we will soon be able to sit on benches and use public restrooms now ?!?!?!?
  5. Didn't win the WildNorth 50/50 draw. Guess I will try again next time. Proceeds go towards a good cause, so I am not overly disappointed.
  6. Actress Betty Lynn passed away Saturday Oct. 16, 2021 at the age of 95.
  7. Supper: Baked Potato Soup from Safeway Deli. . not as good as it used to be. Also a Mississippi Mud Smoothie.
  8. Went to the shopping center across the street for a stroll just to get out of the condo for a bit. I stopped at Arcadia Pub for a half pint of ale and a couple of empanadas. The empanadas are quite ordinarily standard but the dipping sauce is amazing.
  9. Lunch: Mediterranean Chicken & Veggies rice bowl with Tzatziki dip from Safeway Deli. Supper: Cobb Salad from Safeway Deli.
  10. Got together with a couple that I've known for 35-40 years. Between being busy and covid, I'm sure it's been three years since we've seen each other. Anyhow, we went to Three Vikings Restaurant and had the Fish & Chips. Of course too busy chatting to take out the cell phone camera.
  11. Just got a call from Carbon Environmental Boutique that I won one of five door prizes. I won't have time until Sunday to collect it. Fast forward to Sunday. Collected my 'winnings' today. Basically various things containing essential oils. A couple of small batch handmade soaps, a couple of body oils, and a scented candle containing essential oil. The candle I won't use, but Christmas is around the corner... someone may get a very nice and expensive candle. I went to their website to check out the items, turns out the total value of the items is $156.00 !!!
  12. She is far from alone in that respect. I know several people that do not have either, or have one but not the other. I don't have a Smart Phone, my neighbor has neither, My room mate does not have a cell phone of any kind, another friend has no cell phone, she has a lap top but no WiFi, she goes to a cafe or library when she needs to. Tech is good to have, but it can be costly and if one can manage without (like we did not all that long ago) then so be it.
  13. Mexican Corn Chowder Soup from Safeway Deli. I added hot sauce, multi grain croutons, sour cream and grated cheese..
  14. Actress Stephanie Zimbalist turns 65 on Oct. 08, 2021.
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