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  1. Thanks for the responses! Ah, okay, I just assumed, for some reason, that neither East nor Bellevue had Orions at all. So the 249 is in fact being run from East Base? Okay, that makes sense then if East Base does in fact have some Orions. My assuming that they didn't made me think that the 249 might be run from Central or Ryerson. East Base having Orions also answers the question on the 215, 224, and 202. I assume that they are all out of East Base too as I see Orions on those routes. Again, it was my initial assumption that they were also being run out of Central or Ryerson. Can anyo
  2. Thank you, 118. That's really interesting. It doesn't make complete sense to me but there were a lot of things that never made sense on how they do things. So Pierce Transit, or any other low-bidder for that matter, can "steal" away more ST routes from those that Metro now operates? It would be conceivable to see the 540, for instance, being run by Pierce Transit in the future (or maybe it already is?)? ...or Community Transit for that matter. Does First Transit or Veolia bid on these ST routes? It just seems so illogical to me to have a route that operates entirely within King county b
  3. I'm new to the forum and retired from KCM as an operator over eight years ago. I'm no longer in the area but find myself watching Busdrone just out of curiosity. I did a quick search and couldn't find an answer to this so if it has previously been discussed, I'd appreciate it if somebody could post a link to the thread or posts. First, is my assumption correct that the KCM Sound Transit fleet does not have any of the new 40' Gillig Advantage BRT coaches that are numbered in the 9201 series? I'm assuming that they are all Pierce Transit ST coaches, correct? Assuming this is correct, it app
  4. I'm new to the forum and retired from KCM as an operator over eight years ago. I'm no longer in the area but find myself curious about the fleet. I primarily worked on the eastside and found myself scratching my head when looking at Busdrone the other day. Several routes caught my eye. The first is 240 that has Orions assigned. It appears that it is being run out of South Base. That is correct, right? I'm assuming that East and Bellevue bases presently do not have Orions at all, correct? The second is the 249 that appears could be run out of Central (or maybe Ryerson?). Again, they al
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