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  1. The original Seattle Transit System "stations" (they were referred to as stations back then) were 1) Atlantic Station (headquarters of STS) at Airport and Atlantic, 2) North Seattle Station at 5th and Mercer, and 3) Jefferson Station at 14th and Jefferson. They retained those names for the first three or four years after Metro took over. North Seattle Station wasn't re-named Mercer Base until quite a few years later in 1977 or 78, I believe. North Seattle Station is where I originally trained and had the STS 100s, 200s, 500s, and 800s as equipment. The monorail at that time was operated b
  2. Is there a page like that for EB? Since I'm no longer living in the area, I don't keep up with how the fleet is distributed. One of the current employees participating on this forum hopefully will chime in but the way I once understood it, the fleet at East Base is entirely artics with the exception of a few Sound Transit 40-footers. Does that still stand?
  3. I actually do agree with your assessment of the "natural light" issue. Yes, from the outside, buses do appear more modern and streamlined when windows are tinted but pertaining to being a rider --and I was remiss in not addressing it-- tinted windows in the Seattle area are not only pointless but a detriment as it pertains to the bus rider. I remember having the discussion among my former co-workers about buses having tinted windows and it was just about unanimous that drivers didn't think that our Metro buses should have dark tinted windows. The climate in Seattle certainly doesn't jus
  4. Thanks for the photos, Mr. Taco!! Personal observations of mine are these: 1. The traditional Gillig Advantage design, especially with the traditional windows without heavy tint make the bus to the casual observer just appear like any bus that could be twenty years old ...Gillig has essentially been using the same basic design for over twenty years. I suppose to the traditionalist, using such design characteristics make the bus timeless and one that will always be in style. I personally like the more modern and streamlined-look of the ST Gilligs with the BRT front cap and heav
  5. 7300/7400 -series Gillig hybrids that look something like THIS should be going into service shortly. (Low Floor HEV 40' (G27D102N4) - Cummins L9 - BAE Systems HybriDrive Series-E)
  6. Hah yeah, I remember when the 1400s were new, many of us were being called into the office and reprimanded as tachographs were being used for the first time where they could pull the circular chart to see the speed the coach was traveling and at what time. I got called in and was shown the tachograph reading where it indicated I was going 82 MPH at one point while deadheading up to Everett early one morning. The chart showed it was just one short spike so I didn't dispute it as I could have very well been going that fast for a short distance as they were a very smooth riding coach and like a
  7. ...and don't forget that taper at the rear. I always thought our SG-310s appeared narrower because of that and surprisingly, even felt narrower when driving; a psychological anomaly I suppose and I also consistently sensed that the 2000s had much more nimble handling compared to the1400s that just were more cumbersome to drive --or so it seemed to me.
  8. Hmm, okay, thanks. My memory must be much worse than I thought. I could have sworn that EB never had 3000s regularly assigned. I worked out of there regularly and never remember having any 3000s except for a few that may have been there for a few weeks to fill in ...seem to faintly remember possibly that happening.
  9. I don't remember the 3000s ever being at East Base and especially not on the 340. Are you pretty sure about that? And it's a little foggy but I don't recall the 3000s going to North Seattle (Mercer) either as they were coming in just as the second incarnation of the "new" Ryerson was opening around 1986-87. The original Ryerson was opened around 1979(?) and operated out of an old office of the Ryerson Steel building shortly after Metro acquired the property. I'm not sure if I have the timeline quite correct --and I welcome any correction-- but it was then in the early 80s that the orig
  10. I found that article in the Times from KCM's GM Rob Gannon printed last Fall pertaining to future testing of battery buses planning to be done in the south county: "We are continuing to test new models. By the middle of next year, riders in South King County will ride on six battery buses from three different manufacturers, all with an extended range of 140 miles. In addition, we will roll out four 60-foot articulated buses from two manufacturers. We’ve chosen South King County as a focus area for the first big wave of battery-bus deployment because we know these communities face disproporti
  11. Not sure what eastside route will be next to use the existing chargers but from that article that we all read from last Fall, the focus area for future experimentation and eventual deployment for the evolving use of battery buses --including the artics-- will be south county routes.
  12. Ah, makes perfect sense. Ah, makes perfect sense. Wasn't keeping up with all the technological advancements. Like I say, things evolve while I'm not paying attention. I'd have to believe that with cameras being in the buses nowadays, it's no longer an issue of LEOs not being able to see inside the bus if windows are covered with a wrap.
