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  1. NewFlyerFan

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Yikes, I normally just like to browse to get info and keep to myself but this is crazy, people it’s a bus. Buses come and go and whether you like it or not it’s time for these to go you cannot compare a newlook or any bus of that era to today’s vehicles, there are so many differences whether it’s build materials, lack of funding to rebuild ( look at other companies to see how much they invested to rebuild a new look just to keep their fleet count up ) and the fact that In no way were the new looks ever put up to the stress and loads that today’s buses are doing. If a bus breaks down 3 times in a month does that mean all are bad? No it’s a lemon and needs proper repair and just so you young foamers are aware, the GM new looks and classics of yesteryear had the same issues. Chris A is comparing the MTA To the TTC well I’m sorry but you can’t be comparing a hybrid that literally sits in traffic 80% of its day in nyc to a hybrid here that deals with harsh weather and fast roads buses are not meant to last forever, they aren’t meant to cater to your love for them. Their job is for us operators to run them and maintain a schedule and maintenance staff to keep them going behind the scenes. Not to be your little toy you hunt i can only hope I wasn’t like this when I was younger and the classics and Orion Vs were on their way out
  2. Just saw two TTC nova lfs HEVs heading into Vaughan north on Jane st, is this normal practice for the ttc when testing new deliveries? sorry no fleet numbers as I’m on layover quite a ways away
  3. NewFlyerFan

    Model TTC Vehicles

    I remember years ago this site had model buses including Orion Vs that came blank, their website seems to cater to MTA mostly but it can’t hurt to send off an email ( I’m not even sure if they’re still in business ) http://www.collect-corner.net
  4. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Proterra catalyst “E2” visited Brampton transit this morning at sandalwood, I’m guessing it’s making its rounds to agencies before heading to the ttc?
  5. NewFlyerFan

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Brad Ross leaves TTC for city hall
  6. NewFlyerFan


    0880 had a breakdown today at Dixie and eastgate SB, maintenance looking at the bus around 3:00pm today
  7. NewFlyerFan

    brampton transit recruitment

    Hiring is going to start slowing down right now due to the December holidays starting soon, the final class is in training this month and hiring will pick up again around January when I applied it was around your time and heard nothing after map test because it was mid November, then January 4 it was sped up because all staff are back from holidays/vacations
  8. NewFlyerFan

    TTC Application Process

    If you’re saying you switched from your current job into another job before you start your training with the ttc then no it shouldn’t be a problem, unless you’re talking about switching and delaying your training date, you may lose your spot
  9. Why wouldn’t MiWay just install a powered left mirror like other agencies have, it seems unnecessary to bring in a complete different model mirror in terms of universal parts for the buses where agencies like Brampton transit has had powered mirrors on the LFS since ‘06 or is this also a visibility factor with the small circular convex mirror since the nova frame can sometimes block visibility for drivers who sit lower
  10. NewFlyerFan

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Does this prevent them from slamming open? Ours at Brampton transit are air and have a tendency to whack against the front panel when opening ( granted we are using 1/3 so it may be a 1/3 door issue )
  11. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    D40LFs 207,211 and 213 are now retired
  12. NewFlyerFan


    If it’s proven factual there will be internal action taken, you do not need to know the follow up. As for high beams are you sure the operator is using them? Xcelsior and Novas are extremely bright and I highly doubt a drivers just going around with his high beams on “just because”
  13. NewFlyerFan


    Brampton transit does, they’re covinient for starting points where it might not be easy to access using transit, or if the operator isn’t give a lot of time from sign in at the yard to starting point via travel
  14. They also have a dodge promaster ( same as TTCs wheel-trans) in the high 1800s as well, couldn’t get a good look at the fleet number or contractor though
  15. NewFlyerFan

    Brampton Transit recruitment

    That’s up to management but compared to many other timelines yours is going by slightly faster vs others