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  1. I must say... I hate it when they use the 6-columns format and trying to squeeze all the schedule into a single (or two) pages. It would be much easier to read if they add some spacing and use 4-columns instead. See 143 for an example...
  2. So, the earliest start will now be 0300 while the last finish will be 2955. Now I'm wonder what happen if someone activated a daypass on the 0300 trip, and trying to transfer to a NightBus from the previous day at downtown... Pass invalid because it's in the future?
  3. Yes, quite a few morning trips from Kitchener and 1 afternoon trip will be "R5 Waterfront Stn" and will not go to Burrard as R5. I wonder if the 44 will use the RB bus or those R5 will use non-RB buses... And so much for the "R5 Hastings St"....?
  4. Maybe N17 have the exact same routing and stop sequence as 14 downtown short-turn trips? And so much interest for the 804... it seems pretty much the same to me... just that it'll be operating as "341 Special" rather than "804" (quickly wrote the script to dump the entire schedule.. and sorry it looks quite ugly right now... 😂)
  5. Sorry, typo I guess I'll have to write a script to parse the entire timetable in a readable format to see the 341 and 509/562 changes... pretty hard to read schedule in JSON format 😎 And not sure about the 351... though splitting haven't happened yet. [EDIT] I'd say yes for 341 Special to Scottsdale
  6. And I think I just did... so here is it January Service Change (v2) 14 - Service starts 3am all days (reallocate from nightbus service) 41 - Reduce to generally every 15min before 9pm, and 30min after 9pm, all day 43 - Discontinued for R4 49 - Additional morning/late night trips to/from UBC; eastbound service extends past midnight on Sat (2 trips) and Sun (1 trip) 68 - Route change; increase to every 20min from start of service till midnight (from 30min) all day; Sat service starts at 8a (from 9a); Sun starts 8a (from 10a) 70 - Merged into 68 95 - Discontinued for R5 96 - Discontinued for R1 145 - Weekday early morning reduction to every 15min (from 5-15min) before 7a 319 - Weekday southbound 1 additional trip/hr 6-10p 341 - Weekday 1 additional school trip, merged from 804 351 - Weekday southbound increase to every 10min (from 12min) 5-6p 410 - Weekday 1 additional early morning westbound trip from HTC 418 - Weekday southbound removal of short-turn trips morning and early afternoon 480 - Reduce to peak hours only, every 8-9min peak direction (was 5-10min), 15-20min reverse-peak (was 15min) 501 - Weekday southbound 1 additional morning peak trip 509 - (I have no idea why 2 peak 562 trips per direction get added here. the initial version of my script does not have the ability to sort this out automatically yet... maybe the 562 is getting conventional buses?) 531 - Weekday southbound additional trip at 6:30a 595 - Weekday 6 morning and afternoon trips extend to 203rd street (sign as "595 Ridge Meadows") N17 - Service after 3am now becomes 14 So when TransLink said the 595 will be extended to 203rd... they really meant 12 trips 😎
  7. Well, at least you can't really see color that well at night... Yes, the first part meant for November. There could be further changes for Jan, as the current pole location for Bay 13, 14 doesn't really match well with the location for the new concrete pads.
  8. Coquitlam Central Station Rapid Bus R3 will use Bay 7... 159, 160 will move from Bay 7 to Bay 1; 171, 172 will move from Bay 1 to new Bay 13; 173, 174 will move from Bay 1 to new Bay 14. January Service Change - Due to new trip planning system, detailed info is no longer available. R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 - Rapid Bus and associated changes. Yes, R2 is added to the schedule so it may start before the sheet ends. 245 is not in the schedule though. 68 - Renamed to "UBC Exchange / Wesbrook Village" 70 - Merged into 68 804 - Cancelled? 807 - Cancelled?
  9. Probably easier to find it from the right side "Route" panel... took me a while to find it though. Maybe the panel should be expanded by default.
  10. The new trip planning site is now online: https://tripplanning.translink.ca/#/app/nextdepartures Seems like real time location of SkyTrain and SeaBus are now trackable. And those route colors... are they "official", or just randomly assigned? And with this, the old method of previewing schedule is now officially dead 😂
  11. It's just something that wasn't deleted properly when they cancelled the route. Submit a feedback and it'll get fixed, eventually. When the new map was first released, I submit a few errors and they all got fixed. Maybe it's not that TransLink doesn't care, but rather, no one in Langley really care to report the error?
  12. I believe they already improved the service on the 230, and will improve the service on 241 by allocating the service from 239, so cancellation of 241 will no longer be necessary? As for 186, it was determined that there will not be enough capacity for combining both routes, and the left turn from Pipeline onto Gabriola would be too dangerous and difficult for standard bus and/or artic (which maybe necessary for the trips connects to WCE).
  13. Not sure if 701 actually need to be full artic once R3 is in operation. Right now the 701 isn't that full during peak hour, even with a mix of standard bus and artic. IMO, the Mission trips should split into a separate route, and follow the routing and stop procedure of R3 before running limited stop to Mission after Haney Place. ================== Anyways, an update for the rapid bus routes for January sheet: R1, R4 - schedule fully loaded R3, R5 - route appears in the January sheet, but schedule not yet loaded R2 not in schedule yet, seems like it is likely miss the start date of the sheet Also, all RapidBus routes now considered as new route, rather than a renumber from 95, 96, 43, etc. This is different from the 135 -> 95 renumber.
  14. Or maybe waiting for people like Kennith to get onto it. The media usually gets more information than us. And if the train was designed for a middle car to be jammed in, they'll probably reserve a number in the sequence. But I'm still doubt TransLink will go this route. After all, they previously stated that (wrt to converting the 2-cars MkII to 4-cars) it doesn't make sense to add a new component onto something that had already been in service for years. If it is to be expandable, the expansion should happen rather soon after the delivery, probably within the time frame of the first few options.
  15. That part is also unclear to me. I wonder if that means: 1. Some of the trains will be 4-cars, so there may be more than 41 trainsets in total 2. Some of the trains will be 4-cars, but there are still 41 trainsets in total 3. Some of the 41 trains are built in a way that it can easily switch between 4 and 5 cars in OMC 4. Some of the 41 trains will be built as 4-cars to start with, but the contract also include the conversion of those trains to 5-cars at a later date All these should be clarified in the performance specification, but it was not for public...
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