  13. Interesting PDF. Advertising wraps and such have made quite an evolution since they were first introduced decades ago. I remember when it was first tried --I'm going to say in the 90s sometime?-- there was a controversy pertaining to security issues. There was a driver at EB who was a reserve police officer and my recollection was that he started a campaign and petition to stop bus wraps because the wraps prevented police officers the ability to observe when outside the bus what might be taking place inside in the event of an incident. They experimented with keeping the windows uncovere
  14. Wow! Yeah. I wonder... You know, I wonder if that was one of the 4501 (not 4501 ...5301?) series that was left over from Metropolitan? From what I remember, it seemed there was one 40-footer fishbowl that had a manual transmission (but most of the manuals were 35-footers). There reason it struck something in my memory is that two or three of the fishbowls with manuals had shifters that would stick. I remember we had to get out and take a wheel block and hit the linkage in a certain spot to free up the shifter. We'd leave the engine compartment door loose like it's pictured in that
  15. The video news clip seems to be working now. It's fascinating that he has so many. Lots of other interesting vehicles sitting around there. eta: I wonder what was going on with that red one? ...and it appears that maybe 3062(?) was going to be or had been used as a motorhome?
  16. Wasn't it discussed previously that Metro has no current plans on ordering more 30-footers? ...and they have evidently abandoned considering using anything smaller than 35-footers going forward? If that's the case, the 3700s will be used on anything that currently has an 1100 assigned and all other assignments where 3700s are being used will use 40-footers. That was the gist of what I gathered from that discussion from last year. I personally never could understand the use of vans on some of the "mainline" Metro routes (fixed routes that at times had somewhat regular heavy usage) when I
  17. I will miss them too. When they were new, I was quite impressed with how comfortable they were to drive. They weren't the best handling coach but felt "cadillac'ish" as being kind of plush to drive. There was a heavy, safe feel to them in the driver's seat. To me, however, there is no comparison to the M.A.N. 2000 artics pertaining to handling. I always say that the M.A.N. artics handled like a sports car ...didn't have the power to make it a true "sports car" but that was one bus I really enjoyed driving. eta: plus, as I've mentioned quite a few times in the past, there's just so
  18. Since those ARBOCs are not owned nor operated by KCM, I have a question which will dovetail with this. Is Hopelink still running the 631 Burien and 630 Mercer Island service under contract? If so, how can we find out how many ARBOCs they are operating?
  19. Staying in Lewis county the past week and have noticed three or four at various times traveling northbound on I-5 coming up from California. They're tentatively scheduled to start going into service this month at BB, correct? Are they now being prepped or are they still short of help and just being stored at this point?
  20. Thanks, Tom. Interesting. It definitely is a step in the right direction as the design appears so much better than their current "double-A-pillar" configuration they've used for so many years now. I'd like to read and research more on what NovaBus is doing. I'm really eager to see what other manufacturers will come up with pertaining to A-pillar design. The manufacturers, I'm sure, realize the importance of engineering a thin left-side A-pillar to integrate into their future designs. We know that New Flyer has now been sued several times over this issue. They were specifically named in
  21. If anybody knows the details pertaining to the pedestrian accident in Kent yesterday (Wednesday the 4th), please let me know here or by PM. From the TV reports, it was a left-turning bus hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Fortunately, the pedestrian did survive. I am attempting to chronicle each pedestrian getting hit by a left-turning transit bus that happens in the U.S. and Canada so want to get as much detail as possible on each occurrence of such incidents. Thank you. Bus, pedestrian collision in Kent on Wednesday -- KIRO
  22. Ah, sorry, misinterpreted that entirely. Going back and reading your comments again, your question does make perfect sense. Wasn't there a discussion --not sure if it was in this thread or another-- pertaining to Metro now attempting to keep as close as possible to the FTA recommended 12-year life cycle? It seems studies have shown that once a transit bus exceeds twelve years in service, their maintenance costs rise substantially even as it relates to those properties that strictly adhere to the recommended preventative maintenance schedules. However, like Metro in the past, many agencie
  23. Hi Mr. Guy, I don't understand (of course I'm not understanding much nowadays so it may have to be explained to me, lol). What are the high-floor counterparts to the 2600-2800s? Wouldn't they be the 2300s? ...or at least to the 2870s (2870-2899) which, I assume, are exact counterparts. If so, the 2300s will all be completely retired (May 2018) before the 2600s begin to start being retired (June 2018) according to punkrawker. It is an interesting notion of high-floors being more durable than low-floors. Is this an arguable case? Of course, the 3200s have already started their retirement c
  24. Yeah, I agree too. At first glance, I initially thought it wasn't even a low-floor. However, it appears to be an ARBOC Spirit of Liberty. If so, those are in fact, low-floors. Go HERE for description on their webpage. It's built on an FCCC (Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation) chassis and they are a division of Freightliner/Daimler that make the majority of motorhome chassis. So it's not sitting on a chassis that is quite as beefy as a normal transit bus but rather one between a van and a heavy-duty transit bus. Yes, those small wheels and short wheelbase are kind of a giveaway if
  25. Respectfully, MiWay, that's my whole point in starting this thread. No, it really isn't astounding. No, it isn't necessarily an example of careless and dangerous driving. No, it isn't regardless of the equipment as that's the ENTIRE point of my outrage ...IT IS THE EQUIPMENT!!!! I do think that in this particular accident, however, it's concerning that he didn't stop as even if he thought he hit a box, he should have stopped and investigated. You may have been reading and participating in this thread within the last page or two. If you go back and review my posts in this thread, the
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