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  1. No, I quite agree what what you've said. As you know, I just want to keep stimulating my mind and memory for not only as my physical body gets more feeble, so does my mind and I want to challenge myself to remember as much as I can, not only about transit but also other things that happened so many years ago. So I was just reminiscing and not really analyzing why the changes were made ...or needed. I can still remember the way Glen (the supervisor who did the board at North Seattle for years before I arrived) wrote those assignments on the board each day (...and Tom, the gruff window man t
  2. I just ran across the photo below on the wiki and it made me so mad that I have to voice my frustration here or I won't be able to sleep tonight. As you folks know, I'm passionate about this problem and getting transit agencies to address it head on. TriMet in Portland Oregon is the agency that had the absolutely horrific accident in 2010 that involved a left turning bus where two young women were killed and three others injured when they were unfortunate enough to be crossing the street, in a crosswalk with the light in their favor, only to be hit by the TriMet bus making a left turn
  3. Why am I seeing a different image than the one Community Shuttle is showing? I'm seeing a white coach with a what appears to be red stripe through its belt-line that's partially hidden by some trees.
  4. I believe it was Aznichiro115 who did the Sound Transit route list for the wiki so maybe he'll see this and give you a reply. Personally, I'm not sure how advantageous it would be to have all the routes listed with their destinations on the wiki page as it would take up a tremendous amount of space. I think for the general public, it would be just as easy to go the the KCM website to view the listing of routes. I'm always willing to make minor verifiable changes on the KCM wiki page but constructing a placement grid showing all the routes in the system is too big a job for the tim
  5. Also, that one post of mine that Taco referenced that had the PDFs attached relating to "ROUTES: An Interpretive History of Public Transportation in Metropolitan Seattle, part V " ...they must've not transferred when this forum transitioned to their new software. If there's anybody who doesn't have it and would like to see it, I can also email those PDFs to you too. *sigh* going back to those requesting that series five years ago, one was Zack Willhoite who told me that even being a transportation aficionado, he didn't think he'd seen it so I sent it to him ...continue to RIP, Zack, w
  6. After doing some additional research, that map I attached above may have been from 1958. Even if downloading that attachment, it will not give the detail that the original JPEG does. If anybody wants the JPEG image I have in my files, PM me and I'll email it to you. It's fascinating to zoom in real close and see such clear detail from back in the late 50s ...not only of the transit routes but of the streets too.
  7. I don't know how far back you want to go but I have several maps from the STS days. They're not all accessible as they're on drives that I don't have with me (yes, should have them uploaded to a cloud somewhere but I'm an old fart so I'm not real good with the latest technology) but I do have one I keep handy from when I used to ride the bus as a little kid that I look back on frequently. You can see some structural evolution even from some 65 years ago in the way some current routes are designed. I've posted it before and I'll try to attach it again to this post. My notes say it's from 1
  8. Since it looks kind of new -ish, I wonder if it could be brand new instead of a former transit vehicle? It very well may be the featured coach in the description below from this Olympia (Tumwater)-based company ...who knows?: Small Planet Supply’s Better Building Coach is a Mobile Showroom that Brings the Future of Building to You The photos show it being prepared for their special use. In fact, according to the blog entry, it was in Vancouver for the Vancouver BuildEx show that was on February 12th and 13th ...a week ago. eta: oops, it says it's 4-years old
  9. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Even though I retired long before battery electric buses were introduced, I've heard from those who work a several agencies that have them that it's definitely emphasized during training and after at how to obtain maximum efficiency while driving as it is much more important --contrasted to driving a diesel-- that maximum efficiency be obtained so that the charge can be sustained for the longest time possible. One driver told me, and I won't mention the agency he works for, that management is monitoring each driver's acceleration and braking habits as it pertains to charge-used and he w
  10. roamer

    BYD "E-Bus"

    I think trump signed the NDAA into law back in December. There are a lot of ins-and-outs to the provisions and it does mention the two year delay ...it also contains certain grandfathering clauses. This portion of the Act had bi-partisan support as it passed through both the house and the senate as we've previously discussed. Here's one of the better summaries I've seen that gives a synopsis of the bill: Final Defense Bill Bans New Purchases of Mass Transit Vehicles from Chinese Companies
  11. I believe (and maybe MAX BRT or others can correct me if wrong) that BYD is the only one of the major N.A. bus manufacturers that make a 30' electric coach that they consider can be used for shuttle purposes. The seating capacity is in the range of what you are referring to as it's maximum seating I believe is 22. However, this would probably be considered a "heavy duty" coach as it's not a cut-away. It looks to have a slightly different design than their Catalyst models so probably not quite a robust. The shortest battery/electric models from Gillig, New Flyer, and Proterra are 35-foo
  12. I too find that strange and interesting as I don't believe noticing any vehicle assembled in the U.S with a VIN other than a 1, 4, or 5 as the first digit/character. "7" isn't normally used for a U.S. assembled vehicle. No way could they have exhausted the assignment of designators following the "1M9" ...could they? Does anybody know of another U.S. assembled vehicle with anything other than 1, 4, or 5 as the first number and/or character of their VIN?
