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  1. I really hadn't noticed this before and it could have been this way all along and I just didn't notice but I see that whenever I make an edit, the date that corresponds to it is one day ahead of the actual date. Example, the edits I made today, January 21, I now see are all labeled "January 22" Perhaps the wiki time zone is set for another continent by default? If so, can it be reset to the North American continent?
  2. I've been busy attempting to update the 3600 page pertaining to retirements and also tracking and updating the new Gillig arrivals so haven't been able or have had the time to edit the 2600-2700 page. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to it eventually if another editor doesn't beat me to it ...it would be nice to have somebody else beat me to updating that page, however.
  3. Thanks, Tom! I was hoping that somebody such as yourself would step in to correct me as I was just guessing based on my limited knowledge of bus history. I was just focused on that windshield but had I done further research before posting, I would have been able to see the characteristics you mention like the "the side windows, headlamps and Thermomatic intake" are wrong. I just now searched for a 1940 Yellow Coach TD4502 and now I see what you've pointed out ...here's two restored Los Angeles Yellow Coach DT4502s I just pulled up and I now see what you're saying: --examples one, two
  4. Very interesting comments! And I didn't realize the recent spike in BLDP as I haven't paid much attention to it for the past decade or so. I did read recently, however, that they are still not making a profit.
  5. I initially believed in the future of fuel cells. However, it's been a rocky road. When Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) offered publicly traded stock in the U.S. during late 1990s (earlier, however, on the Toronto SE), I bought some. I watched it skyrocket along with the tech boom (i.e. "bubble"). I eventually sold it in 2002 at a very tiny profit before it bottomed-out around 2005. It hasn't done much since and has bled red ink for years. This Canadian company is focusing its future on heavy duty vehicles such as buses and trucks. However, fuel cell technology is losing ground to elect
  6. Wow! I'm impressed with that photo. Is that bus still around? I'm thinking it's rare to actually see one of the very first series of an "old look" Yellow Coach. Those more into history can correct me, but I believe that the 1940 to about 1942 Yellows --this was when Yellow was partially owned by GM-- had flat windshields on the 4502(?) models and not the traditional "inset" ones that we normally see built after GM completely took over Yellow around 1942 or 43 or so.
  7. Thanks, MAX BRT. Had it not been for your suggestion five years ago, I would not have thought of using this forum for chronicling these "left-turning-transit-bus-hitting-pedestrians" -type of accidents. As I've stated several times during the course of this discussion, it's an extreme concern of mine because I had two incidences of coming within inches of hitting a pedestrian while making a left turn in a transit bus. Yes, I realize that after the first one that there shouldn't have been a second close call but this is what concerns me. Even though I was "rocking-and-rolling" in the se
  8. Elderly man struck by RTD bus in Boulder dies at hospital -- Boulder police: Pedestrian was reportedly in crosswalk
  9. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    I can see your point to a certain extent and as I've previously stated, it almost seems paranoid and conspiratorial to assume that a company like BYD will do unscrupulous spying, etc. just because they are subsidized by the Chinese government. Possible? ...sure. Probable?, I"m not positive. However, there is a distinct difference between China and Canada and that being one is a political adversary and the other is a friendly trading partner and considered a political ally (pertaining to the U.S.). China is a communist regime and although the U.S. does a huge amount of trade with Chi
  10. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    According to the article linked below, BYD is NOT state-owned but it does receive subsidies from the Chinese government. Bus, stopped? Why BYD's electric bus operations may be cut short in the US It also claims that it sources 70% of its components to U.S. companies used at their Lancaster California plant ...70% is still quite a bit even if it's assumed that 30% is coming from China. My inclination is to believe that not all the 30% is coming from China, however. Remember, the cars with the most total-domestic-content have a maximum of about 85% U.S. and Canadian content. The n
  11. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Well, believe it or not, I had a sleepless night thinking about the situation. I often accuse trump of "shallow thinking" but here I'm doing the same thing. Yes, it may be a good idea to ban BYD in the U.S. if what is being purported is true ...that China is attempting to be dominant world-wide in the train and bus manufacturing industry. Perhaps the congressman's reasoning is right in that we have to attempt to stop China now even though hundreds of Californians could lose their jobs and the local economy possibly may suffer in the near term. I don't know? I don't want
  12. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    As I opined in THIS POST back in October, I really disagree with banning BYD orders (and/or bar the use of federal funds to buy) and I'll kind of reiterate why: Its corporate offices (BYD North America/BYD USA) are in Los Angeles with a manufacturing plant in Lancaster California ...at the site of the former Rexhall motorhome manufacturing facility. Here's why I generally don't agree: As mentioned, BYD does have an autonomous U.S. subsidiary and employs over 700 union workers in the U.S. and a substantial number of U.S. managers. It also uses many U.S. made parts at its La
  13. Although no description has stated this was a left-turning-bus accident, from the photos and videos, it clearly was. It involved a SamTrans bus in San Mateo county, Redwood City, California. A lady was killed while crossing the street within the crosswalk when a left turning bus killed her. The coach appears to be a NABI articulated coach with a large square left mirror mounted in a higher position than it should be. Pedestrian Struck, Killed By Samtrans Bus Near Redwood City Transit Center SamTrans bus strikes, kills pedestrian in Redwood City KTVU video -
