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  1. Probably easier to find it from the right side "Route" panel... took me a while to find it though. Maybe the panel should be expanded by default.
  2. The new trip planning site is now online: https://tripplanning.translink.ca/#/app/nextdepartures Seems like real time location of SkyTrain and SeaBus are now trackable. And those route colors... are they "official", or just randomly assigned? And with this, the old method of previewing schedule is now officially dead 😂
  3. It's just something that wasn't deleted properly when they cancelled the route. Submit a feedback and it'll get fixed, eventually. When the new map was first released, I submit a few errors and they all got fixed. Maybe it's not that TransLink doesn't care, but rather, no one in Langley really care to report the error?
  4. I believe they already improved the service on the 230, and will improve the service on 241 by allocating the service from 239, so cancellation of 241 will no longer be necessary? As for 186, it was determined that there will not be enough capacity for combining both routes, and the left turn from Pipeline onto Gabriola would be too dangerous and difficult for standard bus and/or artic (which maybe necessary for the trips connects to WCE).
  5. Not sure if 701 actually need to be full artic once R3 is in operation. Right now the 701 isn't that full during peak hour, even with a mix of standard bus and artic. IMO, the Mission trips should split into a separate route, and follow the routing and stop procedure of R3 before running limited stop to Mission after Haney Place. ================== Anyways, an update for the rapid bus routes for January sheet: R1, R4 - schedule fully loaded R3, R5 - route appears in the January sheet, but schedule not yet loaded R2 not in schedule yet, seems like it is likely miss the start date of the sheet Also, all RapidBus routes now considered as new route, rather than a renumber from 95, 96, 43, etc. This is different from the 135 -> 95 renumber.
  6. Or maybe waiting for people like Kennith to get onto it. The media usually gets more information than us. And if the train was designed for a middle car to be jammed in, they'll probably reserve a number in the sequence. But I'm still doubt TransLink will go this route. After all, they previously stated that (wrt to converting the 2-cars MkII to 4-cars) it doesn't make sense to add a new component onto something that had already been in service for years. If it is to be expandable, the expansion should happen rather soon after the delivery, probably within the time frame of the first few options.
  7. That part is also unclear to me. I wonder if that means: 1. Some of the trains will be 4-cars, so there may be more than 41 trainsets in total 2. Some of the trains will be 4-cars, but there are still 41 trainsets in total 3. Some of the 41 trains are built in a way that it can easily switch between 4 and 5 cars in OMC 4. Some of the 41 trains will be built as 4-cars to start with, but the contract also include the conversion of those trains to 5-cars at a later date All these should be clarified in the performance specification, but it was not for public...
  8. Yes the 205 base order and 2025 options are separate order, as stated in my calculation above. I was wondering if the 2025 option meant the the first of the 6 train set will arrive by 2025, or the last. The only thing I was sure is that the last train from the firm order should arrive before the end of 2025. As for replacing all MkI with the 205 firm order... there is actually not enough, unless one of the following is true: - The planned peak frequency improvement for 2019/2020 will be rolled back once Arbutus extension opened - Short-turn trains introduced for the western half of the Millennium, while the eastern half sees frequency reduction - About half of the 6-cars MkI and all of 4-cars MkII on Expo Line would be replaced by 4-cars MkIII instead of 5-cars (order would be 13x 5-car trainset and 35x 4-car transet) - Millennium line remains 2-cars operation Here is my approximation of the cars needed for each scenario: 100 replacement with 4-cars 25 expansion to 5-cars 16 Arbutus extension 2-cars 4 replacement for 4-MKII transfer to Arbutus (with 5-car trains) 76 Millennium expansion to 4-cars 19 replacement for 4-MKII and 4-MKIII transfer for M-Line expansion (with 5-car trains) Total: 240 (short by 35 cars) The first option of 30 cars are clearly for the Fleetwood expansion. However, it is still not enough to raise the frequency of the entire Expo line in order to have "one in three" trains running at "4-5min peak frequency" for Langley branch, according to the presentation. Hence I thought some of the MkI trains will remain in the fleet until midway through the delivery of the second option of 70 cars. And even after the replacement, the remaining trains from this option is only enough for either one of Langley or UBC extension, but not both.
