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  1. Hi Jaykob. I'm actually waiting for the five Gillig Phantoms that are still in service to announce the true "end of an era." 3430, 1104, 1114, 1127, and 1187 are still in service. 3430 has been the only 40-foot Phantom operating for the last few months ...for "Rob" and is on the road today --so nothing has really changed from last shake-up pertaining to the Phantoms, yet.
  2. I could have sworn I saw those remaining Bellevue 7200s at South over the weekend on the tracker. My mistake. I'll go back and correct the wiki. (eta: 7217 and 7219 are the ones I observed in error ...7226, 7228, 7229, 7232, 7335, and 7236, all Bellevue coaches last week, appear to be operating South Base routes today). I was under the impression that Bellevue's entire fleet would eventually consist of exclusively Gillig LF and Proterra coaches which would mean that even their 3700s would be moved. You'd think that a new shake-up would be the time to do the move but evidently not
  3. The first batch of Gillig LF coaches --7300 through 7429-- have now all been observed activated as of today when 7399 became active at South Base. The second series --7430 through 7494-- are now slowly being activated for service. 7431 became active yesterday and 7432 today at South Base --in addition to 7440 which has been active at Bellevue for quite awhile now.
  4. It appears as if these accidents are still happening. And some transit agencies still haven't "gotten the message" about left mirror size and mounting position. Observe the mirror type and mounting position on what appears to be a D40LF involved in this left-turn-pedestrian accident. It's not only the classic scenario --passenger hit by a left-turning bus when in the crosswalk and most likely legally crossing the street-- but also the exact left mirror and mirror mounting position that we've been showcasing in this thread that obstructs a driver's view when making a left turn. Di
  5. Yes, with the arrival of the new Gillig LF coaches, there is some shuffling going on. The majority of the XDE40 coaches that were at Bellevue are being or have been moved to South and in turn or to make room, it appears as if some of the Orions at South are being moved to Ryerson. As of today, I believe Bellevue only has 8 XDE40 coaches left, the others are now at South with one at North. I'm guessing as more Gillig LF coaches are prepared for service, North will eventually acquire additional XDE40s, I am thinking from South?, to replace their 3600s ...I'm just guessing that is the c
  6. Moderators - please delete this post as it's irrelevant to the discussion. Thank you --roamer I'm just taking a wild guess here: could 7247 possibly assigned to Eric Stark? The reason I ask is that I know that there have been occasions through the years where drivers who have been involved in traumatic accidents involving death or severe injuries (...but not being their fault) or traumatic incidences (such as something that Mr. Stark went through), have been assigned different equipment to drive upon returning to work to make the transition easier. Sometimes it's difficult to
  7. Yes, 7247 has been operating out of North for quite awhile now. I've been keeping an eye on the 7200s for the past few weeks and updating the Wiki each day and you are correct, recently South has been steadily adding 7200s coming from Bellevue to their fleet as Bellevue continues to increase their 7300/7400s. I too keep wondering if we'll see additional 7200s at North. I suspect so at some point. Currently, Bellevue now has less than a dozen 7200s when they once had them all. Bellevue has 8 (eight) 7200s as of 09/03/2019 ...7217, 7219, 7226, 7228, 7229, 7232, 7235, and 7236
  8. True. But you know, of the dozens and dozens of times through the years that I've asked passengers to change buses when a coach change was required (sometimes coach changes are requested by the shop as the coach is scheduled for inspection, etc.) , I don't recall any passenger complaining to me about it or acting upset ...but yes, definitely an inconvenience. I'm sure management realized quickly that giving the Operator of the Year his/her exclusive use of their own coach where nobody else could drive it, was impractical. This would have been especially true during times of equipment
  9. That's the way I remember it decades ago ...the Operator of the Year would take their chosen coach out of the yard and go to the relief point and exchange passengers as would happen with a routine coach change; or if getting relieved could potentially take their chosen bus back to the barn, again, with a coach change being done at the relief point. The latter would happen if, say, the relief operator didn't want to drive the coach the Operator of the Year had chosen (if of a different fleet model than what would normally be assigned, etc.). In fact, when the program first started, I belie
  10. Thanks for the confirmation, Taco. I find the comment about "needing to get all East Base operators trained on one coach" odd as East board operators are all trained on the 40' Phantoms used by ST. Plus, they must be brand new operators as the Phantoms have been around for over 22 years so I would guess that most KCM operators have been trained on that bus at one time or another.
  11. Well, to comment on my own question above, 3430 must not yet be retired. It is running today, Saturday 10 August 2019, on the 208 route (Issaquah - North Bend ...go HERE for OBA trip block listing) My guess is that the operator of the year who chose that bus to drive may have been on vacation for the last four weeks or so (?). There's no reason that they'd hold that coach for a month to do any type of repairs at this point, right? I suppose the week ahead will tell a story as it pertains to seeing 3430 back on those routes discussed earlier. The other od
  12. After almost one month of inactivity, coach 3430 was observed today on the tracker/OBA making a round trip in the afternoon on the 240 route. Since another wiki editor had "unofficially" declared the 40-foot Phantoms retired by moving the entire listing to the "retired section" of the KCM wiki listings, awhile ago I had taken the freedom of making the notation that 3430 had in fact been retired as it was last observed in service back on July 10th. Since I don't have inside information as some of you do, was this trip today some kind of a "celebration run" to commemorate the endin
  13. Complaint Box: Someone Really Dislikes the ‘Bus Turning’ Safety Announcements As was pointed out earlier in this thread, those "bus turning announcements" are ineffective, a waste of money, and furthermore, the concept itself is essentially blaming the pedestrian for not paying attention. Yes, pedestrians not paying attention when crossing the street may be a contributing factor in other types of pedestrian accidents. However, the "left turning bus striking a pedestrian" collision is a specific type of accident that can be directly attributed to the bus driver not being able to
  14. 7440 is on the 271 route this PM (07/25/2019) The current pattern seems to be that new units first go into service at South Base and then a week or two later are moved to Bellevue. That might explain why it was seen on the 116 route. It evidently has been operating out of South for the past few weeks and is now at Bellevue? It's interesting, however, that they are putting units from the 2nd batch into service before all the 7300s (and up to 7429) are in service. Are there updates to the 2nd batch that are significant enough for them to test one of the units by putting it into ser
  15. My comments above as they relate to my assumptions do not seem to be entirely consistent. Therefore, instead of just guessing and surmising, I'll post each day what my observations are as they relate to the remaining Phantoms. I'm doing this for my own curiosity but it may also help those who might be interested in taking last rides as we know their days are numbered.
