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  1. For what it's worth, I'm fairly certain most of those buses were running fine before they were parked, so I can't see them needing too much work to pass an inspection (I'm no expert, though). If any of you really are serious, I recommend looking at these buses yourself before putting in a bid. I'd do that myself, but there's no way I'm going to be paying $3000 for a bus I may not even be able to store.
  2. The email I recieved did not have any prices listed, so I assume it's "best offer" with no reserve price. And as far as I know, you'll need to contact the Region of Waterloo directly, and make your offer via email. I don't think there is any kind of public listing.
  3. I've heard this as well. Tempting as it would be nice to see one or two of them saved from the scrap yard, but I'm in no position to buy any one of these right now. Hopefully someone else (maybe even from this board) will be able to save one or more. These are the last of GRT's Classics, and I'd really hate to see them lost forever. Maybe I'll contact a few people and see if I can't get at least 8804 or 8905 saved.
  4. 8905 is back in service.
  5. Rode 8901 today, so I may have to update the wiki.
  6. Well that's good to hear. So the '87 MCIs will last a while longer.
  7. Does anybody know if the Classics and/or Orion Vs are going to be out tomorrow, or are they parked for the summer?
  8. Yea, and it had a blinking red light on it. Anyone know why the camera is so big on 522?
  9. I've noticed what seems to be a video camera on 522 today, and a friend said he saw multiple cameras on another bus. I was surprised to see one on 522, considering its more than 12 years old. Will GRT be putting these on every bus, new and old?
  10. I fixed the link. I might try to improve it soon, now that I've learned a lot more about visual basic.
  11. I've recently seen 525 and 524 on Kitchener routes, over the last few days. Anyone know why, or if the move is permanent?
  12. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll repost it there.
  13. 8801, 8804, 8901, 8905, 8520, 524, 525 all still in service in the Kitchener area. Has anyone seen 8906?
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