  9. Let's do some calculation game: TransLink planned 55-cars (11-trains) for the 22min Langley extension, then using industry standard of 15% spare, that's equal to 9 trains in total, or about 12.3 trains/hr, or a train every 4.8 to 5min. Given TransLink's plan show 4-5min frequency for Langley branch, let's use 4.8min for the ultimate frequency by 2030. This gives 2.4min frequency for M-Line, 4.8min for each Expo Branch with 1.6min combined frequency. Also I remember I read somewhere that the target frequency after this batch of 28 cars arrive is 2.83min / 5.66min... so this will be used for the initial frequencies for the calculation. At any time spare for each type of train can be no less than 8% 2019-2024: 150 MkI, 108 MkII, 56 MkIII (assumption - WF-KG 81min rt; WF-PD 88min; WF-BW 20min; VC-LA 78min; 2.83/5.66min; EL req 45+3 trains; ML req 28 trains) Expo (23x 6-I, 3x 2-II, 9x 4-II, 13x 4-III) Millennium (28x 2-II) 2024-2026: Broadway extension - 100-120 MkI, 108 MkII, 261 MkIII (assumption - VC-AR 98min; ML convert to all 4-cars; 2.7/5.4min frequency; EL req 47+3 trains; ML req 37 trains) Expo (12x 4-III, 38x 5-III, spare trains for Fleetwood extension testing) Millennium (13x 6-I, 24x 4-II) 2025-2028: First option (30 cars) - Fleetwood extension - 60-80 MkI, 108 MkII, 291 MkIII (assumption - WF-FL 100min rt; EL req 50+3 trains; ML req 37 trains) Expo (10x 4-III, 43x 5-III) Millennium (9x 6-I, 25 4-II, 3x 4-III) 2028-2032: Second option (70 cars) - Langley extension; retirement of MkI - 108 MkII, 361 MkIII (assumption - WF-LG 125min rt; EL convert to all 5-cars; removal of short-turns; EL req 55 trains; ML req 37 trains) Expo (55x 5-III) Millennium (24x 4-II, 13x 4-III) 2032-2034: Third option (100 cars) - UBC extension, frequency boost - 108 MkII, 461 MkIII (assumption - LA-UBC 118min; 2.4/4.8min frequency; EL req 62 trains; ML req 50 trains) Expo (62x 4-III) Millennium (24x 4-II, 13x 4-III, 13x 5-III) By 2034, the older batch of MkII could retire, and more of the M-Line would be extended to 5-cars in the process - this requires at about 75 of the 100 cars The 2036 option would require new line or extension or improved frequency though Not sure if it meant finish delivery by the end of 2025, or delivery of the first set by the end of 2025. Either way, for the 2025 and 2028 batch, TransLink can probably adjust the rate of MkI retirement with the rate of MkIII delivery. The refurbished MkI trains are supposed to last until about 2026, so they can still be in use for Broadway and Fleetwood extension before the new trains arrived. They will also need some extra trains to test the new extensions anyways so most MkI should still be around when both Broadway and Fleetwood extension opens. I would say the Langley extension should probably for the second option. If magic happened and the extension actually got built before 2028 or so, then they can keep some of the MkI running for a few more years before the new trains arrives. At this point, I would say the refurbishment of the newer MkI seems unlikely. I would say they most likely retired by the end of the delivery for the second option of 70 cars... unless... some magic happens to the UBC line too...
  10. For the ATP -- the DRAFT plan should be resented to council for approval within the next couple of months, and it will probably take a few more months after it's being finalized. But from the experience of SWATP, there probably won't be much change between the draft and final plan.
  11. I think R30 might be the Ironworker Express which was proposed in place of the planned 231 improvement. If that's the case, I wonder why Port Mann express is still 555... But as of now it looks like Wellingdon B-Line with very few stops. And R21... it's just the Main-Marine B-Line in alternate universe where West Van never stopped it past Park Royal 😂😂
  12. They were already playing with the peak-only 480 schedule in the same dummy sheet as those R-series rapid bus routes. Oh, and they just added R21 and R30 too 😂
  13. For those who are interested, the route number for the on-demand service is P80 and route name is "Bowen Island". There were 2 other P-series numbers used in the recent time. P25 was the route number for overflow shuttle stationed at Coquitlam Station.
  14. Some update on the Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge ATP. Seems like the 701/749 change, 744 detour removal are shelved..? Also the 719/722 proposal is revised for an opportunity for another route split?
  15. Now I'm wondering, had TransLink mentioned they are officially getting rid of the B-Line branding, or it is still speculation right now? Does the new articulated buses that are currently wrapped actually contain the "RapidBus" branding underneath? From the schedule TransLink is playing with this time (SignId 156), it seems like they are going for RapidBus.. R01 Guildford Exchange / Newton Exchange R02 Phibbs Exchage / Park Royal R03 Haney Place / Coquitlam Station R04 Joyce Station / UBC R05 SFU / Burrard Station Of course, the next sheet (January 2020) is probably still 2 months away, and this is at least the 4th scheme they came up with, but so far the most complete one.
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