  13. That is very interesting to go through. Thanks Taco! And to address what you said previously about a block requiring more than one driver, I do know that "VT s" (V-tripper or variable tripper) are being utilized much more nowadays than they were 45-years ago when I first went to work there. As was discussed previously, a VT is a tripper that has a road relief on one end or the other ...or both. Therefore, a long block could have multiple operators and road reliefs involved. Some part-time assignments are stand-alone VTs. Also, most combos (part and/or full-time) can and likely do ha
  14. That thing is for sale again at Tanks-alot? I don't exactly know why but I've had this strange video bookmarked where a robotic voice gives a little background on it as some Russian buyer planned to buy it back in 2018 but the sale fell through. I also remember it being for sale in 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGeUpeyagyk&feature=emb_title
  15. I can remember a lot of arguing and politics involved when planning the first leg of ST's Link. The two that I remember the most were whether to run the rail underground through the valley and the other controversy that seemed to make frequent headlines back in the 90s was whether to route the line so to have a station at the Southcenter Mall. I was kind of expecting the Southcenter routing to win out but that was ultimately discarded*. As for how many stations to have through the valley and where to put them, that too I believe was controversial at times. I also seem to remembe
  16. Okay, my apologies Someguy3071. I obviously misunderstood what you were saying. I would think it obvious that they couldn't use the same wheelbase on an artic as they do on their 40-footer. Seattle's recent order of NFI battery-electric coaches appear to have almost identical specs between the 40-footers and artics but they obviously --just as they do on their other 40-footers and artic coaches-- use different chassis configurations as it pertains to wheelbase. I should have prefaced my comments --and many here already know this-- by saying that I'm literally "just a dumb bus
  17. Not sure I quite understand your comment. All articulated transit buses are in that 60-foot range pertaining to length and many large public transit agencies have had them in their fleet for decades. And after all, NFI is now producing a battery-electric articulated coach. Seattle just got through with its testing and ordered a bunch of them. For me, and most transit drivers, making turns in an artic is much easier than making the same turn driving a 40 to 45-footer. The "pivot-point" is actually shorter in an artic as the turn is pivoting at the point of the center axle. Altho
  18. As usual, I'm just amazed at the content of your recollections, northwesterner ...while at the same time surprised at how much detail that I fail to remember. It seemed to me that the initiation of the Ballard shuttle was after the start of the 200. It is burned in my recollection that the 200 was the very first time Metro drivers ever drove a van and accepted lower pay by doing so. But as I say, and all here know, I've been wrong so many times before. The initial shake-up of the 200 preceded the van-base-concept is what I remember as it seemed before they got the van base concept robu
  19. hmmm, okay. I'll show them active again. They are being used again after evidently being in the boneyard for over a month.
  20. While the Swedish Issaquah terminal might make sense, it's still not a completely logical reason they're still hanging on to the 1100s. The reason I say this is that occasionally, we'll see 3700s on the 200 and 40-footers on the 236/238. Therefore, if they were to completely retire the remaining four 1100s, they could use 3700s on the 200 and 7300s as needed on the 236/238. eta: I just looked at the Swedish Hospital loop on Google SV and I don't see the reason it would prohibit using a 40-footer (I don't think they'd want to use a 40-footer on it regularly anyway, how
  21. Another left-turning-bus-hitting-pedestrian-in-marked-crosswalk fatality. This time in Las Vegas. Woman dies after being hit by RTC bus in downtown Las Vegas Observe the left mirror head they use and the height it's mounted --exactly what I'm opposed to-- in the news clip video ...HERE (go to about :13)
  22. As of today, there are only ten new Gillig Low-Floors (7430-7494) (HERE*) remaining to be activated. There are approximately 20 D40LF coaches (HERE*) still in service yet to be retired. Therefore, I'm guessing that the new Gillig LF coaches will not quite replace the 3600s one-for-one ...about ten short of doing that? Does that mean that they will have to keep at least ten 3600 coaches in service indefinitely? And let's not forget about the four 1100 coaches (HERE*) still in service that should have been gone by now --so that's another four coaches that the new Gilligs will n
  23. For those who aren't following Dan Ryan over on STB, Metro is accelerating the goal for the transition to fully electric from 2040 to 2035 but considers it a goal and not a requirement. Is Los Angeles still using 2030 as their projection? January 21: County considers fully electric bus fleet by 2035 despite warnings of service cuts January 22: Battery bus amendment sets 2035 goal, not requirement
  24. I went ahead and made the changes you've pointed out with the exception of 2642. 2642 shows active on January 18th/19th which was over the past weekend on Saturday with its last trip starting at 12:16 AM or a bit after midnight on Sunday operating the route 7 / 49. Let's leave that one showing "active" for awhile longer. The rest on your list haven't been observed in service for over a month so it's safe to assume that they are actually retired. Should you acquire editor status, please keep an eye on the 2600s and update as needed as it's tedious for me to navigate such a large wiki pa
  25. *bonks self in head* ...makes perfect sense. Believe me, I'm not as stupid as I look. Or maybe I am? Thanks Articulated!
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