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  1. NewFlyerFan

    GO Transit

    Spotted 2327 in the old livery this afternoon on I believe the 33, are there any others still in the old paint? And a side question that I apologize if it’s been asked before but is there a reason GO went with the typical coach doors instead of the commuter doors you see on majority of US commuter buses ( think NJT and MTA ) was there a logic to this or simply cost saving measures
  2. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Hmm not sure I’ve seen that before but it’s at another garage that unit, I’ll try and check it out in other news buses are having security camera stickers installed to remind passengers they are being recorded and 1126 is the first unit to be installed with a permanent drivers shield. These will be installed in all buses minus the 02,03s from what I’ve been told the shields are the prototype that was seen in conventionals 1201,1713 and Zum 1291
  3. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    It’s possible, they tend to do info sessions once every week at about 75-80 people at a time we’re scheduled to hire 95 operators for expansion this year
  4. NewFlyerFan

    Durham Region Transit

    With DRT opening a new facility In Oshawa for routes in “most areas” does that include bringing Whitby division in house or will they remain contracted out to PW, and whoever else bids in the future?
  5. NewFlyerFan

    Mississauga Transit Sightings

    1798 is on the 107 as of 22:00
  6. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    I’m Not to sure, I was informed by a coworker and also sent this image later that day. You can see the bottom of the frame is still in place but everything above is pushed in
  7. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Another incident involving a bus, this time Zum 1877 was involved in a collision on Main Street around 6:30am today, pickup driver was intoxicated and hit two cars before hitting the bus head on and fleeing the scene unknown if the driver is injured but the bus was on deadhead to start at 511
  8. NewFlyerFan


    I know their express buses are top notch but I rarely take transit down there and it’s only been MiExpress when I do however their orders for the novas seems to have been done to be the cheapest. Small things like unable to turn lights off when deadheading, pull cord curtains for drivers, lack of fire suppression ( I’m going to try and confirm first hand ) and even narrow rear doors are all expensive options they opted out of and their fleet is always breaking down. I’ll see at least one a day during my shift ( not saying my company doesn’t break down, just an observation) Depends on what your criteria is, the big 3 in the Toronto area all pay about the same. It all comes down to what you want your commuting time to be and what you what your work-life to be for now miway and Brampton don’t have 24hr service so latest you’re out is around 3am whereas TTC is 24/7. Mississauga will obviously be quieter then Toronto and less stressful so if that’s your worry, then miway is a good choice but if you already live anywhere but the west end of Toronto you’re better off applying at the TTC
  9. NewFlyerFan


    Yikes, another fire for miway, even though people are going to bash the novas for having 3 in so little time, Miway does have history of rear end fires. I was also told when speaking with other drivers at stations that Mississauga doesn’t spec their buses with the higher up specs, including fire suppression system which possible could of made these situations a lot less “eye catching”
  10. In the end as long as the operator is cleared of fault...who cares, I’ve been in so many cases where after I’ve had a solid green someone runs a light and they barely miss me, unfortunately it will never change.
  11. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    0602 was involved in a collision at airport and Lacoste yesterday morning, damage to the bus was very minimal cosmetic wise, shouldn’t affect its future in service
  12. NewFlyerFan

    TTC in the news

    Which is evident with Brampton transit, approx 85-88% of fare is presto (3.00) 10% cash (4.00) and the rest is paper tickets for special purpose and low income Perhaps not a 75 cent rent at once but in a couple years it will be at that rate
  13. NewFlyerFan

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    The only form of extra “protection” there is the two bars on the edge but those are really just for protecting the bus from trees, not damage of that level. Perhaps translink can look into stronger bars that could take a higher impact but in OC Transpo’s case nothing would of prevented that because OC is currently in a tough spot for service levels due to construction and detours for the LRT they’re on a hire to fire basis upon completion of the LRT and I have a huge feeling this is a case of they can’t afford lose an operator. The accident she was in was likely a preventable.. i personally can’t see how she managed to jack-knife the bus and smack into a hybrid but not body was hurt and transit deemed she was fit for service after whatever discipline happened
  14. NewFlyerFan

    GOA transit news, info etc

    It’s been awhile since I was there but I remember it being 70k prior and 50k through
  15. NewFlyerFan

    GOA transit news, info etc

    This is such a gut wrenching feeling to anyone who works in transit and knows the risks that come with this job. I read this story while on layover and right away it shows you how important it is to be safe in every aspect of our careers. It also saddens me that not only on this board but fb groups have people as @Bus_Medicsaid laughing and using emojis, I don’t think some people understand the severity of this situation not only is this a accident that’s caused death and agony to everyone direct and indirectly involved but this is going to bring in questions about the safety of a huge fleet of OC Transpo’s buses, the training department of OC and every other agency will be under heavy scrutiny a big part of me hopes the driver isn’t at fault for this because to enter a station at that speed and lose control over ice is ridiculous as a professional. Drivers know the roads and materials used in stations/transit ways is more slippery then your normal roads and if the OP is at fault, he clearly didn’t use responsible judgement. He had people’s lives in his hands. And dont people start saying accidents happen, we are professional drivers we are held up higher then that Prius car that cut us off