  16. My haphazard "logging" concurs with yours as I'm keeping a close eye on 3430. It suggests that, in fact, it may be the Operators of the Year's coach as it appears he may have Thursday and Friday off* as 3430 the past couple of weeks has been solely assigned to trippers on Thursday and Friday and, from what I've been able to observe, on complete run series (out for more than 12 hrs) on the 269 on Mondays and Wednesdays and the 221 on Tuesday and as you point out, 208 on Saturday and 235 on Sunday. I've not observed any other 40' Phantoms on the tracker for about two weeks now. 1100s
  17. On June 24th, the NTSB released its "Final Report" in its entirety for anybody interested: Amtrak Passenger Train 501 Derailment DuPont, Washington December 18, 2017 - NTSB
  18. I guess that seems to be true then. It's also out today. For anybody wanting to take a last ride, keep an eye on the 208 on Saturday and 235 on Sunday and we'll see if that's a pattern through the summer as my hunch is that this may be the last 40' Phantom in operation ...unless they have a few others sitting at the base in case they might be needed in a pinch or possibly for parts. eta: For those looking for last rides on the Phantoms, 3430 also frequently shows up on the 269 and 221 routes during the weekdays. In addition, it now appears that the only two ro
  19. As a driver, my fondness for the Gillig Phantoms stems from the fact that the order was initially planned to be Orion V 's running on LNG. Of course, Gary Locke nixed that and we ended up with the Phantoms which I personally preferred. Being a traditionalist back then, I simply liked diesel for some strange reason. Not only did I not necessarily agree with the King County Council's decision that LNG would be better for the environment but actually disputed that fact that the benefits pertaining to emissions would be significantly better than using the "clean diesel" engines that the
  20. So, all those Gillig LFs that I observed operating out of South Base last week are now at Bellevue. It looks as if the pattern is that the new ones first go into service at South for a a week or so and then are moved to Bellevue. It's the first time I'm noticing 7344 and it's on a South Base route ...let's see if it too ends up at Bellevue eventually. Pertaining to 3260, I'm wondering if the Operator of the Year has now chosen --forced or otherwise-- coach 3430 as that is the only 40' Phantom that I've seen operating recently. I'll be watching this more closely this week as I find it i
  21. Ah, that's why I see 3260 at odd times on odd routes (especially like on the weekends). I actually had thought of that ...that, "hmm, maybe the person driving 3260 has been granted permission to be assigned that coach, like a medical condition or maybe he/she is the Operator of the Year who specifically has asked for that coach?" Although 3260 was not out today, 3430 was in revenue service for a short time today so they are not completely retired yet. What you say makes sense then ...that maybe two or three will be in service until the end of August. I'm thinking that the 1100s
  22. I'm also noticing today that some routes such as the 208, 246, and 249 that have used Champion vans in the past (back at the time I left employment), then later 1100s (or at times, 3700s), are today using 40-footers. Perhaps this signifies what I was referring to in my post last week that the transition is starting where 40-footers are now being used on what normally been routes or trips that have been using 1100s. I'm assuming that we'll see more 1100s being retired in the next several weeks if today is any indication.
  23. Mark was a great guy. Black Friday has an alternate meaning to those of us who were driving Metro buses that day-after-Thanksgiving in 1998. It is burned in our memories forever. Even though I've been retired for years, each Black Friday weekend since, we spend it reflecting and thinking about Mark and his family members. We used to shop and start unpacking some Christmas decorations on that weekend but it has been different ever since the horrific events of that Black Friday and we still stay home to this day. On another note, when going back over m
  24. After doing more research, the parent company of Hometown Trolley is actually "Hometown Manufacturing" that appears to have two divisions, 1) Hometown Trolley, and 2) Hometown Coach both headquartered in Crandon, Wisconsin and the company is registered as "Double K, Inc." --go HERE for Hometown Coach information Additionally, Hometown Trolley and Hometown Coach use mostly chassis made by FCCC. FCCC (Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation) is a subsidiary of Freightliner Trucks and are both under the corporate umbrella of Daimler. The use of the FCCC chassis interests me persona
  25. My understanding is that they were manufactured by a company called "Hometown Trolley" in Crandon, Wisconsin. The initial 14 units were delivered to Hampton Roads Transit starting in the spring of 2015 with the initiation of service in June of that year. Hometown Trolley website (hah! I didn't notice initially but it appears that the unit they feature on their homepage is the one in your photos) Judging from the appearance of the chassis which looks rather heavy-duty, I'd guess the model would be "The Streetcar" ...go to THIS page. .
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