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  1. I've seen many operators delay training to finish a few weeks of school or for medical reasons. If you want I wouldn't tell them you can't start but can ask if it's possible to delay training for a reason like that and hope they reschedule you for something better. But I wouldn't call with a dumb reason like, I don't like this mode. They could schedule you for the same mode a few weeks later though so it's a risk, losing seniority for nothing.
  2. Supposed to be. Although 99% of drivers don't touch that thing so just assume the run number in the window is wrong lol.
  3. They cut down the training for trainees going to Wilson. It's I believe 3 days less now and you no longer learn the trains on the Bloor line.
  4. You can transfer same mode after probation... It's two years if you want to change modes.. go from bus to subway or streetcar to bus. I simply laugh when people say robots will take all the driving jobs. It'll happen but quite doubtful in any of our careers. I'll start worrying when ttc can install a bloody elevator in all the stations.
  5. Seniority goes by your start date, nothing else. They claim your seniority and start date goes by medical which in many instances is incorrect. If someone waits 3 months for their police check even though they had the first medical, others will pass them. So don't listen to any of that nonsense, start date is the only thing that matters.
  6. No it's best to start as young as possible, put in your 29 years get your FULL pension and walk away at 50. You don't have to drive for more than a couple years if you don't want to. Lots of jobs within. Starting in your 40s just ensures working till you're 70 or getting an unlivable pension. Unless of course you have another source of savings or income.
  7. My advice is, change your email, resume, try again and repeat. 10s of thousands of resumes. It's a complete lottery to get called. Put in as many balls as you can. I was hired on my second or third application that year. I still have the extra accounts that show me dates applied.
  8. Don't even bring that up. They make you sign a contract saying you can't even work part time without the bosses permission. If you start missing work for another job and they find out you're finished. In reality no one cares if you work part time as long as it doesn't effect ttc. Having said that you pick your work based on seniority if you can't work what you are able to sign you're not much good to them sorry to say.
  9. It was posted last week or the week before externally, check your emails. It was for FUTURE needs though.
  10. That posting was station collectors for future requirements. Don't hold your breath for starting anytime soon. I don't see how they are going to be able to hire anyone externally for those positions.
  11. Do whatever you want. It's a pointless exercise that in no way shape or form will prepare you for the job. Most people have ridden the bus before lol. Furthermore it's time the powers that be stop intentionally sending mass amounts of candidates to needlessly clog the busiest vehicles at rush hour. Ride the full length if you want, don't, just letting you know there's no way for them to know. And references are part of the process, it means nothing. Maybe they liked a candidate and then had the references called only to find out something they didn't like.
  12. Just keep in mind those guys have no idea whether you rode for 30 mins or not and have no way of ever finding out. If you want to get off at 20 mins and say you rode 10 stops further to make it 30 they don't know anyway. Or you don't even have to ride at all, just watch the vehicle on the ttc app for 30 mins. On time, off time, observations, route, vehicle#, the end lol.. driver let this guy on free at Bathurst, driver lowered bus for stroller etc etc.
  13. The 60 hours thing was only supposed to be till June. So should be over soon if it isn't already.
  14. Doubtful but good luck. The whole process is jumping through hoops doing exactly what they tell you. You don't do something as requested, see Ya later! They have 10,000 people behind him that can and will follow their instructions to a tee.
  15. Most people won't finish it but the test has been beaten before... I did 44 of them got no more than a couple wrong.... But the info that if you do too many you fail can be filed in the trash. If you get too many wrong then sure. Right answers over gueses, make sure that's all or at least the majority of your answers and you'll pass
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