  14. Your posting of this event is appreciated, captaintrolley. It is indeed sad to see another innocent pedestrian killed by a left-turning transit bus. I hope you'll post again if you hear of any updates as to the details of this accident. I was curious to see what kind of left mirror Fort McMurray Transit uses so I took a peek at the wiki. I'm posting this because --once again-- it is an example of a transit agency that continues to use the exact mirror configuration I'm so opposed to. It's one that could block the vision of the driver when making a left turn should he or she have a sho
  15. This story from Fresno California yesterday is reporting that a city bus driver who was involved in a left-turn fatality accident is heading for trial for felony charges. The felony he's accused of has more to do with the fact that he didn't stop as he claims he didn't know he hit somebody. pedestrian killed -- FAX driver who killed pedestrian headed for trial This accident happened almost two years ago but the reason I feel the need to add this post is the short clip included in the news article below from January 2018 shows exactly the type of accident that this thread is describi
  16. Great comments. I remember reading where some school buses were experimenting with Optiview cameras for viewing down the side of the bus but it was similar to a motorhome setup where it was a supplementary system in addition to mirrors that you had to view on a screen located adjacent to the instrument panel. That is actually a distracting situation. That's why I disabled the side-view cameras on the motorhomes I've owned. Their cameras came from a U.S. company named Optivew ...this ONE However, I think the Mercedes Optiview is something different as I know in the motorhome mar
  17. Interesting indeed! Thanks for posting. Perhaps some North American properties will start to experiment this this technology in the coming decade. I'm thinking this will be common in the future It will also give the bus more clearance as mirrors essentially make the bus at least a foot wider. Poor placement of right mirrors often hit pedestrians in the head as they stand along the curb. Left mirrors are often hit by passing vehicles. I used to pull my left mirror as close to the side of the bus as I could get it and still I've had it taken off by trucks when st
  18. me too, never mind, inappropriate post [self-redacted]
  19. My post was really off topic for this forum ...moderators, please delete. Thanks, roamer. Bellevue had all the Phantoms for quite awhile which at the time were the oldest buses in the fleet. In fact, when I retired, Bellevue had the oldest buses in the fleet. But what you stated brings me back to reminiscing again. I know I've posted this before but when I started at Metro in the mid-1970s, "North Seattle Station" (5th and Mercer, later re-named "Mercer Base") was known as having all the "junk" equipment. That was the first barn I worked at after "qualifying" and it had a
  20. Not sure why this discussion is in this section of the forum (Western U.S.) as I think there are several threads in the "General Vehicle Discussion" section but maybe because BYD's U.S. headquarters and operations are in California? Its corporate offices (BYD North America/BYD USA) are in Los Angeles with a manufacturing plant in Lancaster California ...at the site of the former Rexhall motorhome manufacturing facility. But no, I personally don't agree. Here's why I don't: As mentioned, BYD does have an autonomous U.S. subsidiary and employs over 700 union workers in the U.S.
  21. Thanks for the heads-up. Since what you say makes sense and it's something I've been personally monitoring for the past few months, I will now change the wiki back to reflect that the 40' Phantoms are now retired with the notation that 3430, after serving KCM for over 22 years, was last observed on the 269 route on Tuesday 09/24/2019. The last trip it made according to my notes was the scheduled trip leaving Issaquah at 12:58 PM Personally, it's sad as the 40' foot Phantoms represented the last "real bus" at KCM ...a high-floor traditional-design 40-foot city transit bus. Althou
  22. Today, Tuesday morning, I'm observing a Gillig LF as one of the units on the route 200 and three Gillig LF coaches on the 236/238. My question continues to be, why do they really need any 1100s or 3700s at Bellevue any longer?? ...or need to keep any of the 7200s. In my opinion, those 3700s might be better used at North or South. They could go with the plan that one of the employees posted a few years ago that was to have Bellevue only operate Gillig LFs and Proterras. Part of my argument is that they wouldn't have to keep any inventory of XDE parts if they did this. It could
  23. Ah, I forgot about those routes too occasionally having 40-footers assigned mostly on trippers. So far, the two Phantoms --9090 and 9091-- and the three BRTs --9124, 9125, and 9126-- were not signed out at East today as far as I can tell. I wonder if they're being moved? eta: Today, Tuesday, all five Gilligs and 9200 are operating routes out of East so no change as it pertains to the 40-footers assigned to East when comparing to last shake-up.
  24. Since KCM is no longer operating the 540 and 541, are there any 40-foot coaches still operating out of KCM's East Base? I believe they had several Phantoms, several Gillig BRTs, and 9200. Are those coaches still at East or is East now --in every sense of the word-- exclusively an artic base? ETA: I see 9200 on the 542 this afternoon so I've answered my own question. I'll keep looking to see if I see any of the Gilligs operating out of East.
  25. But where are 1100/3700s needed other than the 200 Issaquah shuttle? ...and weren't there rumors of the 200 being privatized / contracted at some point? The only Bellevue route that's using 3700s is the 236/238. That route, like the 208, 246, 249 etc. that used to use 1100s, can use 40-footers too as 40-footers are now used on trippers on the 236/238. IMO, they could very easily do without the 3700s at Bellevue and by doing so, would eliminate the need to keep parts for just the few XDE coaches (in addition to the 3700s, it looks as if they are keeping two 40-foot XDE coaches at
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