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  1. Beat me to it, thanks yes essentially all the new device is, is a revamped look at what it previously did. Display timing points, issue transfers and allow double tap ( I believe this is a Brampton feature only ) the transfers are longer now with the barcode and display a little more info. I’ll try and find a bus to get a shot on the other side but the secondary tap for a fail mode is on the top of the drivers device similar to the previous generation
  2. I figure it’s been out long enough to display, this is the new presto device being installed on all BT buses in the coming months, so far I’ve only driven 1155 with it and it works pretty well with no major issues im not sure if this is the final design for the operators controls, but I really hope they re design this @Jan Boic you posted in DRT about theirs, more than likely it’s the same device to be installed GTA wide
  3. How so, you asked about Cat powered buses and since there aren’t any below the 2400s left he told you about the 2400s which includes 2400-2419 2402,04,09,15 are currently out and CAT powered Which could of easily been found via transsee
  4. From Co workers that used to work there they all say the same thing, yes they are penalized for delays in service. I believe one said it was 8 min or more of an unexplainable delay would result In a penalty. That being said, contractor or not; it's highly unfair to the public and YRTs ridership is hurting because of many factors including this
  5. Just a small comparison as to why people choose cars over transit in York Region Is this I just pulled on Google maps Pioneer village station to Jane/teston ( the entire trip of route 20 ) 18 by car, 37 by transit.. now I'm aware the 20 enters 3 stations in between but if it was the TTC running it you can guarantee it would be under 25-28 min
  6. Tie that in with their extremely relaxed running times on local routes, the service is just not something someone wants to waste their time on, routes like the 4,20,77,85 and 105 ( Southwest routes ) almost always have the buses running 20-30km/h below the speed limit post PM rush hour just to stay relatively on time If they really wanted to save money while maintaining service they would cut the running times and save on buses, introduce interlining to reduce the amount of buses dedicated to small quiet routes. But for a for-profit system that YRT uses ( contractors for everything ) cutting service is the only solution and it lets the contractors make money - example of lax running times for evening would be routes 105 for TTC/YRT, TTC from Sheppard west to Steele's is 6 minutes, yrt is 10-13
  7. Somewhat relevant to that, YRT 1430 was doing training with operators in the new station ( still closed to public ) around 14:00 today
  8. Hello, I am hoping to find some information regarding the costs and benefits/cons of operators seats in buses. Does anyone have info on the cost of the recaro seat, standard model with no arm rest vs the USSC seat? I've emailed both companies to no avail and would love to see if there's knowledge on this forum about it
  9. Large ad racks also will not fit on the TTC spec Nova, large rear doors take up majority of the real estate there if you compare it to the picture of a STM LFS A cheaper option and a more common option companies use these days are just to slap the ad to the bus itself and remove when the campaign is done ( see example below I just took. ) I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen Pattinson bring ad racks into the garage
  10. Was informed today the 1900 novas also have the USB charging ports under most of the seats
  11. No, orders tend to not go into service until around September/October. This includes the 2019 nova order
  12. New flyer xcelsior charge 60ft and nova LFs electric are on sandalwood property for an upcoming announcement
  13. That’s correct, Brampton received funding both from their own budget and from the Trudeau government directly, the timeline for the arrival of the LFSe isn’t known but the new sandalwood extension will be equipped with chargers if it hasn’t already been
  14. It’s honestly a hit or miss right now, as it Stands now we will not be able to replace the 02/03/04 flyers with the amount of buses we’re getting and the expansion in service the city keeps wanting to implement, the original plan was to replace the worst of the 02s but that’s not happening yet as for repurposing the 2012s it can’t happen just yet, come September we are stretched to the limit and often times will have cancelled 501s due to lack of Zum buses, including the XDE40s the garages are empty once rush hour hits the fact that we only received 2 XDE60s this year is somewhat alarming, hopefully next year the order is reversed and it’s a large Zum order instead There are many many many service expansion plans on hold that the public doesn’t know about yet, simply because we don’t have enough buses
  15. I’ll have to take a look, right now they’re parked in maintenance getting prepped
  16. All 2019 Novas have been delivered going from 1901 - 1919 I believe ( I’ll have to double check ) as well as 2 xcelsior articulated Zum buses, unknown if XD or XDE60
  17. Seems to have been resolved, no longer redirecting me to spam sites
  18. This pop up ad keeps coming up and redirecting me when I log into cptdb for IOS on safari, cleared history and it was good for a couple minutes then it came back it’s only on cptdb.ca, I tried with about 5 other websites and this didn’t pop up might just be me I’m not sure but figure I’d share this
  19. 617 on the 511A - 06 nova lfs 1481 on the 53/57 - 14 XDE60
  20. That seems like a more than reasonable response, they don’t have the funds to upgrade that particular garage so they use what buses they can, as for “hand me downs” a bus is a bus and any time I’ve ridden a Queensway allocated bus I’ve seen no issue with them.. they get the job done and the provide service to the residences of Toronto/Etobicoke now if people are complaining that aren’t bus fans, it’s possible the older 7s may have been breaking down over a time or they aren’t happy with the service they’re getting but I can hardly see an issue with getting an old Orion 7 vs a new nova..
  21. 1901,1902 delivered to sandalwood garage, 2019 new flyer xcelsior with full roof fairings nah just kidding, Nova LFS diesels spec’d the same as the 2018s including the 1/3 doors and raised destination signs in the rear, I haven’t been inside but I’m assuming Allison transmission as well
  22. These images were provided by a coworker whose been getting shield buses pretty frequently The new flyer design is slanted and a two piece sliding panel giving the operator the choice of full enclosure or partial the nova design is a flat shield with the same functions as the new flyers - one note is 1404 was a demo shield and the final designs will not have the small rectangular window but everything else remains the same
  23. I can chime in a little bit as I failed my initial interview in I believe 2017 but passed this year ( March 2019) 1. The interviews are the same format and questioning but in a much more relaxed environment where you don’t feel like you’re being grilled over every answer you give 2. I provided a full reference list and history but it was not taken 3. Dress business casual, I saw some people there just show up in sweat pants and they didn’t seem to make it passed the final interview stage, whether they was appearance judgement or not qualified I’m not sure if you’re successful they bring you into a 3rd room and offer you a condition of employment which is dependent on your medical and any other qualifications they need you to get, once you’re done don’t expect to start ASAP, I finished the medical and job shadow within a week of the interview but got an email that it can be months before contact again due to the TTC waiting on the medical company submitting the results
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